Soy Candle Making Class

Create your own eco-friendly soy candle at this London class.

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 28     label £36

Searching for soothing things to do in London after a long day or stressful week? Join Token Studio for an amazing afternoon of aromatherapy at this hands-on soy candle making class!

This relaxing experience is led by a fantastic local teacher, who'll help you work with natural materials like herbs, flowers and healing crystals to create a beautiful soy candle from scratch. You'll discover some amazing new techniques as you melt, mix and pour your eco-friendly wax and completely customise your piece by choosing which decorations to include.

Looking for date night ideas in London? This beginner-friendly workshop is the perfect experience to enjoy with a partner and will help you both relax and unwind as you embrace your creative side in a chilled out atmosphere!

At the end of your class, you'll have all the skills you need to continue your DIY crafts from home along with a scented soy candle to enjoy.

Knowledge required
What you'll get
  • All the materials and equipment for the class.
  • Your handmade soy candle to take home!
What to bring
Just yourself.

Token Studio, St Saviours Wharf, 23 Mill St, London SE1 2BE

Soy Candle Making Class location
Your teacher
Token Studio
Token Studio

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Token Studio was created in 2012 in Fulham, London. We have been successfully running art, craft and music workshops since and have hosted thousands of exciting events like birthday parties, hen parties and corporate events. In 2019, the studio fully upgraded to a fantastic creative space located in Tower Bridge.

The studio was created by Jing, a designer with an MA from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Jing has previously worked as an associate designer with Zaha Hadid architects and also has experience working within education. She believes the combination of her industry knowledge and the use of all-natural ingredients and recyclable materials makes her workshops one of the best in the country!

Token studio's philosophy is not just limited to crafts but is also about showing others how to live more sustainably by being more creative and producing less waste. Learning fun ways of creating everyday products is an experience full of joy and inspiration that anyone can enjoy!

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Lucie Delamer Nov 2023

Great class this morning. We made a beautiful soy candle with flowers, glittery crystals and essential oils. I will try again as home but will surely recommend this course!

Soy Candle Making Class review by Lucie Delamer - London

Aukse Barakauskaite Nov 2023

This was a fun workshop! The teacher was really nice and friendly, and we learned some things about candle making in general (types of wax used, for example), before working on making one ourselves. There were a lot of dried flowers and crystals, ribbons and stickers to choose from for decorating, and lots of essential oils for scenting the candles. Also salts that you could add to your cabdle too.
You get to do four different layers of scents, so you get try out a lot of combos. The candle is a nice size, ai think the teacher mentioned it can burn for 60-70 hours.
It was a great experience, and we got some cute (and nice smelling) candles out of it. I highly recommend it!

Anna Jeziorek Oct 2023

It was an experience involving lots of senses helping you to ground and be in feminine energy. Loved it

Raghad Al Salmi Oct 2023

It was wonderful and therapeutic, the teacher was friendly and helpful. Lovely selection scents and a cozy place.
Would recommend

Eleanor Marsh Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great experience with a really friendly teacher. She offered advice throughout and explained the process really clearly.

Jessica Birch Aug 2023

Super fun candle making workshop and tons of personalisation options! Had an amazing time and the owner was so lovely.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Jessica Birch - London

Satabdi Tanaya Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The candles making session is extremely therapeutic and the tutor taught every quite nicely. Over I enjoyed the workshop and the candle I made was very pretty. Just in love with the experience. I have attended two more workshops from classbento and I am so happy that classbento workshops never disappointed me.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Satabdi Tanaya - London

Helen Warner Jul 2023

Fantastic teacher, very relaxing and fun activity to do with friends, i would definitely recommend!

Julia Dang Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher is very lovely . She gave us clear instructions. The price is affordable. We had a lovely candle bring home after workshop. Highly recommend this activity.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Julia Dang - London

Fei Yang Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had the best time with my friends. Teacher was so lovely and while experience was amazing!
It was my first time attending a craft workshop and I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to try more.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Fei Yang - London

Daniela Mazzolini Jun 2023

It was a great activity! It was not hard to follow, it was a cozy room, I would definitely recommend it as an activity between friends or partners.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Daniela Mazzolini - London

Sabrina B May 2023

I had a fab time! Fun and relaxing to do, supported by a great teacher.

Izzi Abery May 2023

Lady was absolutely lovely and explained everything so well. Was such a relaxing activity to do with a friend, had a lot of fun making the candles and deciding which scents to use. Would highly recommend.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Izzi Abery - London

Nikki Cunningham May 2023

Our teacher was so lovely and really took time to explain the importance of the different oils and the soy wax we used. She also took time to show us how to compliment each fragrance and also took some time to look at everyone individually and offer advice. 10/10

Candle Making class review by Nikki Cunningham - London

Bethany Richards May 2023

This was a really fun workshop. The teacher was lovely and gave lots of information. Would do it again!

Candle Making class review by Bethany Richards - London

Neeta Shah Apr 2023

Nice activity to do with a friend and to learn about pros and cons of soy candles.

Candle Making class review by Neeta Shah - London

Anu Bhujel Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a really cute time making candles. The teacher was informative and sweet. The venue had lots of other sessions going so I will for sure come back for other classes. Great way to spend time.
And we got given cute little box for our candles too.

Candle Making class review by Anu Bhujel - London

Justine Fabre Feb 2023

Great activity! The teacher was really nice and patient, and it was quite intimate as we were not much people, so it makes it easier to interact with others. Love that we could add crystals to our candle!
As a little idea of improvement for next time, it would have been nice to have some background music while doing the activity.

Lucy Batikyan Feb 2023

Great introductory lesson into candle making. Such a nice way to relax and be creative all while experimenting and having fun.

Candle Making class review by Lucy Batikyan - London

Brad Parrett Jan 2023

A good time with a friend or partner. The teacher was helpful and it was efficent. The studio was in an amazing location and was nice.
Scents could be more varied though as they tended to be just fruit or floral.

Alma Brillantes Jan 2023

It’s really nice to learn the basic of making candles from an instructor like Laura as she is nice and warm and helpful. ❤️
Thank you for the experience. I enjoyed it!

Diamantina Osmani Dec 2022

Really fun class! Great explanation of the candle soy wax along with crystal chakra meanings for decoration. Wonderful scents, wonderful memories!

Xia Dec 2022

Good class, only my boyfriend and myself. Poured 4 layers of wax and different scents, with decoration,

Christian Ahart Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Natural coconut candle making, booked for myself and my girlfriend. We were the only people in the class. We decorated the candle and poured 4 layers of wax with different scents, good experience

Kevin Gosnell Nov 2022

Easily accessible location. Friendly and welcoming teacher. Answered all questions with no problems. Nothing was too much for her.
Room a little small if alot of people booked on the class.
Enjoyed the class and am looking at booking a different class at the same location in future.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Kevin Gosnell - London

Tosin Aiyegbusi Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

nice calm environment~ . the teacher was really sweet and was happy to answer any questions. I love my candle

Candle Making class review by Tosin Aiyegbusi - London

Helly Buckoke Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Candle doesn’t smell at all, very expensive for what you get. Teacher was lovely but overpriced session.

Kim Rihal Oct 2022

Lora was knowledgable and clear with her instructions
Venue was beautiful and a creative workshop
The materials were great, although there could have been more crystals; not all the options were there.
This was great value for money as the tutor was very knowledgeable!
I have learnt about candles temperatures and how to decorate the glass container and when to add the essential oils.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Kim Rihal - London

Anna Frank Sep 2022

Venue was really cute
Loved the set up
Loved the time of the workshop and the materials used
Great product made at end of class
Would 100% recommend and want to sign up to another class.

Could have had music on :-)

Kyra Nezami Jul 2022

This was good fun, its a bit fiddly but also can't really go wrong!

Soy Candle Making Class review by Kyra Nezami - London

Lauren Mason Jul 2022

Had a fab morning creating candles with my mum and sister. It was a small group, so not overcrowded, and the venue was great. The instructor was friendly and knowledgeable and the class allowed plenty of time so we weren't rushed.

Beth Mills Jul 2022

A lovely relaxing thing to do on a Saturday morning! We really enjoyed the class and are thrilled with the beautiful candles we each have to go home with .

Anees Hussain Jul 2022

I’ve been to two candle making classes and this didn’t really live up to expectations sadly. I love the concept of the flower petals and crystals, but other than that I was disappointed
1. Better equipment is desperately needed - we were using huge saucepans to pour wax into tiny jars, so of course there were a number of spillages, which presents a serious health and safety hazard.
2. The wick holder didn’t have a centralised slot, meaning everyone’s wicks were off centre. I pointed this out to the tutor but she kept silencing me by telling me “not to worry” or “it’ll be fine”. It turned out to be less than fine as no-one had a well positioned wick - all were off centre. I wish she’d addressed my concern properly, rather than being dismissive.
3. This is not a suitable class to attend in 30+ degree heat. No fans or AC. It was stifling.
4. The class was spent in total silence unless the tutor was speaking. Some relaxing background music would not have gone amiss. A more cheerful atmosphere would have made the experience more pleasant, especially as this was a birthday present for my friend.
5. The tutor seemed to lack confidence, which made everyone feel a little uneasy. She didn’t greet us at the door and introduce herself like a professional ordinarily would, so we just followed her in thinking perhaps she was just a resident of the block. In fact, it was the tutor of the pottery class in the adjoining room who welcomed us and gave an intro!

Gillian Toit Jul 2022

Really enjoyable activity. The teacher was lovely and explained everything well. It was evening to follow and do within the timeframe.

Tom Gurman Jun 2022

We took the candle making class as an activity for our anniversary and had a fantastic time. The teacher was very nice and explained the process and significance of the materials very well. It was a lot of fun being able to create something from scratch and actually I found it really calming. Our new candles are almost too good to light!

Gemma Smyth Mar 2022

The teacher was nice but the room was a bit grotty, and the selection of scents was really limited. It was decent for the price. My candle looks nice but gives off no smell really. The section about chakras and crystals was about a minute long and read off a piece of paper.

Renee Francis Mar 2022

The class itself was a good class, the teacher was very polite and informative. The room was very small not alot of room are space. Customers services was really bad I waited at the gates for around 5 minutes before anyone opened it even though a young lady just went in, has I'm bending the corner. My cousin was late 20min and wasn't allowed in even though the class started 10 minutes late. Said she's would wait for us outside, recommended by a staff to join the pottery class while waiting. without explaining she would need to pay. Until after by sending an email saying you wouldn't be able to rebook your candle making class until you pay for pottery. Which I find to be very deceitful. Has full explanation should has made be4 hand.

Tisha Campbell Mar 2022

The teacher was great but the Manager with ginger hair (Jos) was extremely rude and racist the way he spoke to an individual for being 10 minutes late trying to find the venue. He later correspondents via email after giving verbal then blocking the recipient email address.
This is why people get hurt after work just because of their attitude at work (Were all humans), for no reason and then he mention your on camera without anyone being rude.

Camera don't stop anything no one is scared of CCTV, he was just upsetting his self.

False advertisements on the website if your not happy then your money back, is a lie this is against any consumer rights.

Don't be black and late or the Ginger hair manager will raise his voice at you with attitude.
Then we witness a few white ppl who was late, he spoke so nice to them and still except them in the class.

Phillippa Lewis Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lovely class and a nice mix of theory and practical. Was easy for beginners and a really friendly atmosphere

Juan Bedoya Jan 2022

Really good class, teacher was really friendly, would have been nice to learn more about the essential oils and they’re effects but we did learn about different gemstones and they’re chakra meanings

Soy Candle Making Class review by Juan Bedoya - London

Catherine Kleeck Jan 2022

Teacher was kind, knowledgable and patient!
Overall, it was great fun and I learnt a new skill!

Susanna Zema Jan 2022

Our teacher was lovely and patient!
The venue was cool and relaxing :)
I had a really great time even if without any friend, I felt comfortable and enjoyed the session.
I would just suggest a clearer introductory overview of the making process before starting, so to feel even more ready!

Soy Candle Making Class review by Susanna Zema - London

Carol Jones Jan 2022

I pick up some good tips and the Tutor was very encouraging and clear in her instruction. A nice and relaxing way to spent sometime and learn some new skills

Bethany Metcalfe Dec 2021

The session was so so fun and informative. Really relaxing and mindful - all materials were provided, including small flowers and crystals. It was the perfect amount of time and was completely worth the money. Such a lovely present to create and give!

Soy Candle Making Class review by Bethany Metcalfe - London

Alice Prosser Dec 2021

Absolutely amazing Such good value and super lovely teacher, love everything I very Highly recommend

Jennifer Chan Dec 2021

Overall, an excellent experience. The teacher was great & full of humour. The only downside I'd say is that the class was overly crowded for the room.

Petra Ali Nov 2021

Great teacher, perfect venue. My candle looks great. We loved it. Will definitely be back very soon.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Petra Ali - London

Renata Brazis Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher Jean was amazing! I Had a lovely candle making workshop. Great venue.:))))))) definitely will reccomend.

Patrick Tshibangu Nov 2021

I personally really enjoyed the workshop.
It allows you to learn a little bit more about the secret behind
successful candles.

Our Tutor was very friendly, and full of knowledge.
I had a good time learning about different types of wax, wicks, their purpose and their impact on our planet.

I would recommend it to someone who would like to learn more about the process behind candles making, or even someone who just wants to have fun during a friendly workshop, who's looking to meet amazing people while learning something new.

Soy Candle Making Class review by Patrick Tshibangu - London

Jill Hohenstein Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The instructor was so helpful and patient with everyone :-) And the candle was lovely--it was also really educational. I feel like if I found the materials, I could do it on my own. Thanks for a great day!

Samia Begum Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a really fun workshop with a friendly casual atmosphere. I learned how to make a candle and think it ended up looking really good.

Candle Making class review by Samia Begum - London

Anthea Osei Oct 2021

Lovely experience! I would recommend, teacher was so informative and made my time fun and enjoyable.

Aurica Stoica Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Hi , it was really enjoyable and relaxing to learn how to make my own candle. The teacher was super friendly and enthusiastic as much as I was, thank you so much for this wonderful experience, I will return for other courses as well

Soy Candle Making Class review by Aurica Stoica - London

Sanjit Bal Aug 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was great, and loved the inside venue. It’s a lovely idea to make a candle from scratch, and the process was explained clearly start to finish. You can add floral leaves and candles, glitter and bows to your finished candle to take home.

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