About us

ClassBento aims to make fun local workshops easily accessible for everyone.

ClassBento's founders, John and Iain, met while working together at THE ICONIC (Australia's leading online fashion retailer).

John was keen to try his hand at calligraphy, wood working, and a handful of other creative pursuits, but working in a start-up with lots of early mornings and late starts, meant that seven years later he was no closer to building a cabinet or effortlessly creating placecards for a fancy dinner, and so ClassBento was born.

Rather than simply socialising at the pub, or in front of the latest Netflix series, ClassBento wants to get you involved in the local creative community and make the arts accessible to everyone. We do this by making sure classes and workshops are local, affordable and flexible, so they can accommodate a huge range of skill levels, schedules and budgets. By making sure the arts scene remains accessible to everyone, it ensures a dynamic, vibrant community and allows everyone to be involved.

By attending a class, you'll be supporting local small businesses and artists, and exchanging in meaningful cultural and social exchanges, whether it's through Japanese floristry, Italian cooking, or Spanish guitar.

Art doesn't have to be closed off and exclusive, locked up in glass enclosures. It can be playful and something that everyone can experience, through our carefully curated range of workshops.

Along with ensuring you can find the right creative workshop to suit you and your schedule, there are two other big motivations behind ClassBento; to fight against dementia, and to reduce burnout in our super connected culture.

Alzheimer’s and dementia pose one of the greatest challenges of our time. In the next fifteen years, the amount of people over 65 will double globally. Over the age of 65, the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's grow exponentially, and it is predicted by 2050 there will be 150 million people living with dementia. Currently, there is no cure, but there are ways for us to prevent and slow down its progress. Staying mentally stimulated, such as through engaging in workshops, helps to preserve brain health, and keeps memory skills intact. To further our mission, we donate 50p from every booking to Dementia UK.

Also, working in a fast-paced start-up environment allowed John to see firsthand how damaging burnout can be for young professionals, especially millennials who are even more connected than previous generations. Job stress costs employers over $300 billion dollars a year in lost productivity and stress related leave. With searches for ‘mindfulness’ skyrocketing in the last five years, we know people are looking for ways to switch off and be less stressed, but simply can’t find a way to do it. ClassBento reminds you to make time in your schedule to discover a new skill or find a new passion, and highlights the joy of learning. By making booking a class an easy, stress-free experience, we make it easy for you to add a bit more life to your work-life balance.

ClassBento is all about the fun and stimulation that comes with learning (or teaching) a skill and being present in the moment. Be inspired by our experienced teachers, and give your brain a chance to stretch those creative wings. Join our mission and let's bring more healthy arty fun into our communities.

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