Beginner's Guide to Crochet

With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Join us online to learn the basics of crochet – the perfect introduction to the on trend craft.

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 10 (public dates), 10 to 50 label £25

Get hooked on crochet with our beginner’s tutorial! Enjoy this relaxing craft as you get to grips with the simple skills you’ll need to stitch beautiful designs, with one of our craft experts on hand to guide you through the steps.

This workshop provides a wonderful introduction to the world of crochet, perfect if you’re a complete beginner. Through the course of the workshop, you’ll learn double stitch and treble stitch. You’ll also be shown how to create a chain, working in rows to create a tension square.

You’ll have a craft kit included, ensuring you’ve got the yarn and hook you need. It’s a great opportunity to pick up techniques you can then put into practice when you move on to other patterns.

Throughout the tutorial, you will be able to ask any crochet questions you may have.

Price includes £3 delivery

Knowledge required

Perfect for beginners.

What you'll get in your craft kit

- Crochet hook - 2 x yarns (colours may vary) - Stitch guide template

What you'll need

- Scissors

Your teacher
Hobbycraft Artisan
Hobbycraft Artisan

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Our expert Hobbycraft Artisans deliver our online workshops, each Artisan has their craft expertise and will be perfectly placed to help you start a completely new craft or advance your skills.

Verified reviews

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Jessica Bbowden Nov 2023

Really helpful guide when starting to crochet. Definitely recommend to anyone who has been wanting to try it!

Yasmin Akhtar Nov 2023

Tutor was lovely. Unfortunately I had connection problems so couldn’t log at start of lesson. But a recorded video was sent via email. On the parts I was able to join and stay connected, the tutor was really good. She gave enough time to ask questions and for everyone to catch up. The box that was sent out, was perfect. It had two balls of very good quality wool and a crotchet hook, with the instructions. It even came with a tote bag, which is what I’ve kept my project in. I understood more by following and making mistakes.

Pamela Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Very easy to follow and a good pace. My first on-line experience but sure it won’t be my last.

Sandy Waters Nov 2023

Kathryn explained things very simply and demonstrated every aspect clearly. She was very happy to go over anything we got stuck on

Maureen Nov 2023

Thank you Kathryn. Very good pace and very clear instructions
Highly recommend as an introduction to crochet

Joanna Cater Nov 2023

Learn how to crochet online course was fun and a great first lesson. The course went really quickly for an hour and a half. I have since brought a beginners book to further my knowledge.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Joanna Cater

Emma Nov 2023

I'd never done crochet before so I learnt a lot of new things during this course. It was also great to have the recording sent to us after as I can watch it at my own pace.

Lucy Nov 2023

Great fun and the teacher was super patient with all our questions and challenges! Excellent start to my crotchet journey

Textiles class review by Lucy

Wenda Holyoak Nov 2023

I didn’t do the whole class, I forgot and cut the class short x

Elizabeth Tennant Nov 2023

Explained everything really well and really enjoyed the class. Made so much more sense than a you tube video

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Elizabeth Tennant

Miriam Griffiths Nov 2023

It was a super helpful workshop with a good pace and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Being able to watch someone do the stitches was much easier to learn as a beginner than following diagrams!

Christina Nov 2023

Really good/ really enjoyed the training. Easy to follow guidance, time few by. Would recommend.

Alexis Swallow Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really well explained at a good pace, answering questions I had before I’d even raised them. No complaints at all

Gill Naylor Nov 2023

Very clear with easy to follow instructions. Responded positively to any questions or confusion. Enjoyable workshop leaving me with a feeling of confidence and enthusiasm to continue crocheting!

Textiles class review by Gill Naylor

Amanda Keegan Nov 2023

Kathryn was a great teacher she gave clear instructions, kept a good pace and made sure everyone was keeping up.
I really enjoyed the workshop.

Shamima Dawood Nov 2023

Kathryn was amazing -she was very patient and gave clear instructions at every stage of the demonstration. At the end we learnt three different types of crochet stitches and how to make a crochet square. I would definitely book again!

Lucy Dennison Nov 2023

Excellent workshop. Really helpful session, and great to get the video afterwards too. Thank you!

Lisa Steel Nov 2023

I have never crocheted before, so was quite convinced that I would really find it a struggle. However, Chloe’s kind demeanour put me at ease and with her calm instructions I managed to complete the stitches. It was a great first lesson with Hobbycraft.

Naomi Curniffe Nov 2023

Chloe was amazing. It was small workshop but meant she could give detailed explanation and answer questions. Didn’t feel rushed. Really felt I learnt something

Sabrina Nov 2023

Patient and informative. Feel confident I can have a go on my own now. Thanks!

Sarah Butcher Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the workshop. Chloe was lovely and explained everything really well. I have never picked up a crochet hook before, so a complete beginner and Chloe explained things so well that I picked it up quite quickly. Our group was large and some seemed to pick things up quicker than others, so it was difficult to keep up at times for slower people like me. For a group our size more time would have been beneficial as we only just managed to quickly cover treble crochet at the end. Would definitely recommend this workshop.

Mary Haggett Nov 2023

Super session - very clear demonstration and explanation. My Granddaughter is 11. She has a little crochet experience. She found this session easy to follow and it has rekindled her enthusiasm. Thank you.

Sarrina Stephens Nov 2023

The workshop was more advance than what I thought. The pace of the course was a bit too fast for beginners. I could see the teacher was experienced and good crochet, if I considered going for another workshop again it would have to be a one to one.

Sonja Garrett Nov 2023

The teacher was very friendly and engaging and she was also very patient. The kit arrived in plenty of time

Angie Crosby Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed this class!
So much so, that I’ve booked another one to learn how to make granny squares!

Penny White Nov 2023

Really enjoyed this. The instructions were very clear and I have come away with the basic skills.Will definetly do more courses.

Jennifer Nov 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended

This workshop was fantastic. Chloe explained everything clearly and throughly, and paced the session perfectly. Chloe made things make sense that my sisters had tried to explain to me before (but it had still seemed like a foreign language!).

Miss Wanda Hughes Nov 2023

Great session and at the right pace too. Emma made the session relaxed and enjoyable.

Tracy Marland Nov 2023

At right pace, trainer took her time to makesure we all felt confident with what we were doing.

Sue Saunders Nov 2023

Really enjoyed today - she was very patient and you didn’t worry about asking questions. ????

Rachel Fanning Oct 2023

It was fun. I need a lot more practice but look forward to seeing what I can create.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended

Chrissie was brilliant and patient for those of us who couldn’t get it right away. Thank you. Loved it!

Bethany Oct 2023

Our teacher was incredibly enthusiastic, and very focused on making sure that each one of us was confident in our work. This is my third Hobbycraft class so far, and most teachers just log on, start working, tell you to copy them and ask if you have any questions. Chrissie (I think it was), checked if we were all happy with our work before continuing and was happy to start from scratch when we needed it. Very supportive, and a very lovely person. Made the class a dream. Thank you for all your help! - Bethany

Amanda Bailey Oct 2023

Very patient and clear to see what we had to do. Definitely recommend when starting out.

Lucy Oct 2023

Kathryn was fantastic. Really clear and explain things thoroughly. She was enthusiastic and I've enjoyed using my new skills since the class. Can't wait to book another one.

Lesley Allman Oct 2023

Chrissie was Patient and passed on helpful advice, I had tried learning on my own before doing the online course I am so glad I did as chrissie answered all questions and put my worry at bay would highly recommend.

Textiles class review by Lesley Allman

Claire Barlow Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent class. So much better than trying to learn from a book. Perfect pace and instruction.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Instructor very clear and worked slowly so that I was able to follow. Felt I was able to continue afterwards with what I had learned. Appreciated not being seen by other participants.

Lisa Pedrick Oct 2023

I would totally recommend this class to my friends and family. Brilliant class. Easy to follow instructions. Kathryn was lovely and explained everything clearly. Looking forward to booking another class soon.

Sophie Chopra Oct 2023

Really good class, very helpful, great pace. Great kit provided before and helpful workbook and videos sent after the class.

Lesley Roberts Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super, can ask any questions and flow continued for others. Very supportive and knowledgeable of how beginners think and respond.

Louise Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, just the right pace for a complete beginner. All steps explained and the overhead camera view was really helpful. Time flew by. Once I've mastered this I'd like to do a next level course. First time doing one of these online courses. Great value for money especially including the kit. Would definitely do another.

Erica Oct 2023

The group seemed to enjoy the session. The craft box provided was lovely with some nice yarns.

Susana Cervera Oct 2023

Louise was great! Explained everything very well and answered all our questions. She was also able to bring people back to speed when they got stuck. Very helpful and fun. Thank you!

Jag Kahlon Oct 2023

Louise was an incredibly patient and thorough teacher! I learnt the steps quickly with her instruction and she answered lots of questions too. Thank you Louise for a great class!

Juliet Gill Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend it to someone who would like to learn the basics of crocheting. Louise was an excellent teacher, very approachable and helpful - Thank you!

Marilyn Botterlll Oct 2023

Apologies for the lateness of this. Regarding the workshop I want to say I was very impressed with how well it was done. It was friendly and the crotchet instructions were very clearly explained and shown close up. Being able to go back over the seminar is a bonus. You certainly deserve 5*.s. Thank you.

Karys Saunders Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really useful class. Chrissie went at the right speed and there was just the right amount of content for a beginner.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Karys Saunders

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Supply kit was great. Chrissie explains well and explains again if you do not understand. She also keeps the atmosphere cheerful.

Kathleen McAlea Oct 2023

Really enjoyable class learning beginners crochet! I feel I really picked up some skills and I really appreciate being sent the recording afterwards so I can continue practicing! I definitely won’t hesitate to book again. The materials sent prior to the class were great quality too!

Lynne Young Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a really excellent workshop. I am a complete crochet beginner but felt confident at the end of the workshop. Kathryn was an excellent tutor and the pace and camera work were all very good and clear.

Sharon Eller Oct 2023

Kathryn was thorough, supportive and able to explain every stitch in great detail!
Really enjoyed as a beginner!

Kim Baker Oct 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I enjoyed the class. The pace was good and I feel ready to tackle a project.

Gemma Leonard Oct 2023

Loved it. Was fun and relaxing and frustrating. Cannot wait to continue, would 100% take another course, Thanks Chrissie!

Jessica Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really great fun. Our instructor was brilliant - clear instructions, happy to repeat or go over again. Loved it !

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Very good teacher. It was easy to understand and follow. It is a great workshop for beginners.

David Knight Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great course. Everything was explained simply without jargon and I finished with a good understanding of the stitches being taught.

Anastasia Sothmann Oct 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class by Kathryn! She was so encouraging and clear and helpful, I've now learned how to crochet and the world is the oyster! Thanks Kathryn!

Ameera Patel Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Lovely class, great teacher, thorough and helpful method of teaching. Kit came with everything advertised and several days before the class.

Textiles class review by Ameera Patel

Sarah Caldicott Oct 2023

Really thoughtfully delivered by an obviously skilled crocheter The session was delivered with consideration and tailoring for our individual needs Thanks so much for getting me stared on my crochet journey

Sarah Middlemiss Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I absolutely loved this class. I have been wanting to learn crochet for a while, but was finding it hard to get to grips with it on my own. Kathryn (my teacher) was really patient and encouraging, and she explained the stitches really clearly. It was a small group session, so it was really comfortable to ask questions and we got a lot of individual attention as needed. I wasn't sure how it would work online but there was a great camera/Zoom set up so I could see really clearly and easily. Once I have practiced some more I will definitely be joining one of the other crochet classes!

Textiles class review by Sarah Middlemiss

Michael Brown Oct 2023

I enjoyed this class and it helped me learn the first steps to crochet skills

Louise Sep 2023

Fun workshop with such a patient teacher. The time flew by. Looking to see which other courses can book as I enjoyed it so much.

June Drummond Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Louise was very helpful and made sure I understood the instructions and was able to do the correct stitches. I was also given lots of helpful information and tips for my own future projects. Thank you Louise.

Julie Pollard Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed the session.
It was taken at a nice pace and I picked beginners crochet very quickly.
The hour and half went so fast.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Julie Pollard

Jacqui Graham Sep 2023

Clear, precise instructions and contact details for any questions/help etc, looking forward to my 1st project

Katie Sep 2023

Great course for a complete beginner like myself! The trainer was great and really patient with me

Sarah Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended

Perfect place to start if you've never tried crochet before as you get everything delivered to start stitching, plus print out instructions to use in future if you ever need a reminder of the basic stitches involved. I have been off work due to sickness for the past few months and needed something to give me some routine, distraction and to ultimately feel productive - I have never tried crochet before starting this class a few months ago but since then I have taken the granny square workshop, the six week blanket course and most recently the sunflower bag course. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending any of the crochet workshops to others wanting to learn how to crochet, and Kathryn in particular is an amazing tutor who is patient, very friendly and explains things very clearly.

Andrea Lowe (For Daughter Beth) Sep 2023

My daughter achieved more in the lesson than hours persevering with YouTube videos. Delighted! My daughter more confident moving on with her crochet skills.

Tracey Crabb Sep 2023

Great introduction to crochet. Louise was very clear with her instructions as well as very patient when asked to repeat things. The 1.5 hours absolutely flew past and I came away with a few rows of stitches. Now time to practice. Thank you.

Abbey Balliou Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I learnt so much and it was great fun. The teacher was very clear and able to clarify/demistify starting crochet. I really enjoyed this. Thank you

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Abbey Balliou

Gill Green Sep 2023

I really enjoyed the beginners crochet class. Chloe was a fabulous teacher and was easy to follow.
It’s surprising how quickly the 90 mins go!
Zoom was easy to use and there’s no pressure to have your camera on if that’s what you prefer.

Mrs Sheehan Sep 2023

Chloe was fantastic Her instructions were easy to follow and she had super patience. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to crochet. I can’t wait to get started on a project.

Ruth Conway Sep 2023

Great class very good teacher to begin this hobby . Thank you for patience and time

Kirsty Griffin Aug 2023

Amazing, always checking if you are okay and how you are finding it. Amazing class, definitely recommend for beginner.

Helen Rogers Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Brilliant class. As a real beginner this was so helpful. The instructor was lovely and very encouraging. I would highly recommend

Caterina Sabatino Aug 2023

Excellent teacher, I was able to follow her instructions with great ease.
Would definitely book another course

Tanja Schweitzer Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very friendly and patient. I was frustrated at the start but got there in the end. Looking forward to the next class.

Sarah Spencer Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent course allowing me to learn 2 stitches I had never been able to learn before

Joanne Bodell Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic teacher and a lovely welcoming attitude, I enjoyed it so much I've just booked the next class for few weeks time.

Nerolie Miller Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Loved this class. The supplies arrived in plenty of time before the class. The instructor was incredibly helpful and gave us time to work independently and answered any questions with had.

Mel O'Hara Aug 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Brilliant class. Very good teaching technique.
I can't believe how much we learned in 1&1/2 hours!
I'd definitely recommend it!

Elaine Hamilton Aug 2023

Wonderful teacher and so patient. We struggled to get it right but she was so calm, made us feel better.

Karen Tosh Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Only 3 in the class so perfect number and all 3 of us were left handed which was very unusual but Kathryn easily swapped over to left handed. Fantastic! Haven't been able to learn as all my friends are right handed!
Very easy to follow with the overhead camera and perfect speed. Moved forward at my pace when the other 2 were struggling so that I could continue to learn bit she went back to help the others too. Really enjoyed it and can't wait to practice and eventually make the blanket in the kit I have.

Kara Howell Aug 2023

Was very informative the lady was nice and helpful made sure everyone knew what they was doing. Taught us different methods.

Ali Roney Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kathryn was a great teacher and happy to answer any questions I had! Even the silly ones!

Kelly Fisher Aug 2023

Great knowledge
Good content and speed of session
No pressure to participate or have cameras on
Great teaching skills

Karen Keohane Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a really informative session. Kathryn pitched it at my level and slowed down when needed. The time flew by, it’s really great that there is a video of the session to refer back to.

Maire Gould-Yates Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was a brilliant tutorial! Kathryn and Louise were excellent, they gave clear and simple instructions and were friendly and encouraging. I would definitely recommend this workshop!

Laura Brand Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kathryn is a very kind and patient lady. I feel so lucky to have been taught by her today and feel confident now to crochet with the correct yarn and hook and also to change over colours when I want to. I cannot believe how much I have learned today, thank you so much Kathryn

Claire Beck Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The 1 1/2 hours flew by. The teacher was great and really explained everything well. It was really good to be able to see clearly how she was crocheting on screen so that we could follow and she constantly checked that all of us were ok.
It is also great that we have been given the recording of the training so that we can refresh ourselves on this.
I am really keen to look at other crochet courses now that I have started.

Emma McGinn Jul 2023

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Kathryn was a great tutor. She went at a great pace and explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. I learnt a lot from the class and will definitely be signing up for another one asap

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Emma McGinn

Liz Martin Jul 2023

Very informative and very good camera view. Teacher was very patient and kept me interested.

Helen McCallum Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed the beginners crochet class. Very helpful and patient tutor. I am delighted with the results and I liked using the thicker yarn and crochet hook. I will look to do more classes for sure. Thank you .

Textiles class review by Helen McCallum

Deirdre Fraser Jul 2023

Kathryn explained clearly and gave plenty of opportunities to ask questions. I'll definitely need more practice, but this has got me off to a good start with crochet. The online videos referenced will also be very useful.

Trudy Shillum Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Brilliant class thanks. I finally after years of trying, think I may be starting to understand crochet. ❤️

Textiles class review by Trudy Shillum

Manuela Campbell Jul 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A very enjoyable workshop, very patient and knowledgeable staff, helpful that we have the option to find an online or in person class, many thanks

Lynne Clark Jul 2023

This was a great course for a beginner, Louise didn't go too fast and made the class easy to follow and fun. I will definitely be doing more classes.

Daniele Cox Jul 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed it and whilst I had a little bit of knowledge - I still learnt a lot. Time went so quickly - once I practice the beginners I will probably sign up for the next one or even something else.

Fiona McIlveney Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really straightforward, excellent instruction. As a novice, I found Louise’s direction easy to follow. Thank you! Great way to pass the time and will definitely take on further workshops. Thanks Louise!

Zoya Solangi Jul 2023

A very good start for beginners.
Booked it for my daughter (12y) to start a new hobby during holidays. She absolutely loved it!

Fleur Shearman Jul 2023

Brilliant teacher Kathyrn was so patient with total beginner and repeated crochet stitches till I got the hang of it.

Maria Caroll Jul 2023

Friendly and encouraging tutorial with easy to follow steps. Feel I can attempt my first proper project. Thanks a crochet bunch

Julia Tognarelli Jul 2023

46 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Really well delivered and felt comfortable and confident in the Artisan very quickly, which settled my nerves and helped me achieve learning the basics.

Elaine Leck Jul 2023

Kathryn was very patient with us and clear in her explanations of how to do the two stitches.

Jennifer Ryan Jul 2023

34 ClassBento workshops attended • 30 reviews

Good class, Louise gave clear instructions, it’s going to take a little practice, my wobbly squares won’t win any prizes, but I’ve got tge basics and can practice before I go to the granny squares workshop next week

Loretta Johnson Jul 2023

Excellent class- I was a complete novice at crochet- wasn’t able to do it all before the class. Now I have learnt how to double and crochet! Would definitely book onto more!

Grace Raynor Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Fabulous class. Crochet clearly explained in a lovely friendly and relaxed manner. Louise is an excellent teacher. Very glad I did the workshop.

Bk Dhami Jul 2023

Great service - missed first workshop that I booked, emailed and was rescheduled very promptly.
Great tutor, good pace, stopping to check if anybody stuck/questions.
Would highly recommend for beginners.

Jan Allan Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Having tried to get to grips with basic crotchet stitches over a number of years, it finally clicked today. This was a great 'visual' introduction for a left-hander. 'Thank you' to Kathryn for bring a great tutor.

Textiles class review by Jan Allan

Lyn Pugsley Jul 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Excellent course with an extremely patient expert. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn to crochet.

Natalie Few Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic class time went very quickly! Katherine explained it very well and took her time to repeat steps. Would definitely do another online class.

Sophia Jul 2023

Kathryn is excellent. Guidance was clear and perfectly paced. A fantastic introduction to crochet. Highly recommended.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Sophia

Sharon Lynn Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A very enjoyable introduction to crochet. The steps were explained clearly and I’ve definitely made progress! Thank you!

Lou Munton Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I have tried to learn to crochet 3 times before this is the first time any of it has made sense. Clear explanations and time given to ask questions and practice

Marie Halford Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Brilliant course. Tutor was very friendly and explained everything in detail. Steady pace and repeated actions to make sure everyone was able to follow. Very glad I did the course and would highly recommend.

Cheryl Kidd Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved it! Great pace, answered all my questions and was happy to undo stitching to show us again! Super happy x

Lesley Simpson Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I started out as a complete novice but the instructor made it clear and easy to follow and now I am confident I can do the basics.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Lesley Simpson

Sara Hopper Jul 2023

Good pace. Very clear and supportive tutor. Good quality materials. Thank you very much. Sara Hopper.

Tara Rye Jul 2023

Really good and informative. Able to go slowly and ask questions if needed. Highly recommend if you are struggling to get the basics

Chris Jeffrey Jun 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The artisan was very professional and very easy to understand. The camera angle made it very easy to see exactly what she was doing. She explained all that she was doing and made sure that I understood each stage. She was able to show me some extra little bits and pieces which has inspired me to do more at home and it’s helped me with things that I found had difficult in the past.

Textiles class review by Chris Jeffrey

Victoria Ibanez Jun 2023

Really helpful instruction given by Kathryn and look forward to learning more over the weeks

Audrey Neal Jun 2023

Kathryn was very good in her explanations of what she wanted us to do. Her demonstrations were very good,including how to retrieve mistakes in order to go forward. I now feel that with practice I may be able to master crochet.

Karen Kamm Jun 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very good beginner’s crochet class. I feel like I learned so much . Can’t wait to practice the stitches.

Veronica Awotwi Jun 2023

Couldn’t reach there find hard the second stage . Thank you for your time x

Textiles class review by Veronica Awotwi

Marsha Armstrong Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The course tutor was lovely, really supportive and warm. The kit that you sent out was really good quality. Excellent all round value for money.

Melanie Mitchell-Perry Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Louise was a fantastic teacher and I loved the crochet class. I think I’m going to be buying more wool very soon.

Christine Rae Jun 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended

Kathryn was very patient with me and got me managing all the stitches. It was a great one to one session.

Sonia Genery Jun 2023

Great one on one very patient with me as I was a total beginner. Will definitely be back for the granny square workshop once I have had more practice and am ready.

Chloe Patton May 2023

Great class. Louise was excellent at explaining and demonstrating.

She took time to help my daughter when she got stuck and was very patient.

My daughter Chloe really enjoyed the class and would recommend it.

Claire Evans May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was really helpful and explained the techniques and why things are done in a particular way really well.

Megan Lennox May 2023

Really helpful! Time flew in would definitely recommend to a friend or do another workshop

Jill McEwen May 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Have wanted to learn to crochet for years and never got round to it. It gave me the first step on the ladder which is what I needed.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Jill McEwen

Stephanie Wankling May 2023

Kathryn was very helpful and extremely patient with me. Got me well on the way

Beth Mulcahy May 2023

Good clear instructions.
Easy to follow.
Ideas on following a pattern would have been hrlpful

Julie Davidson May 2023

Kathryn was a great instructor - gave a step by step guide to the basic stitches. Appreciated the regular checks to make sure we all understood and were following along!

Ceri Waddington May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed the class - it did exactly what it said and had left me able to do the basics. The artisan was clear and went through it at a great pace and she was very friendly!

Textiles class review by Ceri Waddington

Jo Broadey May 2023

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

A really lovely workshop - I would highly recommend. Kathyrn was great at adapting the class and was very helpful - especially when it came to demonstrating the left handed version of everything! I look forward to coming back for more crochet workshops.

Lily Barker May 2023

Great class, always checking to make sure we’re up to speed and never move on if people are still stuck. Clear instructions that are easy to follow! Very nice lady doing the course! Xx

Victoria Cleaver May 2023

I was worried how easy it would be to follow the online class, but we went at a good speed so that I was able to keep up! Instructions were explained clearly and I feel more confident to do basic crochet stitches

Textiles class review by Victoria Cleaver

Tamsin Lane May 2023

Kathryn was really lovely and gave amazingly clear instructions.

It was really enjoyable. Can’t wait for my next workshop!

Textiles class review by Tamsin Lane

Sue Evans May 2023

Very informative, easy to understand. Kathryn was very patient with us. Gave plenty of time to practice and ask questions

Joanne Hood May 2023

Very clear and easy to follow. Lots of great tips and corrected technique/answered questions as needed

Jessica Heath May 2023

I Really enjoyed the class. Laura the teacher was fab, very easy to follow along and knowledgable. Would 100% recommend for anyone want to get started with crochet.

Lisa Renfree May 2023

Havent been able to crochet for 44 years and today wow
Thank you so much

Suzanne Jeffery May 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Louise was good at explaining the stitches, feel confident I will be able to crochet something using the stitches shown.

Tamsin Lewis May 2023

Great course, the tutor was brilliant and explained everything really well at at a suitable pace. I was super pleased to learn the basics of crochet in such a short space of time, and at home. The kit provided was really good quality. Thank you

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Tamsin Lewis

Gozde Ozakinci Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Kathryn was very helpful and patient and really explained so well. Gave me confidence to try crochet.

Megan Fry-Wife Apr 2023

So great, even though I was the only one booked on I still got the lesson so a bargain for a 1-2-1 directed lesson. Would really recommend to anyone either wanting to improve their crotcheting or learn from the beginning

Lisa Eddings Apr 2023

Lovely lady who was very positive!
Class was easy to follow and worked at a good pace!

Aileen Cervi Apr 2023

Exactly what I needed as a pure beginning to crochet.
Kathryn was great at presenting the steps to follow.
I would definitely recommend this class.

Clare Foard Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really enjoyed the course. Kathryn was very clear and took her time, so we had plenty of time to carry out each task.

Vikki McConkey Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Kathryne went slowly through double and treble crochet stitches step by step demonstrating each step as she went.

She answered any questions and also provided some extra resources to support in crochet moving forward.

Would definitely recommend taking the Beginners guide to crochet.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Vikki McConkey

Sarah Jewhurst Apr 2023

The class worked really well on line to see how to crochet. The instructor was friendly and clear, it was a wonderful lesson, thank you

Anna Swarbrick Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

What fantastic class! Me and my teenage daughter absolutely loved it. We are complete beginners, but Kathryne is so patient and friendly and explains everything so well that by the end of 90 minutes we could do both crochet techniques qith confidence. Thanks a lot!

Daphne Lovelace Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Good teacher. Not really long enough. Got the hang of it but needed to practice after class and looked at instructions which are quite easy to follow. Looked at the online tutorials which went a bit quicker than I expected! Am enjoying learning to crochet in my own time.

Alison Scully Mar 2023

Very good and informative workshop. Chloe was very good in explaining the stitches and also how the workshop would run. Really enjoyed the session

Karen Fulton Mar 2023

I really enjoyed the beginners class and the lovely chloe was fantastic, she explained things clearly and slowly and asking throughout how we where getting on, I would definitely not hesitate to book another tutorial

Rachel Smith Mar 2023

Very friendly instructor who explained things clearly and went over things slowly. Really enjoyable class.

Trudi Cameron Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Excellent introduction. Very easy to follow thank you . I normally find these things challenging but had two neat squares at the end

Leanne Hazel Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I have been trying to get the hang of crochet and have had no luck. I saw this course and thought I would give it a go. I was nervous that I would not get very far. But I was so surprised and happy to have been able to do it. Kathryn was easy to understand. She was also very patient and gave step by step instructions.
We tried 2 different stitches. I would definitely recommend. Her camera set up was really good and clear to see

Textiles class review by Leanne Hazel

Miss Leppert Mar 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, it was clear and precise. Every movement with the crochet hook and the wool could be seen. I had previously been able to make the chains and do double crochet, but it was great to learn the treble crochet. I do plan to book onto the other courses in the future.

Katrina Holland Mar 2023

I have just completed my first class with Kathryn, she was an excellent teacher and so personable. Throughly enjoyed it and so excited to start crochet by myself.

Elsbeth Pinder Mar 2023

Teacher was lovely and very knowledgeable about crocheting. She broke it down into pieces that were easy to understand. Will defo let do another class soon.

Maria Muhammed Mar 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic course. Great trainer, the pace of the course was good. would recommend to any beginner

Lucy Hook Mar 2023

Brilliant! Would highly recommend as a starting point. It was pitched at just the right level, it has got me up and running and there’s no stopping me now! Lots of great tips and the instructor was great at showing us where we’d gone wrong, nobody got left behind. Very nice and relaxed but also covered a lot of ground. Thank you!

Janet Chittock Mar 2023

Kathryn was really clear with her instructions and kept the workshop going at a comfortable pace. It was great to be able to ask questions and pick up tips I’ve not come across before. With the craft kit bag this was very good value for money and I thoroughly recommend it.

Anna Davies Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed the crochet class, the time few by. Kathryn was patient and explained the steps well. Furthered those who progressed quickly and also went over things as many times as you needed, explaining errors and answering questions.

Lorraine Worrall Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kathryn was friendly and a very good tutor. It was very easy to see with the camera positioning. The three of us in the group were taught the two basic stitches and Kathryn checked along the way to make sure we were all keeping up. She was happy to answer any questions and re-demonstrate if we needed it. With a little more practice I will be able to attempt a make from the ideas on the Hobbycraft Website. All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend a cold grey Saturday morning.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Lorraine Worrall

Rosie Head Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very informative, easy to follow. Very well presented class. Thank you for running these workshops, they're great!

Sarah Lonton Mar 2023

Kathryn was very patient. We didnt progress to the second stitch but i got the very basics. Thank you Kathryn.

Sarah Adams Mar 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Enjoyed it and Kathryn was very patient with us. Will definitely be crocheting from now on.

Textiles class review by Sarah Adams

Rosemarie Lester Mar 2023

I really enjoyed the class. Kathryn was brilliant at explaining and demonstrating the stitches. She was also very friendly, patient and encouraging; which I valued. I will definitely be booking more courses. Thank you.

Nathalie Adams Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Very clear explanations. Patient teacher. There was not quite enough time tough to learn 2 different stitches. Maybe 2 hours would have been better.

Janice Moss Mar 2023

very clear instructions and very good service sending the items out. Not sure i will get the hang of it but i will give it a good go ! Thank you

Rachel Atherley-King Mar 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kathryne was lovely and so helpful, she also provided ongoing advice. I feel confident with starting my crochet journey

Sowmya Lakshminarasimhan Mar 2023

The workshop was good in terms of teaching the basic stitches. The camera positioning was also good to give a complete view of what the instructor was doing

Colette Grufferty Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Absolutely loved this with Kathryn. Made complete sense of everything and such a lovely pace.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Colette Grufferty

Kim Sparrow Mar 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Very good customer service when trying to sort this session out, and even better host! Explained everything so clearly, answered all questions as soon as they came in, and made sure everyone was getting to each step properly. Will definitely be doing another session!

Aurora Antonio Feb 2023

I had a great time the teacher was very
calm explaining everything to us in best way possible. I am glad I attended the session.

Alison McKenzie Feb 2023

Kathryn is a great teacher. She explained everything very clearly and the overhead camera was very clear. She was patient and took time to review what I was doing. I was very lucky to have 1-2-1 session with her. Thank you.

Tracey Mansfield Feb 2023

I really enjoyed this workshop. The tutor was very good and showed us step by step how to do each stitch. She talked through each stage of the stitches and checked in with each of us to make sure we were keeping up and didn't have any problems. If anyone on the workshop were unsure, she took it back a step and showed us again. I was confident by the end of it that I knew how to make the chain, how to count the stitches, how to make a double crochet and a treble. I have been practising this weekend and am looking forward to my next project. The box I received prior to doing the workshop was also really good and very exciting to open.

Janice Meikle Feb 2023

Kathryn was very good at explaining things, clear, concise and very patient. Really enjoyed the session

Abigail Terry Feb 2023

Really helpful session. Speed was good and each point was shown more than once, giving loads of time to do yourself. Great explanation of everything and I left with two projects started, to carry on

Shetal Bhayani Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The workshop was packed well and instructions easy to follow. I needed a few things to br repeated and this wasn't an issue. I really enjoyed it and it has boosted my confidence in being able to crochet.

Kathryn Sykes Feb 2023

A great course. Instructor was friendly and helpful and gave clear instructions. The time flew by!

Anna Kurowski Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great online crochet course! I'd tried learning from books before with no luck, whereas this course had me picking up stitches fast. The teacher went at a pace to suit the group, checking on progress, recapping and answering questions. Great camera view of her demonstrating the stitches making it easy to see the detailed movement, much better than a group crowding round a table to see. Links were shared to other Hobbycraft videos, and I've been able to follow those to pick up new stitches. Also, receiving the box with the wool and crochet hook was a treat and well presented. Thanks :)

Textiles class review by Anna Kurowski

Sveva Naldini Feb 2023

Louise was lovely and very kind.
I asked her many questions and she always took the time to explain it again and show me.
Thank you very much!

Viv Williams Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A massive thank you to Louise for a very informative and enjoyable introduction to crochet.

Nikki Renyard Feb 2023

Brilliant class! I’ve wanted to learn to crochet for years but needed someone to show me. Kathryn was really clear, very helpful and I can now crochet! I’d love a follow up class on how to make something specific, how to follow a pattern, change colour etc

Ashleigh Allen Feb 2023

The course was excellent. Kathryn was brilliant and taught me so much she was nice and slow with her demonstrations so it was easy to learn.

Nicola Boddy Feb 2023

Cathryn was great, explained it well and made sure everyone in the group was following! Enjoyed it!

Yvonne Shepherd Feb 2023

41 ClassBento workshops attended • 30 reviews

The artisan demonstrated everything clearly and was more than happy to answer questions or repeat and re demonstrate things as required. It was a full class and she kept checking and waiting for everyone to have a go at each part which was helpful. The pack was good quality and contained the instructions for the stitches, The artisan also provided a link to hobbycraft youtube videos to help us as we continue our crochet after the class. Thank you.

Hayley Raine-Diplock Feb 2023

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

Fantastic course! I can finally do a double and treble crochet stitch The tutor for this online course explained everything so well, and I finally understand it (I’ve been trying for years and I just wasn’t getting ), and I’m so glad I can finally do it! Thank you so much

Textiles class review by Hayley Raine-Diplock

Barbara Panther Feb 2023

Think some previous knowledge would’ve helped as it was not easy to follow . Preview shows you with a finished square but you only do 2 rows not enough to establish knowledge of a stitch . I think you need to be in person , didn’t work on zoom for me .

Katharine Harris Feb 2023

Very interactive and I really understood how to start to learn how to crochet as I didn’t know how to crochet before.

Judith Calu Feb 2023

The course leader was very clear and helpful, working at a suitable pace. Being able to see at close hand what she was doing was particularly useful

Sally Shinners Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Thank you so much for such a great class.
This is my first time doing crochet and Kathryn was a great teacher.

Joanne Philip Feb 2023

Thanks to a super Artisan, Kathryn, I now feel confident with getting started in the craft of crochet. I wasnt sure how I would get on with online class but it was great. Kathryn moved at a nice pace and was happy to go over anything and answer any questions. Would highly recommend the class.

Gemma Stacey Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very clear demonstration of basic stitches. Opportunity to practice whilst watching was very helpful to be sure the stitch was correct.
Unsure if there are workshops for the next stage but if not maybe something about how to change yarn colour would be good

Rachel Guy Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kathryn was great at coaching us through the crochet for beginners class. She was very clear and went at a pace that worked for all of the group. The kit that was supplied was also really nice for practicing. Would definitely recommend this to others and will be looking out for more courses in the future!

Mary Painter Feb 2023

Kathryn was very good and it was easy to follow her. The only drawback was she couldn't see what we were doing unless we held up our work. At an in person class she could do this. So not as good online but a well presented class for beginners.

Liz Gaywood Feb 2023

The class was a very helpful to start to crochet. It was sometimes hard to follow but that wasn't the tutor, it was more just being online, the tutor helped with this by repeating steps to ensure everyone was following what to do next.

Andrea Harrington Feb 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great class. Clear instructions and demonstration with lots of opportunity to ask questions. Instructor regularly checked in with each participant so felt very inclusive. Even though I'm left handed, I found the instructions easy to follow.

Marie Pitchford Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Connection kept dropping outgave up. My internet was ok. Puts me off others as you can't guarantee you can connect.

Michelle Stott Feb 2023

This was my first hobbycraft online workshop. The teacher answered all questions and the pace was good. Friendly teacher, ensured I felt comfortable enough to ask questions. Would attend another workshop. Teacher put link to some YouTube videos in the chat and I was unable to catch them before the workshop endedwould it be possible to email the links please!

Rachel Ahern Feb 2023

Kathryn was very knowledgeable and lead the workshop at a steady pace. The kit provided was of good quality and has plenty of wool so I can start a project after learning the basics.

Heather Niscoveanu Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very good teacher, took time to go back a step if needed, and explained it very well

Textiles class review by Heather Niscoveanu

Fiona Harrod Feb 2023

Kathryn explained things very well and was very patientadvised us tovwatch the Hobbycraft youtube videos too. Thank you

Sarah Clayton Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very clear instructions and fabulous pace for beginners. Kathryn was a great instructor and quickly got to grips with any problems people had. Totally recommend.

Cat Hummel-Newell Feb 2023

Great teacher , clear instructions and visuals . Plus a great basic beginner kit xx
Would be good to have a course of several lessons though rather than just one

Hannah Marsh Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lovely instruction and gave us practice in multiple stitches and techniques to help start our own projects.

Claire Small Feb 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I have learnt new skills and l am aiming for more crochet workshop classes to practice even more knowledge to become stronger within crochet.

Ellie Wilson Feb 2023

I thought that the call was a nice idea and as much as I learned things I didn't quite feel like I could ask questions or say I was confused as it didn't feel much like a beginners lesson. The way things were phrased made it almost feel as if we should have known what we were doing

Tracey Corre Feb 2023

I really enjoyed my beginners crochet course. The instructor was clear and informative with close up shots at all times. The kit arrived a few days before and was beautifully packaged. Added bonus being there are a number of free patterns on Hobbycraft website. Thank you.

Katie Bergin Feb 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great artisan; genuine, knowledgeable, 10/10.
Only 90 mins and I can crochet
Would recommend for beginners

Sharon King Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed the lesson
Katherine was very warm and patient
She was was clear in her instructions
I am going to practice what I have learned and will use the YouTube videos to supplement what I have learned.

Sarah Cavner Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Thank you so much for the slow pace which meant I could really see what you were doing and pick up how to crochet. The session was brilliant.

Irene Barclay Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Relaxed atmosphere, clear instruction were give - even although I am left handed so thank you.

Laura Stronge Feb 2023

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

I learned so much during this class due to the fantastic teaching. The demonstrations were easy to follow and we had plenty of opportunities to ask for guidance if needed. I will definitely do another course 5⭐️

Textiles class review by Laura Stronge

Sharon Fielding Feb 2023

Brilliant Crochet workshop. Kathryn was very patient, explained well, very helpful and willing to repeat demonstration more than once.

Lisa Brickell Feb 2023

Great class! The teacher explained the crochet steps slowly and clearly whilst demonstrating them to us. I was able to work at my own pace and ask questions as i went along. Great beginners guide

Amanda Horton-Jones Feb 2023

Really helpful and worked at our pace, really enjoyed it !
Informative learnt soo much great for beginners

Elizabeth Bowerman Feb 2023

I really enjoyed the class and feel that I achieved what I wanted to - a start on doing crochet. The instructor was excellent - she gave clear instructions and backed them up with actions on screen that were timed well.

Pia Larsson Jan 2023

Kathryn was a fantastic teacher - so clear and patient and made me feel as if I was a quick learner! Would highly recommend.

Beginner's Guide to Crochet review by Pia Larsson

Suzanne Meek Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A fantastic tutor who was calm and relaxed throughout the session. It made me feel relaxed enough to ask for help. I would highly recommend the course.

Barbara Wallace Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was easy to join, the pack arrived in plenty of time and the instructions very clear and to our pace. I managed to keep up and so have eventually got to grips with the basics, having tried many times before.

Debra Drake Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Easy to book, supplies delivered a week before. Host gave clear instructions at a steady pace, checked on progress and answered questions. A boost for my mental health :)

Textiles class review by Debra Drake

Ahlam Jama Jan 2023

Kathryn, our teacher, Is very friendly and bubbly. She deserves a raise Thank you for the class!

Pamela Sawkins Jan 2023

Our tutor was lovely and patient she gave us very clear and easy to follow instructions

Karen Hutchinson Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really enjoyed this class. I'd never picked up a crochet hook before and I ended the lesson with 2 small pieces. Thanks Kathryn!

Pauline Bazett Jan 2023

Really enjoyable session which was paced for beginners as described. Kathryn, the tutor, ensured everyone was keeping up with the tutorial and was happy to recap where required.

As a left-hander I thought I would really struggle but as Kathryn said, it worked fine to do the crocheting as a right-hander instead.

Thanks very much.

Linda King Jan 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 15 reviews

Kathryn is an excellent tutor. Very clear in her demonstration. I took advantage of the discounted workshop price to have another attempt at learning to crochet and this time its clicked. Thank you Kathryn.

Jeshin Murugiah Jan 2023

We thought it was really great! The artisans were exceptional and they were very good at teaching the students the basics of crochet and especially helping one-on-one. They maintained a friendly environment throughout and it was altogether a very enjoyable experience!

Lynda Deeney Jan 2023

Really enjoyed this mode of learning.beginners Crochet •classTutor gave clear instructions and demonstrated well.
• I wear hearing aids in both ears and I missed the summary details of the lesson e.g. videos to watch etc and contact that would enable practise of the stitches demonstrated.
•The session was long enough
I would definitely attend more workshoops.

Susan Keen Jan 2023

The instructions were clear but because of latecomers the initial casting on stitch was explained over and over again. It wasted over 20 minutes of the tutorial. Because of this the last part of the tutorial seemed very rushed and the instructions unclear.

Gillian Wright Jan 2023

Great teacher giving clear verbal instructions while demonstrating techniques. Very patient with class members who were struggling. We had one member of the group who was left-handed. Did slow things down a little having to also demonstrate the left-handed method.
Good to have the paper instructions arrive with the crochet kit which allowed me to have a practice before the class.

Would like to see a next level course.

Lucia Montorio Jan 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Lovely workshop. It has been a really good experience. I've learnt the basics and now I am ready to go.

Kerry Ward Jan 2023

Brilliant course, highly recommend, cannot believe how easy she made it. Clear instructions, stops if you need help or one to one tuition. Book, you will not be disappointed

Janet Brennan Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was very good. It was a step by step guide to beginners crochet. I am a complete beginner and found it very helpful.

Hilary French Jan 2023

Good teacher - hard when some are very slow. Need to look at differentiation even amongst beginners

Nicola Parker Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very clear, very patient. Excellent. Really enjoyed it - I will be back for more -thank you.

Lucy Maresh Jan 2023

This workshop was very worthwhile and well structured. I have tried many times to teach myself crochet from a book and never got anywhere with it. Finally I have the knack and can now start to practice properly. Thank you very much.

Christina Rising Jan 2023

Step by step and easy to follow. Kathryn ensured we were managing and we ready to answer wisdoms as we went along if we were unsure of anything. I now have a know addiction. Definitely recommend.

Carol Nixon Jan 2023

I was late getting on but just in time for the very lovely lady, whose name I missed- sorry, to start showing us how to crochet! I needed to be able to visualise what to do, and this was the perfect way to start! Very clear instructions to follow, very patient and checked how we were getting on, as we went along. Well done Hobby craft!

Mrs Wilson Jan 2023

The workshop was great: easy to follow instructions with clear demonstrations. Our tutor K was patient and helpful so we get the techniques right. Really good to have