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Hobbycraft Artisan
4.8 (50,188)

Our expert Hobbycraft Artisans deliver our online workshops, each Artisan has their craft expertise and will be perfectly placed to help you start a completely new craft or advance your skills.


Beginner's Guide to Acrylic Paint Pouring

4.9 (1,233)

date_range Dates vary by store

location_on Multiple locations

1 to 5

label £30

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering

4.8 (1,042)

date_range Dates vary by store

location_on Multiple locations

1 to 5

label £25

Beginner's Guide to Crochet

4.8 (642)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £25

Beginner's Guide to Acrylic Paint Pouring

4.9 (384)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £33

Beginner's Guide to Drawing with Pen and Ink

4.9 (115)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £28

Beginner's Guide to Lino Printing Workshop

4.9 (191)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £33

Beginner's Guide to Brush Lettering

4.8 (818)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £28

Beginner's Guide to Crocheting a Granny Square

4.9 (97)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £25

Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Pet Portrait 3 Week Course

4.8 (54)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £53

Beginner's Guide to Left-Handed Brush Lettering

4.9 (99)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £28

Cricut Handmade 6 Week Course

4.9 (129)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 10

label £100

Granny Square Blanket Crochet 6 Week Course

5.0 (71)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 50

label £100

Daler-Rowney Wellbeing Mandala Acrylic Painting Workshop

4.8 (68)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

3 to 50

label £28

Beginner's Guide to Crochet

4.9 (3,589)

date_range Dates vary by store

location_on Multiple locations

1 to 5

label £22

Beginner's Guide to Crocheting a Granny Square

4.9 (202)

date_range Dates vary by store

location_on Multiple locations

1 to 5

label £22

Digital Crafting One-to-one

4.9 (30)

date_range Runs regularly



1 on 1

label £22



Suzi Morris Apr 2024

Thanks for a great workshop. I really enjoyed it. Especially the efforts to minimise mess!

Sally James Apr 2024

What a lovely way to spend an evening! The teacher was so patient and helpful. I shall definitely be doing more of these classes. Thank you

Painting class review by Sally James

Lynsey Bessent Apr 2024

Loved it and so pleased with my piece would happily do another course. Will also try this piece again differently.

Kingfisher Acrylic Painting Class review by Lynsey Bessent

Amy Harrison Apr 2024

Really good class, the lady had lots of good tips and demonstrated loads of different techniques.

Andy Apr 2024

This was an excellent session and Irene was a great teacher. Covered lots of aspects of design space in a clear and uncomplicated way. Just wish it was longer Thank you Irene

Amanda Waite Apr 2024

Absolutely brilliant great explanations and really engaging presenter. Thank you for solving some mysteries Would reccomend.

Rachel Attree Apr 2024

Thank you so much. My daughter bought tgis class as gift. This was my first attempt at watercolour and I will definitely have another go!

Jo Hebb Apr 2024

My friend and really enjoyed the class. Emma was friendly, kind, a good teacher and worked at a suitable pace for the whole class. Thought the pack was good and will enable a bit further practice.

Anne Price Apr 2024

Lovely tutor who was patient and explained clearly step by step. Learning was a pleasure thank you

Sarah Onions Apr 2024

Loved this. First time painting with acrylics. I’ve don’t paint pouring with acrylics but never painting. Really happy with how it went. Loved the class and for a first attempt I’m very happy

Painting class review by Sarah Onions

Sarah Onions Apr 2024

Loved. Growing in confidence with each class. Love doing it in the comfort of own home. Easy and clear instructions.

Seascape Watercolour Class review by Sarah Onions

Stef Catherall Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My daughter and I really enjoyed it and will look at doing another one soon

Sarah Baxter Apr 2024

It was a really good class. I did not realise it was acrylics so I had to do it in water colours but still enjoyed it

Kingfisher Acrylic Painting Class review by Sarah Baxter

Rebecca Horsman Apr 2024

Really enjoyed the session. delivered at a good pace!
Millie was lovely and explained everything well.

Mrs Linda Roy Apr 2024

Excellent tutor. Easy to follow instructions. Kit provided was adequate although the paper does curl.

Alexandra Patrick Apr 2024

very enjoyable class with great guidance from our artisan Gisela who was very knowledgeable and reassuring throughout for us novices! Would recommend.

Kathleen Dabbs Apr 2024

I'm self taught so I've never really known how to crochet properly and this has really helped me. I've been doing basic granny squares (badly) for years so it'll be nice to be able to make something prettier and tidier now with a wider range of stitches.

Leslie Jordan Apr 2024

Very clear description, at the right pace to keep up with the artist. A very good introduction to acrylic painting, and a good refresher for more experienced painters. Thank you

Lynn Apr 2024

Very interesting as I have never tried mixed media before. Teacher was very good at explaining, although always seem to go quickly.

Floral Mixed Media Class review by Lynn

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Great class. Nice clear instructions. A recording was shared for future use. I would recommend.

Emma Willis Apr 2024

Good class, plenty of time to complete the picture. I enjoyed the session and would recommend to others.

Vikki Apr 2024

I'm so glad I booked this workshop and didn't just buy the starter kit and bash on unsupervised! I learnt really good safety and design tips, and there's really no substitute for following along to a live demonstration and being able to ask questions as you go. Rachel's enthusiasm for printmaking is quite infectious, the class was enjoyable and the time flew by, and I can't wait to have a go on my own with the second piece of lino and template provided.

Holly Apr 2024

Good class, Millie is a good teacher. She taught useful techniques with the fan brush to create the fur and grass. Happy with first attempt at my bunny.

Bunny Watercolour Class review by Holly

Rupa Apr 2024

Such a fab session with Gisela, I really enjoyed learning how to make a bracelet. I needed a bit longer to finish it, but I will be able to do this as instructions will be provided. Thank you Gisela for the clear instructions and for making this a light and enjoyable session.

Macramé Jewellery Making Workshop review by Rupa

Jayne Sheldon Apr 2024

It’s was great fun and always nice to try a new craft. The bag of ingredients were like a treasure trove and lots to use again and again. Good to hear how the clay was made and how it’s different to other air dry clays
The only thing that disappointed me was not doing the whole clay making in the class.as we weren’t told this before the class started. If you are a time poor person, you might have trouble to find time to finish your project and if that was me a be cros
Plus I have exceeding dry skin so I might be a idea to suggest gloves as my skin is so crusty now and I promised I’ve washed them

Shirley Rae Apr 2024

Absolutely loved this workshop. The ambassador Rachel was clear and precise with lots of great information, tips and tricks. The kit which was sent for this course has lots of supplies so you can practise before making a final piece.

Suzanne Apr 2024

Thank you to Milly for her enthusiasm, clear instructions and demonstration. An enjoyable hour spent attending this floral watercolour class which I would highly recommend.

Painting class review by Suzanne

Nicola Valentine-Johnson Apr 2024

A very relaxing and enjoyable workshop led by a very knowledgeable teacher! Learned so much this evening. Thankyou very much.

Fiona Todd Apr 2024

I enjoyed the watercolour bunny painting class and picked up some great tips! Thank you!

Sam Davis Apr 2024

Good workshop. A little rushed it felt at times and I would have liked it be clear on the length that the project will take in total, ie 9 days in the booking description.
Also putting people on mute would be good as someone was coughing a lot which meant I couldn't hear the host at times.
Very relaxing, would recommend.

Emily Winter Apr 2024

Very enjoyable class, nice pace, not too quick. Lovely helpful tutor. Would love to do more classes with wood and air dry clay.

Bernadette Clarke Apr 2024

This was my first attempt at watercolours and I really enjoyed the class. I just need to practice. I found the advice on which angle to hold the brush at very useful.

Jo Payne Apr 2024

Once again a great workshop. I didn’t try to keep up this time so I will revisit the class via the recording and finish it at my leisure. Very clear instructions and advice and beautifully presented by Millie.
Thank you!

Sarah Abel Apr 2024

Great class, well explained and good materials. So nice to have video access afterwards to have another go.

Painting class review by Sarah Abel

Linda Rosemary Freakley Apr 2024

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Great idea to have the video to rewatch the teaching points. I'm going to stay at my table and finish my masterpiece! Thank you Suzanne.
I've posted my practise flower now about to start my composition!

Floral Watercolour Class review by Linda Rosemary Freakley

Nina Eriksen-Grey Apr 2024

It was well explained and took you through each step. I do like the idea of having the video so you can go through it gain at your leisure.

Diane Rayner Apr 2024

I bought this as birthday present for my granddaughter, she loves drawing and enjoyed the lesson very much.

Drawing class review by Diane Rayner

Marion Scott-Baker Apr 2024

Really enjoyed it and result better than I expected! Now I need to keep practicing!

Laura de La Rosa Apr 2024

The content is so amazing but it felt rushed. We were told that a video we will be sent, so we can keep practicing.

Ann Carter Apr 2024

Thank you to Millie. She was so charming. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and what a bonus to have it all still available. Lots of tips too. Will book similar again.

Thank you again

Maureen Apr 2024

Thank you Millie for another quality workshop. Lovely hour spent learning new techniques. Really enjoyed it!

Eye Sketching Portrait Class review by Maureen

Annabelle Lamb Apr 2024

The teacher was so knowledgable and clear about instructions. Anything she was unsure of, she said she would go away and find out. Very lovely, polite and friendly. Would definitely do another class!

Julie Apr 2024

We enjoyed this class and learnt from it as well as having an enjoyable and relaxing hour.
The activity was well planned for the time available and was suitable for various levels of ability. The presentation was good.
This is the first online class we have tried and I would certainly look out for another.

Sarah Baxter Apr 2024

It was a really enjoyable class. Holly described what she was doing very well and I was pleased with my result

Helen Copeland Apr 2024

Enjoyable class. The teacher gave clear instructions on how to make each element of the quilling designs. It left me inspired to explore other quilling techniques.

Joy Apr 2024

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

What a lovely, relaxing class. I have been to a number of online Hobbycraft art sessions now and they have all been amazing in their own way. Really great teacher, good pace, and I'm happy with the end product. Thank you!

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Found the class really easy to follow along to and everything was explained well. Thanks

Drawing class review by Anonymised ClassBento student

Jane Apr 2024

Really relaxing and fun. Emma's always so welcoming and great at explaining things.
Thank you.

Jacky Elliott Apr 2024

Loved the workshop. Easy to follow.
Everything was explained well. Nice and friendly. Will do more workshops.

Drawing class review by Jacky Elliott

Deirdre Gunn Apr 2024

Again a very enjoyable time, very helpful on shading, shapes and finishing. All that’s left is to practice.

My thanks to our tutor for all the lessons

Angela Robinson Apr 2024

A very pleasant way to spend an hour. Although fast-paced, it worked well to gather all the basic skills and information needed to carry on to finish my painting in my own time. And I have the confidence to carry on practicing.

Deirdre Gunn Apr 2024

A most enjoyable hour spent on this course, learning how to use which pencils for certain effects

Edwin Rose Apr 2024

Great and friendly art teacher, super manner, puts you at ease, as a result enjoyable class, thank you

Karen Beale Apr 2024

2nd course I’ve attended with Nerissa. It was great! She’s very knowledgeable and inspiring, and manages to pitch her class for all abilities, which is a real skill. Thank you!

Alison Apr 2024

Holly was a great teacher and got through a lot in a short time. I was pleased with my picture.

Abstract Mixed Media Class review by Alison

Charlotte Booth Apr 2024

Great class. The teacher went through everything clearly and I was really happy with what I produced at the end of it.

Nickie Aspeotis Apr 2024

Excellent as always. Just having slight problems downloading the slides. Recommend these workshops to anyone starting up on social media

Lesley Phillips Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

I really enjoyed this class. Millie always gives clear instructions and lots of helpful tips

Susan Marshall Apr 2024

Rachel was really good. She covered all the bits I wanted to know. Was very pleasant and obviously knew what she was talking about. A very enjoyable hour.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Really, really good. Very clear and enormously helpful guidance on how to improve how I draw eyes.

Annabel Morgan Apr 2024

I had a great time taking part in this sketching tutorial with my granddaughters who are 12 and 11 years old. We all had different but realistic drawings at the end of the session and it was never pressurised or rushed Will look to another session soon, probably on drawing skills again

Siobhain Stansfield Apr 2024

Excellent class. Very clear, was very happy with the end product. Looking forward to the next class I'm booked on

Alexandra Patrick Apr 2024

Thank you Millie - very enjoyable session with great guidance and instruction from you. Looking forward to some future sessions.

Eye Sketching Portrait Class review by Alexandra Patrick

Kim Louise Skerten Apr 2024

Really enjoyed the workshop. The pace was good and the teacher was really clear and easy to follow. I will definitely be doing more of these workshops.

Drawing class review by Kim Louise Skerten

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Fantastic class, learnt so much, very easy to understand, tutor was brilliant and explained everything really clearly

Jacqueline Grant Apr 2024

Millie explains well and simplifies shapes and lines - better understanding on how to draw eyes and which pencils for various effects. Thank you - great class.

Samantha Russell Apr 2024

Millie was great and kept a manageable pace. Good tips on how to draw the face freehand (that was the bit I really needed) but others tips learnt too. Everything arrived in good time and complete.

Drawing class review by Samantha Russell

Jennifer Shadbolt Apr 2024

Priduct arrived wdll packed in time for the session
Easy explained.
Easy to follow
Will definitely do again

Mary Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this workshop - Kathryn was very friendly and happy to answer any questions! We had done the beginner's crochet workshop and I think we would have struggled a bit initially without this - would recommend either doing that workshop or having a quick look at slip knots/chain stitch/treble stitch on YouTube beforehand.

Gill Apr 2024

My daughter really enjoyed this workshop. The tutor was lovely - very friendly & helpful - thank you!

Christina Smith Apr 2024

Enjoyed this workshop Millie explain each step well. One hour goes very quick be good to have hour and half workshops to give more time to do each step without rushing.

Heidi Gibson Apr 2024

Really easy to follow and see how to do it and really useful as I had forgotten how to do it from being a child

Beena Nandha Apr 2024

Lovely introduction to the craft! I really enjoyed learning the basic knots and look forward to watching the videos sent to learn more! Thank you!

Jan Clift Apr 2024

Great class. Will watch the re-play & do some practice. Thank you. Will definitely book more classes.

Dorothy Hudson Apr 2024

Tutor, Hannah, was good but 1 hour not long enough to do two projects so she had to race through. We also needed an object of approx 7cm diameter and 4 pins. Enjoyed the course but a bit rushed so could easily be left behind. Not Tutors fault.

Jean Apr 2024

Very enjoyable, don't know where the time went. I just need to keep practicing. Thank you.

Helen Apr 2024

Lovely relaxing class and was sent a high quality pack of items to use which arrived promptly. I would have liked an extra 15-30 minutes to do a bit more practice/observe while we had the teacher available but that’s because it went quickly as we were enjoying ourselves. It was great to have a class dedicated to left handed people thank you!

Chris Smith Apr 2024

This was a great hour. Joey is knowledgeable and was happy to answer my newbie questions and provide advice. I finished feeling much more confident about what I wanted to try next and how to go about it. Excellent.

Shirley Rae Apr 2024

The ambassador was very informative, with good clear instructions. Loved the designs and look forward to completing them. I've never tried quilling before so this is another craft under my belt and a nice little birthday present to work on today. Thank you!

Beginner's Guide to Quilling review by Shirley Rae

Gill Goldfinch Apr 2024

This was such a good session, pitched just right for what I wanted - personalised and very informative with a couple of new ideas suggested. An hour was perfect and Joey was extremely helpful. Highly recommended.
Thank you

Nicky Valentine-Johnson Apr 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

This was a very relaxing workshop and everything was explained clearly. Thank you very much.

Kim Hardey Apr 2024

Excellent explanations and very clear instructions. Some technical difficulties with the hosts visualiser meant that a lot of the time it was out of focus which made it a little difficult to see clearly.

Julie Green Apr 2024

Loved this workshop so much. Fiddly at first and needs a bit of patience but Gisela explained the knot many times and it became easy to get into a rhythm. I’m thrilled with my beautiful little bracelet. Can’t wait to complete the other three bracelets in the video we were sent. Definitely recommend.

Sarah Krikorian Apr 2024

The course was very informative and enjoyable. Katherine was a knowledgeable and pleasant tutor. The concept was very well explained and I was able to complete the square following the end of the hour and a half session. Thank you very much and I look forward to extending my fledgling crochet skills soon.

Deborah Johnston Apr 2024

A lovely relaxed session. Thank you. The tutor answered questions and took the time to explain how to mould the flowers and leaf. Also had a good explanation as to how to attach the flowers to the mirror.

Sandra Beech Apr 2024

Kathryn was so clear with the instructions as it's so easy to get tangled in knots. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this class after already completing the beginners class and working one of your easy crochet patterns to embed all I learnt, thus making this class clearer. I finished my first granny square too. Brillant class to follow on from the beginners class

Jacqueline Jackson Apr 2024

Excellent very thorough session. She answered all my questions, and there were many. Would highly recommend.

Debbie Hutter Apr 2024

Great fun will definitely do more pouring now. 2 days later my pours have changed so much.

Claire Woolhouse Apr 2024

This was a brilliant workshop, easy to follow along and comes with pre-recorded videos after so that we can catch up with anything we missed and carry on learning, since there is only time to make one bracelet in the workshop. I haven't watched them yet but I'm sure they'll be just as easy to follow. We were also given lots of beads and yarn to use, which must make way more than four bracelets. Can't wait to make more!

Danielle Apr 2024

Kathryn was fantastic! She really understood what help I needed and she was able to clearly show me how to overcome what I was stuck on. She was very friendly and easy to talk to, and made me feel very comfortable. I definitely have a better understanding of the crochet stitches that I was stuck on and have since been able to put what I had learnt into practice in a project that I am working on. I will certainly book further on-to-one classes in future when I need help. I very highly recommend these classes.

Nicola Gobin Apr 2024

Very well explained and easy to follow instructions would definitely recommend it to my friends

Helen Apr 2024

Good fun, and lots of ideas to go away with. Can't wait to play

Amelia Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this class! Definitely helpful to have some background knowledge of a couple of stitches (chain and treble in this case) but Kathryn, our teacher, was so helpful, patient and very good at explaining making it easy to follow

Textiles class review by Amelia

Lynda Broad Apr 2024

Brilliant! Kathryn made complicated pattern instructions easier to follow. Would advise a little experience before the course, I did the Hobbycraft crochet beginner course a couple of months ago so used this course to build on my crochet skill set.

Amy Broadbent Apr 2024

It was good. Clear instructions given and a great time to relax and paint. Could have done with some more demonstration into how to draw the boats.

Seascape Watercolour Class review by Amy Broadbent

Beth Apr 2024

Instructor was friendly. Instructions were clear and repeated when needed. I couldn’t do everything within the class but found it easier the next time I picked up a crochet hook. The class definitely helped me improve and I’ve used the support video provided after the class too.

Sharon Moncur-Pearce Apr 2024

Good to be shown by another left handed person and meet others who have the same struggles writing. It was a lovely hour - now for the practice

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Sharon Moncur-Pearce

Catherine Walker Apr 2024

Very nice tutor but I felt the workshop was a bit rushed for true beginners.

Nichola Apr 2024

Another great hour spent learning new skills on this beginners guide to drawing with pen and ink. Everything was in the box that was needed including a template. The pace was good for me and I managed to complete my page. Great to have access to refresh skills at a later date as well.

Christine Burton Apr 2024

Very good class, friendly and informative very easy to ask any questions, enjoyed making my green man would recommend

Christina Apr 2024

Fantastic class, the host was very informative. She explained everything clearly and at a good pace so it was easy to keep up. Looking forward to the next one.

Bunny Watercolour Class review by Christina

Helen Bradley Apr 2024

Easy to access, clear instructions/explanation, lots of useful tips and presented in a clear, friendly manner. Great to have access to follow up video.

Kate Apr 2024

So pleased with my bracelet! The class was at just the right pace I didn't feel under pressure and could easily follow Gisela. She was very patient and friendly, such a lovely way to spend an evening.I'm looking forward to making more bracelets, I'll definitely book on more online classes. Thank you

Victoria Summers Apr 2024

I really enjoyed the class it was clear and straight forward what we were to do but I started off ok but then got carried away with the sky and went over the horizon line into the sea and went downhill from there. I definitely
Need more practice doing fine lines.i will watch the recording and have another go

Margaret Corrie Apr 2024

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

The workshop was very good and Emma was helpful and gave good instructions. Emma was also encouraging and understanding that not everyone was going at the same speed. I have done a few of the art workshops and enjoyed all of them.

Lorna Chandler Apr 2024

Really good session. Teacher was super clear and friendly and went over things multiple times and in different ways to ensure understanding, also sent through the tutorials which means I can carry on doing it, and being able to refer back.

Jewellery Making class review by Lorna Chandler

Rebecca Apr 2024

20 ClassBento workshops attended

An enjoyable and calming workshop. No pressure or rush to get design completed in the hour and a handy video for reference afterwards.

Pottery class review by Rebecca

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

This was a great class. The teacher was very understanding when we asked a question and answered very well. You did not need all the things from the kit to do it as well. The teacher was great with lots of tips on how to do certain things in the class and in possible future paintings. Thank you Emma!
Also this class-when doing the painting of the landscape- was really free for you to do different colours of your choice and in the paintings you use different and interesting techniques such as the 'wet on wet' technique and many others.
The only thing was that the class went quite quick so it was hard to catch up if you needed to. But overall this class was amazing, really inspirational and really interesting for people wanting an arty career or just a time to relax and enjoy painting! I have attended other classes and used the techniques learnt to create gifts for people, and will definitely be able to do this with what I learnt from this class. Yet again, thank you Emma it was a great class!

Seascape Watercolour Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student

Nicki Parker Brown Apr 2024

I have never done any water colour painting before and was a bit apprehensive but it was so well presented I felt more confident to have a go. The tutor has sent a recording of the session and some hints and tips, so I can revisit and keep practicing. I bought the resources box too and am pleased that I did so I could exactly replicate what was being taught. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Cally Turner Apr 2024

I've never tried water colour painting. Tonight was excellent. Emma explained what we would need and what it would be used for.
We were then shown how to prepare ready to start. Amazing to think the painting used about 5 different colours. Definitely doing it again

Seascape Watercolour Class review by Cally Turner

Filipa Neves Rasteiro Apr 2024

I did the workshop with my daughter, who loved it, amazing were her words.
I also liked it, everything was well explained and Gisela is really nice and sweet.

Janeen Reade Apr 2024

Very good class. Clear instruction, very patient and happy to keep going back over things to ensure everyone was happy.

Aurelie Sanner Theaker Apr 2024

Lovely workshop! Very helpful, clear and with the right pace. The workshop presenter was welcoming and encouraging. Thank you!

Elspeth Halfhide Apr 2024

I Really enjoyed it and Paula paced it just right. The time flew by so fast!

Helen Apr 2024

Out of the three sketching workshops I have done I found the mouth the trickiest but with the recording and the reference sheet I will practice, practice, practice!
Different artisan than the last two but same high level of expertise and helpful advice!

Drawing class review by Helen

Vanessa Cumper Apr 2024

I could have done with the template in the parcel. I was disappointed to only recieve a trinket dish lidded box and basic set of pens.

Julie Webster Apr 2024

It was my 12 year old son that did the class but I was listening in. I thought it was brilliant. The teacher was so enthusiastic and engaging. My son learned lots of new techniques which he can now practice using the left over paper. Well worth the money.

Alison Thompson Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this. Basic intro on how to use pouring paint and then three different techniques to try. The kit that came with the workshop is excellent, ten paints, four coasters, four canvases plus other tools. I used all four coasters and am really pleased with the initial results, will be interesting to see how the finish turns out.

Fluid Art class review by Alison Thompson

Megan Taylor Apr 2024

The teacher was a bit too fast so it was difficult to follow what she was painting.

Elizabeth Bolton-Speight Apr 2024

Simple and easy for a child to understand.
I absolutely loved it and had fun

Kingfisher Acrylic Painting Class review by Elizabeth Bolton-Speight

Jill Clayton Apr 2024

Loved this class, very easy to follow, not quite finished my painting, going to add to it

Painting class review by Jill Clayton

Diana Blake Apr 2024

A great beginner class. Rachel explained all the steps clearly and the time flew past. I would be keen to do more classes.

Marion Scott-Baker Apr 2024

Delighted with my success in this class as IT WAS MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT LEARNING TO DRAW

Moira Ruby Bostanci Apr 2024

Fantastic class, really enjoyed it, Emma was really warm and friendly and happy to answer everyone’s questions, great having the recording and extra link on drawing different coloured fur which I was really grateful for as something I’m very interested in.

Drawing class review by Moira Ruby Bostanci

Fran Hancock Apr 2024

Enjoyed this class and learning something new. Looking forward to creating some more flower pictures.

Carolyn Postles Apr 2024

Course material arrived in good time. Great course. Delivered at a good pace with concise, clear instructions.

Gill Apr 2024

Brilliant tutor - very friendly & helpful. May daughter really enjoyed the class. Thank you so much!

Fiona Mary Ritson Apr 2024

The artisan was great - patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. I wasn't sure how it would work via zoom but it was like having a personal tutor. Really enjoyed it!

Sarah Apr 2024

Excellent introduction to brush lettering. Well-paced workshop with opportunities to ask questions as and when appropriate. Thank you.

Christina Craig Apr 2024

Great fun and plenty of opportunity to add your own personal touch. Informative and good to have a copy of recording to refer back to.

Emma Wells Apr 2024

It was a really good class, showed the techniques several times and lovely bracelet. Was able to keep people at different paces going

Emma Apr 2024

Really good, great pace, friendly, answered questions proactively- before I needed to ask out loud! Length of session was just right and equipment was great

Judith Ricketts Apr 2024

Milie was clear and encouraging with her instruction. Pace was just right allowing me to watch what she was demonstrating and also put into practice. Art supply pack of good quality.

Christine Robinson Apr 2024

I learnt something new which was very interesting and easy to follow apart from the finishing off the bracelet, but I will look at the videos and catch up there.

Angela Deakin Apr 2024

It was a good workshop and the teacher gave good tips. I found it difficult to trace the image onto the clay. But that was my problem rather than the course.

Perhaps if there was more information upfront regarding the tracing paper in the preparation for the course it would of helped me out

Colin Freed Apr 2024

Very good course, excellent tutor. I never thought my bunny would look half as good

Tracy Bayliss Apr 2024

Really friendly teacher, great pace of class, well explained and great kit supplied too. Would recommend.

Emma Chambers Apr 2024

Great course on lino cut printing. Never done it before, but easy to follow. Complete kit sent in good time, with all you need. Very enjoyable. The lino design / cutting is quite mindful. I found the printing harder than the cutting. Will need to get used to the block ink paint which is quite different to acrylic paint. Very enjoyable though I highly recommend the course.

Kim Skerten Apr 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I absolutely loved it. A great way to spend time in an evening. I'm definitely signing up for more.

Floral Mixed Media Class review by Kim Skerten

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

An enjoyable session. She explained very clearly. It was helpful she included a practise on using the fan brush.

Avril Coffey Apr 2024

Really enjoyable class. Good explanation on use of pens and demonstration of techniques.Thankyou Millie

Kelly Apr 2024

26 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyable class but felt very rushed. The class needs to be a bit longer. The artisan was very good but just had to cram too much in.

Mrs Edith Low Apr 2024

Brilliant workshop, very therapeutic. Get lost drawing in dots, broken lines etc. Artisan very pleasant and informative. The fine liner pens that come in the kit are excellent.

Jane Monk Apr 2024

Rachel was a brilliant facilitator. She made the session really enjoyable. Never thought I'd finish the project - but Rachel made it look easy and was very encouraging. She gave us really good tips and I am keen to keep going. Thank you for putting on the session.

Madeline Dossor Apr 2024

As a complete novice, I have learned a great deal. I'll need to keep practicing with the mixing of colours but now I can paint a picture! Thank you.

Lesley Phillips Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Lovely class with great tuition. I think my teeth look a little scary but I will use the video to practice.

Sally Shepherd Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot. Tutors were really nice and patient. Would recommend.

Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Pet Portrait 3 Week Course review by Sally Shepherd

Fiona Apr 2024

Teacher was wonderful, very patient. No criticism on part of the teacher, but perhaps an extra 15 minutes would allow for certain techniques to be repeated. Time was definitely very pushed from start till finish.

Lisa Harrison Apr 2024

I really enjoyed following this course very interesting following the different artists hints & tips thank you so much x

Nina Muench Apr 2024

My son and I attended the Zoom workshop, and had bought the sketching pack to accompany the session. It was fantastic! The instructor was friendly and all her instructions were thorough and comprehensive. The session was just long enough to complete our drawings, and we were very happy with our results. I would recommend.

Drawing class review by Nina Muench

Tracy Eyles Apr 2024

Enjoyed the crochet class and learnt lots, Kathryn is really helpful and a great teacher

Marian Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this class. Learning the different techniques using the fineliner pen was something I hadn't tried before. A lovely quiet relaxing way to spend an hour. Look forward to receiving the videos so I can practise a bit more.

Judy Dean Apr 2024

Enjoyed the class but a bit too fast for me! Tutor was good and knowledgeable. As part of the course we receive a recording and instructions afterwards.

Unfortunately this is the second time I've had issues receiving a recording although all resolved now. Frustrating as I couldn't complete the project on the day.

Virginia Apr 2024

Was a great class, very clear instructions and great for a beginner. The materials that were sent to complete the course was more than enough to produce several bracelets which is great.

Jan Clift Apr 2024

Really enjoyed the class. Learned a lot, now need to re-watch the video & do some more practice. Thank you.

Jan Clift Apr 2024

Really enjoyable. I learnt a lot. Now I need to do some more practice. Thank you.

Lynn Apr 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended

This was amazing, I enjoyed this and now need to do lots of practise. Thank you

Lynn Apr 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended

Really good session learnt a lot, not long started drawing. I need to buy some putty eraser

Melanie Apr 2024

I really enjoyed this workshop with an experienced tutor who provided lots of tips to achieve a watercolour with fine-liner ink picture. The tutorial has given me the confidence to try more with fine liner ink pens in my watercolour paintings. An absorbing class - so a nice break from everyday life - with nothing to think about for an hour other than achieving the painting! Thank you.

Seaside Mixed Media Class review by Melanie

Sharon Burton Apr 2024

Lovely person leading the class, enjoyed a lot. Very descriptive. Would definitely recommend to others.

Frankie W Apr 2024

Informative tutor, helpful and understanding towards learners, a good online session.
Good idea to send out recording afterwards, thank you

Rhonda McKeown Apr 2024

Thanks to Paula for the introduction to brush lettering. Everything was explained very well. It is also great to have the recording and practice sheets etc to continue with afterwards.

Jennifer Apr 2024

Loved it! The course was really well run, informative, relaxed and easy to follow. Kathryn, the course instructor, was so lovely and patient. I can now do double stitch and treble stitch and I’m delighted! I can’t wait to sign up to more courses!

Tatyana Moreira Apr 2024

Very clear instructions to follow and the recorded video at a hand what could be better?!

Melloney Cripps Apr 2024

Learnt lots & was pleased with the outcome having not painted since being at school. Great

Jill Cooper Apr 2024

Another great session. Good tips and skills learnt this evening. Many thanks, looking forward to the next session booked.

Drawing class review by Jill Cooper

Alison Apr 2024

Well taught and well paced. I learnt a lot and was pleased with my drawings.

Lydia Polmounter Apr 2024

Loved the class and very easy to follow. I have already booked another! Highly recommend.

Floral Mixed Media Class review by Lydia Polmounter

Alexandra Patrick Apr 2024

Enjoyable session - thank you Millie. Clear instruction and helpful direction, I felt I learned a lot in the hour lesson, which flew by.

Angela Robinson Apr 2024

Great hour long tutorial. The pace was just right, well explained and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Millie.

Lyn Pugsley Apr 2024

Good class although a bit fast paced, Interesting techniques taught as I had not attempted mixed media before

Judith Owens Apr 2024

A very enjoyable class, excellent instructions, learning different skills and help given if needed by chat.

Therina Moore Apr 2024

Millie is so good! I cannot believe what I have achieved through doing these courses with Hobbycraft. Thank you!

Drawing class review by Therina Moore

Diane Wilkinson Apr 2024

A really enjoyable and informative class. I was able to create a watercolour and found the session relaxing.

Michael Levi Apr 2024

I spent a very enjoyable hour with this class.
The tutor was great; clear instructions and I didn’t feel hurried.
Learned a few new tips too.

Floral Mixed Media Class review by Michael Levi

Maureen Poyner Apr 2024

Enjoyable & very informative. The hour went by very quickly. Learnt a lot of techniques thank you

Nichola Apr 2024

13 ClassBento workshops attended

Thoroughly enjoyed this class today. Some great tips and advice along the way, as well as the host Gisela problem solving questions from others during the hour.

Tracey Greco Apr 2024

The teacher wad good but unfortunately due to one person taking up the time with all of her questions I felt I couldn't ask anything so I was unable to catch up when I wad stuck

Caroline Thomas Apr 2024

Absolutely brilliant I was able to keep up and will definitely do more of these workshops

Miriam Patterson Apr 2024

Great class and good clear explanations from the instructor, Gisela. Enjoyed myself greatly- thank you!

Catherine Burrell Apr 2024

Took a few minuets to actually start anything and tutor didnt say hello to people when they joined
Quite rushed no time to go over things slowly if you didn `t get it straight off
Disappointing in that the duration of the class didnt allow one to actually complete either of the designs shown as both had several parts to the more complex bits ie daffodil centre and certainly the bluebell didn`t have enough time to be shown properly
In all disappointing and very rushed Totor not very engaging

Rebecca Apr 2024

20 ClassBento workshops attended

Lovely workshop, Hannah answered people's questions throughout. Covered a few basic techniques for various shapes to get us started with both projects. Having the video as a reference for after is a helpful reminder for finishing off the projects

Beginner's Guide to Quilling review by Rebecca

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Chrissie was excellent and helped me with troubleshooting. Great workshop! Would definitely do another one.

Charlie Geraghty Apr 2024

I wasn't able to make the time as I was called out for something but I was so pleased that I was sent an email with the workshop link and was able to watch and follow in my own time, I am pleased with what I was able to do and I was more pleased that I now have a link to click and follow if I ever need a recap

Bronwen Hawkes Apr 2024

It was a very relaxing workshop, the tutor was friendly and offered tips and alternatives throughout the process. It is great that you can take the workshop without buying the kit as I already had the materials. Thank you!

Lesley Phillips Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

This was an informative class with lots of tips on how to get different effects and it explained how to use the equipment

Lesley Phillips Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

I really enjoyed the freedom that this class gave using a mixture of media. We’ll done Millie

Mark Parsons Apr 2024

Thank you for a lovely workshop - it was really relaxing and very enjoyable. I would recommend this workshop.

Tim Apr 2024

A truly superb class. I produced a drawing far in excess of my expectations! Thank you Emma.

Andrea Scrafton Apr 2024

A great hour spent with Hannah who explained everything really clearly to a total beginner. I'm inspired to get a pattern and get started! Thanks

Margaret Galloway Apr 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Lovely therapeutic class really enjoyed it and it’s taught me skills that I can use for other projects

Beginner's Guide to Posca Ceramic Decorating review by Margaret Galloway

Ruth Tipping Apr 2024

I really enjoyed this class. I learnt a lot on how to use the posca pens. I will be grateful for the recordings and links as my WiFi kept losing connection.

Fiona Atkinson Apr 2024

So good, can’t believe my drawing looks like a real eye. Very impressed! Thankyou.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

A very enjoyable hour with a really lovely teacher. Thank you very much, we'll be back for more.

Michelle Edlin Apr 2024

Very good and perfect for my 12 year old who enjoys drawing. Looking forward to attending more in future.

Drawing class review by Michelle Edlin

Kay Wightman Apr 2024

Really enjoyed it. I’m taking partial retirement and want something new to fill some of my time

Bunny Sketching Class review by Kay Wightman

Linda Apr 2024

Friendly tutor, efficiently run and great to have a recording to refer to for further practice.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Our workshop leader was very friendly and knowledgeable. I wasn't keen on the idea of an online workshop, but the way the facilitator's camera was over their work meant that it was really easy to follow what they were doing, probably more so than if the workshop had been in person.

Edith Andrea Paskell Apr 2024

Chrissie was friendly and very helpful. I was nervous of trying a zoom class but I will happily do it again if I need to. Thanks, I will now be able to finish my granddaughters dress.

Andrea Kay Apr 2024

Really enjoyed the workshop, though not brave enough to do the egg yet. Concentrated on practicing on the tags with all the techniques. The time flew past

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Great class. Very informative, lots of tips on pencils and eraser. You are given time to catch up after each step and can watch it online again if you are not finished.
Nice result too

Rebecca Stevens Apr 2024

Really fun and informative class. The hour went by so fast. Looking forward to continuing this hobby.
I made a few mistakes but that's all part of the fun. Would definitely recommend this class

Emma Apr 2024

The class was rather rushed - there is a lot to fit into one hour and I was unable to finish my picture in the class.

Jes Freeborn Apr 2024

Thankyou Rugile, although I found this class a little fast paced, I feel that I have learned a lot and will be going back to the video and keep practicing. Now looking forward to a portrait sketching class at some stage.

Nose Sketching Portrait Class review by Jes Freeborn

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Super session! Very professionally presented and so pleased with the outcome. Will be signing up for more in the future. Thank you!

Sabine Apr 2024

I've taken this class as a review, having not sewn for over 25 years. Lots of little tricks and things to look out for, that I've never heard of. Being from Germany, there was a lot of new terminology in English language patterns, so glad I now know what they mean. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Jackie Apr 2024

Good value for money especially with 20% off. I was impressed and grateful the Hobbycraft team allowed my friend to swap to an alternate date when she was unable to attend at the same time as me. Good kit. Hannah was friendly and supportive and answered questions as we went along. Helpful to have the video sent after the course too. I found a cocktail stick was helpful for putting the tacky glue on the paper strips and wish I’d known my pinking shears would have been handy for the edges of the bluebells. I do think the session was too short to make both the bluebells and the daffodil/chick.

Linda Brazier Apr 2024

I enjoy the course very much. I am sorry I can access the video that Hannah promised?

Katherine Apr 2024

Hannah's tutorial moved at a good pace, not too fast nor too slow. She answered all the questions. I very much liked the way she went through all the info on a pattern packet. And best of all were her tips on pattern buying and trying things out (e.g. on old/sale fabric) before making your final item. Slight criticism: don't over- complicate by talking about alternatives while showing us method/fabric X. Also I wouldn't be without your email attachments & links. Thank you so much!

Jude Freed Apr 2024

Loved this simple how to guide on making foam flowers, I shall definitely be playing around with this and look forward to trying it out with my grandson to make some creations that won't involve a lot of mess :)

Janet Lewis Apr 2024

Hi brilliant informative workshop. I have a Joy but after this workshop I want a Joy Extra and A Maker 3 very knowledgeable about all Cricut products. Looking forward to taking my Joy and Mug Press out of the box. I already purchased the mugs in the craft month so saved money again. Would definitely recommend this workshop.

Sue Anderson Apr 2024

I really enjoyed this class and making the sunflower bag. I wasn’t sure about online learning for practical skills such as crochet but the online classes covered a lot and the recording was invaluable especially as you can re watch the parts you need to Thank you.

Textiles class review by Sue Anderson

Sheila Morgan Apr 2024

Very informative workshop. Learned a lot about patterns. Tutor was excellent. Good value for money

Andrea McGuinness Apr 2024

Clear instructions, peaceful & calm great way to spend an hour of your day relaxing & learning!

Janet Apr 2024

Hanna was very informative and gave me a good understanding to give me a little more confidence to actually start to use a pattern rather than just sewing squares. I have given 4 stars rather than 5 as I had to purchase zoom as the free zoom only allows you 40mins and not 1hr although it would have been possible to log off and back in again but you would have missed some of the tutorial.

Andrea Duxbury Apr 2024

Thanks Hannah, that was very informative and useful. Wish there was a part two, as there is so much to learn as a beginner!

Esme Watson Apr 2024

Great session. Really informative. Feel much more confident about going into the shop and looking at patterns now

Sara Beecroft Apr 2024

I thought the instructor was really good and I liked the materials provided but think the class would be better smaller to allow everyone chance to raise queries.

Catherine Moore Apr 2024

I loved the class, thank you so much. Gisela was wonderful! I learned a lot and the pace was perfect. It wasn't rushed and I'm very pleased with what I achieved!

Michelle Clemes Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Rachel was very good at explaining everything. I’m a complete newbie so definitely want to learn more however I’d rather do that in a personal face to face lesson.

Karen Wilks Apr 2024

I love love love this class. The flowers and characters I made look adorable. Irene was lovely and extremely talented and helpful

Abbie Apr 2024

This was a fun class with a great instructor (Irene)! I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to making more flowers to decorate the mirror with. The clay needs time to dry before it can be glued to the mirror and we managed about 2-3 flowers in the hour, so have lots more to make, but the class was really enjoyable.

Elaine Thomas Apr 2024

Gisela was a lovely enthusiastic teacher. She explained everything clearly and patiently. I made 2 bracelets very quickly (some after the class), and had no problem remembering the instructions. You are sent a video of the instructions as well though.
Excellent class, and highly recommended!

Hazel Apr 2024

I really enjoyed my first experience of using watercolours. The tutor was wonderful. We were given clear instructions, with time to practise each stage of painting. Happy with my finished piece and will sign up for some of the other £5 watercolour online classes. Thank you.

Painting class review by Hazel

Fiona Day Apr 2024

A brilliant class with Chrissie, she explained everything really well and went the extra mile when I was stuck on a stitch. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot too. Thank you

Vera Burch Apr 2024

Very enjoyable, Kathryn who led the class was excellent. She was friendly, calm and clear, and obviously very experienced as she explained every single thing that we might struggle with. She also went through the stitches nice and slowly.

Jackie Hullock Apr 2024

Kathryn was a very knowledgeable instructor. Very good in the way she took each stage slowly with a good explanation. She went over everything many times. Will definitely recommend.

Dawn Simpkins Apr 2024

Kathryn was brilliant, so calm & easy to follow. Class was easy to follow. Clear instructions. Will definitely attend another Hobbycraft session

Lesley Phillips Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

I didn’t receive the template before the session so had to draw freehand which I wasn’t confident about so didn’t enjoy the session as much as others I have done

Shirley Rae Apr 2024

Such a brilliant class. I absolutely loved it. Ambassador explained everything thoroughly and took their time showing the process during the video. Lots of great tips and demonstrations. Will be practising more now. I know how to use the tool.

Sunita Johal Apr 2024

Loved it really relaxing thank you for today feeling proud of my little wooden egg

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Very well run class. Trainer was very clear and enthusiastic and clearly knew her stuff.

Olivia Beaumont Apr 2024

Instructor was lovely. I had extra questions and also went wrong and needed to start over - she was kind and patient and started right over with me, walking me through it all. Will definitely do other classes. Would be even better if 2 hours so we could make a longer piece and then do the wire part in real time.

Ruth Apr 2024

Really enjoyed this workshop, brilliant explanation and pace, really well led by Rugile thanks very much!