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Art Play London

Art Play London

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4.8 (1,569)
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Art Play London was founded by Silva Castellani in 2018, starting in galleries such as Phillips, and pop up venues around London.

Art Play is now a new art studio which opened in East London in February 2022, where children and adults of all ages are free to release their imaginations and inner creativity.

Art Play has a strong focus and the environment and aims to educate children and adults on their environmental impact through art, using a variety of sustainable mediums and materials.

Art Play is part of the worldwide Precious Plastic community which means it will be a plastic collection point for people to drop off their HDPE plastic which would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. The plastic is then shredding and melted and turned into useful objects and pieces of art, such as plant pots and coasters.


Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop

4.8 (267)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £16 - £18

Sip and Paint Class

4.7 (321)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 80

label £18 - £59

Candle Making Workshop

4.7 (118)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £30 - £50

Silver Ring Making Class

4.9 (281)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £65

Guided Painting Class

4.8 (60)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 70

label £20 - £59

Hand Building Pottery Class

4.9 (133)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 70

label £15 - £32

Terrarium Making Workshop

4.6 (62)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £40 - £50

Silver Jewellery Workshop

4.9 (17)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £55 - £63

Painting Class: Vibe N' Paint

4.9 (17)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 60

label £18

Mosaic Workshop

5.0 (4)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £45

Sip and Pour: Acrylic Pour Workshop

4.9 (13)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £52

Unguided Canvas Painting Upcycling Workshop

4.9 (42)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £6 - £8

Unguided Pottery Painting Upcycling Workshop

4.9 (42)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 12

label £5

Sober Sip and Paint Class

4.9 (13)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 60

label £25 - £35

Portrait Painting Workshop

4.8 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 40

label £45

Pyrography Workshop

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 10

label £45

Marbling Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £35

Children's Animation Workshop

4.5 (11)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £35

Unguided Mindful Collage Workshop

4.3 (23)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 60

label £3

Embroidery Workshop

4.3 (3)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £28

Children's Hand Building Pottery Class

4.9 (12)

5 to 12 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £20

Paint a Dog Fundraising Workshop

4.6 (7)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 50

label £45

Paper Making Craft Class

5.0 (1)

date_range 10 Mar, 7 Apr

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £22 - £25

Life Drawing Workshop

5.0 (8)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £20

Jesmonite Tray Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 15

label £48

Introduction to Drawing - 4-Week Course

date_range 4 Mar, 29 Apr

location_on East London

1 to 15

label £146

Arm Knitting Blanket Workshop

4.6 (5)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

8 to 15

label £100

Acrylic Painting Course

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £190

Children's Eco Makers Art Class

4.6 (8)

1 to 5 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

8 to 30

label £12

Children's Craft Workshop

5.0 (1)

5 to 12 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

8 to 30

label £20

Tie Dye Workshop

5 to 15 years

date_range Contact for details

location_on East London

1 to 10

label £9




Millie Mason Feb 2024

Love this class. Making my own mini ecosystem was really awesome. So many workshops going on around us. It was pretty awesome

Kusum Pun Marjara Feb 2024

The venue is great love that it’s surrounded by the market
The materials I feel were a little dissapointing. Not enough colours / variety of paint and other mediums like water pencils, pastels
The space is wonderful loved the vibe, the music and location
Really looking forward to going back

Millie Mason Feb 2024

I've become addicted to this place - and my artistic skills are definitely improving Fantastic class and staff ad usual and tried the hot choc which was delish

Millie Mason Feb 2024

I've become addicted to this place - and my artistic skills are definitely improving Fantastic class and teacher ad usual and tried the hot choc which was delish

Chloe Woolley Feb 2024

Booked this for a friends birthday and was a great class. Painting was very accessible to paint for anyone and the teacher Abi was really good!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

We booked this as a work group outing, which the team thoroughly enjoyed. They loved teaching, had a good laugh and enjoyed be able to take their masterpiece home with them at the end of the evening. Would recommend to anyone wanting a team activity.

Adrian Feb 2024

Loved it was a vibe drinks was flowing art was in effect will definitely be back

Sip and Paint Class review by Adrian - London

Layla Shire Feb 2024

Materials were great, vibe was cool and I’m definitely happy with my artwork! I would definitely rebook - the only issue was the music kept cutting out.

Sophie Feb 2024

We booked this experience for a hen do! We really loved it once we got going, but when we turned up the venue was unprepared for our group, with no easels, paints or canvasses laid out and the staff seemed a tad confused by our arrival, despite having booked months in advance. But once we did get started, as we were delayed a tad by this process, we had a really nice time!

Grace Kingsbury Feb 2024

Sam was a really engaging, friendly and funny teacher. He helped everyone without any rushing and even though there are pauses whilst everyone catches up with each step, it never felt slow paced or boring.
Note - there are 3 options for design / texture and you can’t pick different widths of band.
Would definitely recommend this class for a fun afternoon with your friends.

Jewellery Making class review by Grace Kingsbury - London

Millie Mason Feb 2024

I came here with my sister and we had such a lovely time and made a beautiful candle. The class was small and the venue was so creative and inspiring. Our teacher was really knowledgeable and sweet. We will be back!

Pooja Middleton Feb 2024

7 ClassBento workshops attended

Friendly teacher.
Lots of fun.
Good value
Happy I could take candles the same day

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Took someone here on a first date. Took the unguided session. The vibes were perfect. The hip hop, r&b set the DJs was playing, the atmosphere. The art materials. Truly a great way to connect as well as have fun. Very much good value for money

Jade Olivo Feb 2024

Aija was a super informative host and explained each step of the terrarium making class so we can learn why each step was important - helpful if we want to try at home!
She was really engaged and helpful :)
The class was lots of fun and had a wonderful terrarium to take home with us at the end which we loved. Good amount of people in the class, not too busy! Although bit disjointed with the extra table on the side.
Would recommend :D

Terrarium class review by Jade Olivo - London

Millie Mason Feb 2024

I came here with my sister and my mum as we keep running out of ideas for evenings out together. We had such a cute evening - and it's a very decent price too!

Will James Feb 2024

I've been to Art Play before but this was the first time on free flow. The staff are so so sweet. Helped me decide what to paint and made some great mocktails. The DJ was such a good touch

Ema Blue Feb 2024

Friday was too much fun! I came with a group of 6. We had spacious tables, pizza, music, drinks (margaritas are good here). The painting part was good too. It's free style which I like and the resources we're great!

Rachel Kobe Feb 2024

I came to Art Play for the first time. The girl at the door (sorry I can't remember her name!) Was wonderful and welcomed us in. The music was flowing - the bar was popping and there were lots if choices for Art recourses. Will go to the pottery workshop next!

Ashanti Smith Feb 2024

Me and my boyfriend were looking for some cute new date ideas and we came across Art Play. I am so happy this place exists I wish I new before. I'm back next week with my girlie's

Taomi Mason Feb 2024

None of my friends are particularly creative so we didn't know what to expect. But the music and the drinks flowing really helped - staff were cool and the recourses were amazing quality

Usif Amed Feb 2024

Came here with my boys. I haven't done art since school but it really doesn't matter here. The studios got such good energy and got our creative juices flowing

Yanis Pepper Feb 2024

The DJ was on fireeeee with the old school bangers. I've already booked for the next 3 weeks. My painting turned our pretty well tooo

Iggy Mars Feb 2024

I've come to lots of art play workshops- this is my first free flow and it was awesome. Silva showed me and my friends around and made us feel super welcome

Penny Smith Feb 2024

Came here by myself- I was nervous at first but the staff were so lovely and welcoming and I am pretty impressed with my painting too! I ordered a zucca pizza which was so good

Danny Eronzo Feb 2024

I came on the Friday free flow night- lovely staff and lovely energy

The cocktails are pretty good too

Georgia Hunter Feb 2024

Omg! I came on the old school r&b night and they played alllll my favourite bangers. So much fun- can't wait for girl power night!

Finley Sherrald Feb 2024

So excited about this new Friday free flow night- I'm so bored of the regular club nights. I will definitely be back

Seb Stoner Feb 2024

Definitely recommend this place! I passed by after work two weeks ago and have come back for a few of their sessions. Love this new Friday night DJ painting session

Olive Moon Feb 2024

I came here for my best friend's birthday and it was such good vibes- we all did our own free style painting and their Expresso martinis are so good

Painting class review by Olive Moon - London

Remi Burgher Feb 2024

Went with my mum and auntie and we all really enjoyed the class. The teacher was very helpful, friendly and funny! Would definitely recommend and go again.

Margarita Posner Feb 2024

Very friendly coordinator, lots of fun.
Great choice of scents and glitter
Fun locale
Would recommend

Annabelle Volpi Feb 2024

I thought it would like a party with lively music but it was very quiet.

Teacher's response

Dear Annabelle, We apologize for the disappointing experience you had at our event. Your feedback is valuable, and we're committed to making improvements for future events. Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention!

Isatu Kamara Feb 2024

So much fun, really soothing activity and the music playing was great. Would definitely return!

Neringa Feb 2024

It's a lovely place to be. I did unguided free flow canvas painting. I could get all the materials. Only one thing I was a little bit dissatisfied, it were brushes, as very poor quality and looked worn out, and couldn't find different angles brushes. But still managed to do my art work. I used cotton buds I brought from home too.

Painting class review by Neringa - London

Jeanine Yu Feb 2024

This is my second painting session and Jess is amazing She explain the primary and secondary colour concept, and the complimentaru coulour. How to use it and the effect of mixing the different colour. She also explained how to best use different brushes to show different texture. Was a really fun one Really enjoyed it

Momina Husayn Feb 2024

Too kids with friends. Solca was very friendly and allowed the adults to participate as well. She was very accommodating and good interpersonal skills. Would recommend.

Elliott Cox Feb 2024

Had a really great time. It was my first time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. All the equipment I needed, the pizza was lovely and the staff were friendly.

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop review by Elliott Cox - London

Gemma Howells Feb 2024

Really enjoyable night. Teacher was great fun. Fun date night. Would definitely recommend to friends

Justina Rodzeviciute Feb 2024

We absolutely loved it! And everyone got to keep candles. Great time together with a team and we loved the guidance from teacher.

Patricia de Benito Feb 2024

Wonderful class! The teacher is so nice and helpful and at the same time gives you space. Very happy!

Jumaimah Begum Feb 2024

Really fun and an enjoyable experience. We did the unguided up-cycling canvas painting class and all we had to do was go in choose which canvas we wanted to paint over choose our paints and start. Very good value for the money as everything is provided and the canvas is large. Would most likely come again.

Muskaan Rizvi Feb 2024

Simon held an amazing art lesson for our team of 25! Everyone had an amazing time, I couldn’t recommend Art Play enough for a team building social.
- Amazon Fashion

Folake Akinjiola Feb 2024

My daughters and I had a lovely time and we are looking forward to coming again. The staff were friendly and always smiling

Aishah Feb 2024

I took my daughter for her first pottery class today and she had the best time. Their teacher, Sorcha, was amazing. She taught them very well and was super friendly. She even let us get involved which was a bonus. I would definitely recommend it. Great location!
Only negative is that there was no initial welcome. We were standing at the wrong entrance for a while, and although the staff could see us, they didn’t inform us and avoided any form of eye contact.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Great pottery class for a rainy and grey day to lift your mood! Excellent teacher and have come away with a lovely pot. Thank you!

Zekie Feb 2024

Class is overcrowded, making it difficult to get a good view from anywhere but the front, which means you might miss out on crucial techniques. There are similar-priced classes available with smaller groups, offering a better learning environment.

Teacher's response

Dear Zekie, We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We're sorry to hear that the overcrowding affected your ability to fully engage with the class content. Your comments are important to us, and we will explore ways to address this issue to enhance the learning environment for all participants.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we hope to have the opportunity to offer you a better experience in the future!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

The class itself was really fun and the teacher was great! However the organisation and rebooking was very difficult to do. Contacting the teacher, the number provided never had a response the only way to eventually contact was through email replies which took long to organise and made communication difficult.

Teacher's response

Dear valued customer, We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the class and found the teacher to be great! However, we're sorry to hear about the difficulties you experienced with rebooking and communication. Your feedback is important to us, and we will work to improve our organization and communication processes to ensure a smoother experience for all participants.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Anushka Lahiri Feb 2024

Really fun and helpful thank you! We were taught different techniques and help was available whenever

Painting class review by Anushka Lahiri - London

Lydia Southern Feb 2024

Really good fun! Excellent teacher Simon who was patient and very personable! Great location and facilities!

Sip and Paint Class review by Lydia Southern - London

Celia Feb 2024

Denna was great, really professional and fun. She really knew what she was doing and helped everyone with making the best ring. Such a lovely experience and love the venue as well. The pizza was fab as well!

Silver Ring Making Class review by Celia - London

Samual Cobley Feb 2024

Lovely staff, chilled atmosphere, fun class. Great value for money! Highly recommend. We have already booked another class.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

The workshop was really good and the host was very helpful and kind. A must do activity!

Jewellery Making class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Daniela Viscusi Feb 2024

It was relaxing while catching up with a friend after a long time. Good choice for a different date :)

Lucy Feb 2024

Lovely and affordable activity to do with my 5 year old. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend

Unguided Pottery Painting Upcycling Workshop review by Lucy - London

Edie Walwyn Feb 2024

It was a very pleasant and enjoyable evening! I recommend to anyone who needs to decompress after work.

Cher Fulton Feb 2024

The instructor had her back to us for most of the session so we struggled to follow the guide. Would have been nice to get some tips, especially to better the art. I left mine there as I wasn’t proud of the finished result.

The place was noisy and could barely hear the instructor.

Teacher's response

Dear Cher, We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us regarding your recent class experience. We apologize for any frustration caused by the instructor's positioning and the noise level in the venue. Your feedback is essential for us to improve, and we will take immediate steps to address these concerns to ensure a more conducive learning environment in future sessions.

Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide you with a much-improved experience next time.

Virag Szabo Feb 2024

Lovely class, had a great time! Our teacher Simon facilitared a great class!
Will definitely be back again!

Claudia Feb 2024

Our teacher Aija, was very welcoming and kind and ensured we had everything we needed for the paintings. She was easy to follow and lovely to have as a guide.

Abin (sorry if this isn’t the correct spelling) assisted on the day and was fantastic, he was very friendly and ensured that we were taken care of!

Amelia Leleu Feb 2024

It was really fun and I had a good time painting. I did this with my dad and we had a really great time. At the beginning, one of the staff members forgot we were there and didn’t give us a canvas and we just sat there for 20 minutes. Lol. In the end we did ask her and she gave us one. She was pretty nice abt it but did kinda make it sound a bit eh. Other than that other staff members were really helpful and kind towards us and gave some art tips.

Painting class review by Amelia Leleu - London

Darren Antonio Hall Feb 2024

an amazing experience for the freeflow workshop
had a great time and the staff were very friendly

would highly recommend for a group or just a friendly date idea :)

Alice Carter Feb 2024

We had so much fun, me and my mum went for her birthday and the teacher was very welcoming (we had elena). Would really recommend

Jan Hoang Xuan Feb 2024

Attending that painting class for with my wife our anniversary was such a blast! It was our first time trying something like that, and let me tell you, it was awesome. The staff there were super chill and helpful, walking us through everything and making sure we had a blast.

They had loads of materials to choose from, so we could really let our creativity run wild. Plus, the vibe was so laid-back and chill, it felt like we were just hanging out and having fun. It was a nice change of pace from our usual routine, and we absolutely loved it.

We're already talking about checking out some other classes they offer because we had such a great time. Overall, it was a memorable experience that we'll definitely be doing again.

Anna Silins Feb 2024

Great class! Took my brother to the terrarium making class for his birthday and he absolutely loved it! A must for any plant lovers

Minali Feb 2024

My friend and I did the free flow painting workshop and we loved it, the atmosphere in the studio was great! The staff were friendly and helpful and we created some lovely art work. We will definitely be returning for a guided class!

Racheal Falola Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

No occasion. Me and a friend signed up for the unguided free flow canvas painting which was nice something different to do on a Saturday. Venue was nice also.

Amelia Fowler Feb 2024

It was a very fun date afternoon activity, and I would recommend to do with your partner or group of friends!

Teacher's response

Hi Amelia, Thank you for taking the time to write this review! We appreciate your recommendation and feedback, and hope to see you again soon!

Zahra Macphail Feb 2024

It was a day out with my daughter and we both enjoyed the art class. Convenient location, cozy facilities, friendly atmosphere. All supplies were provided - we very much liked the little red berets, that helped to create the mood.

Moneeka Thakur Feb 2024

We all had a lovely time and the team at Art Play were great! Thank you!

Kathryn Feb 2024

Really enjoyable course, fun and modern location and the course leader was very nice and helpful

Holly Feb 2024

Great idea and concept, although it's a 'drop in' probably best to come on time as when we arrived they were trying to set up for the class and it felt a little awkward trying to ask the staff for where to sit and find things etc. But other than it was a great time, pizza was excellent and the tunes were banging

Paige Feb 2024

I bought tickets to this class for my friends birthday. When I bought the tickets I didn’t get any confirmation email and when I tried emailing again I didn’t get a reply. Once we got there though everything was great. Staff were nice and the Prosecco was constant. 4/5

Elliot Feb 2024

Sara was a great teacher - fun, really patient and very helpful when we needed help.

Across the 3 hours we moulded, designed sanded, fired and polished our own pieces of silver jewellery (which was either a necklace penetrant or pair of earrings.

Definitely worth doing!

Sabira Feb 2024

I treated my sister to pottery class at Artplay. We we're so excited as it was both our first time. Our teacher, Sorcha was amazing. She helped everyone with her easy tips and advice. All tools are provided, refreshments available inside. Overall it was worth the money, time and experience. I will definitely book again for different classes as they have so much going on!

Jemma Mahey Feb 2024

We loved this class! It was easy to follow and I liked how you could personalize the painting too! Teacher was very helpful and friendly! Venue was great! Would definitely do it again!

Ivy Chan Feb 2024

I had a free flow class which meant we didn’t have a teacher and do our own thing. This was all good but there weren’t many paint brushes available for us as there was a class going on at the same time. Overall, it was a lovely experience for a date activity though!

Aditya Mesta Feb 2024

The venue was excellent, with great staff. It provided a fun experience for my girlfriend and me. We're looking forward to visiting again soon.

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop review by Aditya Mesta - London

Beatriz Bailo Feb 2024

Had a great time at Sip and Paint class with Abi.
Our painting came out super cool and now I want to do more!
Will definitely go back!

Marina Veiga Feb 2024

I booked the Sober Sip and Paint for my SILs hen do and the activity was a massive hit. Most of us were not artsy but managed to create something beautiful with 7 out of 8 of us taking our creations home. Our teacher was Sophia and she was friendly and helpful all the way through out the activity. Since our session was 10.30am to 12.30pm, we were able to leave the canvas there and collect them later which was helpful.

Sober Sip and Paint Class review by Marina Veiga - London

Simi Ayeniyegbe Feb 2024

Great class & plenty of scents to pick from! Decorating the candles were especially fun to do

Daveena Thakkar Feb 2024

It was very busy so quite tight with regards to space. Staff were helpful and we enjoyed the experience! I had booked unguided free flow painting and wish there was a wider range of colours to choose from. Many of the bottles were near to empty and tissues/cloths would have been handy.

Diane Wilson Feb 2024

Attended with a friend as we are both interested in making candles. Really enjoyed the session and sophie was brilliant. The content was good relaxing atmosphere and everyone was very friendly. Will definitely be signing up for more classes.

Amina Musoke Feb 2024

It was good learning how to create something new.
My teacher was nice, friendly and really helped me to create something. She really helped me create my clay pot in a nice and clear way.


Charlotte Jones Feb 2024

There was no teacher - which I had kind of expected there to be when I booked

Teacher's response

Dear Charlotte, We apologize for any confusion. The workshop description states that the class does not include a teacher, but we'll ensure better communication in the future. Thank you for your feedback.

Jewel Feb 2024

My husband and I attended the Sip & Paint Portrait making class on Valentines Day. We really enjoyed the activity, the instructor was very patient and checked in often to make sure everybody was following through whilst also providing the space to follow your own creative instincts. Loved every minute of it & highly recommended :-))

Painting class review by Jewel - London

Jackie Smith Feb 2024

This was so much fun! The teacher was patient and encouraging and we all became more confident. Lovely fun atmosphere and you get to take home your own piece of art.
Friendly bar staff.
An overall great experience for all ages

Elliott Martin Feb 2024

Belated valentines celebration. Really great experience, the teacher was new to the job but she handled the social atmosphere perfectly - nice and relaxed with a perfect level of instructions. The guy at the bar offered amazing service. Materials were great. Very happy and satisfied.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

It was great. The teacher was amazing and we will def recommend it to friends!

Sean Feb 2024

Went for Valentine’s Day with my partner, only thought we’d be making one candle but we made 2, which was great. Everything was explained well and we had a fun time with the other people in our group, pleasant experience will try art play again!

Candle Making class review by Sean - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

The class was really easy to follow and the teacher was engaging. The venue is quite busy, but it wasn’t distracting. I also like that even though it was a guided class, you were still encouraged to use your creative freedom to make your piece unique. You do have to buy a separate bag (£1.50) to transport the piece home in though, so come prepared with a big bag!

Priscilla Tsang Feb 2024

A nice place to do art work with kids and besties ️ come to enjoy with creativity

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

It was a bit too loud & crowded and it was hard to hear the instructions. Overall, it felt a little bit chaotic and disorganised. I guess they need to make smaller groups or get a bigger space for the studio.

Teacher's response

Dear valued customer, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We appreciate your insights and will take them into consideration as we strive to improve our studio experience. We'll explore options like smaller groups or a larger space to ensure a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

We went to the candle making workshop and it was amazing! Aija was so personable and friendly. She didn’t rush us through the process and provided lots of information and tips. Lots to choose and decorate from, you can really make it your own. Left having a perfect candle and evening.

Candle Making class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Erin Brundyn Feb 2024

We were late to the class due to train issues, but they welcomed us regardless. The class was relaxed and at a good pace with plenty of help and encouragement going around.
Thank you!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

The teacher was lovely. Very helpful and friendly. I will visit the class again definitely.

Sip and Paint Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

I booked this experience as a Valentines Day gift for my partner and myself and it was incredible! The venue was intimate and chic, our instructor was brilliant at keeping us engaged, informed and comfortable. She made sure the mood was fun and creative. All materials provided were useful and I would definitely recommend this to others who would be interested in candlemaking.

Anita Ikpea Feb 2024

Valentine’s Day class: very good concept to paint and easy to learn. Would have been nice if we went a little slower and painting techniques were explained in more detail (but understandable due to time constraints). Materials were fine and we were able to request more if needed.

Sahreen Siddiqui Feb 2024

Such a fun activity- will def come again. Enjoyed this with my family.
Trainer was knowledgeable and engaging.

Painting class review by Sahreen Siddiqui - London

Tunde Feb 2024

It was valentine theme class and Sophie did a great job engaging the entire class. Sophie did a great job teaching us all the different notes. The t was so much fun

Candle Making Workshop review by Tunde - London

Tiffany Feb 2024

Super fun night painting whatever we want. Chill environment to chat and paint with friends. Also can add on really good pizza and prosecco!

Vincent Feb 2024

Thomas made us feel so comfortable the moment we sat down, was brilliant to talk to and helped us create some funny and really nice pottery, will 100% be coming back if he’s the teacher!

Aiya Zhussupova Feb 2024

Great teacher, lots of fun and a cute ring in the end :) Recommend this activity 100%

Sarah Garrard Feb 2024

Really enjoyed this class! Teacher Sam was amazing at explaining things clearly, encouraging and supporting all participants. He made it fun & achievable. I’d never done anything like this before, but really pleased with the ring I created. Highly recommend this workshop!

Mason Burns Feb 2024

Our teacher Sophie was amazing, we did candle making and she taught us so much about candles. The results were brilliant and had so much fun!

Candle Making Workshop review by Mason Burns - London

Lisa McBain Feb 2024

Amazing fun and really well delivered by our teacher Anya. Would highly recommend and will be coming back again soon!

Guided Painting Class review by Lisa McBain - London

Nikesh Sharma Feb 2024

Fun class with a great teacher. Had a great time and excited to come again

Eliza McIlwaine Feb 2024

Lovely atmosphere and such a fun way to relax and make art with no pressure <3

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

We were visiting London for a couple days and I’d booked a range of activities including this. We didn’t have a teacher so it was unguided painting. The staff that served us were really nice and friendly, but seemed a bit unorganised sometimes - some of the instructions weren’t massively clear, so when I went up to ask a question, they would always refer me to someone else and then we’d end up getting a vague response anyway. But they were really sweet. The venue was lovely and big, in a great location. Materials were perfect and good quality, all except from the bag we had to buy to take the canvases home in, which wasn’t big enough for the canvases? We enjoyed it thoroughly and thought it was very good value for money. We loved how our paintings were included in the price and all of the painting inspiration we could choose from. Overall was so so good and I’d absolutely do it again!

Lenard Pratt Feb 2024

Went for Valentine’s Day and we had a blast. The instructor was super helpful and super kind, every step of the way she made sure to ensure that everything was proceeding smoothly and couldn’t stop cracking jokes. I came in not expecting much but for how much we paided I can say I was pleasantaly surprised and if you asked me to go again I would take you up on the offer

Jalebi Jalebi Feb 2024

The evening went really well

Only thing is that at the start we were confused with who to talk to about the booking. Nonetheless the people we spoke to were really lovely and informative

Nicola Guderley Feb 2024

Denna was an amazing teacher/host, very funny. Great memories with my sister and I genuinely love the ring that I made!

Cameron Mason Feb 2024

Sophie was amazing! Many thanks for a memorable experience and making Valentine’s Day special!

Kevin Osborne King Feb 2024

Sophia was great, we had an awesome time. Loved our pictures
Highly recommend as a date night

Sip and Paint Class review by Kevin Osborne King - London

Konstantin Ivanov Feb 2024

Went for Valentine's Day and it was the perfect couples experience. The instructor was very helpful and the instructions were clear.

Gareth Amfo-Agyei Feb 2024

A fabulous experience as a novice painter. The teacher was extremely friendly and patient. Thank you

Jordan Feb 2024

I booked this for myself and my boyfriend for his birthday and we both loved it! Sam is a brilliant teacher and made the class very welcoming and a good laugh. We both left the workshop with beautiful rings, having never done anything like this before. Both a great experience and lovely to walk away with something we can both treasure. Would absolutely recommend this workshop!

Adela Feb 2024

Thomas was an excellent teacher. It was very easy and enjoyable to follow his workshop. I enjoy it and hopefully, I will repeat it with him

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

It was a lovely chilled venue that was easy to locate in the market.
We were greeted warmly and given instructions.
I completely understand it’s self led but would have been nice if we had some more information. Also, the range of pottery to up-cycle was really limited and the space to complete quickly became cramped.

Pottery class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Dmitry Nazarenko Feb 2024

Took this class as a couple for Valentine's Day celebrations and loved every minute of it. Sara was a fantastic instructor - very personable, funny, and patient at every step of the process. She made the learning fun and was there to help out at any point if we were struggling or having issues. We ended up making some cute pendants and are looking forwards to wearing and showing them off!

Kristine Feb 2024

The teacher Aija was fantastic. We painted a lovely sunset painting with palm trees in a relaxed environment which was great

Alex Dee Feb 2024

Sam was so brilliant. Knowledgeable, fun, and made sure everyone was supported and happy despite us being a decent size group! We had such a fab evening and the rings are amazing. Highly recommend

Jack Bessell Feb 2024

Very disorganised, felt like we were a burden to the staff

Equipment was good though

Teacher's response

Dear Jack, We're sorry for the disorganization you encountered. Your feedback is noted, and we'll strive to improve. We're glad you found the equipment satisfactory and hope to provide a better experience next time.

Julia Waetzig Feb 2024

accidentally joined our school group (which was free but sold out) and ended up spending 35 pounds per person.

Santiago Bermudez Feb 2024

Our class went very well and we came out with amazing rings, all thanks to our teacher Sam, who was so knowledgeable and funny. He made our experience great :)

Rosie Feb 2024

Brilliant class in fab location. Only 3 in the class, which made it a very personalised experience. Good amount of time, working high quality materials, and a fab finished terrarium to take home. They shared lots of tips on caring for and making more terrariums, which I will definitely do!

Christoph Feb 2024

Excellent time painting and chatting, the teacher was helpful, we were given all the paint we could ever need.

Painting class review by Christoph - London

Priyanka Feb 2024

Me and my best friend did the candle making class. It was so therapeutic and relaxing. Our teacher was friendly and informative. The variety of scents was great. We truly got creative & we are so happy with our candles. Thanks for a great time.

Sia Li Feb 2024

Great experience for Valentines. Have already recommended to friends. I am looking forward to the next one!

Guided Painting Class review by Sia Li - London

Zainab Sohail Feb 2024

My class instructor was lovely, he made us feel very welcome! Made us want to come back for sure

Anu Ravindran Feb 2024

I enjoyed the candle making class conducted by Sophie. Very helpful and friendly teacher. Warm and friendly environment. Would definitely go back and try another course.

Carrie Sims Feb 2024

This was a lovely class, very relaxing and enjoyable. The teacher was easy to follow and explained things very well. Felt like good value for money too. Would book again.

Anne Kennedy Feb 2024

Had fun painting and catching up with my friend! We shared a bottle of Prosecco, and enjoyed the atmosphere/music too. We did free flow painting, so no teacher, but all materials are provided. One tip: when you’re choosing what to paint, bear in mind the paint is quite thick/fast drying and I couldn’t find a very good thin brush, so painting thin lines was challenging.

Zhané West Feb 2024

We took the free flow class. The store itself was very busy but the staff were great. We were shown where everything is and truly left to our own devices which was really nice. They did not rush us for our seats or peak over our shoulders to see if we’re any good or not :’) it was a great experience, went down a treat with a bottle of white. We will definitely be back!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

It’s a guided class, but the teacher only advised everyone to draw his/her own. She is encouraging. I don’t feel I was really guided.

Teacher's response

Dear valued customer, We're sorry to hear that you didn't feel adequately guided during your class. Our aim is to provide clear instruction and support to all participants, and we regret any disappointment you experienced. Your feedback is important to us, and we'll use it to improve our teaching approach to ensure a more fulfilling experience for all students.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Michelle Brown Feb 2024

Thank you Aija for a really relaxed and encouraging workshop. I haven't ever really painted much but had a few hours to myself without the Children and thought it would be a lovely thing to do for me! I wasn't disappointed. Thank you for your thoughtful guidance and your gentle and approachable manner. I enjoyed learning about how to sketch and paint from a reference picture and how to mix paint. It's something I'd definitely recommend!

Susie Huntington Feb 2024

My daughter and I had a fun time in a viby venue. She was maybe a bit old for the class (age 11). Ideal perhaps for 8-10yrs.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

have been looking to be a little more creative this year and so booked this session entirely on a whim just to try something new. the session was unguided but i think it was better that way as i focused less on perfectionism and more on just enjoying painting experience as it happened.
the venue was quite busy on sunday at 3pm and it was a bit unclear that you need to check in at the bar. was let waiting a little while but the staff were friendly and it wasn’t much of an issue - but definitely show up a little early as per recommendations.
the supplies were in pretty good condition and the space was generally tidy and intimate. it was easy enough to find a space to sit as a solo visitor, larger groups may have needed to wait a while or split up. note that there’s no seating by class/session, every visitor will sit in the same main area, so something to be aware of. it’s also fairly noisy when busy, as there’s also music going; if you want to go and totally zone out maybe consider bringing some noise cancelling headphones (which i did)! once finished, i was allowed to leave my painting to dry while i walked around elsewhere, got food, etc., as long as i came back before closing to collect it.
overall i had a really good time, having not picked up a paintbrush since i was in high school it was a treat to relax and paint for a couple of hours, and i’d 100% come back alone or with a friend. for £18 it was well worth the cost, and now i have my very own unique artwork to bring home!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Wife's birthday gift

Lots of materials to choose from.

Very good value for money.

Happy customer!

Vanessa Londero Feb 2024

Very nice pottery class. I loved the environment and Thomas was a great tutor. Recommended.

Androulla Hayes Feb 2024

Booked for my adult nieces and sister. We had so much fun! None of us were artists but we created something that we could still put on a wall. The teacher was patient with us and helped if we needed it.

Mayeesha Islam Feb 2024

Was great fun and such a relaxing environment. Staff were friendly and smiley and the music and vibe was 10/10!

Chloe Amankwah Feb 2024

It was a fun class and people are all friendly/good vibes. Would definitely recommend, and do again!

Yamin Feb 2024

Really love it. Love the atmosphere. Here for Terrarium Making class. Would come again for other classes as well

Terrarium Making Workshop review by Yamin - London

Alan Burnell Feb 2024

I was given a voucher for the course for my birthday. I was a little apprehensive, but I enjoyed it hugely. The teacher was excellent. Warm friendly and helpful. I learnt half a dozen new techniques and a completely new Of using acrylic paints to create a picture. I would thoroughly recommend it. I will be bringing my granddaughter here for a class for her birthday. I’m sure she will love it too.

Sophie Palmer Feb 2024

We attended for a birthday and had a lot of fun. Our teacher Sophie was super helpful and friendly. There was a lot of choice of scents and decorations which was great.

Gabriele Venerdini Feb 2024

Great experience, as usual. Friendly environment and lots of fun. Great way to spend your weekend.

Karris Feb 2024

We came to Art Play to celebrate our friends 30th birthday, and did the 1.5 hand clay class. Our instructor Thomas was sooo lovely, funny and informative. We felt super comfortable and guided through everything thoroughly. Also very supported - Thomas was the best cheerleader! Haha. We are all really excited to pick up our creations. Thank you for a great time

Hand Building Pottery Class review by Karris - London

Fabiola Soavelo Feb 2024

Really nice class in a beautiful location. Great teacher, it is easy and playful! Enjoyed it a lot.

Catherine Feb 2024

I had a great time! The teacher is excellent and very nice. It’s pleasant to learn to paint with the mixing of colors, learn the ways of painting

Guided Painting Class review by Catherine - London

Jeanine Yu Feb 2024

Ava (I think that’s her name?) is awesome! Really enjoy the session Very happy with my work!

Riya Gurung Feb 2024

It was an amazing experience we had a great time. We booked it for 4 people n one of us couldn’t make it n tried to reschedule for one person which they said they can’t so wasted money. Overall it was great experience

Painting class review by Riya Gurung - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Great class - perfect balance of easy going and fun but with the right amount of guidance

Sharleen Cohen Feb 2024

The self guided workshop was good, just stacks of magazines, scissors and glue and off you go! Perfect if you dont collect magazines at home to see whether you like collage and try out some ideas

Sam Feb 2024

Got this class as a gift to my boyfriend for our anniversary! Was a really great class, very engaging and fun with a lovely teacher :)

Catalina Griffiths Feb 2024

Sam, out teacher, was so lovely and funny. He took a lot of care to make sure that everyone's rings turned out beautifully and was very knowledgeable. He delivered the class in a very clear and at times, hilarious manner and I would absolutely recommend this class to others interested in ring making.

Hannah Crosby Feb 2024

Sophie was amazing! Had a lovely and relaxing evening! Plans to go and pick up my candles tomorrow! If you struggle to find the venue, just google the LuluLemon in Spitalfields Market and it is next door!

Candle Making class review by Hannah Crosby - London

Jennifer Radford Feb 2024

Our class with Jenna was so fun! She was so helpful and friendly, and everyone left with gorgeous rings. Would absolutely recommend!

Lina Feb 2024

Me and some friends went for Galentines day. We did free flow painting. The guy at the bar was so helpful and make everything easy and accessible to us. It was great value for money. The atmosphere was great. would definitely come again!

Stephanie Lunn Feb 2024

I had such a good time making my bowl out of clay. I'm looking forward to using it! thank you to your team for their patience and help making my piece at least useable!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

There was other classes on thats why too much distraction and I couldn’t hear teacher voice properly even. Lack of space and knowledge

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Such a good experience! Really nice friendly atmosphere, helpful, approachable teaching, and really well organised.

Will Ashton Feb 2024

Really enjoyable class. Sammy was lovely and a great teacher. Very happy with the result

Ayscen Ngo Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved taking part in the class :)
It was definitely a fun time learning

Keep up the good work

Tanya Kuhrt Feb 2024

Fun and enjoyable morning and the tutor was great. Only downside was I didn’t realise it was air drying clay rather than real clay so we weren’t able to make anything that could contain food or drink. But maybe it said it on the ad and I missed it.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Attended the free flow session as a total beginner with a friend. The whole place was a really good vibe, with an amazing playlist and free flow of paint and tools. It was just a fun activity to destress after work, would definitely do it again

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Relaxed free flow painting unguided class - nice activity but could do with a few more paint colour options

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Great place!
I would recommend having more magazines for the collage as most of the material was from the same “Artist” magazine which had limited options.

Laura Cognet Feb 2024

Abi was great! I hadn't held a brush since kindergarten but I made a masterpiece thanks to her! I had a lot of fun

Sophia Collin Feb 2024

Quite expensive for the time you actually spend making the candles which was around 50 minutes and most of that time is just listening to instruction. Would be good to have more decoration and essential oil oprions

Candle Making Workshop review by Sophia Collin - London

Anna Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had such a great time doing our painting! Is hard to start at blank sheet, but one you've started you can't stop!
The teacher was very helpful and supported everyone on their painting journey, so we got a perfect result in the end!
Thank you!
I will definitely book a few classes more with my friends!

Humera Khalifa Feb 2024

Good value for money, painting was accessible for beginners. Everything setup well and on time. Few improvements to make- have paint bottles and tissue paper around so feels less awkward to ask. Teacher can also be a bit more attentive to attendees!

Jovian Mead Feb 2024

Great time everyone was welcoming and nice there was so much help with finding items.
There was a great vibe in the space which made me and my guest comfortable.
Everyone was very nice and helpful that night.
Thank you

Mollie-Eve Feb 2024

Myself and 9 others attended the Sip & Paint class on Saturday for my hen party and had the best time! It was the perfect activity to do with family and friends as it suited all ages and was very relaxed! Even those amongst us who swore we couldn't paint were impressed by our creations at the end which is all credit to Abi and her amazing talent and instruction. We were provided with ample materials, more prosecco than we could even drink as we were so focused on our painting and laughed so much along the way.
Thankyou Abi for a wonderful afternoon, we would definitely come back in the future and recommend to others.

Grace Feb 2024

It was so much fun! I will definitely be returning for more guided classes. The teacher was also brilliant x

Genevieve Price Feb 2024

Me and a friend did the unguided canvas painting upcycling workshop and it was so much fun! such a warm atmosphere with a lovely audience attending and the staff were very kind. It was very relaxing and will definitely be coming back many times!

Painting class review by Genevieve Price - London

Caroline Bletcher Feb 2024

We had a nice time at the class and the teacher was friendly but we didn’t feel there was much teaching involved. It was a very big group and we were only given a few tips at the beginning. The teacher didn’t take time to look at our paintings individually or give us any individual tips.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Someone put upfront on a stand a painting with written "from the river to the sea". Noone took it off from there. It made me very uncomfortable. I thought I go to a cultural place and was not prepared to see antisemics Moto in a place like that.

Teacher's response

Dear valued customer, We sincerely apologize for any discomfort caused by the painting featuring the phrase "from the river to the sea" at Art Play. Please know that this artwork was painted by a customer and not endorsed by Art Play.

We have promptly taken down the painting and want to assure you that Art Play remains impartial to any political movements. We value your feedback and are working to prevent such incidents in the future.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we appreciate your understanding.

Yuta Ram Feb 2024

Birthday treat , we ordered pizza and Prosecco and had a fun time.
The teacher was amazing and everything was well organised

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

It was for my birthday and the class was wonderful. Our teacher was so helpful and patient and so accommodating. We loved the idea of making whatever we like after she taught us the basics.

Elizabeth Feb 2024

Good fun and well organised. Abbey and all the staff were great. Will definitely go again.

Aimee Flanders Feb 2024

Amazing class, teacher was so friendly, helpful and informative. 10/10 experience. Great to do as a group and take a keepsake away!

Hannah McGreevy Feb 2024

Thomas was great, learnt a lot! Would definitely recommend the class. Looking forward to collecting the finished product.

Clare Buckingham Feb 2024

Our teacher Soairse (sorry I'm rubbish at Irish spellings) was amazing, so calm and kind and helpful and knowledgeable. Loved the location, loved the class, loved the staff. I would do that class every day if I could

Pottery class review by Clare Buckingham - London

Shannon Tesmer Feb 2024

Me and my other half came to celebrate our 9yr anniversary, it was such a fun and chilled experience. I'd definitely go again! The staff was super helpful and friendly. We attended on a Friday afternoon and it wasn't busy at all, we had a whole table to ourselves.

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop review by Shannon Tesmer - London

Carolina Costa Feb 2024

It was a lot of fun and we had a great time! All steps were shown very clearly and the final ring looks great!

Alexander Johnson Feb 2024

Thomas was a great teacher. Gave us a lot of guidance and a lot of freedom and inspiration to create lovely pieces of art.

Was a great evening and met some good people on the table.

Diva Vaish Feb 2024

Loved this class! I took my friend for her birthday and we both really enjoyed it and left with two really cute pendants each that we’ll actually wear! The instructor was great - super knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Highly recommend !

Rachel Flahaut Feb 2024

Great class thanks to Thomas we had fun and made nice pottery :) will definitely come back soon

Nishanthan Venkatesan Feb 2024

This was a surprise for my partner for her birthday and both her and I enjoyed this class very much. Our instructor Sam was one of the best teachers I've had and his passion and an enthusiasm for the craft really came through during the class. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone.

Isabel Moretti Feb 2024

Sam was a truly amazing teacher
He is super patient and friendly, and will explain everything and help you make a beautiful ring with a smile on his face the whole time.
The venue is also great - paintings everywhere and all sorts of people doing all sorts of crafts.
During your break you will be able to pick up a drink (I got a hot tea for only £2 as I was doing dry January) and look around at what other groups are doing.

Absolutely worth the money

One tip: there were mostly couples who attended this class so keep that in mind if you plan on signing up!

Hannah Williams Feb 2024

Teacher Sam was great, happy with my final ring and had fun along the way

Leila Ziani Jan 2024

Had an amazing time, our instructor was amazing she was so fun and funny! Had a great time would highly recommend to my friends and come back myself :)

Miriam Kanya Jan 2024

It was lovely to enjoy some free painting . Thank you very much for having us.

Saba Elmahadi Jan 2024

Such a fun, therapeutic day out with my friends. Staff were lovely and so accommodating, will be coming back with a larger group

Elizabeth Kanter Jan 2024

I took a class this week and it was good fun. It was a basic intro to acrylic painting class and the teacher was great. It was good value for money, and I got a really good taste of how to work with acrylic paint. I’d definitely recommend this class!

Chiara Attal Jan 2024

Great workshop, the teacher was very patient and explained everything well. The pieces came out very fun.

Veronica Beltrami Jan 2024

I attended a candle making session led by Sophie with a friend. I am normally really bad when it comes to any DIY activities so I was not too sure I was going to enjoy it 100% but the whole experience was great.
Sophie explained each step very clearly and recommended some combinations for essential oils as well.
Have already recommended the place to friends and colleagues and will be definitely back to try other activities

Krishan Selvamanoharan Jan 2024

Sophie was a brilliant teacher, very informative with a great personality! Would def recommend the class!

Veselina Galabova Jan 2024

Very fun and interactive. Loved the step by step guidance by pur teacher who explained everything in a lot of detail and helped us individually if needed.

Stephanie Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I attended the hand pottery workshop with my friend and I had a really fun time.

Our teacher was kind and engaging. Would deffo recommend to anyone wishing to something fun and different in London.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

I attended the silver ring making class with my partner. We were provided with all the equipment to make custom rings. There was enough individual equipment so we didn't have to wait too long for other members of the group in order to progress with the task. The only equipment there was less of was the items that were more hazardous, and required one on one help from the instructor. The instructor was amazing, she was super personable, knowledgeable and helpful. We cut and sized our rings and designed them too. We took home the rings at the end of the class. The class is fantastic value for money and we will be back to ArtPlay for more classes and also will probably take some more classes with Denna too

Silver Ring Making Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Marsha Rivera Jan 2024

We did the free flow paint session, great place to go with family or friends. Recommend to anyone, we've been a few times now and always a fun experience. Thank you for creating this space.

Kamila Sinclair Jan 2024

Excellent, engaging lesson with a very attentive teacher. Relaxed and fun atmosphere for children and parents.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

Really fun Sunday afternoon. Really lovely subject and great colors. Great materials were provided. Would recommend. Good value for money!

Gabriele Venerdini Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A really great experience. The staff is friendly and professional, and the paint class is a great way to enjoy yourself. Plus, you don't need to be a professional painter to have a good time.

Marc Ellis Jan 2024

Saturday night hang out for us both, 2 people new to teach other. why not paint and drink wine :) was good fun, just to express without concern for outcome was fun, many people there doing very nice things in 2 hours , I was more into throw it on, and see what develops for an initial idea it morphed and got distorted as it went aling, i can see it being addictive. might try no wine next time. nice to be in a group of people just playing, good atmosphere

Shantnu Jan 2024

Thank you so much for helping me run my birthday party so smoothly. I'm sorry I didn't manage to get the names of the staff, but all of them were so accommodating and helped us get started. I also really appreciate letting us cut the birthday cake in the venue. Overall great experience

Painting class review by Shantnu - London

Manuela Modos Jan 2024

We really enjoyed the workshop.
But extra impressed by the teachers kindness- there were train closures last minute ok the day and she let us jump in to another class.

Overall it was a fun afternoon and learn alot :)

Mimi Oloni Jan 2024

I'd highly recommend it! The atmosphere was great and everyone was so friendly!

My friend and I made friends while at the workshop, and I'd definitely go again to paint or do one of their other workshops

Farhana-Sabih Mangat Jan 2024

We had so much fun and we all learnt a lot. The teacher denna was so patient and kind and explained all the steps really well. We would definitely recommend this class. The venue was also really good as it was a seperate just for us so we were able to fully participate and enjoy the class.

Kesia Wills Jan 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We really enjoyed this class. A lovely Sunday afternoon activity! Our class teacher was great, he really talked us through the process and was incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

Great fun, even though the class overran a bit, the teacher made sure that everyone has finished and is happy with the end result.

Clara Lafon Jan 2024

Really fun class suitable for all levels. Great to do with friends or family, tons of other classes in the same space that we want to try

Hand Building Pottery Class review by Clara Lafon - London

Mike Fox Jan 2024

We organised a pottery class for our work team social at Art Play London in Spitalfields Market, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice. Sorcha and Simon, our instructors for the day, exhibited remarkable patience in guiding our group of 30 through the intricacies of pottery making. Their expertise made the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

What set this pottery class apart from typical corporate events was its refreshing and hands-on nature. It offered a welcome break from the usual routine, allowing us to unleash our creativity in a relaxed and supportive environment.

One aspect we particularly appreciated was the convenience of leaving our creations to dry at the classroom and picking them up later. This thoughtful touch made the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the pottery class at Art Play London to anyone looking for a memorable and enjoyable team-building activity.

Pottery class review by Mike Fox - London

Inna Sopronchuk Jan 2024

It's nice and fun. I liked it. The only thing is that 2 hours isn't enough. I felt a little bit in a rush and stressed to paint with an instructor.

Elise Jan 2024

Great energy and service provided by the staff! Music was a great touch too. Will return!

Spencer Henry Jan 2024

Great class, really good fun, was our first time and would definitely come back to try other things

Guy Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very relaxing few hours. It was a great date with the GF. Lovely very chilled staff

Linda Angela Gozzini Jan 2024

One of the best experiences ever. Fun and dynamic. Amazing for friends, couple or special occasions. I would recommend this to everyone.

Mimi Gardener Jan 2024

Sophie was really helpful and made everything easy to understand. Was really good to learn about the benefits fo using soy wax over parrafin

Laura Jan 2024

The teacher was very knowledgeable. All the materials were supplied to create the terrarium. Venue was lovely.

Hugh Hamilton-Green Jan 2024

Team were lovely. Top date night. A lot of fun! So much fun and time flew by.

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop review by Hugh Hamilton-Green - London

Goose Cavanna Jan 2024

Really fun! It came out so much better than I would have expected!

Miss K Newton Jan 2024

I came with my sisters as we had been interested in learning, and we had a fantastic time! We was provided with everything we needed and you needed no previous skills. Denna the teacher was so informative at every step whilst making it fun and light hearted. I came away with a ring I can wear everyday and it looks amazing! Definitely worth the money and is a unique experience

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

My friend and I bought this for eachother for Christmas. We absolutely loved this class. It felt super personal and not just another money-maker. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the teacher was awesome too. I liked the materials used and would definitely love to do it more myself. The venue was fun and great that it had a bar

Lilia McVeigh Jan 2024

unique and fun experience. i took my mum as a xmas present and she loved it

Damian Symonds Jan 2024

One of the best teachers we've had (for anything!) - everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

I would recommend to anyone.

Louise Tullin Jan 2024

Venue was fab - quite busy but great atmosphere
Teacher was lovely - very attentive and caring
Amazing two candles at the end. Learnt a lot and had a great time

Laiba Shah Jan 2024

The class was amazing and our instructor was so enthusiastic and taught the silver ring making class really well! She was really funny too which was a bonus

Emma Prosser Jan 2024

Myself and three others went to the air dry clay pottery class. It was a lovely experience. The person leading the class did an amazing job of guiding the class and walking around to give 1:1 help. I enjoyed having the freedom to make anything I wanted or the option of making a pot with guided steps.

Pottery class review by Emma Prosser - London