29 Budget Friendly Decor Tips to Make Your Home a Haven

29 Budget Friendly Decor Tips to Make Your Home a Haven

29 Budget Friendly Decor Tips to Make Your Home a Haven

Home. A sanctuary, a shelter. A place of love and comfort, somewhere to retreat, replenish, gather and grow. By filling a vase with fresh flowers or simply lighting a candle, you have the ability to unlock the serene powers of your sanctuary – without costing yourself a fortune. 

We’ve collected together 29 budget–friendly hints and tips to help you create your own den of tranquillity, so if you’re looking for a little more peace in your life, read on!

Calming sights

1. Surround yourself with soothing colours

Colours have huge potential to either subdue or stimulate the brain, so the simplest way to calm your space is by switching up your wall colour. Arm yourself with a decent roller, and paint your way to serenity with soothing shades of light blue, green or grey – super easy, and budget friendly too!

2. Paint your way to inner peace

Got a blank space? Try filling your walls with beautifully curated artwork to distract your mind from the daily grind. Even better, switch up the pre-made paintings and learn to paint intricate, soothing mandalas or master the art of gentle watercolours at a local art class – there’s nothing like a spot of creativity to soothe the soul!

3. Create depth with handmade wall hangings

Texture and depth give the eye something to focus on, so why not give your decor a little dimension with a selection of wonderful wall hangings? From intricate woven tapestries to macrame wall hangings in a variety of earthy tones, a touch of fibre art is great for adding interest to flat spaces. 

4. Display personal treasures with pride

Nothing gives the brain a happiness burst like delightful memories, so take those photographs out of the album, unwrap that precious vase and enjoy the opportunity to curate your own exhibition of joy! Keeping a few treasured items on show will help you recall those positive moments, which in turn alleviates anxiety and creates a wonderful sense of calm.

5. Spark joy with an open flame

Imagine gazing into an open flame and letting your cares drift away – relaxing, right? If you don’t  have a log burner, don’t worry, you can soak up the ambience with a candle instead. Choosing one with a wooden wick will help to recreate that delicious crackle you’d get with a real fire!

A wall lined with shelves is full of various types of houseplants in different coloured pots

6. Cultivate your green thumb

Harness the mood boosting power of plants and bring the outside in with a few new green friends! Adding a few houseplants to your home is a super budget-friendly way to add an overall sense of calm – plus, they help to cleanse the air and give your physical health a lift too. Win win!

7. Reduce clutter to boost your mood

The biggest barrier to a tranquil home? Clutter. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by ‘stuff’, maybe it’s time to invest a few hours (or days!) into having a clearout and create some space for a serene and settled mind. 

A person in a grey sweatshirt is holding a handmade clay pot, decorated with carvings

8. Choose joy giving accessories

Filling your home with a few well chosen accessories is a surefire way to boost your happiness levels; from vintage gems hidden in local charity shops to handmade items crafted with care, they’ll spruce up your space in no time. If you’re the creative type, go one better and craft your own; from delicate fused glass bowls for those tiny trinkets to marbled ceramic vases and handmade pottery, you’ll be able to find peace in the process and the result.

9. Level up your lighting 

Whether you’re trying to meditate or concentrate, the right lighting can make all the difference. Opting for a good mix of overheads, large floor lights and smaller table lamps will let you satisfy all of your illumination needs, while making sure your bulbs are energy efficient will help to reduce your energy bill and battle the rising cost of living in the UK.

Relaxing scents

10. Craft some sweetly scented candles

Filling your home with the right scent is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere. From soothing lavender and sweet bergamot to zesty lemongrass, let nf!aromatherapy candles crafted with essential oils  help you switch off after even the hardest day.

11. Infuse your home with diffuser

If candles don’t spark joy, don’t worry – you can still harness the magical power of scent using a reed diffuser. Budget-friendly and sustainable, a diffuser will make your home look chic, smell incredible and feel wonderful.

12. Get creative with DIY perfumes

Don’t just scent your home in your quest for calm – layering yourself in the right perfume can help as well to calm those anxieties and leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted. Can’t find the right aroma? Discover how to blend your way to serenity at a perfume making class, where you’ll learn how scent can affect the emotions and then finish by creating your own special fragrance.

13. Whip up your own soothing room fragrances 

Room fragrances are another great way to fill your space with that sweet, soothing scent. You can grab them fairly inexpensively from the shops, or make your own using a heady blend of essential oils, bicarbonate of soda and water. Bargain!

A person is arranging flowers in a vase

14. Treat yourself to fragrant fresh flowers 

A treat for the eyes and the nose, a beautiful bouquet of sweet smelling blooms will transport you straight to relaxation central. Sweet roses, soothing lavender, spicy dianthus and summery sweet peas all make great additions to the vase, and will turn your home into a tranquil perfumed wonderland!

15. Give bathtime a luxurious boost 

Sliding into some bubbles at the end of the day is a classic way to unwind, but why not give bathtime a boost and add your own blend of essential oils to the mix? The steam will act as a diffuser, carrying the scent around your home as you soak your way into a state of carefree bliss! Fancy something a bit more lively? Deliciously scented homemade bath bombs will make your time in the tub super relaxing and fun at the same time! 

16. Level up your laundry 

OK, so maybe nobody ever listed laundry as a tranquil activity – but hear us out! Switching up your usual detergent for an organic variety with a calming scent will leave you with fabulous soft furnishings and a zen filled bedroom. Night night!

17. Simmer your way to scent heaven

For the ultimate in budget–friendly scents, simply simmer fruits and herbs on the stove. Choose from zesty citrus fruits, fresh herbs and soothing lavender buds in the summer, or spicy cloves, warming cinnamon and crisp pine twigs in the colder months. 

18. Throw open the windows

Sometimes the simplest acts are the most effective – so throw those windows wide! Bring the outdoors in with the smell of freshly cut grass, heady scented blooms and sweet summer breeze in the warmer months, or the crisp chilly air and earthy woodsmoke in the winter. Heaven!

19. Bake your way to inner calm

Who isn’t instantly soothed by the smell of something sweet in the oven? Freshly baked cinnamon buns, spicy biscuits or hearty bread provides a warm, comforting scent in the colder months, so roll up those sleeves and get your bake on! 

Soothing sensations

20. Choose calming, natural fabrics

Opting for natural, organic fabrics in soothing neutral tones will help you to feel extra comfortable and as a result, more relaxed. Cool, breathable and more repellant to dirt than their synthetic counterparts, fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo and silk are great for everything from bedding and blouses to cushions and cardigans.

21. Dress your windows to soothe your soul

Curtains aren’t just for decoration! Opting for blackout blinds or drapes means you can immerse yourself in delicious darkness at night, making it easier to get plenty of that heavenly, restful sleep. Can’t find any to match your decor? Swot up on those sewing skills and learn to make your own instead!

22. Treat your feet with fabulous flooring

There’s nothing better than sinking your feet into a soft, sumptuous rug or carpet – but they’re not just tremendous for your toes! Textiles on the floor also help to absorb sounds, which in turn will limit distractions and make it easier for you to get super zen!

23. Make your bed a peaceful haven

You spend roughly a third of your life asleep (it’s true!), so it makes sense to create a bed that you sink into with joy at the end of a long day. Opt for crisp, fresh cottons or soft gentle linens to keep cool in summer, and add bedspreads or blankets in the colder months for a little winter warmth. Bliss!

24. Create a cosy nest to retreat into 

Never underestimate the power of a good blanket! Adding a glorious granny square throw or super soft hand knitted afghan to your sofa will take comfort levels to the maximum, so get crafty, cosy up and relax.

25. Arrange your furniture thoughtfully

The way your furniture is arranged can have a huge effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing, so set your rooms up to allow you to move freely and easily interact with your loved ones. Additionally, don’t overcrowd your space. We all love a good upcycling project, but think first – do you really need another chest of drawers?!

26. Keep cool and carry on

If you’re too warm or too cold, you’re not going to be able to relax, so think creatively about staying comfortable. During hot summer months, opt for closed blinds or curtains, open windows and experiment with hand fans and bowls of deliciously cold icy water for those toasty toes. Feeling the chill in winter? Build a nest of blankets, invest in hot water bottles and cosy thermals, and cuddle up with your favourites on the sofa to stay warm! 

27. Embrace peaceful wind chimes

The gentle, almost hypnotic sound of wind chimes can be incredibly soothing, so find a spot with a gentle breeze and hang your own for some truly mellow melodies. From tinkling metal to gentle bamboo, you’ll soon find yourself sinking into a state of delicious relaxation – great if you’re looking for DIY patio ideas on a budget as well!

28. Indulge in meditative sound classes  

Fancy something completely different? Opt for a live streaming tai chi and singing bowl meditation class, where you’ll be able to zoom the ultimate Zen master into your home to show you how to reach true tranquillity!

A brightly coloured and patterned teapot sits on a wooden table with a cup and saucer in the background

29. Take time out for some tea tasting

Creating calming rituals is a great way to turn your home into a peaceful retreat, and getting to grips with tea blending and tasting is a super tasty option. You’ll be able to learn all about different tea blends, sip on something tasty, and refresh your body and mind at the same time. Cheers! 

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