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Art Play London

Art Play London

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Art Play London was founded by Silva Castellani in 2018, starting in galleries such as Phillips, and pop up venues around London.

Art Play is now a new art studio which opened in East London in February 2022, where children and adults of all ages are free to release their imaginations and inner creativity.

Art Play has a strong focus and the environment and aims to educate children and adults on their environmental impact through art, using a variety of sustainable mediums and materials.

Art Play is part of the worldwide Precious Plastic community which means it will be a plastic collection point for people to drop off their HDPE plastic which would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. The plastic is then shredding and melted and turned into useful objects and pieces of art, such as plant pots and coasters.


Sip and Paint Class

4.7 (403)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 80

label £18 - £79

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop

4.8 (338)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £16 - £18

Silver Ring Making Class

4.9 (350)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £60

Candle Making Workshop

4.8 (182)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £40 - £57

Painting Class: Vibe N' Paint

4.8 (57)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 60

label £23

Hand Building Pottery Class

4.9 (173)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 70

label £15 - £32

Terrarium Making Workshop

4.7 (96)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £40 - £57

Guided Painting Class

4.8 (87)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 70

label £40 - £59

Silver Jewellery Workshop

4.9 (35)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £60 - £68

Mosaic Workshop

4.9 (12)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £51

Sober Sip and Paint Class

4.9 (17)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 60

label £25 - £40

Children's Graffiti Painting Class

4.8 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £60

Unguided Canvas Painting Upcycling Workshop

4.9 (44)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £8 - £10

Sip and Pour: Acrylic Pour Workshop

4.9 (14)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £52

Portrait Painting Workshop

4.8 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 40

label £45

Paint Your Partner Challenge

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 15

label £79

Jesmonite Tray Workshop

4.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 15

label £48

Marbling Workshop

4.1 (7)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £35

Children's Animation Workshop

4.5 (12)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £35

Unguided Mindful Collage Workshop

4.4 (26)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 60

label £3

Paint a Dog Fundraising Workshop

4.6 (7)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 50

label £50

Pyrography Workshop

5.0 (2)

date_range Sun 20 Oct, 2pm

location_on East London

1 to 10

label £45

Children's Hand Building Pottery Class

4.9 (16)

5 to 12 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £20

Life Drawing Workshop

4.9 (14)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £20

Tie Dye Workshop

5.0 (2)

5 to 15 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 10

label £9

Introduction to Drawing - 4-Week Course

5.0 (1)

date_range Mon 9 Sep, 6:30pm

location_on East London

1 to 15

label £146

Six-week Introduction to Painting Course

5.0 (1)

date_range 15 Jul, 9 Sep

location_on East London

1 to 30

label £190

Paper Making Craft Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

8 to 30

label £22

Children's Craft Workshop

5.0 (1)

7 to 12 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

8 to 30

label £20

Arm Knitting Blanket Workshop

4.6 (5)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

8 to 15

label £100




Felix Gallagher Jun 2024

Lovely evening - they lead painting of a given picture or you can do your own painting if you prefer

Jenna Sichel Jun 2024

Lizzy was very helpful during the lesson and I had a great time - love my new terrarium

Angela East Jun 2024

Lizzy was amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed the session - she was fun, friendly and informative. We would definitely come back and book another session with Lizzy.

Charlotte Monk Jun 2024

We celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday and had a brilliant time! Fabulous memories trying something new and a beautiful keepsake too! Our teacher was very personable, easy going and easy to understand. She broke it all down really nicely into step by step chunks and was very reassuring when we were a little unsure about soldering! Thank you for making such a lovely evening for us!

Annabell Norden Jun 2024

Great fun. We did the unguided session so enjoyed the vibe and freedom of creativity. The guided sessions looked great and would be keen to try one next time.

Despo Kalozoes Jun 2024

Just fabulous! I did the free flow painting class and it's just great..for £15 a session, no pressure just your own ideas. You get everything provided for. It's just a great way to spend a morning /afternoon and do something different! You don't have to be good at art or a pro, just go with the flow!

Wiki Jun 2024

What a great birthday celebration spot!! Some of my friends met for the first time, and it was a perfect, fun setting. Plenty of supplies and paint which we greatly appreciated! The music, at times, was a little too loud as we really had to shout to hear one another but when we just put our heads down to focus it was it really depends what you want out of it!

Robert Jun 2024

Very fun activity, we got our canvas at arrival. Apron, paint and brushes are provided. Just needed some inspirations to start! Bar around for drinks. We had a great time, would do again

Nila Mohanadasan Jun 2024

We came for a girls day out to catch up. Our teacher for the class was Kai he was so friendly and attentive. The venue was amazing and the class was so organised. Kai also went above and beyond. This was definitely worth the money spent. Enjoyed the whole process especially mixing our own scents.

Candle Making Workshop review by Nila Mohanadasan - London

Jennifer Babington Jun 2024

Honestly, absolutely fantastic teachers. Such a passion for their job. So knowledgeable and interesting. I was very impressed

Ruth Valentine Jun 2024

I loved being left alone to play with scissors, glue and a pile of magazines. Absorbing and liberating.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

The class was amazing, it was such a relaxing experience and the staff are super helpful and very sweet! Most definitely coming back again.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

Had an amazing time. Our teacher Sophie was very enthusiastic and supportive, she created a very chilled and calm atmosphere which is just what we needed. Id definitely go again.

Esme Tamika Lee Jun 2024

This was my first class and first time painting with acrylics, I had so much fun. Naomi answered all the technical questions and curiosity questions I had really well so I was pretty confident in what we were doing, and she had lots of tips when I was lost. Will definitely be back.

Patricia Creighton Mbe Jun 2024

Enjoyed the actual painting part but the noise level from other groups and people at the bar made it virtually impossible to hear the teacher.
Good materials and value.
A good venue but as I came from South Croydon a nearly 4 hour round trip made it a bit wearisome.

Orla Ingram Jun 2024

Myself and 2 friends attended this class for my friends birthday! We wanted to gift her something a bit different. The art teacher was super helpful and really made the class engaging.

Catherine Matthews Jun 2024

What was the occasion (if any)? Small work social
What was your teacher like? Very experience and personable!
How was the venue (if applicable)? It felt a bit disorganised as original space was hired out for an event
If materials were provided, did you like them? Yes
What did you do or learn? Watercolour painting
Was the class good value for money? Ok.

Denis Jun 2024

Great atmosphere and nice service. Loved coming for a creative afternoon. Definitely visit again soon.

Carmen Jun 2024

Tried the silver ring making class. The teacher was really sweet and engaging. Also attentive despite in a group setting. The venue was very cozy. Found it difficult to find ArtPlay. Would be great if directions or landmarks could be given in the booking email or etc.

Jewellery Making class review by Carmen - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

I wouldn't call this a class... They give you watercolours and you just play around with them for two hours. I left after an hour because I was so incredibly, painfully bored.

I'm not a naturally artsy person and I was hoping this would be a proper class where they help you step-by-step (as indicated in the event description), showing some basic techniques. The 'teacher' did this very offhandedly maybe twice; because the venue was too cramped, some people couldn't see the demonstration very well, so it was lost on them anyway. It was also very loud and the music was distracting whenever she was speaking.

There were no pictures provided to use as a reference point, we just freestyled everything or had to look things up on our phones. The tables were tiny and there was barely any space for the art supplies.

The 'teacher' was just chilling in the corner 90% of the time, half painting and half messing around on the phone, not doing much.

I'm pretty disappointed considering I have been to another watercolour class once, for the same price, and the quality was so much better. This was just a waste of money, it kind of felt like I paid £24 to go to an adult nursery where I get to play with a bunch of toys for a bit and the teacher is just keeping an eye on me every now and then to make sure I don't stab myself in the eye with the brush. Meh. I wouldn't recommend.

Jessica Jun 2024

We booked this after seeing it on Instagram and it was an absolute blast. The teacher, Denna, was lovely, Friendly and very comfortable to work with. We ended up basically having a private lesson as everyone else in our class didn't show, so it was wonderful to have such a lovely experience :) learning how to make the rings and Fett Ng to every step was so much fun and really interesting. Would absolutely recommend!

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

We had a great time. The venue was nice and we liked the pottery painting a lot.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

Super fun activity! Went with a friend to try something new and had a lot of fun. We had zero painting experience but still managed to do a nice portrait of each other. First drink is included but you'll be way too focused on your painting for drinking more ;) Our teacher, Simon, was very nice and patient. Gave us some very useful tips and let us stay a bit more to finish our portraits.

Helen Kilburn Jun 2024

We had a fabulous time at Art Play with the friendly guidance of Ija. We booked a paper-making class for university students as a part of a wellbeing program and we would certainly come back. The atmosphere was great, and an on site bar means that the venue inside of Spitalfields Markets means that it can cater any occasion from a night out to a lazy Sunday activity.

Adam Brown Jun 2024

I went along with friends who had been before. The venue has a good atmosphere and the materials and equipment provided were of decent quality. In terms of value, the class was £5 more than the previous time and missing the live DJ that had featured previously, so that was a slight disappointment. There was no teacher for the class, it was just a case of painting whatever you felt like from a reference or your own imagination. I liked the freedom this provided and the social aspect of chatting while you paint.

Helen Baldwin Jun 2024

Really great class with patient and clear instruction from Simon. Great venue and facilities. I would definitely come back for another class.

Zuzanna Stroinska Jun 2024

Amazing class! Very well organised, great music, friendly staff and atmosphere. Would definitely go again!

Leeya Sahota-Meghani Jun 2024

Came here for a birthday outing, and it was a great activity. Tom our teacher was great, he made the class 100 x better. The venue played great old school rnb music and it was definitely worth what we spent.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

It was fun and great value for money, would have been nice if they'd provided some guidelines/ideas for those of us who were less artistically inclined but didn't want to do the specific painting offered in the guided class.

Kanchan Nessa Jun 2024

Teacher was so friendly and perfecly capable of teaching the course.

The venue is excellent.

Sara Mageit Jun 2024

Lizzy was super friendly and a great teacher. She provided good guidance but also gave us the freedom to create what we wanted. A nice weekend morning class!

Anna Jun 2024

Great atmosphere, great music, and a well equipped art session. Thanks Kai + Team!! A really easy-going event if you need something to do one evening.

Richard Ellis Jun 2024

Very good lesson! Would definitely reccomend as a gift. Dead happy with the necklaces we made!

Jules Jun 2024

The Terrarium Class was part of our team away day and was great fun. The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly, the venue was lovely and really relaxed and everyone really enjoyed making the terrariums. Would highly recommend as a nice team-building activity

Mike Addy Jun 2024

Enjoyed every minute of my time there. I wish the duration of the class can be extended by a further 30mins.

Liam Randall Jun 2024

The teacher Denna was amazing!! We had an excellent time in the class, and Denna made everyone feel welcomed by learning names and some info on why they joined the class. Her sense of humour and bubbly personality made it a comfortable space to ask questions, make mistakes, and socialise. The materials were great, and the rings feel are made of high-quality sterling silver that would be minimum £30 to purchase at any market. The class was well worth the money and a fantastic experience. I would certainly recommend.

Henry O'Farrell Jun 2024

10 points out of 10 (the experience… not the art we produced). Amazing. Wow wee.

Sara Gwinnell Jun 2024

Our first time at SIP and Paint and we throughly enjoyed ourselves, hadn’t painted since I was a school, it was big fun and we had a good laugh, would definitely recommend this to anyone of all ages

Krishna Thakore Jun 2024

The class was fun, had a great relaxed atmosphere. Naomi was really friendly and helpful. The music was fab. Would definitely book this Vibe n Paint class again.

Amber Chapman Jun 2024

Lucy was a great teacher, our party of three (aged 8, 6 and 5) thoroughly enjoyed this session.

Emily Jun 2024

Did this for my friends birthday!
Teacher was very nice/patient/helpful!
Venue was super cute, although somewhat a bit chaotic - the class started late and there wasn't much guidance with setting up (where to sit, get aprons etc)
Had lots of fun painting our scene - Value for money was okay, being a bottomless prossecco session, however the class moves at a relatively quick pace so you don't get to actually drink that much!!

Painting class review by Emily - London

Larissa Pearce Jun 2024

A fun activities with friends or solo. A chance for a therapeutic break with some good tunes.

Emily Jun 2024

I took my friend for her birthday as she loves all things art. We both had such a fun time and I throughly enjoyed myself too! The dJ was great and played all tunes we knew which we were singing along too whilst painting our canvases! You could paint whatever you wanted and take as long as you liked. The teacher explained where everything was and gave paints, brushes, canvas, and an apron before you started. The venue was intimate but big enough for everyone to have personal space. We went up to the bar for a drink which were really reasonable prices and took it back to our stations! Had fun painting, chatting, drinking and singing along! Would definitely do it again! It was something different but a great experience idea!

Oli Taiwo Jun 2024

This was a wonderful surprise from my partner for my birthday that I’ve wanted to do for ages! It was a lovely activity (the bottomless Prosecco definitely made things even more interesting) and Naomi, our host was amazing! Loved every bit of it!

Painting class review by Oli Taiwo - London

Nancy Stuart-Godfrey Jun 2024

It was a leaving, engagement and birthday get together. I don't usually like activities but this was fun. We were given instructions and left to our own devices for 2 hours. We rebooked 2 bottles of Prosecco and the team happily provided them when requested. Naomi happily answered questions on the event and possible future bookings. There were 5 of us and we'd definitely book again.

Abhinav Suresh Jun 2024

Fun date idea. The Mrs and I really enjoyed it. Would recommend the sip and paint.

Isabella Koning Burnett May 2024

It was a great experience and one of the only things I could find that wasn’t really expensive!! fantastic space and loved that me and friends could just chill out and paint without a ‘teacher’ per say

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop review by Isabella Koning Burnett - London

Nadim May 2024

A fun, unique experience and a nice souvenir to take home afterwards. Denna is a great teacher; kind, funny and very encouraging!

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

It was my baby sisters birthday and for her love for painting we friends and family went together. It was a nice summer breezy day and we enjoyed thoroughly

Hashim May 2024

Staff were helpful, lots of material available for painting, nice friendly atmosphere. Would definetely recommend!

Cheryll May 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved it. Very therapeutic and fun. Teacher was very welcoming, explained the steps clearly. Will definitely come again.

Louise Cotter May 2024

Great teacher, we really enjoyed our workshop. Beautiful rings to take home. Thank-you! X

Simone George May 2024

Was very enjoyable, thanks so much!
Was lovely to just focus on painting and loose yourself in the moment

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

The class was fun and Sophia was very welcoming. The venue as in an ideal location and the class was great value for money. It was a bit crowded in the venue and noisy which made it a bit difficult to hear the teacher and focus. Overall it was a very fun sip and paint.

Hannah Broady May 2024

Was a wonderful date night at the silver ring making class. The teacher was absolutely wonderful, made it really fun and was great to try something new. Would 100% recommend

Jewellery Making class review by Hannah Broady - London

Camila Rodriguez Juan May 2024

Got this as a birthday present from my sister and I really enjoyed ir. The teacher, Tom, was really pleasant and class was very relaxing and enjoyable. The 2 hours passed really quick.

Celia Whincop May 2024

Very fun class and super happy with the ring, teacher was fantastic and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend

Kiren Mitra May 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Took my kids to a brilliant little tie-dye class with Naomi on Saturday. All materials were provided and kids had a fab half-hour making their t-shirts. Naomi had a lovely rapport with them and they enjoyed every minute.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Great guided class. Easy and fun. Take your art piece home after it dries. Located inside Spitalfields

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Simon was so soooo amazing! We did a guided painting class and he was really patient with all of us! All the paintings turned out really good - 10/10 day:)

Guided Painting Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

This session was a free flow session, therefore there was no teacher. The group and I did enjoy our time

Emily Cotterell May 2024

Came to a vibe n paint session with my three best friends for something different to do and we all absolutely loved it, despite some of us in the group not being artistic! The music was fun, staff were really friendly and supplied us with everything we needed to paint whatever we liked. Was a really enjoyable evening and a great atmosphere.

Nakita Roberts May 2024

Booked an unguided paint session for my mum’s 60th birthday everyone had lots of fun and really enjoyed painting. Would definitely recommend and would go back again.

Toluwase Omoniyi May 2024

Enjoyed a Really lovely unguided painting experience with friend! Would definitely recommend for friends and even children. Will definitely be back

Painting class review by Toluwase Omoniyi - London

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

It was an OK class, the painting we did was interesting. However, I didn’t really learn any techniques. The class is perhaps too big for one tutor as there is little interaction with individual students. It was also quite rushed. For the price I did expect there to be more teaching and interaction.

Tom Noakes May 2024

Sara was an incredible teacher, keeping us entertained whilst we waited for our clay to dry as well as teaching us the metal clay techniques. Very worth the money and we came away with 2 lovely necklaces.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Came here for my friend's birthday as an activity. DJ in particular and music was great.

Selina May 2024

Had such an amazing time with my friend! Kai was an awesome teacher, super informative, fun, energetic and attentive. I learnt *not* to fall asleep with my candles on (duh) due to to toxins in regular wax~ So soy wax is the way to go (but probably still best not to fall sleep with candles on)

I loved how artsy and beautiful the studio was~ it was a tad loud, but couldn't be helped. Lotsa lovely decorating options. All n all loved the experience and loved how my candles turned out! I don't wanna burn it though

Candle Making class review by Selina - London

Deron Oppong May 2024

Excellent vibes and cool staff. first time but definitely won’t be the last. Solid dj

Paul Serrao May 2024

Great class Kai explained it perfectly and made it easy to understand. Will recommend to my friends

Debbie Walker May 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Painting to hip hop in Spitalfields London, brilliant concept!
At £23 for 2 hours a great way to start a weekend.
Team super friendly. As a first time painter it would have been nice to have a formal introduction, wasn't sure if we'd be given more guidance, hints, tips but just left to get on with it.
Super fun though and will be back in the future.

Painting Class: Vibe N' Paint review by Debbie Walker - London

Julia May 2024

Fantastic experience in a chill, cool environment - Olivia was welcoming and all-around lovely! Would definitely come again ️

Sejal Kakkanattu May 2024

Great staff good environment amazing vibe. Should try it atleast once. Good way to socialise

Alan Scott May 2024

Was a birthday gift I bought for my partner and it was an amazing experience! Our teacher (I’ve forgotten her name but she was so good at remembering ours!) was incredible and kept us laughing, educated and entertained through out the whole session. We had everything we needed and would 100% recommend coming back to make another lovely ring.

Jo May 2024

Lovely evening to celebrate our anniversary. The teacher was really helpful and made the whole experience fun and informative. The rings we made are gorgeous. Fantastic experience all round, would recommend to anyone!

Frida Brolund May 2024

Teacher was amazing and the whole experience was so much fun! Great way to test something new in an easy way.

Yan-Yi Lee May 2024

Very convenient venue, really lovely and thoughtful instructor, ended up with a lovely ring all in two hours! Great fun

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Really disappointed with this. 'Vibe' was great - thanks to the DJ. But for the 'paint' I should've just stayed at home. The least we would've expected are decent quality brushes, some guidance/a few words on brush strokes and better organisation of seating for the £23 each...I usually like ClassBento but a plea for you to adjust expectations / price accordingly.

Elena Walker May 2024

Had an amazing session today, the teacher was really welcoming and friendly we had a great time, so much fun! Would recommend

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Jess, our teacher, was really enthusiastic and explained the process of candle-making really well.

Wonderful variety of scents, good explanation of the different types of candle available on the market and the benefits of using soy wax over paraffin- super informative alongside being a great introduction to candle-making.

As a small class, she took the time to work with each member on decorating candles and was very open to adding new features (coffee beans, metallic pen for decorating the outside of the candles) and it really added to the experience. Totally worth the money and I would highly recommend.

Kayla Gallagher May 2024

Art Play collaborated with pizza food truck in Spitalfields. Went for a work social - good bonding and fun event but glad it was not paid for personally. After starting a little late, they showed us all how to make our own pizza dough to start but then they put them in pizza boxes to take home to make your own at home, so you don't actually eat the pizza dough you make. Then they brought out their already made dough for us to roll out and top ourselves. Probably for the best just in case people messed up their own dough. Only toppings were sauce, cheese, and basil, no additional toppings. Then we took it to the truck to cook the pizzas and they folded them into what they call on their menu a 'pizza portafoglio' which they sell for only £5. Given the class was £60 per person, not sure it was entirely worth it since the pizzas were quite small and no extra toppings and we also had to pay for our own drinks. Some people paid for another pizza after the class since it wasn't too filling. Overall, a fun night but was happy the company paid for it, maybe a little overpriced for what it was.

Mairi M. McLeod May 2024

Thanks Kai for the interesting candle making course! We loved it! We will definitely come back!

Alisha Gill May 2024

I have contacted several times to have the list rescheduled and received no response and now have wasted 80 quid. So yea not happy.

Afshaan Kathrene Singh May 2024

great experience, friendly staff and amazing vibes. value for money. won't mind coming here again and again :)))

Jane May 2024

Jess was great!! Very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you! Will come back again

Vesna Pavasovic May 2024

Lovely environment and great staff! My 7yo really enjoyed it. We will be back :). Keep up great work

Montserrat Sanchez Palomera May 2024

We were a group of 5 and we loved making terrariums! Our teacher, Kai, was dedicated and explained everything before every single step. He answered all our questions and was very helpful throughout the class.

Terrarium class review by Montserrat Sanchez Palomera - London

Edinam Gbeki May 2024

Our teacher was friendly and made the atmosphere relaxed and calm. She clearly has alot of knowledge and insight and helped me find my vision of what I wanted to make.

Katerina Rakhmanova May 2024

I liked that I just painted and it was calm and comfortable. I’d like to have more colours though.

Nads May 2024

Great session, time went super fast but totally enjoyed

Matthew Jan-Janin May 2024

Very fun, informative and relaxed.

Kai was great and very patient dealing with our questions.

Sophia May 2024

A delightful terrarium class with Kai. Thank you so much! Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much.

Jonathan Zerlin May 2024

Jess was an amazing teacher! very helpful and insightful.
we highly recommend her for next classes

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Sorcha was a great instructor, it was a really fun class in a lovely location.

Sophia Zhang May 2024

A delightful terrarium class with Kai. Thank you so much! Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much.

Sejal May 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was fun and interactive. The teacher helped everyone throughout and was very friendly and had a great smile

Aya Othman May 2024

We recently had a team social day at Art Play and it was truly a delightful experience. The entire team thoroughly enjoyed the activities offered and it turned out to be a memorable day for all of us. The art gallery provided a wonderful setting for our team bonding and we were able to appreciate and engage with various artistic expressions. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to explore our creativity and enjoy each other's company in such a unique and inspiring environment. Thank you, Art Play, for a fantastic day filled with creativity and connection.

Jennifer Lee May 2024

Thank you
Nice teacher
Nice lady
Had a nice relaxing good time
:) friendly
Nice venue

Marianne May 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended

Exactly as described, you get all necessary equipment and you are free to draw anything you want! Loved it.

Vanessa May 2024

Really lovely and relaxed environment.
Had wonderful day doing 2 classes.
Would definitely recommend.
Can't wait till my next visit

Donna May 2024

Had a great time, so helpful and good value for money.
Girls day out getting creative and having fun.

Marianne May 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Good people, good teacher and good class!! Really relaxed vibe and teacher very engaging.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Lived the class! Sam was so funny and helpful, and we all loved our rings

Guido May 2024

I think the experience was good and the teacher was friendly and willing to help. There was not a lot of technique to teach (I reckon) so it felt less like a class and I also didn't feel like I learnt a lot, but still an enjoyable experience.

Kyle Jordan Williams May 2024

Really fun class to do as a couple or a group. Teacher was funny and tried to include everyone

Anastasia Jack May 2024

I attended the class just for fun. The teacher was very patient and supportive, she made us all feel at ease and relaxed. I didn't know I could paint so was very pleased with the end product thanks to a very good teacher.

Francesca May 2024

We booked a private class with 12 participants for a corporate event. When we arrived, 15 minutes before the scheduled beginning of the class, everyone seemed really confused despite our booking being on their schedule (the person at check-in found our name straight away). After 10+ minutes waiting, we were told the teacher had issues and couldn't make the class, and they could offer a self-led painting session instead, for a small discount. We argued that none of this was our fault as we had 2 confirmation emails about the class, so we requested a larger discount, and that's where the story changed - suddenly it wasn't that the teacher had issues, but simply we were told "the reservation shouldn't have been confirmed without a teacher calling you" (the confirmation email said nothing about expecting a call?) and "nobody let them know about the booking" (? it was on their schedule?). We ended up doing not what we paid for, and receiving a partial refund.
Advice: if you are looking to book a private class, the confirmation email isn't enough, you need to actively call them to make sure they check their agenda and know you are coming.

Rebecca Macfadyen May 2024

I attended with a friend to a sip and paint session. We were provided with all that we need with a drink to sip. Jessie was very good and breaking down the steps in the painting and it was at a good pace.

Painting class review by Rebecca Macfadyen - London

Sarah Forster May 2024

We arrived on time having booked a guided session painting abstract with our 7 year old granddaughter. The class did not exist but they put us with a group painting a fantasy version of realism - pretty picture to follow. Our tutor Jessie was very friendly and gave us all cheery reviews of our work as she walked round.
She paid particular attention to Milly as did all the staff.
Our session was enjoyed by all of us. Will go again!

Cristina May 2024

I booked the class for a group of hens on the occasion of a hen do and it was a very pleasant experience, the teacher, Kai, was fantastic. We were running quite late due to some train issues and he was very accommodating and able to guide us through the process so that we could all make our lovely terrariums within the time frame, but not feel rushed and also feel informed about the history of terrariums, how to make them at home, how to care for them, etc.
On the ClassBento side, I would say that we tried calling, e-mailing etc. to let the team know we were running late due to train issues but the phone no in the e-mail went straight to voicemail (called maybe 7 times in 30 min). we did receive a short message when we were already in the class from the online contact form to say they would inform the team but to my knowledge they never did.
Also on ClassBento side, we paid for 2 bottles of prosecco but nobody issued them to us or seemed to know about it at reception. I am yet to find out how to clam money back on them...

Terrarium class review by Cristina - London

Lakeisha May 2024

I came with my cousin as it was his birthday and we're both artistically inclined. We opted for an unguided 2 hour slot and had a great time. All the staff were lovely, particularly the guy behind the bar (tall, black, bald, great smile- sorry I didn't catch his name).

Everything we needed was provided and our end products were better than we expected for ourselves. I would definitely would recommend to others and will return!

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

I enjoyed the class. Teacher Jess was lovely and explained things well and encouraging.
Our session started half an hour before other classes so there was quite a bit of noise for the first half an hour with other groups setting up and getting ready and moving around which was off putting and the teacher had to talk loud to be heard. Would have been better for all classes to start at the same time.
There was some issues with the free arrival drink and I had to ask for mine twice and my friend paid for his first one. A bit more communication with the bar and class is needed.

Rhiain May 2024

Naomi led our session and she was great! Really enjoyed this class and already thinking about returning. It was great for all ages and I was surprised by how the painting turned out even for complete beginners.

Painting class review by Rhiain - London

Sarah Sloman May 2024

AMAZING from start to finish - we were greeted and taken to the location where the class was going to be held) even at the start the music was too loud which Kai got
Turned down - we were then supported in making an amazing terrarium - with all the benefits and how to produce one - we were even had a box to put it in so that it made it home in one piece - arts play is great, had a really nice coffee before the course.

Ashley Kaufman May 2024

Great central London venue with bar, food and coffee! Sara the tutor was knowledgeable, passionate, helpful and friendly. Everyone left with a completed pendant and silver chain of our choice. Lots of tools to make your piece. Will 100% book again with Sara and at Artshed. The workshop was good value for the money.

Anthea Odeyemi May 2024

I went with a friend and we had a great time. We did an unguided class (free flow painting) on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy. The music was great and not too loud. We were able to chat whilst painting. All paint and brushes were supplied and it felt like good value for money.

Bipasha Khatter May 2024

I came for a candle making workshop. Sophie was amazing and really helpful.

Though I broke my candle minutes after I collected it but the whole experience was amazing.
Will definitely try it again.

Candle Making Workshop review by Bipasha Khatter - London

Neha Fatima May 2024

Naomi was amazing!She was fun and took us through each step meticulously.
Will definitely sign up for such classes in future!

Manisha Kotecha May 2024

Went with 4 friends, was a really enjoyable experience. Our teacher Naomi was great guiding us throughout and had a lovely manner and put us at ease as we were novices. Abundant Prosecco flowing constantly.
We were able to create a lovely piece of art within 2 hours. Highly recommend it. Great location, lots of fab eateries at Spitalfields market to line the stomach before the Prosecco :)

Del Ganly May 2024

It was a Xmas present for my Wife +1 (me)
We both really enjoyed it, the teacher was a good laugh and amazingly, remembered everyone's names from the start!
Our new silver rings look fantastic and our friends are now booked on the next course because they were so impressed of our great time.
All materials and tools are included in the price, and Spitalfields is well worth a visit anyway

Jewellery Making class review by Del Ganly - London

Mrs Christina Reinke May 2024

Venue is spitalfield market was fabulous with a great vibe. Unfortunately, our class started a bit late but was fun nevertheless. We celebrated our daughter's 12th birthday and learned how to make candles. Definitely recommend

Candle Making class review by Mrs Christina Reinke - London

Harriet Back May 2024

So relaxing and wholesome! Cuppa tea and painting = perfection
We will definitely come back soon!

Jessica May 2024

An excellent class, the DJ was particularly good and made for a really fun night!

Kajal Patel May 2024

Instructor was lovely and really knowledgeable! Really fun class and we loved our rings at the end. Thanks!

Silver Ring Making Class review by Kajal Patel - London

Karim Afifi May 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great DJ Art unguided class, great music and vibe. Will definitely be back for sure!

Miriam May 2024

I bought this with a friend for another friend's 30th birthday present and it made the perfect evening out! We had such an amazing time and was so lovely to leave with a beautiful silver ring at the end of the evening and have something to remember the special occasion.

The teacher was amazing! She was so welcoming, so knowledgeable, super enthusiastic and had such a great sense of humour.

Excellent value for money and a brilliant way to spend a Wednesday evening in a great venue - thank you so much!

Imogen Rooks May 2024

Really fun class (Berets & bubbly - what more could you want?!). Teacher was great & lovely venue. Came away pleased with my picture and happy I had bought this as a birthday gift for my friend!

Gabrielle Pye May 2024

It was so much fun! The environment was incredibly chilled and loved to see everyone getting artsy! The teacher was great and explained the class and techniques really well and I was very happy with my final outcome. Would definitely do another class again!

Rosie Fau May 2024

We turned up 10 mins late unfortunately and they still accommodated us which was nice, very fun and helpful atmosphere not too serious and perfect for a date night
The teacher explained things well and all equipment needed was provided
Amazing night can’t wait to come back

Saurabh Batra May 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a great time, Zack was a fun and patient guide all along the way.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Had a really great time! Instructor was great! There was a microphone so you could hear her in the room and she walked around and gave pointers to you individually aswell which was really helpful. Will be coming back again.

Painting class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Maria Dooley May 2024

So much fun. The teacher was great, Northern Irish girl. Really friendly and helpful which is what makes things like this so enjoyable.
Really nice facilities too.
Can't think of a fault!

Krittika Jayakumar May 2024

The workshop was a meaningful, therapeutic and informative. It was definitely value for money, got myself amazing candles :) The instructor was kind, helpful and knew her craft well.

Candle Making Workshop review by Krittika Jayakumar - London

Tabitha Clark May 2024

We had a great time with Sophie - she was amazing and led the group well!

Candice Baverstock May 2024

Came here for my friends birthday- this was her gift. Our teacher was lovely and explained everything so well.

Neither of us have an artistic bone in our body but this class really was inclusive of everyone regardless of talent. The group was quite big- but this wasn’t overwhelming we were all chattering away and it was a friendly atmosphere.

I’d highly recommend and definitely will come back in future.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

The Class and Teacher were great. Enjoyable hour and a half. 2 lovely scented candles each.

Sanam May 2024

Class was great! The teacher was super helpful and the venue was very cozy! We were provided with all materials and the add ons were a great touch!

Emilia Pereira May 2024

Class was good. Teacher was really nice and it made us all feel very comfortable

Yusuf Mirza May 2024

We had Kai he was informative and good energy throughout. Thanks for the memories Kai.

Lewis Williams May 2024

Really enjoyed it! Great vibe and fully equipped with everything you'll need to paint. Will be back

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

can be more spacious. provide more seats for unguided workshops (we had to move our seats twice because apparently there are guided classes that take up so much space). the paint refill area can be located at a more spacious corner and not right at the entrance

Emilie Chen May 2024

The teacher was lovely but she only knew the bare minimum about marbling.
When we started the class, she asked if we knew what we wanted to do, I referenced the traditional marbling patterns seen on old books, and she had no idea what these look like - I had to show her on Google.
When later, I asked why our tests' colours were so faded compared to most of the samples she had shared with us from previous classes, she didn't know. She said it might be the paper or the brand of inks - even though the bottles said 'Marbling Inks' - and went to fetch different papers and inks, it hardly made a difference, and still looked miles off the examples from the previous students (or the picture advertising the class for that matter).
I guess it's fine as a fun activity to do with kids, but for any adults who genuinely has an interest in marbling, this is a let down.

Victoria Gladman May 2024

Great fun and a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Thank you for the experience

Geni Auret May 2024

We had such a wonderful time with Thomas who guided us and gave lots of helpful information and some fun facts as we went along the way. He was fantastic and we love our candles

Pauline Chabanis May 2024

Thomas was a great teacher for the mosaic session and I would definitely go again!

Ricca Mae Bautista May 2024

Loved it! Very chill & clear instructions. Definitely might come back with family or friends. Amazing class

Warda Abdullahi May 2024

Pottery class was exceptional! Me and my sister enjoyed it so much, it was a lovely Friday night activity to do. I felt like we got better as time went by, the teacher was so friendly and attentive, she let us stay a little longer which was perfect as we got to finish our piece.

Pottery class review by Warda Abdullahi - London

Ama May 2024

Sofie Made the class really fun! And I had the most relaxed experience ever. Would definitely do this often with a friend

Hand Building Pottery Class review by Ama - London

Tanya Paige May 2024

The silver ring making workshop was so much fun! Really informative and we got to actually weld the ring and hammer to the texture we wanted. Would definitely recommend!

Anika Patel May 2024

I loved this class! The teacher was absolutely fantastic. So insightful and made it very fun. Loved it from start to finish.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Teacher was great and helpful, appreciated her energy and really enjoyed the class! Thanks so much!

Eliz May 2024

Really good price, lots of materials and so many materials! Perfect location too! I will be looking to go again if there are others! Also helpful that there is access to food and drinks :)

Life Drawing Workshop review by Eliz - London

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

This was a great concept. £16 is so reasonable for premises, cancas and access to paints. I prefered the unguided so myself and a friend can paint what we like at our own pace and chat away. Paint was good quality. Brush varieties could have been better. I really needed a finer nib and having glitter would have been a bonus. I think it would be nice to provide tissue for when painting, picture drying fascility and a bag for the canvas. It was awkward walking out holding a wet painting. Toilet fascilities were clean and the atmospheric vibe was lovely with multiple classes on the go in the background.

Rukhsar May 2024

Great session, the teacher was amazing, patient and made the session fun. Would definitely do this again.

Sip and Paint Class review by Rukhsar - London

Julia Kanaeva May 2024

It was a cool workshop! Really liked it! The teacher Sofia was very nice and explained everything properly.

Joyce Tan May 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Good fun for a weekday morning. Good value, especially given the price. Would recommend. Location was easy to get to as well and I will check out the other courses at the venue.

Shahad Khoja May 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Sofia was awesome! She made everything easy to understand and fun to do. I left feeling totally inspired and ready to make more candles. Thanks, Sofia!

Maria Sabater Apr 2024

Took part in the ring making workshop with my friend to create some matching rings to remember our time in London by and it was incredible. The rings look great and the teacher was even better. Went a Tuesday afternoon and so there weren’t many people and the teacher had time and patience for everyone. The location is roomy and bright. Overall would highly recommend if you want a unique handmade memory piece.

Edit Krisztina Timar Apr 2024

I loved the atmosphere, the vibe of the place and was interesting to try different drawing materials. This was my first life drawing class, was really awesome that we had a live model and the teacher was very friendly and encouraging.

Joann Taylor Apr 2024

Took my mum for a birthday treat, we both loved the class. Naomi was lovely, really friendly and helped with any questions we had. Had a lovely time and are looking to return for another class.

Painting class review by Joann Taylor - London

Jo Bogda Apr 2024

Naomi was excellent and engaged with each child. It was a thoroughly entertaining experience. All the children were excited to see their finished results. A fab price for the party x

Divyia Satkunarajah Apr 2024

Was a great experience and would recommend to try this out with friends or even as a solo activity!

Simon Loader Apr 2024

A nice supportive atmosphere, great facilities and a really peaceful 2 hours spent painting. Wonderful

Pooja Middleton Apr 2024

Kia was brilliant. He was educational and funny and I had a great time.
I definitely recommend this workshop.
I love my terrarium, and will be making another soon

Kehinde Okutubo Apr 2024

Sophie was a great & very sweet teacher! We had a large group of around 20 and they accommodated us very well i'm so impressed. The group thoroughly enjoyed the activity, and we'll come back again very soon.

Pedro Valentini Apr 2024

Great experience, would be nice to know in advance what are we going to paint and what style ;) Thank you

Sophie Apr 2024

Arrived on time and was seated very quickly, the teacher has only been there a month but you definitely couldn't tell she was Fab! Such a fun activity!

Hannah Williams Apr 2024

This class was so much fun! Tom was a brilliant teacher. Will definitely come again

Emily Apr 2024

Bought candle making workshop for a friend’s birthday. Tom who took the class was great - chatty, warm and welcoming. All materials were provided and pleased we were able to make two candles. Nice mix of fragrances to use from. Venue is good, nice to see the other activities also going on.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Class was very relaxing and felt calm during and after. Thomas was a brilliant teacher and guided us all through fantastically! A good range of scents and decorations were on offer allowing us to make lovely unique creations. Venue was quirky and welcoming.

Candle Making Workshop review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Suat Karacan Apr 2024

Although my painting might not have been amazing, the atmosphere definitely was! Very fun experience, whether you are going on a date, with friends or even with family like we did.

Binny Fisher Apr 2024

Amazing teacher, the other staff could learn a few things from Kai legend
Deserves a pay rise

Tania Yessa Apr 2024

Really had a blast lovely, friendly chilled atmosphere with great staff… honestly can’t fault it… wished we had arrived at 7:30pm to get a seat under the lights but no biggie definitely coming back and trying this and the other classes…

Drawing title: what I ordered vs what I got ️

Radhika Tailor Apr 2024

Thomas is an absolute Gem! Such a calming, relaxing and therapeutic class, thanks for such a great time.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Very fun and chill night! Everything was accessible and organised. We had a lovely time:)

Jay Guevara Apr 2024

It was fun. Could have stayed a little
Bit longer to paint. I will definitely come back

Unguided Free Flow Painting Workshop review by Jay Guevara - London

Lauren Apr 2024

This was a birthday present for my girlfriend. We made silver rings. It was a lot of fun! It was great value for money and we would 100% do this again! Sam was a great teacher!

Wei Jian Tan Apr 2024

It was a treat for my girlfriend's 30th birthday party, located in a very convenient location. Even though we had no experience in painting whatsoever, we felt very welcome and our questions were answered quickly.

We painted a scenery of a sun reflected on an ocean backdrop. We were guided on the painting techniques, and we managed to bring our art piece home.

Adam Field Apr 2024

Excellent experience! Would recommend to anyone looking for a creative night. The teacher was very interactive and insightful; providing help where needed.

Oli Bogaerts Apr 2024

Work event! It was really fun and engaging class. Sorcha (our teacher) was super friendly and easy going.

Sonia McPherson Apr 2024

We are social workers, we booked to celebrate our social work student completing her placement with us. The teacher Eleanor was a delight! Eleanor worked with the group at the right pace, and still allowed space to answer individual questions. Procecco, fun giggles and a masterpiece to hang on our home. Thank you. Worth every penny!

Sip and Paint Class review by Sonia McPherson - London

Nayan Patel Apr 2024

Great session! Time flew by and Jess was a lovely instructor who was very helpful

Ellis Black Apr 2024

Really fun class! Sam was an excellent teacher - he explained everything clearly and was really supportive whenever people had questions or needed help. I came away from the evening with a shiny new ring and a newfound enthusiasm for jewellery making! Highly recommend

Kacper Apr 2024

Teacher was excellent and eganging! Really enjoyed the workshop! Would highly recommend to art newbies!

Miia Autio Apr 2024

I really enjoyed the class. It was taught in a fun and relaxed way and the end result was fabolous. Fun time all around!

Jewellery Making class review by Miia Autio - London

Mal Siva Apr 2024

Sophie was amazing and the kids loved it and enjoyed creating their pots! Thank you so much Sophie for being so patient and fun!

Sarah Apr 2024

We had a wonderful time at the silver jewellery workshop with Sara this weekend.
Sara was friendly, fun, informative and very patient. The four of us all created something different and are over the moon with our mementos of our day together.
Thank you for a lovely day.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Booked the free flow painting class with my friends and we had the best time. It was a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and the staff were great. It's definitely great value of money, in a really good location (Old Spitalfields Market, London). My friends and I loved the music playing, just wished it was playing earlier on, as it was towards the end. Will be coming here again for sure :)

Kathleen Mary Clarke Apr 2024

Great value for money and was good would definitely recommend for groups of friends to go

Bianca Marques Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I booked the class to celebrate my Birthday with a friend and we both enjoyed it. It was a guided painting (theme was fruits) with bottomless prosecco (can't complain!).
The teacher (Jess) was friendly and helpful. The space was colourful and creative and had a nice atmosphere, but slightly too busy (with some other classes happening at the same time) - which wasn't an issue, but good to know (it was a Saturday afternoon).
As it's more a social activity than a class, you won't learn loads of technics, but it's a nice start with some useful tips, artsy time and I would def do it again! My painting is now decorating my living room :-)

Jessica Tappin Apr 2024

We attended Vibes n Paint for a date night idea. We had a great time, something different to what we are use to, Afro beats and Hiphop was playing the whole duration. Definitely worth every penny and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try something different from a boozy brunch etc.

Danielle Coburn Apr 2024

What a great experience! We’ve been looking into booking a paint and sip for a while but couldn’t justify the price for some of them. This one was an excellent price for the full experience. We were greeted by a member of the team who explained what we needed. We were provided with endless supply of paint and resources needed. Dj was brilliant, bar was well stocked. It was packed inside which always makes me feel satisfied with the purchased knowing people around our table had returned also.

Thoroughly great experience, helpful staff and lots of fun to have been had by all.

Marianne Apr 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended

This is our third class at Art Play and it did not dissappoint. The place has a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. We did the Silver Jewellery Workshop which we thoroughly enjoyed and left with some fantastic pendants and earrings. And made some new friends along the way! What more could you ask for?

Giacomo Apr 2024

Booked the unguided session and all the staff were really helpful and friendly. We sat outside and enjoyed painting using the wide range of colours they had available; which we could take as much as wanted. Definitely would come again, found it very relaxing and enjoyable.

Sam Apr 2024

I purchased this for my friends birthday, the staff was lovely. Easy to find the venue. Would definitely go again, my only criticism is that I wish they had bottles of paint on each table

Tara Hale Apr 2024

I was bought this class as a gift from my friend and it was such a pleasure to sit in a space full of creative people, listening to music and painting (with a cuppa!). There were good vibes all round, the staff Don and Masha were lovely. The venue was clean, comfortable and had a bar for hot and cold drinks.
We were given a canvas (but you can bring your own), and picked where we wanted to sit. All the spaces are already set up with an easel and paint brushes, water etc. We were then given our selection of paints by a staff member, but you could get more throughout the evening if you ran out of colours.
I could've stayed much longer and painted all night!
Definitely a wonderful birthday present as it's something you can do as a pair or with a group of friends.
This is defo a place I will be returning to and bringing others for the experience :)))
Thankyou for a lovely evening, Tara :)

Sara Apr 2024

An upbeat and interesting class which was really well taught. So great to come away with what you have created.

Humayra Abdin Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I booked this for myself and two others as part of a birthday celebration. It was honestly such a wonderful experience and Kai was so patient with us and such a great and enthusiastic instructor! I would definitely rebook this experience again and will recommend others to go :)

Candle Making class review by Humayra Abdin - London

Lewis Williams Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kai was great, very informative and fun class. Would definitely recommend and be back again

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Overall it was an enjoyable experience. I wish we had longer to make the pottery because 1hr 30min is such a short time, especially when you want to make something more detailed, this isn’t enough time for many people. I also thought that we could’ve done with more time as the place was almost empty so I didn’t understand the rush? Teachers were kind and friendly. Wish we were able to burn the pottery to paint over instead of air drying but that’s totally fine too :) I was also under the impression that we could make anything we wanted to but it turns out we could only make pottery that couldn’t hold water, as I’m sure me along with many others wouldn’t liked to make cups/ mugs etc but given the type of clay, they couldn’t hold water. Overall, I feel like if you’re not super into art, this is a nice class to attend. But if you wanted something more, I’d recommend something longer and more challenging.

Josh Tuckwell Apr 2024

Really friendly staff who were very helpful and accommodating. Had a great time - everything we needed was provided, a great way to spend a free afternoon.

Ritchie Franklin Apr 2024

Sorcha was great - patient and fun, keeping an eye on everyone and giving tips and advice. We learned to make coil pots - perhaps we would have preferred something a little more challenging or complex, as some of our team found the project a little dull. Maybe you could offer choices in advance of the event, so the team can choose what they want to make? The venue is well-equipped, but very noisy - hard to hear the teacher at times, but Socha made a great job of reaching everyone. The value is excellent.

Germana Raciti Apr 2024

I went with my mum while visiting in London, it was a very good experience.

Shilpa Sharma Apr 2024

Love it, amazing experience, would back again. Thank you for mazing evening and a glass of prosecco

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Sam is amazing. He is fun and patient.
My brothet and I are non native speakers but that was absolutely no problem.
I recommend to come as a duo or a group since everyone attended as a couple.
Thank you for this great experience

Simrian Kaur Apr 2024

Fantastic venue and great laid back afternoon up cycling some pottery
I took my 4 year old and she had a great time.
The staff are wonderful and the pizza was incredible!

Unguided Pottery Painting Upcycling Workshop review by Simrian Kaur - London

Jamie Apr 2024

We had a candle making class with Jess and it was a really fun experience! She made sure to sprinkle in some advice in case we ever wanted to try this at home and was very helpful when producing our candles.

Would definitely recommend the class to friends and family.

Amelia Clark Apr 2024

Elena our teacher was brilliant. I booked for my friends birthday and we had a fabulous day. So much fun would recommend to do as a pair or even as a big group. Great value for money

Eva Sprecher Apr 2024

I attended a silver ring making workshop- our instructor was so friendly and made the experience really fun. I was so happy with what I created and there was a really relaxed nice energy in the group.

Jewellery Making class review by Eva Sprecher - London

Miglena Lazarova Apr 2024

There were instructions, but I did not see much engagement and advice with attendees. Suggestion and overview of how the hours will proceed will be good, even for inclusion of late comers.

Albert Vilceanu Apr 2024

Sam was amazing, really enjoyed out time there, will definitely recommend to others.
Ended up with some very cool rings

Jessica Rose Sutherland Apr 2024

Sam was super lovely, so pleased with our rings. He put everyone at ease, made us laugh and took time to check in on everyone’s progress / repeat any steps we needed — thanks Sam!

Georgie Boardman Apr 2024

I took my mum to the candle making class for her Birthday. We had a wonderful time, Kai was a brilliant teacher - very patient and made the class interesting and fun. I would definitely reccommend. Thanks for a great session!

Mrs Joanne Merrison Apr 2024

Amazing art session with Elena! So therapeutic and a nice change for a friend’s special birthday. Many thanks for a great experience. Jo and Claire

Susan Mortimer Apr 2024

Spent a lovely morning with my 4 year old grandson who was attending the pottery class. The teacher was fantastic- patient, understanding and so encouraging.He learnt how to handle the clay and techniques for making the pot and adding shapes to the outside. It was a lovely.calm.inspiring venue and a great experience for both of us.

Paris Arnold Apr 2024

Sweet and friendly teacher, loved how relaxing the class was and the freedom to be creative with what we paint.
All materials were provided and were very easy to follow.

Painting class review by Paris Arnold - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

This was a birthday gift for my friend and looking from previous reviews it was not as I have imagined. The place was busy which is fine. The teacher seemed tired (long day) which is also fine. What was not fine is lack of candle decor which I was really looking forward to. The reviews showed pretty dried flowers and leaves and it felt like it was meant to be the main thing of the process. However, our group was left with leftover small petals and nothing really We saw the candles from the groups before and they looked stunning. It was upsetting and slightly embarrassing because it was meant to be a birthday gift experience. I guess booking to the first two groups at the beginning of the day would make a better experience.

Teacher's response

Dear valued customer, Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your recent candle decorating experience. We apologize for any disappointment you may have experienced and assure you that we will address the issues raised to improve our service for all guests. We appreciate your input and hope to have the opportunity to exceed your expectations in the future.

Marie Apr 2024

Great class, Thomas was great, really enjoyed how patient he was and we found it very relaxing and I loved my camdles

Lotus Zyar Apr 2024

lovely terrarium class, really enjoyable. Our teacher was warm and friendly and I learned a lot

Rebecca Bridgen Apr 2024

Sophia was amazing! Had such a great afternoon would definitely recommend and come back! Thanks

Dave White Apr 2024

We had a lovely time at Art Play. Great location, friendly staff and good quality materials. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a date night activity.

Christopher Chua Apr 2024

Lizzie was a great teacher, very engaging and a fun class. Would recommend to anyone trying something new

Terrarium Making Workshop review by Christopher Chua - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Amazing vibe, great loud music, great
Cocktails, lovely atmosphere! I would do again for shre

Painting class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Thomas Greenan Apr 2024

Nice teaching, lots of nice materials to work with, ended up with a good looking terrarium to take home.