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Our expert Hobbycraft Artisans deliver our online workshops, each Artisan has their craft expertise and will be perfectly placed to help you start a completely new craft or advance your skills.


Beginner's Guide to Acrylic Paint Pouring

4.9 (1,106)

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1 to 5

label £30

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering

4.8 (992)

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location_on Multiple locations

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label £25

Beginner's Guide to Crochet

4.8 (518)

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label £25

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering

4.8 (773)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £28

Beginner's Guide to Acrylic Paint Pouring

4.9 (351)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £33

Beginner's Guide to Drawing with Pen and Ink

4.9 (93)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Visible Clothes Mending

4.9 (52)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Air Drying Clay

4.7 (59)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Pet Portrait 3 Week Course

4.8 (36)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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label £53

Beginner's Guide to Lino Printing Workshop

4.9 (161)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Crocheting a Granny Square

4.9 (69)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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label £25

Beginner's Guide to Macramé Workshop

4.9 (93)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Candle Making Workshop

4.9 (187)

date_range Tue 26 Dec, 7pm



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Left-Handed Brush Lettering

4.9 (82)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

10 to 50

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Granny Square Blanket Crochet 6 Week Course

5.0 (65)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

10 to 50

label £100

Beginner's Guide to Pebeo Resin Decorations

4.9 (21)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 10

label £55

Cricut Handmade 6 Week Course

4.9 (111)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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Beginner's Guide to Crochet

4.9 (2,512)

date_range Dates vary by store

location_on Multiple locations

1 to 5

label £22

Beginner's Guide to Crocheting a Granny Square

5.0 (141)

date_range Dates vary by store

location_on Multiple locations

1 to 5

label £22

Beginner's Guide to Cricut Joy

4.8 (182)

date_range Runs regularly



1 to 10

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Janet Simms Dec 2023

Less time tracing would have been better, to give more time to pyrography techniques.
Was good though and Millie seemed very knowledgeable.

Jessica Bbowden Nov 2023

Really helpful guide when starting to crochet. Definitely recommend to anyone who has been wanting to try it!

Sarah Owen Nov 2023

Really loved this & millie was friendly & informative. Great course, kit was delivered in plenty of time. Recommend

Pyrography Christmas Sign review by Sarah Owen

Siobhan Morris Nov 2023

It was so much fun! And Millie went at a great pace to be able to follow along and was a great teacher

Dorothy Nov 2023

Class was great and tutor was great. However pre class instructions should have been clearer about mask required.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Clear instructions. Looking forward to completing the design. I am completely new to pyrography so class was very helpful.

Josie Coakley Nov 2023

Really interesting workshop, the host was very helpful and informative. I felt that the pace was good, and I can't wait to see my decorations once they have set.

Yasmin Akhtar Nov 2023

Tutor was lovely. Unfortunately I had connection problems so couldn’t log at start of lesson. But a recorded video was sent via email. On the parts I was able to join and stay connected, the tutor was really good. She gave enough time to ask questions and for everyone to catch up. The box that was sent out, was perfect. It had two balls of very good quality wool and a crotchet hook, with the instructions. It even came with a tote bag, which is what I’ve kept my project in. I understood more by following and making mistakes.

Cecilia Dent Nov 2023

Box content really good. East to log in via Zoom.
Picked up some great tips but we ran out of time so didn't manage to complete making the card.

Sarah Nov 2023

Millie was really personable and gave lots of useful tips to help me learn a new skill.

Patricia Battams Nov 2023

instructions very easy to understand and results easily achievable. Tutor's calm and enthusiastic approach installed confidence. I am encouraged to pursue what I have learnt further.

Pamela Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Very easy to follow and a good pace. My first on-line experience but sure it won’t be my last.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Everything arrived on time and the class started and ended promptly.
Materials provided were just right for beginners
The teacher was lovely, clear, patient - dealt with difficulties calmly .

Kerry Brand Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this class, Chrissie the tutor was fun & clear & as a beginner I am really pleased with what I made.

Sizzix Christmas Shaker Card Workshop review by Kerry Brand

Laura Barrett Nov 2023

Millie was a great host, I wasn’t brave enough to burn straight onto my plaque so I still have that to do but I enjoyed practicing on the tags!

Karen Straw Nov 2023

Fell behind with quite a few of the tasks - think I need to do a one on one class until I get to know my machine better.

Anita Hughes Nov 2023

Great course really enjoyed it. Teacher explained each step really well and really helpful with any questions.

Sharon Irving Nov 2023

Good detailed information given, in a succinct and understandable way.
Thanks to the tutor I now feel more confident and able to follow a pattern.

Amanda Weston Nov 2023

An excellent class, run at the correct pace for all to keep up. The teacher was knowledgeable, explained things really well and recapped sufficiently for all. Will definitely do another. More crochet classes please

Dee Emily Campen Nov 2023

Great tutor. nice pens, and ideas, just seemed a little rushed.
The template was in the pad but not listed as part of the kit

Kathryn Beaney Nov 2023

A lovely evening, worked well on zoom, no need to leave the house on this freezing evening, the resources arrived early, so I could be prepared. Teacher was informative and very helpful, happy with my wreath.

Caroline Pitt Nov 2023

Clear instruction for using the kit provided. Workshop was on zoom but it was easy to ask questions & check my progress. From these basics I can make more Christmas Decorations. Very enjoyable, recommended.

Sam Dixie Nov 2023

Loved this course! Amazing what can be achieved by someone who doesn’t know how to draw! Highly recommend.

Samantha Campbell Nov 2023

Fantastic class great tutor what a wonderful way to spend an hour would highly recommend the Drawing with Pen and Ink

Beginner's Guide to Drawing with Pen and Ink review by Samantha Campbell

Christina Nov 2023

Very easy to understand and a good pace. It was nice to be able to make all the decorations in the workshop.

Kirsty Hyatt Nov 2023

Very easy to follow, good quality materials which came in plenty of time. Therapeutic craft and enjoyed the session.

Jenna Brady Nov 2023

The trainer was lovely and very clear in her instructions. I would have preferred it have been a little longer but otherwise I enjoyed it.

Carol Law Nov 2023

Chrissy made the session really easy to follow for a neweby and enjoyable. Thank you.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Great class. It was a little bit fast paced but there were a few pauses that allowed me to catch up. Really enjoyed learning a new craft and the recording is super helpful

Amelia Buddington Nov 2023

Amazing workshop. Brilliant instructor. Small group allows for one to one support when needed. Excellent value for money.

Judy Dean Nov 2023

I really enjoyed this course; Kathryn is a very good instructor. I haven't crocheted for a very long time but managed to complete the Christmas decoration in the time with no issues. Great to have it online as well.

Lesley Coraldean Nov 2023

Great workshop easy to follow and fun would have liked the fun to have gone on longer.

Louise Williams Nov 2023

What a well organised and well run workshop. There were seven of us on the workshop which was held online and we had the choice of camera on or off and mute when needed. The quality of the materials sent in advance was excellent and Chrissie explained how to use the die cutting machine and the craft materials sent. Her pace was just right - given the varied experience in the group - delivered with humour and passion and great hints and tips given. Photos of the card(s) made / feasible were also shared for future reference. An excellent workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sizzix Christmas Shaker Card Workshop review by Louise Williams

Anita Grosz Nov 2023

Even though I was slow in understanding, we managed to get me started on crocheting a potholder that I wanted.

Margaret Coomber Nov 2023

The host was knowlegeable, engaging, and went at a pace that was easy to follow. The session went very quickly. There is enough in the kit to keep working on after the session.
I really enjoyed this class,

Michelle Allen Nov 2023

Hannah was brilliant, she answered all questions fully and ensures we understood everything before moving on.

Highly recommend.

Elena Hopkins Nov 2023

Enjoyed the workshop Chrissie explained things at a good pace my internet wasn’t great so missed bits of it

Marilyn Price Nov 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot of new skills. Thanks for being such a great teacher.

Hannah Storey Nov 2023

The artisan was lovely and welcoming, very knowledgeable, explained things clearly with the products and answered all our questions.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

As a novice at sewing, I found this beginners course just the right level as all the basics of using and reading a pattern were clearly explained.

Dr Karen Homer Nov 2023

Millie was a great tutor and I learned a lot from this session. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended. The quality of the supplied sketching materials was excellent, too.

Sarah Burton Nov 2023

Really easy to follow along and the instructor was good! It was over so quickly, wish it lasted a little longer!

Rebecca Nov 2023

A nice festive workshop. Had plenty of bits to build a the wreath and have berries and ivy left over for other projects.

Rachel Rest Nov 2023

Was just a one-on-one zoom session (I was the only participant). The workshop leader was lovely. Everything was clear and she moved at a good pace considering I was a beginner. Was such good value for nearly an hour lesson and receiving all my materials (pens, papers, and tracing paper) in the post.

Mandy Clarke Nov 2023

Brilliant workshop, from Molly she is a really good teacher and made the whole hour interesting and fun. I am really pleased with my watercolour and look forward to trying it on my own.

Anne Newton Nov 2023

a very good workshop with plenty of ideas to create a project that can decorate your tree or be given as a gift

Rebecca Nov 2023

Lovely course, Rachel gave some nice general tips for using Posca pens alongside decorating the baubles.

Allie Barkey Nov 2023

Brilliant workshop.

The tutor was very knowledgeable and explained everything in just the right amount of detail.

I love the decoration I made and look forward to making lots more!

Thank you ????

Paula Nov 2023

Great class, easy to follow and great instructor. Can't wait to try out the craft myself

Lauren Nov 2023

This was a nice workshop, the tutor was friendly, fun and emphasised that her demonstration was not the only way to make the calendar. She suggested many ways the item could be adapted and accessorised to the makers' personal taste and decor.
My only criticism is that the date stickers supplied in the kit are actually not very sticky for adhering to fabric and unlikely to survive much handling. I am going to try a touch of fabric paint around the stickers to leave an outline for if and when the stickers drop off.

Anne Harrison Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the zoom lesson. Millie was really lovely. Everything was well explained and demonstrated. Thank you ????????

Helen Taylor Nov 2023

This was my first ever class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 1 hour of time for just me and the class was not rushed at all.
All the instructions were very clear and was lovely to chat whilst crafting. My first ever Shaker card and I am so pleased.

Helen Chewter Nov 2023

Great value for money with a very personable, knowledgeable and skilled tutor. Have recommended to a friend. Thank you.

Sandy Waters Nov 2023

Kathryn explained things very simply and demonstrated every aspect clearly. She was very happy to go over anything we got stuck on

Maureen Nov 2023

Thank you Kathryn. Very good pace and very clear instructions
Highly recommend as an introduction to crochet

Leslye Slater Nov 2023

Fast paced. The teacher worked very quickly (as experienced in the art), not easy to keep up, and I think I missed a few points. Good explanation of techniques required for the projects we were making, but without the video which came later (which I was unable to open once downloaded so had to stream), I would not know how to complete the other decorations.

I did complete the project later.

Pauline Lawrence Nov 2023

Brilliant class with Irene. Learnt so much. Very easy to understand and she was very patient with me.

Claire Nov 2023

A good, clear teacher who covered everything in a concsice manner. Wasn't aware the resin would create flexible decorations, thought they would be rigid.
Everything we needed was in the box.
Smell not as pongy as I thought it might be.
Enough resin left to make another couple of decorations, and enough glitter & gold flakes for a very, very long time to come.
Good way to spend a Sunday morning.

Hayley Kirkman Nov 2023

Such a great class for any beginner or someone who is learning new skills with clay

Laura Nov 2023

Fab, fun workshop ????. Kathryn was a wonderful teacher, she carefully took us through making the decoration step by step and repeated steps when needed. I absolutely love my decorations and feel it was an hour well spent.

Tracy Bayliss Nov 2023

Really good workshop. Great tutor and excellent instructions. Plenty of material left over in the end and many ideas for future projects too.

Moira Ruby Bostanci Nov 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed my pet portrait workshop, Millie and Louise were great tutors, knowledgeable, friendly and gave lots of helpful tips. I really appreciated the videos that came with the lessons which I watched after each lesson. Happy to recommend to friends and family.

Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Pet Portrait 3 Week Course review by Moira Ruby Bostanci

Beatrix Nov 2023

Very good and detailed introduction to using pencils to great effect. The pace and support was excellent for a beginner.

Claire Nov 2023

I had never done a zoom class before. This was fine. I struggled with my bow so didn't complete in time to show my finished wreath. We were sent a video link for a copy of the class which I haven't had time to review my bow technique unsure how long I have to access this. I would like to try another class

Clare Kiefer Nov 2023

This was a really lovely class. We didn't get any instructions, but the artisan was really clear and did email them afterwards. However i do struggle to follow a crochet pattern as only a beginner

Textiles class review by Clare Kiefer

Diane Matthews Nov 2023

Explained well , didn’t feel rushed took our time. Fantastic work shop, now to get more paint pens

Sarah Durkin Nov 2023

Really kind lady and excellent supplies and it was super duper fun. THANK YOU. (Clara age 9)

Chloe Straiton Nov 2023

Really good class and very well explained! Wish there was longer time though. Also I haven’t received the email for the online video? Can someone get in contact so I can get it please x

Miss Sharon E Button Nov 2023

Lovely experience. It was my first time doing a zoom class, and making a wreath. I'm proud of my finished product.

Andrea Gavin Nov 2023

Such a wonderful workshop- a fab introduction to the pens and great support from Rachel to help us make such pretty decorations!
Still got more to do to these designs, will come back to them once they've had a chance to dry!

Pottery class review by Andrea Gavin

Joanna Cater Nov 2023

Learn how to crochet online course was fun and a great first lesson. The course went really quickly for an hour and a half. I have since brought a beginners book to further my knowledge.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Joanna Cater

Penny Caselberg Nov 2023

Chrissie was a great coach. Really enjoyed the class and like she said, I love getting the kit beforehand as it’s like a little present as well as super handy to have everything you need to give it a go.

Quilling Christmas Decorations review by Penny Caselberg

Penny Raine Nov 2023

Lovely tutor (Gisela) who made the whole experience enjoyable and informative. It was the first time I had tried an online course and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Lyn Pugsley Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the workshop, thank you.

Please can there be more like this maybe a snowflake, Holly with berries, snowman etc.

Textiles class review by Lyn Pugsley

Heather Clark Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this online class, the box had everything necessary and the teacher was very experienced and paced the lesson just right.

Sally Shinners Nov 2023

Thank you Kathryn I really enjoyed the Christmas crochet decoration class and it was very informative ????

Steve Thompson Nov 2023

Another good course to get going quickly with a watercolour painting. I enjoyed doing this seascape and was very pleased with how it turned out for a first attempt at the subject and for what is only the second watercolour painting I've done. The first was on the landscape workshop.

Seascape Watercolour Class review by Steve Thompson

Steve Nov 2023

Good course with which to get a quick start on watercolour painting. Not something I've ever done it before but I was pleased with the end result. Well done Millie for demonstrating how to go about it.

Painting class review by Steve

Maria Nov 2023

It was a great workshop. Lovely lady who took us through what to do and gave us hints and tips throughout
I actually ran out of glue so finishing mine of today then it's being hung in my front room on the fireplace Look forward to my next one which is in a few weeks time Thank you

Alison Nov 2023

This was a very enjoyable class. Millie was an excellent teacher and the class was well-paced. Her instructions were always clear.

Gill Marshall Nov 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Box arrived just in time and had everything I needed. Course was just the right length. I didn't finish my sign, but now I know how to use the pyrography tool, and can take my time and do it at my own pace. The tutor was good and explained everything well.

Ann Nov 2023

It was a really informative class, and I learned some new techniques which I can practise going forward as I paint more. I particularly liked the way Millie encouraged individual expression, by emphasising there were lots of ways to paint different features, and suggested examples. I also really value the recording sent after the class for future practise sessions. Very enjoyable!

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

too hard to see pencil marks, therefore difficult to follow. Would not recommend to others.

Melanie Nov 2023

Great course. Clear instructions and, as a complete beginner, I was surprised that my picture turned out ok.

Carol Henstock Nov 2023

My very first class online doing anything and the instructor was very patient and explained everything well she gave us a chance to ask questions and offered to show us again.

My only complaint was i had originally ordered it through the black friday sale the day before and never got my discount.

Carole Hughes Nov 2023

A lovely box of everything to make the wreath arrived a few days before the class. The class itself was very easy to follow and at a perfect pace. We were given very clear instructions. And it’s great to have a video presentation to watch once the class has finished

Lorna Evans Nov 2023

The teacher was great and I really enjoyed the class. Great value too! Highly recommend.

Laura Nov 2023

Rachel explained things in a really accessible way. I found the session really helpful. Thank you

Beverley Hardy Nov 2023

Joey was able to guide me through the steps to making a shadow box . The instructions were clear and I gained some useful advice.
Thank you

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Very friendly tutor. I appreciated that you get a copy of the video if doing the course online, so that you can go at your own pace and catch up later if needed.

Emma Nov 2023

I'd never done crochet before so I learnt a lot of new things during this course. It was also great to have the recording sent to us after as I can watch it at my own pace.

Judith Swaddling Nov 2023

Enjoyed this session. Friendly, cheerful tutor, gave a number of useful tips Very reasonably priced especially as you don't have to buy the kit. . I tend to do my own thing but it does make me sit down and paint which I wouldn't otherwise get round to! Always interesting to see everyone else's, too.

Painting class review by Judith Swaddling

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Very much enjoyed the challenge of painting the seascape. Look forward to do trying more watercolours in the future. Millie was excellent as always.

Susan Lewis Nov 2023

Really enjoyed this. Product of a good quality and fun to do. Will do another.

Traditional Christmas Wreath Making review by Susan Lewis

Anne Nov 2023

great workshop one that should be repeated in future years a must do workshop thank you

Claire Gryspeerdt Nov 2023

Great class wish it was longer than an hour. Great class teacher, would join more of her classes

Claire Gryspeerdt Nov 2023

Good class, lots of materials, would have preferred more ribbon in the kit though. Class was rushed a little but that could have been nerves.

Floristry class review by Claire Gryspeerdt

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

I joined with my 15 year old niece and 9 year old son and we really enjoyed the class. It is a class for all ages. Millie was a great teacher and showed us how easy it was to paint a lovely seascape. We are looking forward to booking more classes.

Marina Spiteri Nov 2023

Really great virtual workshop. The instructor went at the perfect pace and gave us all lots of opportunities to ask questions. I was sent really high quality product in good time too. Thanks Hobbycraft!

J A Steckles Nov 2023

It was wonderful and informative. Hannah was a very good teacher. Could do with other courses to use the rest of the board.

Patricia Hudgell Nov 2023

I really enjoy the workshop and will cary on quilling! IT was explained very clearly and was easy to follow. I just hope my efforts turn out well.

Fiona Shanks Nov 2023

I've loved doing it and look forward to trying the other decorations thank you

Helen Nov 2023

Enjoyable workshop though it takes longer to make the calendar than the workshop allows so could be extended perhaps another 30mins to an hour to either suggest ideas to customise the calendar or to give time to finish. Having read other reviews I allowed myself another hour after the workshop to finish it though I might modify it further another day. Just need to fill it now!

Advent Calendar Wreath review by Helen

Sharon Watson Nov 2023

Lovely relaxing class. Looking forward to finishing it all off. The time went too quickly.

Julie Green Nov 2023

Lovely way to spend my Sunday. First time trying quilling and loved it. Hannah was great and showed us the shapes we needed to complete all 3 decorations. We finished a Christmas present and will receive a video to complete the rest. Great class. Definitely recommend.

Quilling Christmas Decorations review by Julie Green

Kathleen Nov 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed it. Hannah really good. I did get a bit behind but I usually do and I should have watched it through and made a couple of notes. It was brilliant. I really would like todo more of thes e quilling workshops with Hannah!

Anne Nov 2023

Very enjoyable. Pleasant informative teacher who gave instructions very clearly. Only downside the bow on the Wreath very complicated can be far easier just doing a florist type bow. Really enjoyed it and very reasonably priced.

Alison Burton Nov 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Really enjoyed this - lots of very helpful tips and very pleased with results. Produced something I never thought I could so thank you very much.

Claire Stanfield Nov 2023

Lovely enjoyable class and we learned a lot with Millie. Very pleased with the finished picture.

Sandra Grears Nov 2023

Millie was so knowledgable and helpful! I’m a beginner and feel like she was brilliant at explaining the tools and techniques

Still Life Sketching Class review by Sandra Grears

Jane Nov 2023

Great introduction to pyrography. Good pace and nicely explained. Would have been really useful if the instructor had multiple wood burning tools to demonstrate the different heads that were provided.

Pyrography Christmas Sign review by Jane

Rebecca Cole Nov 2023

Excellent and informative class. I've done wreath classes before, but still learnt new things. The teacher was very patient and helpful. Thank you. Very happy with the end result.

Amanda Nov 2023

Was a little disappointed with how much was in the box on opening. I've done a few workshops before and had some spares to make more.
Enough in the box to make a traditional wreath, as described.
For me, I'll be adding a few more bits.

Mrs Mary Wishart Nov 2023

Great class. Gisela has a lovely cheerful delivery and everything is explained and reinforced so that if you don't take in something initially you get it second time around. The information is given in a slightly different way so it's not boring. She takes time to alert the student with what could prove to be difficult parts and explains how these difficulties could be avoided or rectified. The 90 mins went by far too quickly. I really enjoyed myself and am glad that I signed up for this. I hope that there is an Intermediate Workshop.

Bernadette Smith Nov 2023

Excellent and full of useful information. Hannah was friendly and was open to any questions.

Deborah Nov 2023

I enjoyed making the wreath. As another person explained the glue gun was optional, but it is needed for the berries and ribbon. I also found my scissors left too much wire exposed so wire cutters would be better. Not looking too bad as unglued. Host paced/explained well and gave good tips.

Traditional Christmas Wreath Making review by Deborah

Susan Boddy Nov 2023

The tutor was lovely. She gave us plenty of time to achieve a print. Thank you I will be back again soon for another class.

Yvonne Nov 2023

I loved making this Christmas wreath and it has definitely got me feeling festive! The kit was great and had everything needed to make the wreath although I would recommend getting wire cutters rather than scissors as it will make things much easier. Holly went through everything at just the right pace to complete the wreath during the class and I was very happy with my completed wreath.

Floristry class review by Yvonne

Ceri Nov 2023

Was a really good introduction to the world of FIMO (I've never used it before), and Irene was a wonderful host who answered all the questions we had. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to finish the craft within the workshop, but was really pleasantly surprised at Irene's explanations of how long the projects can last for which means from the one workshop I've got lots of ongoing project work that I can do with the kit, so making it even more cost-effective!

Deepa Nov 2023

Irene, you are the best teacher, with patience and I loved the class so much. I am going to make gifts using the ideas you taught us in the class. Thank you.

Kerry Carter Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the class, well stocked box of materials and good instruction. Will definitely do more.

FIMO Christmas Jewellery Making review by Kerry Carter

Anne Newton Nov 2023

Irene was great she gave so many tips and tricks very useful having a recording of the project thank you

Hattie Nov 2023

Very clear instruction and lovely pace to follow along. Looking forward to working more with FIMO

Joanne Seeley Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the lesson. very helpful didn't rush us. will be booking another lesson soon. Thank you

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the session, lots of tips, went through everything without being rushed. Thank you!

Jennifer Ryan Nov 2023

Irene led an excellent workshop, it was reasonably paced, with good advice and tips. I’m very pleased with my wreath

Traditional Christmas Wreath Making review by Jennifer Ryan

Julie Baldry Nov 2023

Great class- very good tutor who made it fun. Very enjoyable, helpful ideas, lots of encouragement too. This was my first ever watercolour class which I found engaging and did a good first effort! Thank you Millie !

Jan Marston Nov 2023

Really enjoyed making the advent hoop.Chrisse was great and made sure we all stayed at the same level.Class went by very quickly.

Leah Jenkinson Nov 2023

My sister and I really enjoyed this course! We love doing crafty things together and this was another thing we’ve been wanting to try!

Our teacher was clear and concise and answered all our questions really quickly!

Barbara Nov 2023

I'm a newbie at art so it looked really difficult but Holly explained it really well and so it was good fun. The kit they send is fantastic and is wrapped very well. Even the box can be used to make a Christmas Tree - what a lovely idea! I can't wait to use my new knowledge to try out the other attachments decorating all the tags.

Pyrography Christmas Sign review by Barbara

Vicki Nov 2023

Perfect for my first ever crafting workshop. Gisela was a perfect teacher, explained everything in very simple terms and was obviously very passionate about her art.

I think I may now be hooked on macrame

Textiles class review by Vicki

Ann James Nov 2023

Firstly, thank you for delivering a first rate, well-planned course. Your specialists are knowledgeable , and set just the right tone for relaxed learning. And the box of materials was so nice to receive and use. I feel i have learnt so much that i can use and adapt. I think this course is a great experience, and good value for money. I will be looking out for more courses in the new year. You learn so much by being guided through projects in Design Space. 100% recommend.

Cricut class review by Ann James

Steve Nov 2023

Good session, some good ideas mentioned. Holly was clear in the delivery. Suggestions for the future would be for people to have a pencil available, and something to hold the bauble whilst working on it, e.g. an eggcup, or a cloth.
Also would be nice if we could have a video of the session for later reference.

Gabrielle Campbell-West Nov 2023

The artisan was good, but it was hard to see what she was doing because of the lighting over her picture. I had printed out the picture of what we were going to sketch but it was still difficult and hard to keep up because of that.
My picture didn’t end up looking like the one we were working towards but will maybe have another go with the recording.

Paul Marbaix Nov 2023

Very pleased that there will be a recording as this was incredibly fast for a novice, however I focused more on the technique which was very informative. Now need to practice, practice, practice. Thank you Millie, you made the course enjoyable with your enthusiasm.

Lucy Nov 2023

Great fun and the teacher was super patient with all our questions and challenges! Excellent start to my crotchet journey

Textiles class review by Lucy

Ruth Samson Nov 2023

Holly was very informative, encouraging and really enjoyed my first online workshop
Being left handed helped too!

Monica Turnbull Nov 2023

Super teacher. Great kit. Loved it. Super easy to follow.

Thanks for a lovely hour

Anne Newton Nov 2023

yet another great workshop very informative another idea for fillable decorations looking forward to doing more in the future plenty of ideas a must do workshop

Miriam Bartle Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learning to decorate ceramic baubles with Posca pens.
Really appreciated being able to do workshop via zoom, as I'm disabled, very unwell and housebound. Thank you so much!

Anne Price Nov 2023

Loved it - Tutor was clear as she spoke and easy to follow. I didn’t try to keep up but watched and finished my wreath afterwards. Thank you

Traditional Christmas Wreath Making review by Anne Price

Judith Jenkins Nov 2023

Kit arrived in plenty of time. Class was easy to access online. Tutor was pleasant and gave plenty of good tips. The class worked at a good pace - not too fast.

Traditional Christmas Wreath Making review by Judith Jenkins

Caroline Dawber Nov 2023

Very indepth, explained everything clearly plus extra videos mean I can keep practicing as needed.

Michelle Seaman Nov 2023

I am a beginner. I felt the class covered some very important fundamentals plus the right level of instruction to paint the picture. Millie was very friendly and informative. I enjoyed the lesson and will attend another. thankyou Michelle

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

You can front and centre promote that all the wreath materials are hobby craft own material and not organic and give more than 24 hours notice/reminder that a glue gun was required.

Paul Marbaix Nov 2023

I enjoyed this very much and I liked the fact that you explained the techniques and also provided a recording so that I can practice, there is so much to absorb for a newcomer to this hobby. Well done Millie

Valeria Ciamaroni Nov 2023

Easy to follow, Holly is lovely and clear, not huge class, love the final result

Virginia Nov 2023

I really enjoyed the workshop, the instructions were easy to follow, if you already know basic crochet stitches and you could make this decoration within the time that the workshop was set so you had a finished item at the end.

Alex Grierson Nov 2023

Really fun & well explained. Hoping they turn out well. I did them so I could give them as presents, but I'm now tempted to keep them myself ????. Thank you so much ????

Mrs Jill Tompkins Nov 2023

First time I've ever attended an online craft course like this and I absolutely loved it.
Kathryn was brilliant spoke clearly and not too quickly so really easy to follow. I've booked up for quilling next month and I'm really looking forward to even more now after this morning.
You can see I made a start during the workshop, bit slow but i'm sure I'll speed and got ideas for other words and shapes.
Thank you

French Knitted Christmas Words review by Mrs Jill Tompkins

Kelly Nov 2023

I really enjoyed this class. It was something a wee bit different to try. As Kathryn's classes always are it was well run at an appropriate pace with tips and pointers along the way.

Michelle Collett Nov 2023

Just finished my second class with Kathryn, this time French Knitting. 1 hour long and Kathryn is so easy to follow along with. Highly recommend these classes.

Elizabeth Nov 2023

This is the first time I have tried pyrography and loved it. Well explained by Millie with some tips on how to get different effects. Materials sent are very good and were received well in time. I definitely recommend this workshop, it was fun.

Rose Topping Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

great teacher - so clear and helpful. inspired confidence which enabled me to tap into skills from many years ago.

Sarah Mott Nov 2023

Amazing course, just what I was after to start off the festive season, the instructor was so helpful and made sure we all stayed together in terms of progress.

Helen Garlan Nov 2023

Have subscribed to better. More engagement needed to check what individuals doing, never heard my name mentioned. Felt sorry for the lady who couldn’t hear Kathryn and felt like she was just left ‘hanging’. Not everyone is familiar with Teams, Class wasn’t an hour long and too much mention of Kathryn’s cat !

Gill Meiser Nov 2023

Irene was lovely, very thorough and didn’t mind how many dumb questions I asked. On top of that she ran way over the allocated hour, which she didn’t have to do Really great value for money I wouldn’t definitely do a remote class again. Thank you Irene

Nasreen Mohammed Nov 2023

Yeh happy how it was all explainedbut disappointed with the additional fixtures which are a waste of time

Difficult to do small patterns with the actual pen

Good for basic, big straight forward designs

Clare Scott Nov 2023

Great workshop, my 12 year old daughter loved it. Thank you so much, she’s been busy making more

Melanie McGuckin Nov 2023

She was so knowledgeable and easy going with the designing your own. Very calm and helpful

Emma McGinn Nov 2023

Kathryn is the best teacher. This is my 4th or 5th class with her now and I’ve learnt so much. This sunflower ???? crochet class was brilliant. Her patience in explaining how to crochet the stitches is incredible. Highly recommend this course and Kathryn.

Becky Ison Nov 2023

The wreath making class was really great. My kit arrived in plenty of time with email reminder notifications. Paula was great, showing us her skills and she was happy to help along the way while dealing with all of our questions. We can get a recording of the video and Paula has offered to answer any questions after the session so there is plenty of support. Highly recommend and a lovely thing to do around the festive period.

Karen Stevenson Nov 2023

All excited when my hobbycraft box arrived and exploring the contents inside. Paula was great and explained everything clearly and answering any questions that we had . Didn't quite get it finished in the time but the option of receiving a recording to complete it later. A great and enjoyable workshop . Would recoment to everyone who would like to make their own Christmas wreath

Kerrie Mountford Nov 2023

Thought today class very good and informative. Thank you Millie for a lovely class making homemade craft.

Cathrine Harland Nov 2023

Great work shop the class was a steady pace and easy to understand. The wire was a bit of a task and you need sharp wire cutters but will do again and recoded thank you to the tutor

Elaine Nov 2023

Millie worked at a good pace and cane across in a very clear way. Very good introduction for me. Thank you.

Lauren Lock Nov 2023

Lots of great information shared and very friendly environment to make people feel very welcome.

Suzanne Nov 2023

Very enjoyable 2 hour course, Kathryn was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly, with a friendly personality. The kit arrived in good time abd was excellent. I really like the fact you can play a recording of the class at a later date. Excellent value and I will definitely do another course.

Vida Djordjevic Nov 2023

Love the workshop, very informative. Nerisa is fab and very knowledgable and passionate her work and its good to see.

Emma Saunders Nov 2023

This was a great little workshop, perfect introduction to working with resin.
The tutor was lovely and very knowledgable. She delivered the instructions at a good pace and explained everything clearly.
The materials arrived in the post in good time for class. These were well packed and more than enough for the workshop.
A thoroughly enjoyable experience and I will definitely do another class and more resin projects.
Thank you.

Rose Topping Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

great teacher - so clear and helpful. inspired confidence which enabled me to tap into skills from many years ago.

Susan White Nov 2023

Very imformative and helpful. The instructions were very clear and concise. I feel that it was enough to give me a stepping stone to try out more.

Sarah Nov 2023

Really informative and she went at a pace that wasn't too slow or fast.

I can't wait to do more and try some different colours.

Helen Nov 2023

Absolutely great lesson! Our teacher was really clear and informative. She worked at a good pace which was easy to follow. Gave us lots of opportunities to ask questions. Feel confident to have another try by myself!

Fluid Art class review by Helen

Hannah Keet Nov 2023

It was a fantastic workshop, Rugile was so helpful and informative. Would definitely highly recommend

Nicola Burton Nov 2023

I really enjoyed these classes and thought the teacher explained everything clearly. It was good to learn different techniques each week.

Candy Nov 2023

Good class. Very straight forward and well explained. Wish it was a bit longer so we could have done more of the elements together as the French knitting took quite a while. The video to refer back to was helpful but done differently to how it was taught which was a little confusing. You soon get the hang of it.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Unfortunately I couldn't get the sound so followed the demonstration. I have emailed you for written instructions.

Sophie Nov 2023

Paula was fantastic on the course, she was clear with instructions and checked in with everyone to make sure everyone kept up. Paula is an asset to the Hobbycraft workshop team. Thanks for a great workshop

Sue Underwood Nov 2023

Unfortunately I missed the workshop because of sudden family illness. The opportunity to watch a recording of it would have been much appreciated.
Otherwise, I have always enjoyed the Hobbycraft online workshops.

Kim Melville Nov 2023

Thank you for a great Zoom class I had with Louise. My Nan taught me to crochet many many years ago. I had forgotten most of what she taught me and doing this class has helped me remember. Thank you so much.

Mary Evelyn Miles Nov 2023

It was the first time I have tried to do this craft. I found it fun but very hard to do, and using a rubber was very helpful. I finished this off the next day and would recommend this class a 100%. Thank you.

Pyrography Christmas Sign review by Mary Evelyn Miles

Laura Stronge Nov 2023

I absolutely loved this course, Chrissie was incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable giving us loads of examples of where we could use French knitting. She was patient while teaching and happily repeating things to make sure everyone knew what they were doing. She even provided a video that we could refer back to as well as her email address just in case we had any questions in the future. I would definitely recommend this course and Chrissie.

Margaret Galloway Nov 2023

Loved it easy to follow really good value for money would definitely recommend to anyone

Vicky Gadd Nov 2023

Great to get a recording afterwards. Wasnt expecting that especially as I missed an important bit at the start.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Great information to start you on your craft business journey. Lots of content and things to think about. Nerrissa is fun, engaging and knowledgeable! Thank you!

Julie Green Nov 2023

Challenging class as never made this type of wreath before. Needed some practise using the wire. Paula showed us all the techniques we needed to complete our star and also sent a video of the class. I completed my wreath the next day and am thrilled with it! Totally worth the effort. Thank you Paula xxx

Christmas Star Wreath Making review by Julie Green

Ilhem Mensi Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a great workshop.
I have learnt so much!
Already planning to attend others.

Emma Hooton Nov 2023

I really enjoyed the quilling workshop and seeing how to make the various shapes and put it altogether

Alayne West Nov 2023

Easy to follow, additional video email to clarify any points we needed
Llovely host- thanks Paula!
Would highly recommend

Melanie Hope Nov 2023

42 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

Really useful information. Feeling a little more confident now about starting my own business. Can't wait ????

Muriel Harmer Nov 2023

I think the tutor could have slowed down a little and made sure we had completed that stage before moving onto the next stage. I found it hard to keep up with her, trying to watch the way she was demonstrating the next stage, by the time I had manage the stage, she had moved on to the next stage. Therefore I had missed some of the instructions.

Sara Nov 2023

I really enjoyed this workshop- the lady leading it was very knowledgeable but also very patient with us, and able to advise on what we were doing and how to improve it. She showed different techniques to use, and was a very good teacher.
I found the wiring challenging but am pleased with what I have made.
Would love to try another workshop, and would recommend this workshop to others.

Katie Turnbull Nov 2023

Excellent class Paula was amazing, very patient explained everything perfectly and I thoroughly enjoyed the class! Really pleased with end result would recommend this class highly! I feel all excited for chrismas after this class can't wait to put it up! Thank you for a very enjoyable hour! X

Shanika Barker Nov 2023

Lovely class. Good instructions and great product Would recommend and would like to attend future workshops. Only request - no pen handy to get details and coucher code. Would be beneficial to email after workshop automatically. Definitely appreciate that. Thank you.

Jennifer Wick Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the course and learning all of the shapes. I have so many ideas now to try out!

Quilling Christmas Decorations review by Jennifer Wick

Carol Anne Warren Nov 2023

3 classes to draw a portrait of a puppy. The technique Rugilee used are easy to follow and because it's over 3 sessions you take a layer at a time. Everytime I went back to it, I could see an improving image finishing with shadows and texture. We'll done Rugilee for your easy approach and patience!

Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Pet Portrait 3 Week Course review by Carol Anne Warren

Dawn Easterbrook Nov 2023

Great online course Millie explained everything easily lots of tips too. Well worth the price and kit arrived in plenty of time. Thank you so much

Rachel Parkes Nov 2023

I really enjoyed the tips to create social media content. Also good to receive the power point used to look back on at a later date.

Anna White Nov 2023

The course was great and it gave me lots of ideas of what I can do with the cricut. The artisan was very patient and was very good at explaining each step. The course was very easy to follow.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended

The tutor was very carm and relaxed made me feel at ease, her explanation of things is what kept me from panicking as I've never drew before with the encouragement I've achieved something im proud of

Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Pet Portrait 3 Week Course review by Anonymised ClassBento student

Karen Nov 2023

This course has been brilliant. The pack they send you is a joy to receive, full of everything you need. Before the course I could do some basic vinyl projects and found design space daunting. Now I can confidently create more complex projects in card, vinyl and iron on and find design space much easier to navigate. The teachers guided us through the projects each week step by step, demonstrating what to do on design space, resulting in a completed item at the end of each session. In the final session there was even time to ask questions which was really helpful. I would totally recommend this course. Thank you Hobbycraft.

Beverley Hardy Nov 2023

Irene was very thorough and informative.
I learnt such a lot and will definitely do more courses.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Felt very rushed supposed to last till 8.30 but finished at 8. Didn’t get to ask questions but don’t know if that was Wi-Fi issue

Alison Pendlington Nov 2023

Great teachers and I've really improved my skills - thank you for all your wisdom and patience. :)

Wenda Holyoak Nov 2023

I didn’t do the whole class, I forgot and cut the class short x

Elizabeth Tennant Nov 2023

Explained everything really well and really enjoyed the class. Made so much more sense than a you tube video

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Elizabeth Tennant

Ann Blake Nov 2023

Excellent class - really enjoyed the course and would love to do more
watercolor classes if possible

Landscape Watercolour Class review by Ann Blake

Clare Wilde Nov 2023

Good pace, clear instructions. Very bubbly and friendly expert. I really enjoyed the class and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

Alexandra Chappell Nov 2023

Fantastic workshop. Really enjoyed Chrissy's delivery and that she had lots of examples in the background.

Kay Coupland Nov 2023

This was a very enjoyable session with clear guidance on what to do and reassurance about using own creativity. I also appreciated the follow up email with more ideas and instruction.

Anna Beattie Nov 2023

Really good teacher with experience and useful tips. Fab to have online option with items delivered in post. Thank you

Teresa Phillips Nov 2023

it was a fast paced workshop but we were sent info after to run back through-

Jane Lee Nov 2023

Very good course, but could be difficult to understand the tutor, while she was wearing a mask.

Christina Nov 2023

The lady hosting the workshop was very nice & easy to understand. The pace was good, but a little fast. It would have been helpful to have some bullet-point instructions to go along with the kit. As you don't have time to make the set in the class, the simple printed instructions would have been useful after too. I am not a fan of having to watch a video and having to keep pausing it after.

Alex Nov 2023

Workshop was very informative and i felt the artisan was very knowledgeable. She was also very happy to help with any questions.
I have done 4 courses now and im very pleased with all of them. Thank you

Freya Shacklock Nov 2023

Really enjoyed this class. Artisan was clear in her instructions. Made some lovely pieces. Thank you

Beginner's Guide to Pebeo Resin Decorations review by Freya Shacklock

Marian Nov 2023

I enjoyed the class, learnt a few techniques for painting an interesting sky and was quite pleased with the result of my first attempt. A relaxing way to spend an hour.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the class as I have not done water colouring before. The pack of paints, brushes and pad are lovely and makes sure you get the right things ready for the class. Please I could turn off the camera if I wanted. The tutor was good and explained everything well. By the end I understood the fundamentals and will try other picture now on my own.

Caroline Sams Nov 2023

Most enjoyable class. Good explanations throughout. Am very pleased with the result. Thank you so much.

Heather McCarthy Nov 2023

Enjoyable hour, personable tutor, good pace, really enjoyed and would highly recommend, thank you for an hour of calming mindfulness :)

Sarah Nov 2023

Thank you for an enjoyable pyrography class. I have done bits of pyrography before. I have picked up a few tips. And now have a better pyrography tool. Would recommend this class. Thank you again.

Pyrography Christmas Sign review by Sarah

Jane Fowler Nov 2023

Useful intro to using Posca pens. It might have been nice to see examples of how they can be used on different surfaces, but the ceramic baubles look lovely. Unlike some of the workshops, I found this one a little slow - but enjoyable nonetheless.

Sheila Nov 2023

Most enjoyable clear instructions, handy hints. Would recommend this workshop would like more thanks Holly.

Marie Halford Nov 2023

Fantastic workshop tutored brilliantly by Kathryn. Spent an enjoyable hour learning how to make the crochet Christmas decoration and will be making more. Love these Hobbycraft workshops. Relaxed environment, friendly and informative with all you need to do the workshop arriving at your door beforehand and recording afterwards to use and reviewing as you need to continue making the decoration. Fantastic and would highly recommend.

Gill Clarkson Nov 2023

great workshop - have found all the previous workshops to be fab too.
Look forward to watching the video to be able to complete the hessian bow. Thank you Paula

Susan Nov 2023

The watercolour class was informative and enjoyable, Holly explained things well.
I managed to produce a picture that is almost worth framing. It was good to have the list of everything required and set up ready before the class started, as it was a busy hour.

Sharon Cope Nov 2023

I really liked the class and it was explained really well. Very easy to see what was being done.

Quilling Christmas Decorations review by Sharon Cope

Allie Barkey Nov 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Great workshop.

The teacher was very knowledgeable and kept the pace easy.

Instructions were very easy to follow.

I love the results!

Vida Djordjevic Nov 2023

Love the workshops Nerissa does they are very informative and give you a lot to think about when wanting to start your own business. She's easy to speak with and prob could speak to her for days on business ideas and crafting.

Jennie Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the workshop. Great tuition. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you

Gabrielle Campbell-West Nov 2023

I couldn't get into zoom to start with but eventually did. I think I only missed 5-8 minutes of the workshop. It would have been great to have a recording of this workshop like we did with the landscape one I did , so we could practice after the workshop. But the person doing the workshop was good and I liked doing the painting.

Gloria Wells Nov 2023

I'm not a beginner but bought this for myself and my sister, who is a beginner, to encourage her. The tutor, Holly's, methods were confusing for a beginner and likely to set them up with bad habits. She did a lot of 'fiddling' and kept going back into wet washes, which causes cauliflowers. Her mountains were painted as a row of sharply pointed triangles, which looked very unrealistic and childish. It's just as easy to paint irregular, sloping shapes and build good habits straight away. Having said that, it did get people painting and my sister and other participants did produce a picture.

Georgia Mussellwhite Nov 2023

Very good fun- really made it easy to understand and a new skill learnt. Very lovely woman running it.

Amie Harris Nov 2023

Really great Christmas prep course!
Very festive! Perfect time, not too long not too short!

Mrs K Crowhurst Nov 2023

It was good fun learning a new skill it was hard to keep up at first the tutor was very pleasant I was very pleased with my xmas decoration

Rio Pike Nov 2023

Fantastic course, had to opportunity to ask questions and was given some great tips and advice. Can't wait to start my first project