About us

Our team wake up every day to make workshops more accessible for people to improve their social and mental wellbeing. Since 2016 we have empowered over thousands of artisans, makers, cooking schools, cafes, bars and restaurants to run fun workshops for over 1 million people.

John, co-founder and originally from the North East, saw close up the rise of burnout at the forefront of digital and social media. He found workshops the best way to help his team disconnect and enjoy mindfulness.

John met Iain, his fellow co-founder, originally from Malaysia, at a high growth tech startup where they experienced the fast-paced but high burnout lifestyle. A turning point came when John lost his grandma to dementia which spurred the launch of ClassBento.

The name ClassBento comes from the startup’s original teacher, a Japanese florist, Setsuko who ran Ikebana floristry classes from her small floristry studio. John and Iain were inspired by the philosophy of the Japanese - Ikigai - which translates to “finding joy in life through purpose” associated with life long expectancy in Japan. And you will love trying the carefully curated offerings from a Bento box.

Now both dads with young families, they've built a fun-loving crafty team, and together they are helping makers and artisans teach what they love and help people everywhere with their social and mental wellbeing, and donating to Mental Health UK with every booking.

Here are some of the moments we created and cherish:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful Online Event: Paint a Beach Scene. My son attended and we have never been able to spend time together without him getting angry. Today was the first time in 5 years that we have enjoyed time together doing an activity. He completely enjoyed himself and interacted with the group. I was blown away by his enthusiasm, although he loves painting, and the fact that he went two hours completely engaged was not distracted, nor did he want to break for a cigarette. I want to thank you most sincerely for making the best day with my son for many years."

"I have really appreciated the online sessions that you have provided during this Pandemic. Some of the sessions I wouldn’t usually drive to to access, but because it’s so easy with being via zoom it’s been thoroughly enjoyable and has made a difference to my mental health."

"I organised a private class during COVID-19 pandemic for my husbands birthday. Our adult children joined from their respective homes. It was amazing! My husband said "this was the best birthday gift ever, to have fun and learn with our family". Thank you! "

"Thank you so much for the private class neither of us expected, it was just so great and I felt the most like myself since my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer."

"OH MY LORD! I didn't expect to go to Argentina this morning. My heart is leaping with a joy to the heavens and back. What a gift & blessing. A truly healing way to connect with another beautiful soul chef manu through food sharing via zoom during covid. Seriously stunning social healing for us all. Please copy my gratitude to Brainlink & it's massive wellbeing help & support it has given us as a group. I'm in tears because my small heart is so full. As carers when you think your routine of care giving defines possibilities you have come along and shown us there's still more life to enjoy. This is massive. I'm so grateful. Thank you kindly sincerely Sahar ❣❣❣"

"The day was wonderful with my grandmother remarking 'I just had one of the best days of my life'"

"It brought a smile to my face which I haven’t had in a long time"

"I have been in the company for over 20 years and never felt more appreciated than I do now and this event endorsed this feeling."

"It was a lovely evening! Sarah is a fantastic teacher. This was the first time I was taking one of this classes so I had no idea how to go about it. She provided us with material and was really patient and encouraging no matter the times I struggle to thread the needle (which were a lot). She made me feel comfortable and empowered to continue working on this at home. I suffer from anxiety and work is being stressful at the moment. I needed a break and this evening embroidering with Sarah was just the perfect plan. She is also very knowledgeable about mindfulness and wellbeing so her chats and advice helped me a lot."

"This was my first brush party and I absolutely loved it - to just focus on the painting, listen to music, chat with friends and walk away with a piece of art to proudly put on my wall (from not having painted since school) was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend in this busy world we live in that this gives you the ideal environment to have a breather and take some time out for your overall wellbeing - LOVED IT!"

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