Ceramics Workshop

Enjoy a drink and unleash your creative at this fun pottery class in London!

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 28     label £38

Always wanted to try pottery making but never got round to it? Get creative with clay and ignite new pottery passions with this hands-on ceramics class!

Hosted in a fun, creative craft studio in central London, this one-stop pottery workshop kicks off with a warm welcome from your teacher, who'll provide an informative tour and demonstrations of the ceramic making process as you chill out and enjoy a drink of your choice.

Once you've absorbed some handy tips and tricks, it'll be your turn to grab your apron and get your hands messy with some homemade clay! You'll learn all about wheel throwing before mastering hand-building techniques like slab building and coiling to complete a pottery piece of your choice. From magnificent mugs and cake stands to beautiful designer bowls - the only limit is your imagination!

At the end of this wonderful London pottery class, you can choose between taking your piece home to air dry or leaving it at the studio to be fired and glazed in the kiln, with a cost of £10 per pot.

Please note:

  • If fired at the studio your pottery will be ready to collect within three weeks. If you are travelling a long way to pick up your work, you can email ahead to check if it's ready.
  • As this is a BYOB event, all participants must be aged 18 or over.

What you'll get
  • All the materials and equipment needed for the class.
  • Your beautiful piece of handmade pottery to take home.
What to bring
A drink to enjoy throughout the class!

Token Studio is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines. They won't run this class if they've had a continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of or change in their normal sense of taste or smell, in the last 14 days.


Token Studio, St Saviours Wharf, 23 Mill St, London SE1 2BE and Unit 1, St Saviours Wharf, 23 Mill St, London SE1 2BE (varies by date; click the date selector to see details)

Your teacher
Token Studio
Token Studio

4.5 (125)

Token Studio was created in 2012 in Fulham, London. We have been successfully running art, craft and music workshops since and have hosted thousands of exciting events like birthday parties, hen parties and corporate events. In 2019, the studio fully upgraded to a fantastic creative space located in Tower Bridge.

The studio was created by Jing, a designer with an MA from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Jing has previously worked as an associate designer with Zaha Hadid architects and also has experience working within education. She believes the combination of her industry knowledge and the use of all-natural ingredients and recyclable materials makes her workshops one of the best in the country!

Token studio's philosophy is not just limited to crafts but is also about showing others how to live more sustainably by being more creative and producing less waste. Learning fun ways of creating everyday products is an experience full of joy and inspiration that anyone can enjoy!

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Lamisha Rana Jul 2022

Had a fantastic experience. Lots of fun getting hands messy and being creative.
The teacher was very helpful when I was struggling to shape my clay as I wished to.

Maria Jun 2022

We had a great time. It was a birthday present and we enjoyed it. Worthy to try it

Amber Sorrell Jun 2022

Class was great but there seemed to have been some miscommunication between ClassBento and Token Studio as we were booked in for 6.30 but Token Studio expected us for 6pm - but they accomodated us anyway!

Lillian Rie Jun 2022

Great teachers and a lovely fun day out! We were taught everything step by step in a fun and relaxing way. Thanks

Mariam Shadanlou Jun 2022

Great class, we had a lot of fun and they let us stay a little longer than we were meant to do we could finish off.

Christina Ahn Jun 2022

-Fun pottery wheel!
-Separate charge for baking which feels a bit much on top of the price. Understand separate glazing cost but baking as well seems a bit much.

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Tendai Moyo Jun 2022

Wasn’t much teaching. More often than not was given clay, tools and told to get on with it.

Charles Ogunruku Jun 2022

It was simple to follow, the teacher help us every step of the way, overall lovely class

Tomi Ojo Jun 2022

I had a great time with my bestfriend who booked this for me as a birthday treat! Will keep my review straight to the point :)

- A fun activity to do for newbies, we personally had a great group and our instructor was very thorough and took his time with us all. I ended up with a cute little pot at the end of the spinning wheel portion of the session.
- I enjoyed being creative after our pots were made. We got to sculpt and paint our points which was nice to sit down, chat and do.

- EXPENSIVE. You can easily go elsewhere and do the same session much cheaper.
- They DO NOT tell you that to keep your pots you either pay £5 for a brown paper bag to take it away on the day (which can easily ruin your pot as it's still drying and will get squished in transit) or you pay £10 for glazing which you roughly have to pick up within 2-4 weeks time. Furious that this is not included. It's either these two options or you opt to leave your pot at the venue to be destroyed at a later date (or sold who knows!).

Overall, I hope people read the reviews before buying these tickets. I luckily had a good experience and was able to collect my pots unlike others did (when our our pots were collected, they had told someone who also was collecting their pots that it exploded in the Kiln. They didn't offer them their money back - crazy!).

Probably won't be going back, but at least I've ticked this off my list!

Heejun Han Jun 2022

It was quite a big class but all the instructors were super helpful and fun to learn from!

Ajay Thomas Jun 2022

The class is definitely a good taster session to pottery. Please do note it is another 10 pounds to glaze your work. Definitely a fun way to spend your evening especially if you go as a group

Pottery workshop review by Ajay Thomas

Emily Hodgkin Jun 2022

A really fun experience for a birthday. The instructor was helpful and the facilities were great.

Emma Baudet May 2022

The workshop was really nice, all the steps are well explained, the studio is pleasant, 100% recommended!

Amanda Leow May 2022

Highly would not recommend for first timers. I’ve put mine in pointers so it’s easier to glance through.

Quite expensive:
• paid £76** for two
• £10 for glazing EACH

Class was rushed:
• Class was big around 16 people
• Getting the class ready took 20 mins (getting apron, getting to place) bear in mind it was a big class + instructor wasn't really present so everyone was just standing around
• Instructor started late, 10 mins basic rules and explanation
• Spent 10 mins distributing clay
(which I felt quite a waste of time, if they could have prep earlier)
• The clay spinning part was actually fun
• Total wheel time was 50 mins**

Not much time for creativity:
• Told to make a basic shape
• Told us that we will have the time to fix it in the second half of the class
• Given 15 mins for second half of the class
• Colour paint was diluted (said to not worry, colours will come out brighter when glazed)
• we were just left on our own to finish up

Collecting our artwork:
• Our artwork came out ugly and CHIPPED.
• Colours were DULL,
• Some parts smooth and shiny, other parts felt like dusty clay.
• Connecting parts were cracked lol.
( Felt that this could be prevented if the instructor could advise and guided us on the second part of the class, which we were just left on our own to finish up. )

Sadly, not the experience I was looking for as a first timer.

Should have checked their google review before visiting! If you check out other's review, the part about collecting the artwork was a hassle. While I felt it wasn't optimised, just wanted to review on the class itself! Good luck.

Victoria Adama-Agbo May 2022

It was a really good experience, the service was amamzing and everyone was really nice

Tara Bartnik May 2022

Really fun night learning how to throw and paint pottery - teacher was helpful and patient :)

Alexander Martin May 2022

The class was brilliant. From when we walked in, we felt really welcome and put my partner's nervousness at ease. The teacher was really informative, feeling like you had time with him 1 on 1 in addition to teaching the whole class. I was really inspired and would definitely go along again to another of his classes!

Ceramics Workshop review by Alexander Martin

Anthony Caton May 2022

Upon arriving at Token Studio, we received a luke-warm greeting and were asked to go downstairs where we met other individuals who were waiting and unsure of when things would happen next.

10 minutes later, a man (who we later found out was delivering the pottery session) muttered something down the steps towards the group, nobody understood what he said, and we got the impression that he either didn’t want to be there, or, he really couldn’t be bothered. As it was approaching 10am, maybe it was his way of signalling the class was about to start.

2 minutes later we were asked to put on some aprons and then find a throwing machine which the group did.

Once we were all were positioned around the machines the same man who muttered at the groups came and began to address the group, directing his voice towards the slab of clay he had brought, rather than looking at the group and addressing the U shaped formation of around 12 people. It was hard to understand what he was trying to say as my partner (who I brought along as a birthday present) is hard of hearing. The man continued to talk into the slab of clay, and we thought maybe he didn’t want to be there.

As the man tried to explain how we use the machines to manipulate the clay, my partner asked if he could speak up as she was hard of hearing, the man said”he’d do his best” but did nothing Meaning she missed out on the lacklustre “Direction”.

As the class went on, rather than let us get used to the feel of the clay and get into the activity, the man came around did most of the shape forming for us, rendering the activity pointless.

If your main objective was to get your hands dirty then you would have achieved that, if it was to learn something that day, you would have been disappointed.

There was no clear “this is what we will be doing next” or anything like that, just mutterings of, we’re going upstairs (again, all directed towards the group). I heard a member of the group say that “we must be painting our creations next”.

As we sat at the tables next to the paints, the man said that if we wanted to take the pieces home, it would cost £10 to blast them in the oven and for postage, but by this time we had t been able to create anything substantial and he had the audacity to asks us if we wanted to take the clay home?

Ten minutes passed since then, there was no announcement that the session was over, so I asked “Is the session over” he said yes and that was it. On the way out he didn’t even say goodbye.

This experience wasn’t fun or constructive in anyway unfortunately, and as customers we were not made to feel valued or at the bare minimum, welcomed.

Serena May 2022

We were really looking forward to this class and it started off well. When we arrived we were told we would be painting an item before moving on to the pottery wheel which was enjoyable. However, when we went to the pottery wheel section of the event it felt very rushed and unclear. There is only one teacher for about 20 people and you really don’t spend much time on the wheel. The reason this review is ‘ok’ rather than ‘good’ is because of the hidden costs. We were told there would be an additional fee of £10 to get our pieces glazed at the end of the session. This seemed very sneaky and should have been mentioned upfront! We wouldn’t return to this workshop.

Natasha Takhar May 2022

Had a fab day with my mum. Make sure you wear something light on the day, the studio gets quite hot. Venue is a bit tricky to find so go by the instruction in the email, not address on Google maps. Highly recommend!

Kayla Miles Apr 2022

the pottery class was very fun and interactive, i loved that we just got stuck in more or less within a short intro. defo would do again a lot of laughs.

Fabianne Anderberg Apr 2022

Great class lots of info for basic throwing techniques. The teacher was really fun and communicated well. Really good venue with everything you need.

Linnah Wang Apr 2022

5 star class. Great teacher. Really patient. So much fun. Would recommend. Keep up the good work.

Tracy Richards Apr 2022

My friends and I really enjoyed this class. We had a really good time. The teacher was really enthusiastic and was attentive to everyone and what they needed. Would definitely recommend.

Amina Khatun Apr 2022

Great little intro workshop! Teacher was excellent and incredibly helpful 10/10. Can't wait to see my final piece!

Jack Stevenson Apr 2022

Really enjoyed the class, had a really nice group and the teaching was great. They have all the right tools and techniques all whilst having a good time. Really appreciate it and I know my partner did on her birthday as well. Thank you. Only point I would add, is I wish we had more time for the design work at the end, however I do appreciate that was more due to our ability than anything else.

Fiona Apr 2022

The class was a Christmas present from my children and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Aside from the fun we had it was really well organised. The teacher was patient and explained things thoroughly. Can’t wait to do it again!

Pottery workshop review by Fiona

Fiona Davies Apr 2022

Overall our experience was great! So was the teacher & we had great fun… would recommend

Aaliyah Ismail Apr 2022

Good explanation about the throwing process and was there to help when things went wrong.

Noa Marks Mar 2022

Very good lesson. Had great fun and enjoyed having a very hands on experience. Would definitely recommend.

Karine Rodrigues Mar 2022

The class was great, perhaps a bit more time would be ideal especially for beginners

Laura Previtali Mar 2022

He knew what he was talking about and he helped everyone creating something, managing the lot of us (I think the class was around 15 people?) with a steady hand.
I would've liked more time to work on my piece thought, both on the wheel and on the refining part. Adding an half an hour to the class would have made this great.
All in all, this a great place to start your ceramic journey and I highly recommend Token Studio :)

Ben Wilson Mar 2022

The class was really good and I had great fun making my small pot. The instructor was very helpful and supportive and the equipment used was excellent. I felt that I was able to make something good, even on my first go at pottery.

Tisha Talabi Mar 2022

Clear instructions and patient guide! Great class! Would definitely recommend it to friends and family!

Moying Li Mar 2022

The teacher was very friendly and clear with the instructions. Would love to do it again!

Sergio Razente Mar 2022

Great. Excelente to start new work. Good and usefully information to improve experience. Thank you

Catherine Levi Mar 2022

The teacher was brilliant - reañly clear, patient and kind!

The location abd materials were great!

Eirian Lewis Mar 2022

Very enjoyable. Tutor helpful, explained the techniques well - and helped out when our efforts didn't go to plan.

Harriet Blake Mar 2022

Class was a good taster session to see if you'd like to try out pottery in the future, but was obviously quite rushed. Seemed to get some contradictory information on what to do -- we'd follow his instructions and then he'd come over and 'fix' the shape using a completely different technique. I do also feel that for the prize, firing could have been included. It's essentially almost £40 to make a very delicate pot, and then an extra £10 to actually make it secure enough to use. And as drinks aren't included, it actually ends up being a very expensive hour and a half

Jonathan Harman Mar 2022

We had a great time. A unique and fun experience with a great vibe. Definitely take a drink with you and don’t take it too seriously.

Ceramics Workshop review by Jonathan Harman

Lucas Parkins Mar 2022

Whilst a fun idea, the night came off very much as a poorly executed one. Our teacher was short and abrasive, and had very little time for any given member of the class, and then the allegedly included glazing and kiln firing turned out to cost an extra £10 on the reasonably strong ticket price. Fun, but im sure there are others offering a fuller experience.

Joanna Ma Mar 2022

Really lovely class although felt a little rushed due to it being the last slot of the day (8-9.30).

Would’ve loved a bit more time on the wheel but otherwise great intro and also nice to be able to pick up and recycle old pottery left behind - environmental and nice to bring back something which was better than my own creation!

Pottery workshop review by Joanna Ma

Juliana Santos Mar 2022

We had a nice time trying something new. The teacher was nice and did all she could to help me get a nice souvenir…

Lily Mannion Mar 2022

Very fun! Class was large but managed efficiently and effectively - I felt supported. I was a complete beginner and still managed to make something and have a blast. Would highly recommend!

Stephen Salem Mar 2022

Really fun class! The teacher was really helpful and supportive. Learnt that making pottery is actually really tough!

Tom Norris Mar 2022

Me and my wife came to celebrate her 30th and had an amazing time. The teacher was on point and friendly and was able to give everyone his attention. 100% would recommend

Pottery workshop review by Tom Norris Sydney

Julie Thomas Feb 2022

Great teacher and very helpful! Good at explaining what to do and assisting to get it right!

Esha Chandel Feb 2022

I did enjoy the class, however would have liked more on the wheel as the painting and shaping part of the activity was less fun.

Pottery workshop review by Esha Chandel

Charlotte Stokes Feb 2022

Myself and my partner both had a fun time at ceramics workshop, it’s a good date night idea. They run through the class very quickly so I would recommend getting there early

Lucy Hughes Feb 2022

Really fun activity, relaxed activity and got a lot done in the time
Remember to bring glasses for your drink

Alicia Carney Feb 2022

Amazing experience. Super glad we found this class and surprisingly happy with what we could create ourselves. :)

Timothy Judge Feb 2022

Very fun and enjoyed and had a good teacher! Will be back again for sure

Rebecca Nash Feb 2022

we enjoyed so much.we had a Great teacher. Will definitely do it again soon.

Luke Nakatani Feb 2022

Went here on a date night, brought a bottle of wine and an open mind, it was awesome! Instructor was super helpful, they had everything you needed like an apron, materials, tools etc,. Just show up and have a good time. Good value for money and great date idea, highly recommend it!

Amber Stewart Jan 2022

Excellent worksop, the instructor was very clear and great fun, would love to come back.

James Forsyth Jan 2022

really fun atmosphere and lesson. would have loved more time on the wheel but overall a great hour making and decorating with all materials provided.

Ceramics Workshop review by James Forsyth

Eve Jan 2022

A lovely and relaxed place. Great teachers who help lots but also make you feel like the pot you make is uniquely yours.

Giedrė Statkevičiūtė Jan 2022

I thought the class was very big, so there wasn't too much individual time to learn, but as a taster session, it was good. It would have been nice if you didn't need to pay extra for the piece you made if you wanted to carry it home in a few weeks.

Juliette Henry Jan 2022

Really fun and engaging! Had a wonderful time! Also was very helpful and supportive but also encouraged independence.

Leily Kassai Dec 2021

Loved it! So much fun and I’d love to bring my friends along next time ❤️

Angelica-Veronica Amarande Dec 2021

Above any expectations!
Good lesson, good location, plenty of pottery wheels, surprising large number of atendees.

Nitharshi Nagarajah Dec 2021

The teacher was very supportive and helpful. The venue was appropriate for the class and the display of previous work was useful inspiration for decorating our creation.

Lydia Crump Nov 2021

A great beginners class that was very fun and lighthearted! The teacher was funny, engaging and very helpful when we inevitably made a mess as it was our first ever go at pottery. The class was full (probably about 20 people - a mixture of couples and friendship groups) and it was a good atmosphere as everyone was having a laugh. We spent about half the time given on the potters wheel then the rest decorating our creations. There were lots of examples to inspire you and you could decorate your pots using glazes, engraving tools, and additional clay for handles etc. I felt like we had plenty of time for the activities and it wasn’t rushed at all. The location was about a 15 minute walk from London Bridge station and easy to find. I would definitely do this workshop again as my boyfriend and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for a brilliant session :)

Ceramics Workshop review by Lydia Crump Sydney

Caroline Turner Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent workshop. Fun and practical with supportive tutor who guided us through the wheel and painting process

Saskia Nicholls Nov 2021

Enthusiastic teacher who took us swiftly through the throwing process. Would've like more time on the wheel but learnt a lot in a short period! Very enjoyable and would do again.

Charlie Waumsley Nov 2021

Really enjoyed this class, was really fun for the 2 of us! would recommend for something different to try!

Soumia Ali-Kada Oct 2021


[Please also check and trust the numerous negative reviews they got on Maps!].

The staff we met at the Studio was friendly and helpful, the workshop was fun BUT then, we met the two thieves running the Studio, Joseph Spriggs (who calls himself a musician on LinkedIn, check it out) and Jing Xue.

I also added a review on Maps with snapshots and photos proving they insulted us, blackmailed us and tried to extort money from us. I'm also filing a complaint with the Metropolitan Police, and submitting a report with Trading Standards to trigger an investigation.

We (my partner and I) attended the Ceramics Workshop on September 11th (Saturday). Right after, we paid extra money (we have the receipt) to have our pots glazed and to be able to pick them up three weeks later. We ended up receiving a pick-up confirmation email telling us to come pick-up the pots any day after October 18th (more than one month after the Workshop, not three weeks as advertised on the website). We called the Studio to pick the pots up on Saturday, October 23rd, but they refused over and over again while we tried to insist. They told us that the room where the potteries are stored was locked and that they didn't have the key. Now, you have to know we came to the Studio two weeks before the call to enquire about the pots, and the person we spoke with told us that we had to wait for the confirmation email. He said he could go to the storage room (which was not locked AT ALL!) but that the pots were not made ready on the right shelf to be found quickly, and that it would take too much time to look for them. We said we understood and that we would come back after we received the confirmation email.

After I finished my call with the person at the Studio, who told me that we could come next Saturday if we sent an email ahead, I did send an email and added a comment stating we didn't appreciate to have to wait that long to pick-up our pots, and that it wasn't right to refuse to give them to us on the 23rd, like we asked. The emails that followed from hysterical Jos and Jing were filled with insults, offensive comments and exclamation points. They said that we should apologise (For what exactly? For making a complaint?) if we wanted to be able to pick-up the pots next Saturday, or we could only come on weekdays. We already explained that both my partner and I were working on weekdays and that it wouldn't be possible to come during weekdays, but they kept insulting us in the emails and wouldn't hear it.

I then replied that we would come on Saturday, as agreed with the person we spoke with, since the instructions in the pick-up confirmation email indicated it was possible. But they went ahead with FORBIDDING us to come get our pots on Saturday. We tried to reason with them by explaining that we already paid for the pots, so they have no choice but to give them since they already accepted money for them. But they kept threatening us and refusing to give us the potteries. In one email, they wrote "Don't bother coming! We will throw your pots out!".

After I insisted that coming on a Saturday was the only way for us, they replied that they will throw our pots out in a brown bag in front of the studio, on the ground at 3pm today (October 25th), and that we had to arrange a pick-up at that time. They also tried to extort money from us by saying that if we wanted them to keep them in storage it would cost us 20£ per day! If they go ahead with this latest threat, I warned them that I would lodge a formal complaint with the nearest police station. I hope they will be reasonable and give us the pots we already paid for, this Saturday (October 30th).

More information in this Twitter thread (https://twitter.com/kaylyn_noble/status/1452625477638709251?s=20), feel free to add your own experience under.

They just threw my pots out of the studio in a brown bag and sent an email admitting to it (please see snapshot of the email). I'm filing a complaint with the Metropolitan Police and will claim a refund for this. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL BE TREATED IF YOU GO TO THIS STUDIO. Check the other negative reviews!

My theory is that they take clients' money to glaze the pots, and then they find a way to refuse to give the pots once glazed. On their website, you can see that they charge the pots "left behind" (they mean stolen), 3£ for each pot they stole, and pretend they're going to "donate" it to a charity if you pay the price advertised. That's a fraudulent scheme and I would advise you distance yourself from these crooks before their unlawful activities reach you.

Gemma Nolan Oct 2021

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Really great introduction to throwing on the wheel, which I've never done before! There were quite a lot of us in the class and the teacher was great at trying to help everyone.
Loved the quirky venue and really enjoyed trying something a bit different.

Ceramics Workshop review by Gemma Nolan

Alex Bambolino Oct 2021

It was a great experience to learn how to make the ceramics and and then being able to shape and colour it.
Oy down would be the class had a large amount of people in a very tight space. Felt a uncomfortable in times of Covid and little time for questions.

Aisha Dad Sep 2021

We went to this class as an activity for my sisters birthday. It was was really good value for money, the teacher was great and very patient with us all. I would highly recommend booking a class!

Pottery workshop review by Aisha Dad Sydney

Tazmin Mirza Sep 2021

The teacher was great, loved the energy and guidance! Only thing was it was a little hard to hear instructions when downstairs, as the music was quite loud and people were chatting. I also thought there might be some more spacing between the wheels for social distancing, but understand if that isn’t required anymore.

Georgina Greenspan Sep 2021

My friend and I did this class and utterly enjoyed it - it was a great venue, lots of interaction and we both came away having learnt something new. Would definitely recommend!

Matthew Adkin Sep 2021

Great instruction really encouraging would highly recommend him would love him to do variations off different pottery styles and more intermediate pottery

Grace Horvath-Franco Sep 2021

The class was a lot of fun and well worth it. Looking forward to collecting my finished piece!

Jack Major Sep 2021

Really good fun, engaging, and the teacher gave just enough guidance to make sure you had some something worth keeping at the end! Will recommend

Zoe Newton Sep 2021

Lovely venue, and a brilliant teacher sharing both her great experience in pottery throwing and a multitude of laughs. Can't wait to come back and pick up my pot soon and see the final product after being in the kiln!

Ceramics Workshop review by Zoe Newton

Hannah Finke Sep 2021

The teacher was bright and clear and very helpful, the atmosphere was lovely… all in all an excellent class. 100% recommend!

Matthew Adkin Sep 2021

Amazing lesson very clear very engaging in a lovely venue couldn’t ask for more

Aleksandar Dordevic Sep 2021

A friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The teacher was a proper coach, patient and caring. We had a lot of fun and even made some nice things at it!

Thana Nelson-Reshat Sep 2021

The teacher was great
It was so much fun. I didn’t realise there would be so many people but me and my friend really enjoyed it .

Jessica Elvin Aug 2021

Really good class, easy instructions got to do more than expected and it flew by whilst really enjoying ourselves. Have already recommended to others !

Pottery workshop review by Jessica Elvin Sydney

Ade Oye Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Communication was okay.
Interaction could be improved upon.
Impacting of course wasn’t inspiring enough.
Not sure whether I gained my money’s worth but at least I got the opportunity to see how it works.
And I’ll look forward to a more intense course.
Thank you.

Lucia Bon Aug 2021

Such a fun class and the teacher was super helpful. Highly recommended for anyone looking to try pottery for thhe first time!

Megan Golding Aug 2021

Fantastic class, you get to make your own pottery then decorate and paint it with a ton of creative freedom!

The teacher was good humoured and super helpful, teaching you the methods but also being there to help out if your clay went incredibly wayward.

Looking forward to getting our pottery back!

Ceramics Workshop review by Megan Golding Sydney

Lamich Michael Aug 2021

Amazing class, the co-ordinatrices of the class made it a really fun and enjoyable experience

Andrew Boateng Aug 2021

Teacher was brilliant, class was nice and intimate, and session was perfectly timed. Thank you

Tanjina Aug 2021

Wonderful Experience. For someone who doesn't have a creative bone in their body, I was nervous but the teacher was superb and made it all so easy! The class exceeded my expectations, from the materials provided, to the output we would take from the class. Would absolutely do it again.

Charlotte Cope Aug 2021

I had a great time at the class. The teacher was really good and very talented!

George Gibbs Aug 2021

This was a lot of fun. We had an amazing time, mucking about with clay! The tuition was good and light hearted. Overall a fun slightly different thing to do for a couple of hours. Would recommend

Ceramics Workshop review by George Gibbs

Nilma Begum Aug 2021

- Great teacher but would have liked to thank her at the end. She really made a positive experience.
- Felt we had time to really enjoy and experience the pottery. It wasn't rushed.
- Light hearted and fun class.
- Would have liked soft drinks or water for the non alcoholics!

Ceramics Workshop review by Nilma Begum Sydney

Catherine Warburton Aug 2021

Really fun day out! The teacher was really informative and took us through all the steps to create our pottery piece. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Vaarshika Ramsurn Aug 2021

Came here with my family and we’re having a great time. Had a great teacher who explained everything well. Would 100% recommend coming here for a fun time.

Ceramics Workshop review by Vaarshika Ramsurn

Catherine Neilson Aug 2021

We absolutely loved this class. There was so much included in the time phrase from making to adding to and pairing our pieces. The teacher was instructive and fun and we learnt so much. I would recommend this class to everyone and anyone.

Ansahbia Okraku Aug 2021

Really great fun. Would definitely go again. A good evening of fun. Thank you Token Studio.

Charlotte Gollop Jul 2021

Loved this class. Such a fun, informative and interesting workshop. Great teacher and love the studio!

Highly recommend for an afternoon out, date or birthday treat

Anish Narayan Jul 2021

Very fun class and would highly recommend for everyone. Teachers are enthusiastic and helpful and all items provided

Imogen Walker Jul 2021

Great teacher and venue, although the teacher kind of just walked off at the end. He was very entertaining and helpful though. Looking forward to picking up our pieces to see final results.

Will Smith Jul 2021

Had a fun and good time but was disappointed we had to pay extra for glazing.

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