Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering


With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Join us online to learn the basic techniques of hand lettering for right-handed crafters!

1 hour Class size 1 to 10 (public dates), 10 to 50 label £25

Discover how easy it is to get started in brush lettering! It’s the perfect way to personalise every project, so learning basic brush lettering techniques is sure to take your creative know-how to a new level.

You won’t need any brush lettering or art experience. The workshop will introduce basic mark-making exercises and simple techniques so that even complete beginners will be able to get to grips with this craft.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to use varying line thicknesses to style your letters and be able to apply that to the whole alphabet. With our Hobbycraft Artisan on hand with expert guidance, you can also learn how to add foliage flourishes with the pens included in your craft kit.

Once the workshop’s over, you’re all set to start personalising papercraft projects and gift wrap designs with your newly acquired brush lettering skills. Add any words and sentiments you choose with stylish letters handwritten by you.

Knowledge required
  • Perfect for right-handed beginners!

What you'll get in your craft kit
  • 8 x brush markers
  • A5 notebook
  • A4 bleed proof paper pad
  • Luggage tags
  • Template

What you'll need
  • Just yourself!

Your teacher
Hobbycraft Artisan
Hobbycraft Artisan

4.8 (13546)

Our expert Hobbycraft Artisans deliver our online workshops, each Artisan has their craft expertise and will be perfectly placed to help you start a completely new craft or advance your skills.

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Kerry Brand May 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed this, I am a complete beginner & the tutor was very clear & patient & I felt much more confident by the end of the session.

Kristyn Lim May 2022

Great introduction to brush lettering providing you with all the basics you need to know. Irene was a brilliant teacher and very encouraging. Plus love all the items you receive in the box, just need to practice now!

Carrie Bright May 2022

I had a lovely beginners guide to brunch lettering course. The lady Irene was brilliant and very informative. I would definitely recommend this course and shall continue to practice.

Tina Miles May 2022

A lovely way to spend an hour of my evening. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Paige was really supportive and gave us lots of tips. She took things at a steady pace, but fitted so much into the time. I now feel confident that I have the skills, so it’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice, until I achieve beautiful brush lettering. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to improve their handwriting and learn the useful and beautiful art of brush lettering.

Mrs Yates May 2022

Great step by instructions from a lovely lady, I would really recommend doing this workshop.

Chelsea Collins May 2022

I had so much fun. Plus learnt a lot. Was good as I was one on one. Joey was a wonderful teacher.

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Mrs Jones May 2022

Had a great hour learning brush lettering and would definitely recommend anyone learning to do it. Everything was included now practice makes perfect thankyou to hobbycraft and Rugila my teacher

Natalie P. May 2022

Easy to access. I got a new skill and had a bit of fun. The kit received by post was like a Christmas present, it raised many pleasant emotions;) Thank you!

Nicola McLellan May 2022

Excellent Zoom Workshop!
Chrissee was so welcoming and friendly from the start and was very knowledgeable and helped me learn Brush Lettering as a complete beginner. I am very happy and will definitely be booking another very soon!

Pamela White May 2022

Chris was great at explaining the different approaches that can be taken with brush lettering, I need to practise the techniques to get the best out of the skill. I would love to get access to a follow on course which might teach more advance techniques for brush lettering.

Jacqueline Hall May 2022

Turned out to be a 1 to 1 lesson! Very clear instructions and directions. The pack of pens, paper etc was excellent - I didn't need anything else to do the class.
I would recommend it to anyone interested in brush writing. Irene was brilliant.

Ruth Robinson May 2022

Friendly and fun workshop, time flew by. Was helpful to start by seeing demonstrations. Thanks

Alice Baird Apr 2022

I had a really enjoyable brush lettering workshop with Rugile. She was fantastic in explaining the different pen techniques, was very clear in her direction and made me feel encouraged and confident in having a go with the lettering myself. There was also plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The workshop teaches you individual letters as well as your options for joining words. On the whole it a nice experience and a fun way to learn a new skill which I will definitely be utilising in my crafts going forward. I was the only attendee in my online class but I didn't mind this, as it was great to have a one-on-one lesson with a skilled artisan.

Joan Ascroft Apr 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the beginners guide to brush lettering with Emma on Zoom. So much easier to follow a real person to get started as it gives so much more motivation. Great links too at the end with more inspirational ideas and recommended supplies. Thank you, Joan

Linda Butler Apr 2022

I really enjoyed the workshop. I would have struggled to attend a workshop in store so online was ideal. Irene was lovely.

Judith Grainger Apr 2022

Very very good. I have thoroughly enjoyed this last hour - couldn't believe it was over. Rugilee was clear and made the letter reconstruction very simple to understand .
Thank you I shall look for other things now x

Victoria Barber Apr 2022

Thank you very much to Gisela. Good instructions, time flew and I had a lovely session absorbed in craft

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Victoria Barber

Anna Ewins Apr 2022

Really enjoyed the class, the tutor was excellent and explained everything very clearly, the hour went by so quick! Thankyou

Janet Reeve Apr 2022

Gisela the tutor was both friendly and informative! Thoroughly enjoyed and will be signing up for another course!

Brigitta Varadi Apr 2022

I had an amazing hour learning brush lettering with Louise. She's an excellent tutor, explained everything thoroughly. Beautifully presented box with good quality materials for the course arrived in time.
I really enjoyed this class. Thank you!

Jan Nash Apr 2022

The pack containing the items for the class were of excellent quality and were delivered in plenty of time for the class. The tutor, Louise, was clear and easy to work with. I thought that this was value for money.

Erin Mason Apr 2022

Really helpful - my brush lettering is so much neater and I’ll definitely use it a lot

Shawna-Lee Lewin Apr 2022

I had a really great class with Holly! The pace was perfect and I followed along and my questions were answered along the way. Holly also gave me some of her top tips which are very useful.

Dawn Harvey Apr 2022

Very well put together course. Instructor was lovely. Went through the basics and practised a few wordsjust practice, practice, practice now.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Dawn Harvey

Mhairi Shewan Apr 2022

Well resourced, appropriately paced and just the right amount of challenge and support. A great class to give technique, understanding and confidence. Relatable tutor Emma explained well and encouraged creativity and perseverance. An enjoyable class.

Natalie Kaye Apr 2022

Fantastic workshop really enjoyed it! Will be booking on more workshops in the future. Great to learn new skills in a relaxed environment.

Lisa Thompson Apr 2022

Thank you for a great session. I wanted to organise something a bit different and fun to do with my family. The brush lettering pack was just lovely, the session was well structured and easy to follow and the teacher was enthusiastic and encouraging. Will definitely look into other courses. Thank you Gisela and Hobbycraft.

Hayley Lloyd-Davies Apr 2022

Great workshop with a steady pace so you can join in using the equipment provided.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Hayley Lloyd-Davies Sydney

V Robinson Apr 2022

My daughters and I did the workshop together and we really enjoyed this class. I’m fact we are keen to book something else for us to do together, very soon.

Mrs Hignett Apr 2022

Enjoyed very much teacher very good next time must sort my microphone but managed to follow anyway

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Mrs Hignett

Karen Darnborough Apr 2022

A great session with Rugile. An easy to follow workshop in Brush lettering and I look forward to practising. The materials and resources were sent through very quickly and are easy to follow. Would definitely recommend.

Alison Waterfield Apr 2022

This was a great introduction to brush lettering for beginners. Hannah was a really good teacher, giving lots of helpful tips and tricks. I really liked the choice of brush pen colours, rather than just black which is what I wold have expected. It is definitely a case of practice makes perfect but I had such a good time doing the workshop and found I’m not half bad! :)

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Alison Waterfield

Freya Claes Apr 2022

I booked a session and got a call a few hours later saying there was a mistake on the website and the advertised slot wasn't running, could I pick a different time. A day before the workshop I still hadn't received the equipment and when I contacted Hobbycraft I was told I had to go collect it because DHL hadn't been able to deliver (no email/sms/note through the door). The session itself was okay, I was the only one on it and the instructor was very efficient, running through the different letters etc, she had clearly done it lots of times before and knew the script and lettering/content very well, but it wasn't a particularly interactive session; I could have watched a YouTube video and got as much out of it. It would probably have been worth it if I'd received the equipment on time and been given the timeslot I originally booked, because the equipment was good and it being a 'workshop' meant I was invested and spent the hour following along, which I probably wouldn't have done watching YouTube, but I personally wouldn't book another HobbyCraft online workshop because it wasn't as hassle-free as I'd have liked.

Marie Bunce Apr 2022

Had a really enjoyable brush lettering workshop today with hannah. You think it's going to be easy but it's a bit more challenging than you expect - however, the possibilities of what you can do next certainly whets the imagination. I'll have to get some practice in but can't wait to experiment more!

Lisa Griffiths Apr 2022

Emma was an amazing tutor. It was so therapeutic watching her do her brush lettering. I started off the session finding it quite tricky to apply the right pressure and moved my hand in the right way. By the end of the hour I was so much more comfortable and you could see a real progression in where I began and what I could do at the end of the workshop. Brilliant, I'd highly recommend. Thank you Emma.

Sherena Harper Apr 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and the instructor was patient, funny, relatable and knowledgeable. I believe her name was Becki, but I can't be 100 memory is failing me.

Rachel Stenhouse Apr 2022

Great workshop. Fun and easy to follow. Artisan was great and friendly and happy to answer any questions.

Contents of the box were perfect. Really good quality.

Thank you!

Lynn Hollingsworth Apr 2022

Really enjoyed my 1:1 class (lucky me) It was so much easier being shown how to approach the lettering, which I had tried to learn by book before. Really keen to get practising now.

Holly Harmes Apr 2022

Really enjoyable lesson, the guide was friendly and knowledgeable and it was nice to have a one to one session.

Natalie Youd Apr 2022

Really enjoyable class this morning. Cannot wait to keep practising my brush lettering and improve my new skill. Thank you!

Alison Mawbey Apr 2022

Excellent workshop. Enthusiastic teacher. Easy to follow instructions. Inspired to carry on. Thank you, Regile.

Anita Beasley Apr 2022

Lovely workshop! I enjoyed learning this new craft and have practised a lot this afternoon. The Artisan was very knowledgable and skilful and gave a very good demonstration with good explanations.

Debora Coxon Apr 2022

Had a lovely hour learning a new skill. The instructor was great and happy to answer any questions I had.

Meryl Thomas Apr 2022

Great. Patient tutor who explained everything thoroughly. Great materials too. Loved the session. Wish it were longer

Emma Johnson Apr 2022

Was brilliant- I have learnt the skill that I need to be able to do brush lettering. Paige was a great teacher who was very patient and moved at my pace, we start off really simple and then progressed to joining up letters! I would highly recommend this course!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Emma Johnson

Beth Williams Apr 2022

A fun and informative class, I would recommend this to beginners. I get nervous about video calls but this class was relaxed and I soon lost myself in the writing practice. The teacher was lovely, kind and helpful. Thank you x

Alison Gore Apr 2022

Absolutely fabulous. Brilliant tutor, very informative and interesting.
Loved it.
Need to get practicing now!

Kat Mackay Apr 2022

Instructor was really energetic and friendly. Gave lots of opportunities to ask questions! Definitely recommend to friends and family!

Lis Connor Apr 2022

Wow! I’ve learnt a new craft! Rugile was a very good teacher of brush lettering. She gave clear instructions and was very encouraging about my attempts. We covered a surprising amount in an hour and she gave me the building blocks to develop my skills over time with practice. So kind to offer follow-up support too, as I may well have further queries once I start on projects. Thank you Regile and Hobbycraft!

Laura Mende Apr 2022

It was very informative, the artisan was very knowledgeable and it has motivated me to perfect my brush lettering! There’s no excuse - I have the materials and now the technique.

Nikki Bainbridge Apr 2022

Really enjoyed the session - looking forward to improving and completing the activities. Trainer was very helpful and gave detailed instructions.

Rachael Armstrong Apr 2022

The hour class went by in a flash! I was busy and engaged at all times. Rug Ile our teacher got the balance between instruction and activity just right. I learned loads.

Tammy Anderson Apr 2022

Lovely class, only one other attendee. Good instruction, the class included all materials. There’s nothing too difficult with brush lettering, it’s really about practice and working on pen pressure.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Tammy Anderson

Karen Dolman Apr 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the brush lettering course. Emma was very knowledgeable on the subject providing easy to follow instructions and lots of hints and tips. The box contained everything that was required and the session a great introduction to the craft, most of all it was good fun.

Barbara Merrigan Mar 2022

A great help in the technique of brush lettering and the opportunity to ask questions. A shame there wasn't enough time to try any numbers, I would have preferred less time spent on going over the materials. Overall good for the basics.

Susan Glass Mar 2022

This is the first Hobbycraft course I have attended and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The zoom class was small making it comfortable to have the camera and mic on. I felt that the instructor was knowledgeable, patient and talented. I feel I have a good understanding to begin and with the pens and paper included the tools to practice. Would definitely recommend Hobbycraft courses and hope to try others in the future

Pamela Pagan Mar 2022

Easy to follow instructions, tutor approachable. Please see comment below to encourage and help participants

Emma Ferguson Mar 2022

My kit I received was beautiful and had everything I needed and so much more. My hobby craft instructor was great, patient and explained everything clearly and professionally. I now feel like I have the basic skills for brush lettering.

Helen Ellis Mar 2022

The course was great. Joey made me feel at ease and explained all the techniques needed to create all the letters. It was a great introduction to brush lettering. Thank you so much.

Eva Craig Mar 2022

I thought the course was a very good introduction to brush lettering although there was quite a lot to get through in an hour. Rugile was great and gave plenty of opportunities to ask questions. It would’ve been nice to have had a little more time on the techniques for joining letters and I think an extra 15 minutes on the session length would make all the difference.

Saima Sabir Mar 2022

Rugile was lovely and very calming. Her attitude was relaxed but to the point. She explained clearly but assured us it gets better with practice. Really enjoyed it and glad I did it.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Saima Sabir Sydney

Judith Pingel Mar 2022

Good class showing basics of brush lettering. Tutor Rugilee was fab. I need more practice!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Judith Pingel

Valarie Caldwell Mar 2022

Our teacher Ruglie was very informative and explained everything in very simply.
I really enjoyed her enthusiasm and would definitely recommend others to enroll for the class
Thank you

Daniella Thomas Mar 2022

Rugile was an excellent Artisan and taught the class well, checking constantly that the pace was OK and that each exercise was clearly understood. She also ensured that questions could be asked at anytime throughout the session. An excellent teacher and I learnt a lot. Now to get in some practise!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Daniella Thomas

Louise Goyder Mar 2022

Really fun way to learn, and good to be able to ask questions as you go. Teacher was good.
Would have loved it to be a bit longer, but I've definitely learnt enough to get me started, and could write joined up words by the end of the session (see photo)
Thank you!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Louise Goyder

Deborah Kershaw Mar 2022

Enjoyable class, kit was very comprehensive with lots of resources and lovely shiny pens. Tutor was very clear with instructions.

Kate Dobbin Mar 2022

The materials provided arrived in good time and were brilliant. Emma presented an excellent introduction to brush lettering. She described the processes very clearly and her demonstrations were also very easy to follow. She created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Emma and Hobbycraft.

Lin Johns Mar 2022

First class for me. Gisela made me feel as ease, i also want to say the Gisela is a wonderful Teacher. I really enjoyed the class, the Hour flew. For quite some time i have wanted to learn this type way of Lettering. I am so pleased i did. I will keep up with it, as once i put my mind to a project it becomes very much apart of my life x

Mrs Moffett Mar 2022

Really good fun and lovely helpful teacher. Lovely materials to use as well. Thank you!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Mrs Moffett Sydney

Julie Ellis-Davies Mar 2022

Good, clear instructions, fab pens , paper etc in the pack. Wish it could have gone on longer but I'm exhausted after just an hour!
Thank you Gisela

Keneen Chapman Mar 2022

Amazing, great teacher have learnt so much. Very good value for money. I would love to do another workshop. Highly recommended

Samantha Aylieff Mar 2022

Hour flew by quickly, really interesting, will definitely book another course. Recommend booking this session!

Tamara Jacob Mar 2022

The hour flew by! The tools that arrived were really good and the presenter explained how to use them. They gave a really good ground work to follow to get going and improve my new skill.

Sheila Seaton Mar 2022

A very clear nicely paced presentation of beginners class to brush lettering. Relaxing & fun class.

Sonia Finch Mar 2022

A good introduction to a new skill, great value for money too. The instructions were quite clear about being logged on ten minutes before to allow the class to start on time, but this didn't happen and then there were further delays attempting to sort out technical problems. Although I didn't think an hour would be long enough, it was just right - any longer and I think concentration would have wavered, especially at the end of a working day.

Beverley Fletcher Mar 2022

It would have been good to go through each letter rather than spending more time on the first sheet

Jane Lilley Mar 2022

Really enjoyed this class, very clear instructions and very easy to follow the examples given, and with practice I feel confident to keep trying and to master this skill. Irene our tutor was lovely and gave us time to gradually learn the different strokes. The pack provided was excellent, arrived in good time before the class. I would definately recommend this class to anyone interested in this skill. Thank you

Nicki Whyte Mar 2022

Really enjoyed this online session, clear explanation given on forming the letters and plenty of practise material provided.

Rebecca Dean Mar 2022

Irene was very knowledgeable and took us through the process step by step. She also tried to personalise what she was teaching to our individual needs.

Melinda Moore Mar 2022

Had a lovely time with the course - thank you. :-) Will book another one soon for sure.

Audrey Saunders Mar 2022

I really enjoyed this morning’s workshop. Irene was delightful and explained everything slowly and clearly. I learnt a lot and was very pleased with the results I achieved.

Jenny Randle Mar 2022

Irene was a lovely lady and explained how to do the lettering perfectly.
Thank you Irene

Claire Burn Mar 2022

Such a great class! So relaxed with lots of great tips - I felt like I really learned and improved by the end of the class!

Diana Chan Mar 2022

Irene was very good. She answered any questions we might have had and gave good tips. The workshop was pitched at the right level as we were al beginners. I like the personal element and she had shared her own experience when she was a beginner. My first workshop and I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend it.

Natalie Goulder Mar 2022

Irene was a fab teacher. Learnt the basics in an hour. Received enough materials to get us started and to practice more and more and more! Defo recommend.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Natalie Goulder Sydney

Sammi Wilkie Mar 2022

Good hints and types. Clear and understandable. Good demonstrations and clear instructions given throughout the session

Bella Rowney Mar 2022

It was very helpful and I have a good understanding how to do Strokes especially

Jane Taylor Mar 2022

Really lovely class, very informative. The brush pens are beautiful and it was great to learn how to use them properly. I would recommend this class.

Christina Bunting Mar 2022

Very good class, very informative and describes every part of the class extremely well, I loved it. Thank you Rugile :) will definitely recommend and join another class soon.

Ruth Waddington Mar 2022

A really enjoyable workshop on modern brush lettering. The pack I received was excellent, with good quality products and the workshop was really informative. I learned a lot in the 1 hour and was inspired to continue practicing my new skills.

Jackie Stuber Mar 2022

Really enjoyed doing this class and Holly was an excellent tutor. Looking forward to doing more crafts online.

Helen Barney Mar 2022

I really enjoyed this course. Great teacher who explained the techniques, and had loads of patience whilst we practiced. The hour went so quickly.

Sally Rafferty Mar 2022

Very well taught, crafting teacher wax bee thorough and patient. Easy to understand would definitely recommend.

Karen Lindsey Mar 2022

Loved this workshop and Paige was excellent!
Great resources and easy to follow class. Will be practising lots Thanks Hobbycraft and big thanks to Paige

Jacqueline Davies Mar 2022

I really enjoyed the course! The tutor, Rugile, was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The course materials were nice quality, with plenty of paper to practice with. Even though this was online, plenty of opportunity to ask questions and I was happy with the format. If you have an interest in this I would definitely recommend!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jacqueline Davies

Catherine Frazer Mar 2022

Emma was absolutely lovely, made sure we knew what we were doing the whole time and pointing out the letters that are generally more difficult. I started off awful but actually really impressed with my final words even though I can’t spell!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Catherine Frazer Sydney

Rossana Schaffa Mar 2022

Really interesting workshop with lots of great tips from the host Emma. Cant wait to practise more!

Stephanie Rozario Mar 2022

Such a nice hour learning brush lettering as a beginner! Kit was excellent and delivered with plenty of time, and my instructor was so nice. Made plenty of adjustments and suggestions for tricky letters and combinations. Can’t wait to practice

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Stephanie Rozario

Nisha Perera Mar 2022

I think it was very helpful to see demonstration and chance to practice letters. I would have liked a bit more demonstration and practice on some common words like happy birthday, congratulations etc but will try and do this on my own.

Natasha Scott Mar 2022

Excellent direction and examples. Well paced. Probably could have gone on for longer as I was really enjoying it. Can’t wait to get going with more

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Natasha Scott

Sarah Godlington Mar 2022

Great! Rugile was a fab teacher, the supplies arrived in good time, and it was a very informative session - very impressed. Thank you!

Shahina Chowdhury Mar 2022

Fantastic workshop and great pack of goodies that come with it. I’ve learnt a lot and now it’s about practicing. I’m looking through other workshops at the moment.
The tutor was so lovely, supportive and gave us time to ask questions .

Claire Gleed Mar 2022

My mum booked this for for my birthday gift.
It was really great.
The tutor Rugile was very friendly and skilled - and took time to listen and offer good advice for enthusiastic learners!

Liz Painter Mar 2022

Great workshop. Luckily for me I 2as 5he only participant, so I had the tutors whole attention. The class was very clear and I had lots of opportunities to ask questions and go over things again. Would definitely recommend this class!

Jennifer Patterson Mar 2022

I loved the Introduction to Brush Lettering! The items provided for the class were really high quality and the class taught me everything I needed to know to become more confident with my future projects.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jennifer Patterson Sydney

Claire Cope-Collins Mar 2022

Really good…. Rugile was was clear with her instructions and her tips really helped to get a grip of the technique…. Looking guessed to practising so I can use it on cards and tags for birthdays etc xx thank you for a great course xx

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Claire Cope-Collins Sydney

Annemarie Voit Mar 2022

Millie was very knowledgeable
And explained the process of brush lettering very well. She gave tips and recommendations an various possibility of writing and how to hold the pen.
Learned a lot and was so excited to practice all afternoon after the workshop.

Karen Balla Mar 2022

I was the only participant in this class and therefore got exceptional service. It was a great course and the instructions were super easy to follow I really enjoyed it.

Leisa Fell Mar 2022

Really enjoyed the course, Millie was lovely and delivered the technique of brush lettering very well.

Kim Dyos Mar 2022

This was a one to one, so we had some really interesting discussions. As ever the materials supplied were excellent value!

Noa Bladon Feb 2022

The teacher was very clear and approachable. I learned a lot and enjoyed gaining some skill in this area. The items sent were great and good value for money too.

Sheila Williams Feb 2022

Really fun class, great tutor, good pace, loved the kit, would recommend. Looking forward to trying other classes

Kerry Killick Feb 2022

Very enjoyable and easy to follow thankyou I will be looking for another one now

Julie Massarella Feb 2022

Very enjoyable clearly explained and demonstrated . Millie was very cheerful and knowledgeable .the products were value for money.

Ashleigh Kent-Stallwood Feb 2022

A relaxed, informative and enjoyable class with a good range of high quality materials provided.

Amanda Jones Feb 2022

The workshop was excellent and was easy to follow. arugula was a great teacher, was very helpful and answered all our questions easily.

Phillipa Biesty Feb 2022

Was a great starting point. Pack is really good. Enjoyed the hour course. Thank you Hoby craft

Tracey Nicholls Feb 2022

Really enjoyable class, well-paced and very helpful. Friendly and patient instructor. The materials supplied were excellent. Very good value for money.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Tracey Nicholls

Julie Buchanan Feb 2022

Rugile was a lovely, helpful enthusiastic tutor, the time went very quickly.
I now feel inspired to do a lot more practise!

Michelle West Feb 2022

Really informative and very helpful.
Rugile our instructor was very bright and cheerful.
Was able to understand and follow at the right pace , not to fast and not too slow for everyone to be able to follow along together .

Kathryn Andrews Feb 2022

Really friendly presenter who gave lots of detail and tips.
The only thing I found slightly tricky was that when she was demonstrating the lettering it was more difficult to see the letter until she took her hand off the paper because she was left handed. I’m not sure what the difference might have been if the demonstrator was right handed or if the camera angle could fix this. Totally no reflection on her at all, as she was friendly, helpful and interacted with us excellently.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Kathryn Andrews

Lynette Under Feb 2022

Thank you so much Millie, really great lesson and very informative. I learned so much tonight and can’t wait to put it to use.

Marilina Roxburgh Feb 2022

Very relaxing and clear instruction. Just now need to do lots of practise! Thank you Millie.

Alex Gould Feb 2022

Artisan Millie was engaging throughout the workshop. Well paced and great content. Pack sent out by post was great value and enables not only initial practice but inspiration for future projects.

Penny-Anne Ellis Feb 2022

Millie was excellent with very clear instructions and examples. The materials provided were really good and arrived in plenty of time.

Su Goff Feb 2022

It was good and enjoyable and worth a go. Pens were nice to use for the work

Melanie Doe Feb 2022

I enjoyed the class, it was explained very well and easy to follow. It was a lot harder than I thought.

Valerie Callaghan Feb 2022

This was a fantastic class. Millie was very clear and explained everything in a great way for beginners. A great workshop that I would definitely recommend. Will be booking some more! Thank you Millie and Hobbycraft!

Michelle Bouchet Feb 2022

My 12 year daughter old enjoyed this workshop and said it was easy to follow and fun and the tutor was lovely. She is still practicing 30 mins after the lesson finished. Thanks very much.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Michelle Bouchet

Sue Crabtree Feb 2022

Lovely presenter. Was very clear and was led by the needs of the course attendees.

Kim Morgan Feb 2022

I really enjoyed the class, millie was really nice and explained everything really well.
I will definitely book further classes

Vicki Overton Feb 2022

The class was really good with some great tips but it was too short and rushed.

Noreen Thomson Feb 2022

A lot of information in this class! The tutor was lovely- very engaging and knowledgeable.

Jessica O'Hanlon Feb 2022

Lovely tutor. Quick pace so no time wasted! Good quality products. Very enjoyable, calming experience. Thank you.

Amy Wright Feb 2022

This was so much fun! I didn't really know what to expect and I didn't think I'd be any good at it but I really enjoyed it and I'm proud of what I achieved. Rugile was a great teacher.

Clare Chambers Feb 2022

It went very quickly. Would have been good if it was 90 minutes rather than 60. Instructor was very good

Anna Blakeman Feb 2022

The course was brilliant! Our host was extremely friendly and explained each brush strike very well. The stationary included in the price was of a high quality. It was a treat to try this course and we are definitely looking forward to booking onto another!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Anna Blakeman

Natalie Leverett Feb 2022

A fun and fast moving class with a delightful teacher, who explained everything very clearly, with the option for further guidance if needed. A short climb off the world creative course - would thoroughly recommend.

Fiona Summers Feb 2022

What a lovely lady Becki is. She was very friendly. Spoke clearly. Gave time for anyone to ask any questions. She did the brush strokes clearly and repeated again. I really enjoyed the session and would recommend. I was very encouraged to keep practising and continue the hard work she put in.
Thank you Becki.

Sandie Wingvist Feb 2022

It was a really great course, she explained everything she was doing, and went slowly so that we could all keep up with what she was demonstrating.

Geraldine Crowther Feb 2022

Rugile was very helpful when I asked her a question and my letters improved a lot when I followed her advice.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Geraldine Crowther

Bronwen Hawkes Feb 2022

The instructor was very enthusiastic and positive. She talked through each stroke to give everyone a chance to succeed. It was a good introduction to brush lettering. I have done other Hobbycraft classes online that I found more enjoyable and came away with an actual project.

Olwen Tolhurst Feb 2022

Thoroughly enjoyable… personable presenter. Love the pens and materials too. Thank you.Great value and quality.

Jenny Read Feb 2022

I highly recommend this class. Emma was great, she really knew her craft and had an excellent way of explaining everything, going at just the right pace Thank you!

Charlotte Jay Feb 2022

Very enthusiastic host who was fun and informative. Felt it was slightly rushed otherwise it would have been given 5 star.

Leigh Sproat Feb 2022

Great class covering basics of brush lettering. Class kit has a number of items including coloured metallic brush pens and gift tags - great for practicing afterwards as a beginner

Mrs Warren Feb 2022

Great course. Alot to take in in a very short time, although obviously left with all the information. Could perhaps be a little longer.

Julia Pilkington Feb 2022

I really enjoyed the short course. Rugilee took her time in explaining and demonstrating the craft. I will take what was shown and practice brush lettering,

Emma Bird Feb 2022

The course was amazing value for money, all the equipment came beautifully presented in a box and it felt like lots of thought bad been put into it. The course was delivered at a good speed with lots of opportunity to ask questions. It was the perfect duration too. I would definitely recommend an online course with you.

Anelisa Tremolada Feb 2022

Emma was great. Really loved her tips and teaching style.
She gave me a lot of confidence to get started on brushing lettering.

Natasha Willenbrook Feb 2022

Fabulous resources to use, the hour flew by and we were told so many techniques. A great start to this artistry.

Catherine Lee Feb 2022

Rugila was an excellent teacher and patiently went through all the instructions with the class. Lettering (like most things) is something that will take practice to become more proficient, so that is work we have to do on our own. The course material was lovely too. It was not too long, or too short and excellent value for money.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Catherine Lee

Sarah Fraser Feb 2022

Really enjoyed the class. The lady running the course was very clear, helpful and enthusiastic. Would recommend the course. I will need to go away and practise now! ❤️

Lisa Turner Feb 2022

The teacher was very friendly and informative nothing was too much trouble and I learnt a lot

Mrs Scase Feb 2022

I absolutely loved the class. Learned a lot and had a laugh too. I can't wait to keep on practising.

Definitely more difficult than I thought but the girl taking the class was great at explaining and putting you at ease

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Mrs Scase

Paula Cowley Feb 2022

Instructor very friendly and helpful. Gave necessary info. Now need to practice!
A good introductory course.

Kirsty Gibbons Feb 2022

The box had numerous items only a few of which we used on the night so lots left to practise on. The teacher was lovely and very enthusiastic, she answered numerous questions whilst rushing back to explaining the alphabet, being conscious of the lack of time to fit everything in we needed to. This course could definitely do with 1.5 hours to do it justice and that is why it has been marked good rather than great.

Lucy Critchlow Feb 2022

The tutor was very positive and friendly. The pace was perfect.
I felt very relaxed after.

Mrs Low Feb 2022

Very good, the teacher had a pleasent and friendly way with her. Great at explaining and showing us how to do the brush lettering, Answered any questions we had. A most enjoyable workshop. Thank you.

Ray Afful Feb 2022

Friendly, positive instructor
Open to questions
Very fast paced though
Felt a bit rushed at the end
Nice course, would recommend
Thank you

Claire Sowerby Feb 2022

Really enjoyed the class. Was well explained and the pace was just right. Rugile also gave plenty of opportunities for questions.

Nerolie Miller Feb 2022

A great class! Lots of support and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have them answered throughout the class. I loved the package that we received before the class to. It was beautifully presented and included resources that can be used after the class.

J. Henry Feb 2022

Time went by very quickly

A bit of interaction needed for people to view what they have done & see where they need to improve. Extra practice sheets with letters added. Glad I did it.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by J. Henry Sydney

Alison Macauley Feb 2022

A really great class, Holly was great, nice and relaxed, felt at ease the whole time

Sue Thompson Feb 2022

Holly was very knowledgeable and encouraging, was happy to answerany queries or questions and let us work at our own pace. An enjoyable hour spent learning brush lettering. Would recommend to anyone.

Polly Farrell Feb 2022

It was a very enjoyable lesson and the tutor was great. She explained what she was doing very clearly and there was enough time to practice. I think it would be great if the numbers 0 to 9 were also included in the tutorial, as it is very common to use numbers as well as letters when doing decorative writing.

Alison Crate Feb 2022

A useful short course, the letter formation grids will be great for future practice, would have liked number formation as well.
Some of equipment in pack not needed, notebook and tags (black, unsuitable for gifts). Hobbycraft could have reduced price of course!
Young demonstrator very jolly!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Alison Crate Sydney

Julie Deakin Feb 2022

Loved it. A good pace with tutorial and lovely materials provided. I will be practising and extending my new craft

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Julie Deakin

Lima Begum Feb 2022

I just had my brush letting workshop. I really enjoyed it! Millie was a great instructor. She explained things so well. Thank you!

Suzanne Crabb Feb 2022

Such a great class, wish it had been longer Everything was clearly explained, and the demonstration was very clear (and very beautifully done). It was great to be able to ask questions, particularly as a left hander, and I really appreciated the extra advice! Totally recommend!

Claire Rotherham Feb 2022

Really enjoyed it will take a bit of practice but so glad I did the workshop look forward to doing more in the future .

Kate Martin Feb 2022

Good pace and very clear instructions would definitely recommend. I am inspired to take another class now!

Laura Taylor Feb 2022

Really enjoyed the brush lettering class. Teacher was very informative and easy to follow, many thanks

Dawn Schwartz Feb 2022

Great session explained really well at a good pace. Everything you need was in the box. thank you

Karen Kilner Feb 2022

Really enjoyed it. Maybe not enough time to practice and do all letters. Thank you

Pat Moody Feb 2022

The beginners guide to brush writing was very easy to understand and also useful. I look forward to creating beautiful hand written cards as a result.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Pat Moody

Kay Bird Feb 2022

Loved the class. It was very quick. Tutor was great. Thank you very much. End

Tina Lowe Feb 2022

Really enjoyed the course, came away with the skills to go forward with it. Would definitely recommend it.

Catherine Forshaw Feb 2022

The class was really good, the teacher was lovely and the kit is great. I thought it was great value and really useful. Thankyou Rugile

Humaira Kamil Feb 2022

A good class which gave the participants some insight and practice. Maybe if we increase the timing by half n hour, participants can get more practice or an option for a longer class would be nice too.

Claire Louth Feb 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the class and looking forward to practicing and getting better! Excellent and knowledgeable teacher.

Bethany Bannister Feb 2022

Lovely teacher, very informative and friendly. Left class being able to do simple letters and words.

Amy Wrighton Feb 2022

Rugile was really great! Some great tips on brush lettering and the pack was awesome.

Humayra Hassan Feb 2022

This was a great starting point to brush lettering, materials are really good to refer back to.

Jeni Bramley Feb 2022

I enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It was very quick but I think the key is to practice. Would have loved to learn numbers. Would recommend. Thanks

Sarah Elliott Feb 2022

Very good, would have liked more time. But pleased with what I achieved in the hour.
Tutor was lovely.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Sarah Elliott

Dawn Christie Feb 2022

I found it a little bit more difficult that I had expected by the host (I've written her name down) was lovely. An hour just flew by. I received the material in advance of the online session. Overall it was enjoyable.

Deborah Byrne Feb 2022

Really enjoyed, beneficial as a beginner painter. Would like a calligraphy and acrylic course, thank you.

Louise Howe Feb 2022

What an enjoyable afternoon. I have enjoyed everything about the experience from unboxing the tools to practicing the lettering. Millie our tutor was great, explaining everything that we needed to know. Great value for money, thank you. I definitely recommend the course.

Nicole Aubin-Laing Feb 2022

I really enjoyed this class and look forward to using the pens and the templates to make cards and labels. Millie was lovely, and excellent at explaining. The pens and other contents of the kit are great and provide everything I need to get practising. Thanks so much!

Rebecca Barlow Feb 2022

Great intro workshop teaching all the basics on forming the brushstrokes and letters. We'll presented.

Punita Mark Feb 2022

The teacher Millie was lovely she had a great teaching technique and covered some of the key tricky elements of brush lettering as well as covering the basic techniques.

Carol Reed Feb 2022

Millie was delightful and it was sooo nice to have a fellow left hander doing the class! More from Millie please

Josephine Hookey Feb 2022

It was a really good workshop and Millie did a great job in the time we had. I have been practising on jam and marmalade labels and they look lovely on the jars. Photo shows what I did after an hour’s workshop.

Thank you from a happy customer.


Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Josephine Hookey Sydney

Joleen Cunningham Feb 2022

Great way to spend a wet, cold February evening. Our tutor Millie was great and clearly demonstrated the various letters and techniques. Lots more practice needed on my part but very therapeutic to do!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Joleen Cunningham

Zoe Spiers Feb 2022

Poor Millie soldiered through not feeling well but was very helpful with lots of tips for beginners to brush lettering.

Julie Sharpe Feb 2022

Love the online class format & enjoyed learning Brush Lettering. Looking at other courses with Hobbycraft now

Christine Startin Feb 2022

This was the first class I had done: the materials arrived in good time, and seem to be of good quality, and it was easy to join the class. The instructor was clear and enthusiastic, and I was able to complete the exercises reasonably satisfactorily.

Ceri Branagh Feb 2022

Millie was lovely (even though she has been unwell)A very good introduction to brush lettering.

Lesa Stanford Feb 2022

Rugile was really friendly and helpful, she explained everything clearly and made me feel at ease. I would definately recommend this course. Thankyou Lesa

Jo Manning Feb 2022

Excellent introduction to brush lettering. Great communication, beautiful resources provided in the workshop kit and the instructor was really enthusiastic. Would definitely recommend.

Tracy Cotter Feb 2022

What an amazing class and a wonderful top class teacher Rugile is - the class was so much fun and upbeat I absolutely loved it! Thank you thank you

Cherry Jeffs Feb 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to brush lettering. Will need to put in some serious practice which in no way reflects on the quality of teaching.

Anne Smith Jan 2022

Think it would have been better in person. I found it very difficult to do the different strokes, ended up using the practise sheets to copy. Thought it would be easier.

Katie White Jan 2022

The whole class was very rushed and aside from the time spent on the individual letters, there really was very little time spent joining the letters up. That was packed in to 5 minutes at the end.

Livinia Cowell-Sherriff Jan 2022

It’s very hard thing to do 1 Hour is not enough time ! But it’s is a nice course todo ❤️. Tracing letter sheets would be good

Evelyn Henning Jan 2022

The team leader was very friendly, welcoming and informative. The class was a little rush but only because there is so much to fit in within the hour

Elaine Ward Jan 2022

Great workshop again and really good teacher too 10/10 just love your workshops so please keep them up

Niamh Keeley Jan 2022

Rugile gave a really good class! She was amazing and really helpful. I would recommend Rugile!

Tina Moore Jan 2022

Loved the class. Our teacher was so enthusiastic and easy to follow. A few technical issues but they were resolved and we still had our time to finish the lesson. Definitely worth the money

Sheila Page Jan 2022

Really good thank you, I have a long way to go but looking forward to practicing.

Even though we had technical issues, Rugile handled it really well and extended the time to cover this.

Thank you Rugile.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Sheila Page Sydney

Clare Kyte Jan 2022

Reguile was a lovely host so cheerful. She stayed on at the end as we had a technical hitch - no time lost. A fantastic way to end a busy day. Would really recommend. Not going to lie I will need to practise more

Alvera Beynon Jan 2022

Really fun & enjoyed a bit repetitive but needed to know all letters.
A birthday card sample would have been useful
Love the book & more joined up letters
Hour not long enough

Kay Coupland Jan 2022

Very enthusiastic and friendly host. Explained and demonstrated the technique very well. Enjoyed the session and the kit means I can continue to practice.
Thank you

Sau Ma Jan 2022

I really enjoy the class a lot. The letter template is great for practice. I wish there could be more example on words in the template.

Denise Ballheimer Jan 2022

It is a great way of getting started. It is pacey, but the key is listening and doing the class and I will be taking it forward by practising the letters I had problems with. Then having a lot of fun with this new skill! Thank you Rugile,

Ximena Canter Jan 2022

It was a really useful introduction to brush lettering - I felt it was useful to see the whole alphabet demonstrated.

Angela Harrod Jan 2022

I did the brush lettering on ceramics at Xmas and struggled a bit with that, so that's the reason I did another workshop. This time I found it a lot better, how it was explained and enjoyed it.

Claire Bower-Parker Jan 2022

Disappointing. It’s just following a template. None of mine looked like hers. It’s just a nack that takes practice.

Samantha Porter Jan 2022

Lovely friendly instructor, a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. Will definitely do another one soon!

Lynn Carr-Woodward Jan 2022

Did not receive the practice sheets in my parcel before the session. The session was enjoyable but intense

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Lynn Carr-Woodward

Nicola Harlow Dec 2021

My first Hobbycraft online class and I really enjoyed it. The materials provided were great and I am now looking forward to giving it a go for real. Thank you

Jane Kennedy Dec 2021

Wonderfully clear and relaxing class. Simple to follow and really good quality crafting equipment supplied. I finished then class feeling much more confident than I started

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jane Kennedy

Alison Hughes Dec 2021

Emma had a very lovely manner- encouraging & showed/ explained lots of ways to perfect the brush lettering technique. I have tried in the past & found it very difficult. Emma’s suggestions made it seem much easier. I also felt the progression from practice to completing a phrase very satisfying. Well done Emma. Pens lovely.

Alison Rogers Dec 2021

Time flew by and before I knew it, the lesson was over. Clear instructions on how to do the brush lettering.

I really enjoyed it.

Charlotte Larner-Reynolds Dec 2021

I logged on 10 minutes before the class started and the zoom just said “waiting for host to start meeting” for the full hour. Refreshing my screen and retrying the link didn’t work. I tried using the contact form twice and got no response. I’m hoping to take the class on another day or get a full refund however no one has responded.

Gillian James Dec 2021

It was a well presented session. Will definitely book more brush lettering courses. Thank you Hobbycraft.

Elaine Robertson Dec 2021

I loved Brush Lettering forBeginners. My daughter and I did it together and had great fun.

Fiona Todd Dec 2021

Thank you so much, Emma, for the fantastic brush lettering online course! You gave so many hints and tips that I’m sure, with practice I will get there

Bindi Nangla Dec 2021

Thank you so much to Emma for this class I cannot wait for the next one. Im using this years Christmas cards and tags to practice and perfect. I only wish the class was longer. The hour goes by too quick.

Sharon Smith Dec 2021

This was a really good introduction to brush lettering. Emma was very clear with the instructions and also gave some useful tips. My only criticism would be the course didn't last long enough and it would have been nice to have more practice as a group.

Yan Lai Dec 2021

It's a good one off workshop. The one hour past so quickly! Maybe can make it 1.5hour the next time?

Lynn Lock Dec 2021

Great class really enjoyed it was so simple with the pens which are beautiful by the way however the workshop leader send she would send some links to a insta account of the person in the shop and an electronic version of the letters to us and hasn’t done so but fabbi class!

Claire Conlan Dec 2021

Great class, will take some practice but good to have the basics explained. The kit provided is very comprehensive and will allow me to practice the lettering. Good value for money.

Lesley Prince Dec 2021

Brilliant but too quick, the hour flew by Thank you

Maybe slow down just a little but I appreciate it is hard to fit into an hour!

Ann Taylor Dec 2021

Yes very good instruction , need to practice a lot
The metallic fluid brushes are excellent . Thank you R & hobbycraft a great idea

Carole Caroli Dec 2021

Throughly enjoyed it.
Easy to follow, loved every minute.
Great workshop.
I’ll certainly be practicing.

Dee Parmar-Saville Dec 2021

Really enjoyed this workshop. We had a opportunity to practice all the letters and joining them up in to sentences. Can’t wait to write my Xmas cards using this technique!

Angela Chacko Dec 2021

Really good. My 11 year daughter enjoyed the class. Definitely encouraging to others. Well done hobbycraft.

Emma McGregor Dec 2021

Loved the workshop. There was a lot to get through and I felt a bit rushed at times but overall, had a great time and picked up lots of tips. I now just need to practice and take on board all that we went through.
I would definitely do another workshop.

Debbie Callway Dec 2021

Excellent class with a tutor I had a previous course with so knew straight away it would be fun. Lots of tips really helpful giving me the confidence to carry on. Hobbycraft courses are absolutely the best way to try new things I’ve had a great time and will be doing more. Excellent value especially as it all comes in a ready to use kit. First class

Louise Flintoff Dec 2021

Very enjoyable- lovely patient teacher. Good supplies sent for the course. I would recommend it

Penny Caselberg Dec 2021

Fab class with Regilia who is always full of energy which is catchy. I have lots of practice to do and a great way to learn the basics. I love the fact that we get everything we need to for the class too. Thank you!

Elspeth Annan Dec 2021

Really enjoyed this beginner’s lettering class. Cassie clearly explained & showed the technique and was very encouraging. The kit was lovely- high quality materials. The hour flew past. Highly recommend.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Elspeth Annan

Caroline Hunter Dec 2021

Great class, learnt so much in only an hour, well taught and Chrissie was a great teacher and made it very enjoyable.

Jemma Darvill Dec 2021

I loved this workshop, so therapeutic, didn’t want it to end! An hour wasn’t enough

Louise Wright Dec 2021

What amazing value for money! Beautiful kit and lots of it, lovely clear and friendly instructor and really well organised. Thank you so much Hobbycraft! I will definitely do another with you.

Sue Wilson Dec 2021

I was a bit disappointed,would of liked to practice more letters.The tutor was ok.

Nikki McKenzie Dec 2021

This was a great class. The supplies were sent out in good time and all the instructions were very clear about how to join the session.
The workshop itself was good fun and everything was explained so clearly and all questions answered. We were given enough time to practice, but the class moved at a good pace so it went by in a flash! I had never done a hobbycraft workshop before and I will definitely do more in ghe future. Really good fun, really clear and useful teaching and I loved it!

Emily Clarke Dec 2021

Great workshop thank you, I really enjoyed it I couldn’t wait to get started

Esmay Slator Dec 2021

Emma was a great teacher and it was a useful taster session. Good value workshop and the metallic pens are lovely to work with- still need to practice but feel like I’ve got a good foundation to build on.

Sheena Benton Dec 2021

Emma is an absolutely brilliant teacher, very encouraging and gave lots of helpful tips and techniques throughout. The products included in the pack are of a high quality and I would highly recommend this workshop. Thanks to Emma I feel much more likely to practice my brush lettering and I loved how she welcomed feedback from left handers like me. I feel I've had a real treat today, Thank You Emma and Hobbycraft xxx

Heather Buchan Dec 2021

I enjoyed the class, was good to be able to work along with class. Was some good hints and tips. An hour was not long enough to go through full alphabet, which is understandable, so was good to have chance to write a word, joined up. I just need to keep practicing.

Lacey Read Dec 2021

A really fun and informative lesson!
The teacher is absolutely fantastic and everything is explained clearly.
I came away really feeling like I had learned a lot, and ready to practice.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Lacey Read

Gillian Flint Dec 2021

Excellent brush painting kit arrived three days before. Class started right on time. Instructions were clear and easily visible on zoom. Tutor was engaging and encouraging. Really enjoyed trying this new craft to me.

Audrey Cuthel Dec 2021

This was a fabulous workshop - I just loved it - only wish it had been longer! And Emma is a terrific teacher. She is patient and encouraging and explains everything very well. I will definitely recommend this workshop to my friends. Thank you very much.

Reema Shetty Dec 2021

Such a great session with Emma going through the basics of brush lettering. I loved it as the kit provided everything needed. She explained and helped answer questions about strokes and styles as well as sent links for learning at our own pace. I've already booked another session as this has been a very welcome craft to discover. Thanks Emma

Adele McDowell Dec 2021

I enjoyed the Workshop and the artisan was very knowledgeable and good at explaining. However there was no support if left handed as the pens make a completely different shape if held left handed, this was not acknowledged and was left to figure this out on my own.

Janet Carman Dec 2021

Hannah gave an excellent tutorial with some good information on the best techniques. Reassuring us that it would become more natural the more we practised.
The equipment that was sent was good quality and lovely to use.

Kirsty Urquhart Dec 2021

Very enjoyable class. Well presented, informative and helpful. The hour flew by. The pens are great.

Melanie Keles Dec 2021

Really easy to follow and instructor was clear and very helpful. I need a lot of practice but even after the hour, I was producing letters that looked good. Pens are lovely.

Nicola Wolfe Nov 2021

Very enjoyable class

Lots to learn, the teacher was very good

Class was interactive

It would have been good to use the notebook/ tags as we didn't get onto that

Kaye Chapman Nov 2021

Enjoyed learning a new skill. Look forward to receiving the information from Emma that she said she would email in due course.

Lynsey Stanley Nov 2021

So happy with this class. Very helpful, informative and a lot of expertise guidance. She really helped you understand how to do the brush writing and it was a lot harder than I thought. I would definitely do another class with hobbycraft. Highly recommend!

Susan Monkton Nov 2021

Thought there was loads of content and liked the pack. Would have preferred a longer session or would really like the recording of the session so can go back and watch at a slower pace.

Jenny Woods Nov 2021

Really enjoyed it. The pens are great as was Emma. Learnt a lot.Thank you

Patricia Irvine Nov 2021

Absolutely fabulous! I really enjoyed this class and it was lovely to see others were as bad as me with the writing. Just need to practice a lot now. Every scrap of paper will be covered in writing.
Thank you so much for organizing this.
Regards, Patricia.

Anne Orija Nov 2021

The tutor Emma explained really well what we were doing and gave lots of encouragement.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Anne Orija

Pam McConnell Nov 2021

Gave a good introduction to brush lettering but it felt very rushed. The hour went by too quickly!

Victoria Jenkin Nov 2021

Easy to follow with a great starter pack. Lovely tutor made the hour go really quickly.

Heather Thomson Nov 2021

It was great learnt a lot taken at a nice easy pace. Hopefully use it for Christmas

Olivia Sherlock Nov 2021

Had a great time with Emma today. She was very thorough and gave some really good tips. I already feel like I'm ready to write out my own gift tags!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Olivia Sherlock Sydney

Emma Wright Nov 2021

I did the class today with Emma.

The pace was just right and she explained everything really well. The camera also made the demonstration really easy to see - far easier than some face to face classes I have done. The kit was also good quality and arrived in good time with everything I needed.

My 8 year old walked in just as I was finishing and said “wow Mum, that’s amazing!” So he was obviously impressed!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Emma Wright Sydney

Kim Hughes Nov 2021

I really enjoyed the class. The tutor was clear and very enthusiastic and encouraging. Now all I need to do is practice!

Stacey Scott-Bagnall Nov 2021

Amazing workshop! Thank you so much, very easy to follow but I will need lots more practice.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Stacey Scott-Bagnall

Leah Mason Nov 2021

Cant tell you how much I enjoyed this class! Emma our tutor was lovely and gave us a lot of brilliant tips from her own experience of learning the craft which was really useful not mention comforting when the lettering didn't come out as perfect as hers. Would 1000% recommend this workshop if you've never done anything like this before. Cant wait to book my next one, I certainly hope its as good as this.

Lesley Challis Nov 2021

Really enjoyed it. Easy to follow instructions. Would definitely recommend others to do the workshop.

Yvonne Domfeh Nov 2021

Emma was really good at explaining and showing alternative variations of letters. Really pleased at the pace of the class and the items supplied.

Lynn Stammers Nov 2021

Enjoyable session. Great starter pack. Emma was very clear and a good pace. Time went quickly but we have all we need to continue.

Linda Rooke Nov 2021

Really enjoyed this workshop gave me the means to start something new. Lovely person very informative

Celydonia Murgacs Nov 2021

Emma is very helpful and answered all queries regarding the calligraphy strokes. I can’t wait for my next one.

Linda Twibill Nov 2021

the instructor was very encouraging and gave clear instructions. The kit was good value and nicely packaged

Helen Brookfield Nov 2021

This workshop was brilliant. Our teacher took it at a relaxed pace and I so enjoyed it. It was really easy to follow. Thank you.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Helen Brookfield

Deborah Johnston Nov 2021

I really enjoyed this class with Emma. The pack was excellent. I love the marker paper, found it lovely to write on. Emma was great, she gave us helpful tips and answered any questions.
Thank you for a lovely morning.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Deborah Johnston Sydney

Ally Caldecote Nov 2021

Great tutor (Emma), gorgeous metallic pens. Lots of resources for practising. Broken down well into manageable steps

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Ally Caldecote Sydney

Sue Coackley Nov 2021

Ok, but way too fast . Hard to keep up and no time to practise.
Disappointed but at least got some practice sheets

Elaine Gordon Nov 2021

This seems very similar to a handwriting scheme that I used to teach called 'Nelson handwriting'. The hobbycraft tutor stated that some of these letters do not join so you created joins to allow them to join; however if the letters were formed correctly as I taught for over twenty years some of these letters do naturally join as was shown in the 'Nelson cursive handwriting scheme.'

I do think the Hobbycraft tutor was aware of her audience and kept her eye on the chat board whilst teaching which was very good practice. Her pace was a little quick for beginners but considering she didn't know her audience this was fine as she mentioned several times she was more than happy to repeat anything.

It maybe beneficial to the company to run Christmas art drawing classes; if this isn't something that is not already offered. A customer asked for ideas after the tutor shared ideas for notebook decoration.

Karen Pratt Nov 2021

Quite intense could do with more time so you can practice instead of racing on. Even though you could ask questions really hard as limited due to time and wanting to practice

Coila Hunter Nov 2021

Lovely explanations of pen holding, paper placement, different types of paper, technique, letter structure etc. my only issue was that the kit was supposed to arrive 3-5 days before and it arrived the day before and I unfortunately was away for work - thankfully where I was, was near a hobbycraft so I did my own kit instead! Thoroughly enjoyed the session and would definitely recommend it to others! Thank you!

Margaret Tooke Nov 2021

A very enjoyable class on Brush Lettering. The resources received were of excellent quality and beautifully packaged. The tutor was very good and her explanations were very clear. Highly recommend. Thank you to everyone.

Sarah-Jayne Smith Nov 2021

End joined the class. First time I've ever done one. Lady was very clear and explained well. A slightly easy style of font would have been better. Some of the letter didn't look like they should (R,F for example) and for a beginners class this made it a little harder to get the flow right. But over all really enjoyed it and will defo be looking for another.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Sarah-Jayne Smith

Anita Spiro Nov 2021

Very easy to follow, but will need lots of practice to get the lettering as I want it. Thank you.

Caroline Southgate Nov 2021

Great teacher, loads of practice, relaxing- will definitely do another class. Thank you
Caroline Southgate

Hayley Matthews Nov 2021

Time went to quickly!

Thank you, really clear instructions. looking forward to practicing my lettering in time for xmas cards.

Thank you

Joanne Holden Nov 2021

Emma was friendly and informative and very encouraging. The materials provided were fabulous and it has given me the confidence to use these skills in my card making.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Joanne Holden

Jo Marrow Nov 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Emma was excellent in her delivery with the pace of the session and the skills she shared. Thanks Emma a new hobby…I’m hooked!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jo Marrow

Sue French Nov 2021

Loved the resources and the content of the workshop. Emma was very clear and helpful. This was my first workshop and I will join more.

Emma Symes Nov 2021

A fabulous course that I got so much out of. Loved it. The Teacher was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable.

Isabella Fausti Nov 2021

Crissy was very helpful and friendly, she gave good advice and answered clearly all the questions. I enjoyed the workshop very much!

Emma Palfrey Nov 2021

Great class, really helpful as a beginner!
Really enjoy the class, nice pace and quite relaxing.
Great little box with nice pens and paper to start my brush lettering journey!

Roxanna Schofield Nov 2021

Really good beginners class, Emma put you at ease form the start and gave clear and simple instructions, reassuring throughout. Thanks you Emma.

Andrea Johnson Nov 2021

Brilliant - enough time to practice and lots of different ideas - as a left hander I thought it would be difficult - but I was given tips to help.

Melvene Smith Nov 2021

Brilliant class really enjoyed it. Very clear instructions looking forward to lots of practice. Thanks Emma for another great workshop and tips along the way

Alexandra Broom Nov 2021

Really great online class, great products provided to work along with the class. Thank you

Tracy Akrill Nov 2021

It was a lovely course - great teacher - very clear - would love a longer course - thank you

Jane Taylor Nov 2021

Could have done with some more time as seemed a little rushed. Nice teacher though.

Millicent Freeman Nov 2021

A fantastic class led by warm and welcoming Emma. Emma led us clearly through the class at a good pace, with lots of helpful tips and tricks. Thank you!

Elizabeth Turner Nov 2021

The class was very enjoyable and materials arrived on time. However I felt the class was quite rushed and could have done with being a bit longer

Emma White Nov 2021

This was a great workshop for beginners, and I really enjoyed learning a new Skill. Now to practice and to get better. Thank you.

Sarah Janman Nov 2021

A Lovely instructor who have clear directions. This was good fun and I feel much more confident with brush lettering. Thank you!

Sandra Trower Nov 2021

This was an interesting course, giving the basics of brush lettering. The pack that is included was excellent with quality materials and plenty more than was needed for the course. The worksheets were good and very helpful. The lady leading the course was open to questions and was able to demonstrate clearly what she was doing and the camera and sound quality was very good. She ascertained the groups ability at the start of the workshiop and geared her demo to suit.

The only negative was that there was a lot of time spent on the exercises going through each letter and the joining up of the letters at the end felt rushed. The demo of drawing leaves on a notebook towards the end was unnecesary and I would have liked to see this time taken up with perhpas a demo of what the artisan could do with what she had taught us or even different styles of lettering.

On the whole I was very pleased with the workship and would recommend to others wanting to learn the basics of brush lettering.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Sandra Trower

Rachel Blake Nov 2021

Great workshop! Quick pace but lot to try with chance to question at any point

Lynn Hendry Nov 2021

The workshop was exactly what it needed to be. Thank you I enjoyed the session

Barbara Mackey Nov 2021

Very good class with clear instructions for beginners. Really enjoyed it . Will be a good start for projects I want to do

Lynn Gamble Nov 2021

What a lovely was to spend an hour on a wet Saturday morning! The time flew by, as we were expertly instructed on how to form basic strokes, then individual letters and finally joined up words. The pace was great and instructions very easy to follow. I absolutely loved this & would thoroughly recommend

Gemma Williams Nov 2021

The teacher was so very sweet, and understanding. And encouraged us religiously to speak up or comment if we were struggling. Will definitely sign up for some more classes now.

Suzanne Windowo Nov 2021

Very enjoyable to learn the basics of a new skill and a very personable tutor. Now down to some serious practice!

Jade Tsamplakos Nov 2021

Fab class and wonderful teacher x explained in simple terms and easy to follow - no one left behind x

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jade Tsamplakos Sydney

Karen Nelson Nov 2021

It was such fun! Many thanks to our teacher and to Hobbycraft. Now to practice

Kimberley Gibson Nov 2021

Lovely teacher and great to know how easy it can be by just breaking each letter down.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Kimberley Gibson Sydney

Julia Duggan Nov 2021

The class was great, Emma was very detailed and made sure we knew what she was doing and options for us along the way, would definitely recommend anyone interested to take this class.

Kat Jones Nov 2021

I found this class really enjoyable. Emma was clear and helpful and there was no pressure to show what we’d done if we didn’t want to. The kit that came was good. It’s given me a good starting point from which to go further with brush lettering and I’m looking forward to doing so.

Carla Bevan Nov 2021

Emma explained everything so well and gave lots of advice. Would recommend. Great class. Thank you.

Fiona Hartley Nov 2021

Excellent course this afternoon with Emma. Although only an hour long, it didn’t feel too rushed, and Emma explained all the steps in an easy to follow way.
The kit provides me with the tools to practice and the link that Emma has since sent out, will allow me to refresh my memory if I need to!

Denise McKeag Nov 2021

Really enjoyed this workshop. The teacher Emma was lovely and very enthusiastic about class. Would definitely recommend it for beginners.

Geraldine Campbell Nov 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed it
Good pace from Emma
Well done
I would recommend it to others

Eva Taylor Nov 2021

Thank you Emma for an interesting workshop. Presentation was good. Zoom worked a treat. Delivery of box containing the craft/art materials arrived in ample time. Good quality art/craft materials. Emma the tutor was knowledgeable and passionate about the craft she was presenting. Gave alternative ways to carry out the craft. Only issue I had was that a small part of my sent craft box was missing two items. Will definitely book onto other workshops in the future.

Grace Hancock Nov 2021

Great workshop with like-minded people. Emma was lovely and very encouraging. I will practice ready for Christmas!

Amanda Taylor Nov 2021

Really informative, interactive, creative and educational. A thoroughly enjoyable hour and a good way to learn a new skill. Thank you Emma.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Amanda Taylor

Ro Marshall Oct 2021

I really enjoyed Emma Hunt's tutorial, she was very encouraging and calm and gave us plenty of good tips along the way. Thanks to her also for emailing the Becki Clark link and the link to Hobbycraft brush lettering, both great for lettering ideas.

Katie Meads Oct 2021

I really enjoyed this workshop, we managed to fit quite a lot into the session. Emma was very good at explaining and took time to check everyone was OK.
Great value too with all of the items you receive in the box.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Katie Meads

Janette Gough Oct 2021

A great workshop with very clear instructions and good quality resources. I really enjoyed it.

Sarah Maskell Oct 2021

Really enjoyed the workshop. It was a great introduction to brush lettering and the basic techniques were well taught.

Gemma Howe Oct 2021

Lovely class, Emma was very knowledgeable taught all the basics, breaking down how to do the letters in a manageable way. Class could probably do with having another 15mins to practice jointing the letters up a few more times.
All items delivered on time and lovely quality for a first timer.

Fiona Fowell Oct 2021

Learnt a new skill! I will definitely be using these lovely pens on Christmas projects.

Jill Wilson Oct 2021

It would have been 5 stars but I felt a bit rushed during the class. We were asked to connect 10 minutes ahead of the 11.30 start which I tried to do but the meeting started 11.30 and so I waited those 10 minutes to be accepted
I also didn’t have time to sort out on my iPad on how to ask a question but that was my issue not yours. It was my lack of zoom knowledge I just felt I was watching a YouTube video
I did though enjoy it and learned a lot, thank you.
Jill x

Cheryl Kenyon Oct 2021

Brilliant, never been good at writing on cards and things.
This will definitely help.
Only just stopped practicing now.
Really enjoyed it
Thank you

Hester Dalgleish Oct 2021

Really good! Really liked the teacher, went over things if you didn't get it first time, answered any questions you had and if you needed help with anything and has given me confidence to keep practising my brush lettering!

Elisha Norton Oct 2021

The video wasnt great and i felt rushed teacher was good but brush lettering was good

Sue Wardle Oct 2021

Really enjoyed it, do need some practice but looking forward to it now I'm not so nervous at giving it a go. Thank you, Sue

Yvonne Kay Oct 2021

Excellent presentation of Beginners class . Emma was very personable and explained clearly each step. I liked the fact she emphasised there are no hard and fast rules to the style of brush lettering adopted. This workshop and materials excellent value for money. More please.

Jill Howard Oct 2021

I really enjoyed this mornings brush lettering tutorial. Never tried brush lettering before but with the easy step by step instructions and the pack that came to go with the tutorial I will be practicing every day to perfect a Christmas greeting for my friends and family. The class was run very well indeed, I was able to go over something I found tricky. The pace of the class was excellent, not too quick that you didn't get a chance to go over things but just right. I will be recommending these tutorials with Hobbycraft and will be enrolling for more in the future.

Tracy Sgambellone Oct 2021

This was a very informative and relaxing class. Just need to practise now! Thank you

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Tracy Sgambellone

Mia Graham Oct 2021

Feel much more confident now and will practise ,and practise.looking forward to the tutorial Thank you mid

Fiona Collinson Oct 2021

The materials sent were great but could probably have used them on my own so think workshop was quite pricey for what we got.
I had to ring up to get link for workshop.

Angela Robinson Oct 2021

The artisan didn’t rush and answered everything asked and more.

That was my first online workshop. I needn’t have been nervous!

My daughter (8) thought she’d try and join in briefly and she could understand how to do it too!

Now practicing with the tags for Xmas presents!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Angela Robinson Sydney

Kim Sadler Oct 2021

The class was fantastic! The tutor knew exactly what they were doing and went at the perfect pace. I felt quite confident towards the end of the session and our questions were answered throughout

Jennie White Oct 2021

Emma was lovely, had a very enjoyable hour learning a new skill! Will enjoy practicing some more! Thank you very much :-)

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jennie White

Susan Jordan Oct 2021

I really enjoyed the class. It was relaxed and easy to follow and I felt the tutor was very encouraging.

Sharon Bates Oct 2021

A great practical one hour which went really quickly. It was well explained and easy to follow

Joanne Burgess Oct 2021

Really good and very detailed. Emma was very helpful. Really enjoyed it, emma made it look easy

Anne Newton Oct 2021

really good class worth doing the class hope to use my brush lettering in more craft

Natasha Banton Sep 2021

Really enjoyed it. As a complete beginner it was nice to have someone to talk me through it.

Anna Plimmer Sep 2021

The class was good fun, and great value taking into account all the items in the pack! Really enjoyed itnow just need to keep practicing! :)

Emma McDonald Sep 2021

There wasn't enough to time to go in depth with some of the lettering , towards the end it got a little rushed. Overall I enjoyed the workshop.

Karen Bridger Sep 2021

Well packaged box of goodies-the brush pens write beautifully. Good class with friendly host to instruct well. Time ran away a bit and the end was a little rushed.

Katherine Eaton Sep 2021

Great set of materials neatly packaged and delivered in advance. Tutor was knowledgeable and had plenty of tips and tricks to try. Really enjoyable.

Jennifer Sinclair Sep 2021

Fun class, the time flew by. Learned to write the alphabet and join up letters.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Jennifer Sinclair Sydney

Linda Hall-Hems Sep 2021

The brush lettering for beginners online class on 10 Sept was was run well, right pace and with many tips from our instructor. Thank you and will definitely be looking at other class options.

Lyn Brookes Sep 2021

Too much chat too little teaching and trying to sell future classes x x x

Burgess Sharon Sep 2021

Really enjoyed the session, good teacher. Just didn’t have enough time to attempt all of the letters and join them up! Perhaps a little less time could be spent looking at the box and it’s contents?

Kiera Fyles Sep 2021

I absolutely loved the Brush Lettering online workshop! It was much easier than trying to learn using books, & the resources sent were perfect! I have already been using the skills learned to enhance my business, & have even figured out how to transfer the skills I learned to a digital format :)

Bron Griffiths Sep 2021

Quality products arrived by post and then the online course was a small group, with time for questions and to observe the techniques used. I need some more practice but am already getting to grips with the brush lettering.

Miss Pearson Sep 2021

Great class. Tutor was really friendly and knowledgable. Equipment pack brilliant. Thanks very much x

Sameeha Atif Sep 2021

An amazing workshop, really appreciated the effort from Karen. Thank you, it was great and i learnt a lot.

Frances Maxwell Sep 2021

Excellent course. Well presented. Great pack with everything you needed.
The only thing I thought the paper that was provided was a little to thick for seeing the letters through.
But a lovely way to spend an hour
Thank you

Ana Coward Sep 2021

I loved the tutor’s approach and also the materials that Hobbycraft sent for the class. It was like a gift! So nice. Thank you!

Alison Dobney Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this course as myself and my 12 year old daughter participated
this morning. It helped me make better use of the materials (brush pens in particular) as well as creating some artwork to be proud of.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Alison Dobney

Fiona McClymont Sep 2021

Good fun and with practice there will be lots of named Christmas baubles this year!

Carol Warren Sep 2021

Great! Emma has a good voice, not too shrill. Comes across very well.
I had done calligraphy before and I wanted to see the difference. This is much easier and more forgiving because you can go over your lettering to correct little flaws. Pens are good too! Enjoyed it. Now to practise

Shontel Fuller Sep 2021

Emma was so lovely and explained everything so nicely! The kit is beautiful and pens are lovely to use! 5⭐️

Jill Burgess Sep 2021

I enjoyed the class. I think it will enhance the card making I already do.
Would be happy to book another class to develop other skills.

Sharon Phillips Sep 2021

Emma who ran the course was excellent. She demonstrated and explained things very well. She covered a lot in the hour.

Teresa Comley Sep 2021

Really enjoyed the beginners brush lettering workshop,it was explained very clear and well, Chrissie was very friendly and helpful

Rose Shepherd Sep 2021

I absolutely loved it! It was great fun and I have learnt a lot. Thanks.

Melanie Harrison Sep 2021

Fantastic host, very clear explanations and demonstrations- lots of great ideas to try. Thank you!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Melanie Harrison

Emma Stewart Sep 2021

I really enjoyed the class, Chrissie was great and very engaging , lovely pack received thank you

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Emma Stewart Sydney

Marie Cox Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this class.
The video and sound quality were good.
The tutor was really clear with what to do.

Katrina Walker Sep 2021

I loved this class! The teaching was really clear and the kit that I received to partake in the class was well worth the money. I can't wait to continue practising my brush lettering!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Katrina Walker Sydney

Maria Coutinho-Prior Sep 2021

Fantastic class. Really enjoyed it and Emma Hunt was great. For an online class it was really clear, well paced and I loved Emma's little personal touches to the session. I thought it looked really easy but it's definitely a technique that takes practise. Emma's tips and techniques were really helpful. I will definitely be booking onto more and will try and bring friends to book on with me.
Big thank you to Emma

Karen Beamon Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this class. Emma was really helpful and great at explaining the different strokes and techniques.

Katherine Jones Sep 2021

Excellent teaching Really enjoyed it but will take a lot of practice to get how I want it Thank you

Denise Barnett Sep 2021

Loved this workshop. Emma was very very good at explaining the basics and the craft box was excellent!

Fiona Elliot Sep 2021

I really enjoyed the class and feel Sara was a patient teacher taking her time to explain the process step by step. She repeated some points which served to remind me what and why I was doing something. A good course which I am looking forward to practising on with my fabulous kit.

Tracey Fraser Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this morning Brush Lettering class. It was the right level for me and shared good basic knowledge for me to then take away.
I would recommend this class.

Subah Akhtar Sep 2021

Excellent workshop. Have to say it was quite difficult as I've never done brush lettering before, but with practice I may just get it! Really fun and lots of tips for getting the letters to look good. The practice cards supplied are really handy, so I will be using those to practice the lettering and brush strokes. The pens are fab, lovely metallic colours, will be using them for the gift tags that were included.

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Subah Akhtar

Suzanne Robinson Sep 2021

Really helpful session to get you started on this hobby. Nice and easy to do on line and the kit had everything needed to start practicing and to make some gift labels. Thank you.

Jenny Jamieson Sep 2021

Very useful, and done at a nice slow pace. Excellent kit.
Will need to practice

Kirsty Sep 2021

Good class for beginners. Easy to follow along. Fun! I like the colours of pens that came in the kit! Lots to practice with!

Claire James Sep 2021

A great session, super supportive, fun, informative and even virtually it felt so inclusive and not like we were missing anything!
Huge thanks to our tutor too for being so lovely and talented!

Lauren Wilcox Sep 2021

The class was great, I got my kit and day or so before and we had the link to the zoom meeting early. We all joined the meeting and the hobbycraft host was lovely and very talented, we practiced on our lettering on the practice sheets then on the special bleed-proof paper. I am excited to use this new skill at Christmas on cards and gift tags etc.

Kathryne Ellinger Sep 2021

I ;learnt so much! The lady was patient and really good at explaining things. So excited to use this on birthday cards.

Andrea Pugh Sep 2021

Did session with my daughter. Felt the intro was too long 15 mins including going through the contents of the box which we’d already opened. We didn’t get to complete all the letters so the time would’ve made a difference. Maybe a few more ideas on where to use the technique and egs of other font styles

Ann Walker Aug 2021

I enjoyed the class but found it overpriced. Could have learned it online instead of a class.

Emma Porter Aug 2021

Fantastic course, really enjoyed it.
Well explained, just wish it was longer so we had time to go through the whole alphabet and do the final bit together.

Bridget Walker Aug 2021

Me and my sister had a really good time at the class and the instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging

Emily Wilby Aug 2021

Kit was full of useful things, the teacher was great, and it was a lot of fun!

Sharon Larkworthy Aug 2021

Really good fun. Lovely leader. Truly appreciated the left handed view. Thanks for brightening up my Sunday afternoon

Sharon Ogunbiyi Aug 2021

Wish it could run longer to give more time for practice but Caroline was lovely, thank you

Leanne Malcolmson Aug 2021

Really enjoyed that, Thank you. A lovely way to spend an hour on a Sunday.
It was a lot harder than I thought, but with some practice hopefully I will crack it.

Karen Allison Aug 2021

Great class and tutor Definitely recommend to pick up a new skill. Well worth it.

Tracey Burns Aug 2021

Workshop was very good and leant the basics to get started. Very good highly recommended if you are a newby to brush lettering

Pat Groom Aug 2021

Throughly enjoyed my first class. Much practice needed. I'm assuming that the next class will be at same time and on a friday.

Wendy Austin Aug 2021

I enjoyed learning about this skill. The kit was lovely and well presented. Kate did well for her first go at online classes.

Gillian Harrison Aug 2021

Go a little slower when doing the examples but perhaps instead of doing the whole alphabet give some examples of ways to use the writing.

Louise Langsworthy Aug 2021

Really interesting and easy to follow, the hour flew by The tutor was very friendly and answered our questions, and the pack I received before the course was great. I will be practicing my brush lettering as often as possible.

Stephanie Kydd Aug 2021

This was a fabulous class, really well taught, great pace and the teacher was great at keeping things going. I will definitely do another one.

Laura Nelson Aug 2021

Great session which introduced me to lettering style and format. Workshop lead was informative and friendly. She was familiar with the technology so was able to mute participants who were struggling etc. Love the branded pack I got in the post too - got me really excited for the session! My first attempt is not bad for a total beginner but I found names much easier than words for some reason!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Laura Nelson

Lynn Lavis Aug 2021

Excellent and with the kit it was very good value. Loved it, will look for other workshops.

Harriet Ray Aug 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the time; great quality items in the box - teacher supportive and encouraging. Pace just right.

Isy Lynch Aug 2021

This was a really fun class and I enjoyed taking part. I thought that the quality of the materials provided was excellent, and would recommend it. The class did feel slightly rushed though and more individual feedback could have been given.

Sian Perry Aug 2021

Loved it, really fun and helpful class, teacher was really kind, will definitely do more

Katie Earl Aug 2021

Great workshop, really enjoyed it. Emma explained everything well and really put me at ease with the technique. Thank you

Jean Stewart Aug 2021

Absolutely loved the workshop. I’ve struggled to make texts look good in the past, the knowledge of beginners brush lettering will make a huge difference. How about a follow on class? Huge thanks to our superb tutor.

Louise Shorter Aug 2021

A really good workshop, easy to follow and loads of great tips Really enjoy it!

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Louise Shorter

Elaine Ridley Aug 2021

Lovely chill out class, really enjoyable! Will sign up for more lettering classes in future.

Claire Humphries Aug 2021

I decided to do this course as my lettering has never been good and I felt let my cards down. I now feel I have a better understanding of the technique and definitely improved during the session. I feel confident that with more practice I will perfect my handwritten lettering to give professional looking results.

Kathryn Livermore Aug 2021

Really enjoyed the workshop .
The presenter was very good , very clear . Learnt a lot !
The box of art materials is great and arrived well in time .
Will recommend and book again .
Thank you

Linda Patterson Aug 2021

Too much time was spent on doing every single letter of the alphabet, which was not necessary and then time could have been spent learning how to join letters together as well.

Emma Pickworth Aug 2021

Very much enjoyed the class, Emma made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions. The choice to have camera and mic on/off was really nice as I know some of my friends still struggle with video calls with strangers. Emma took her time showing us the letters and made sure we had time to ask questions, really well delivered.
The pack arrived in plenty of time, felt so special opening it, it was beautifully packaged.
I think I will be getting a vouchers for a class for my friends and family at Christmas. :) THANK YOU

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Emma Pickworth

Susan Williams Aug 2021

It was great, I need to practice more and will get some of the double ended pens suggested.
Thank you

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering review by Susan Williams