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My name is Claire and I am The Ethical Tailor. I am the founder of Moxie Craft and Couchman Bespoke an ethical tailors based in Canning Town. I grew up in Harlow, Essex with a creative mother and an entrepreneur father. After gaining a BA(Hons) degree in clothing design and tailoring from Brighton University, I ventured into the world and set up my company to combat the inequalities of the fashion industry I had been subject to.

By creating zero waste through pattern cutting, natural dyeing and sourcing the most sustainable cloth and haberdashery we aim to have very little negative impact on the planet and local people.
Now with 20 years of retail knowledge and 14 years of tailoring experience behind me, I feel confident in my ability to produce clothing that is timeless. Clothing construction is a great passion of mine that sits juxtaposed with a strong interest in the environmental impact of the clothing and textile industry. I aim to be a contributing factor in helping to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry whilst educating people about the issue through my workshops and trading fairly within the supply chain.

Classes and experiences



Loredana Buta-Acsinia Jan 2024

I recently took a pattern making class, and it exceeded my expectations. The tutor was approachable and explained concepts in a way that made them easy to grasp, which was perfect for someone like me with no prior knowledge. I appreciated the chance to work on my own design, with the tutor providing personalized guidance. Beyond the course material, she recommended helpful books and patiently answered all my questions, going beyond the expected. Overall, a fantastic class for beginners, thanks to the tutor's approachability and commitment to comprehensive learning. Highly recommended!

Raf Mosiolek Jan 2024

Absolutely fantastic experience! The class was very informative and really hands on. Claire was kind, patient and helpful, providing us with just enough context to conceptualise what it is that we do in a larger sense, but without information overload.
Absolutely worth it!

Amy Nguyen Jan 2024

Bought as a gift for my friend. She really enjoyed the classes. The instructor was really helpful

Cristina Emslie Dec 2023

I really enjoyed the class with Claire. She was very informative and answered many of my questions. We learned to do a pattern for trousers and have copied some old ones which I love and can now recreate at home. The venue was very nice. Her space was cozy but ample and well organised. Only 7min walk from the tube.
I’m definitely going to book again for a dress pattern.

Yathiwadee Anankul Dec 2023

The class was amazing - very tailored to what I wanted to do. Claire is a great teacher, explaining each step, with helpful tips and tricks along the way

Barbara Adolph Nov 2023

Louise is a real pro and showed me how to do the pattern for my favourite skirt (which wasn't as easy as I had thought). We cut the material, but two hours were not enough to sew it as well. Hopefully I will be able to do that on my own. It was fun and I learnt a lot.

Valentina Stoccoro Nov 2023

The teacher was lovely and patient to teach me how to use the sewing machine. I’m excited to do another class with her!

Donna Nov 2023

I was bought a voucher to learn to use a sewing machine, and in this case it was an online class. I have had a sewing machine for years and had very little idea what half the attachments were or how to use the different functions. I finally got around to booking the class which was with Claire @theethicaltailor.

I was expecting the link to the class the day before but actually didn't receive it until the morning of the class, Claire explained she does that to ensure the link doesn't get lost in other emails. It would have been useful to know that before hand so I knew to wait and not worry that I was missing out. However I was given her contact details so was able to contact her to ask for information and Claire was quick to reply to my queries about when I would receive the link. Also although it said I would receive a zoom link it was actually a google meet link, but I just had to cut and paste that into my browser and it worked fine. However, that was the only downside to this class.

When the session started Claire asked me to show her my machine, and using my tablet (after working out the best way to be able to show her things and turn my camera back and forth) she was able to spot a few things that we were able to discuss straight away. I already knew how to thread the cotton through the machine, but not really where I was going wrong with the bobbin element. I felt really comfortable with her, she was very patient, and I didn't feel like any of the questions I asked were silly.

Claire talked me through all the various features, how to use/change the various presser foot/feet (who knew they were called that) and how the various stitch options worked with those. Also when I would use different stitches for different things, and also why I had had issues in the past and how I could adjust my machine to improve my stitches. She also gave me suggestions for a first couple of projects to think about trying to use the information I had. I have now made a button hole, made a little purse to put my buttons in - with a zip, and made a pin cushion. All very rough, some clear issues with the zip, and all need a lot more practice, but it was good to do something straight away that helped use all the new information I have.

The class was really tailored (no pun intended) to my own level of knowledge, and it was perfect to suit my needs. Because it is 1 to 1 learning you are not waiting for other people to ask questions, or different levels of abilities. I had real doubts about the ability of something like this to work for me but it really did, and would recommend it for anyone wanting to make use of the sewing machine they have hidden away. It was way better than trying to read/understand/find the manual that probably came with my machine many years ago, especially as Claire could demonstrate using her machine so I could try it on mine.

Massive thanks to Claire for her patience during the lesson, and the suggestions of projects I could do after.

Myrna-Rose Salaman Nov 2023

The class went well, my teacher Claire was very helpful showing me the pattern making. I had a better understanding as we worked along, the pattern paper was provided and I could take it with me so I could follow-up with my sewing project. Thank you Claire and looking forward to see you another time.

Louise Jones Nov 2023

She let me bring my own sewing machine. Sympathetic and very helpful. Supportive and I learnt a lot. Also very understanding of my ADHD quirks in learning. Hope to return in a month.

Textiles class review by Louise Jones - London

Sophie Jensen Nov 2023

Great 1 to 1 teaching, amazing opportunity to learn some new skills with someone with so much experience.

Lee Mendeloff Oct 2023

Claire is a great teacher. Very kind and patient. I’ll be booking more lessons for sure.

Harriet Speakman Oct 2023

was an amazing introduction to the sewing machine and different types of stitches! Highly recommend

Daria Lakomkina Oct 2023

Cosy studio and Claire was so helpful! I had gone through what I needed in time for my independent sewing. Will defo recommend and be back soon!

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

I really enjoyed this class as a complete beginner.
Claire was helpful, patient, and explained everything clearly.
The class is relaxing and we used a variety of textiles to demonstrate different stitches.

Natalie Alves Sep 2023

I booked 4 classes with Claire - the first class was great but unfortunately the last two classes she didn’t seem as involved/ interested in my project. I ended up seeing my dress using YouTube as a guide. My dress pattern wasn’t exactly as I wanted (the back was more rounded and not as V shaped) but I learnt a lot. My only advice would be to buy the fabric / have the fabric before starting the class.

Teacher's response

Hello Natalie, I apologise that you feel this way. The last 2 hour class was to cut the cloth, which as the dress was on the bias, is a lengthy process and I was concentrating on getting the cloth precisely right. Without that attention to detail the dress would have looked far worse. Though I understand this could be taken wrong. It is also hard to get the cut perfect when drawing out a new garment from scratch, this is why I always leave in plenty of seam allowance to counteract this. I wish you all the best in your sewing journey.

Joyce Chukwuma Sep 2023

Today’s class with Claire was great. As someone with no sewing skills, I left the class feeling confident and well informed. Claire is nice and I will book another class. Thank you

Emma Werner Sep 2023

Class was great, we covered basic blocks for bodice, sleeve and trousers. It was fun, instructive, and really fantastic value!

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Clair is a very lovely tutor , she answered my questions and gave me very good advice and the pattern for the top I wanted to make turned out so great I like it!

Sarolta Berke Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Claire was super professional, the trade is in her little finger. She helped me draw up the pattern for my favourite Toast dress. All I needed to take with me was the dress, she provided everything else. She also gave me good advice about how to proceed wit the sewing. She is kind and precise, I can only recommend her class.

Carlos David Florentino Tavarez Sep 2023

It was my first sewing class ever so I had no idea what to expect. I need to make a costume for a performance. I showed Claire my ideas and she advised me on what would be the easiest to make for someone who is an absolute beginner. We worked on making the pattern and I took pictures so that I can study it later and do it by myself. Then Claire gave me the basics on how to use the sewing machine. She was very nice and was very patient with me since certain things were very confusing for me as it was my first time. I’m excited to come back and keep learning.

Salma Aug 2023

I discovered "copy your favourite garment" after having stumbled across the session via a google search for sewing classes - and I was not disappointed! I read lots of positive reviews before I booked and I'd agree with all of them. Claire's just great. Full of amazing knowledge and expertise that she's more than happy to share and was open to being asked general sewing related questions as we went along - I got some great general tips from her. Not only did I come home with a pattern for one of my favourite dresses, I feel I have a better general understanding of how to copy garments for myself at home and will be practising with other pieces no doubt. I will most definitely be booking more sessions with Claire in the future!

Private Sewing Class: Copy Your Favourite Garment review by Salma - London

Kanita Bedeau Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic, creative and supportive teacher. Loved the session and I'll be booking more. Excited to start my sewing journey!

Gaelle Maquignon Aug 2023

The teacher Claire was amazing, very clear in her instructions when drafting the top & sleeves patterns. As a side note, you can also choose to do a trousers pattern but I would recommend opting for the basic sleeve one if you are new to pattern making and don't need to make a pair of trousers right away, as understanding the sleeve pattern will help you when making a top. With her experience in tailoring, Claire was able to explain the differences between men/women bodies, help me create patterns specifically tailored to my body - that was super helpful - and just gave me a plethora of tips to get started. Will look for follow-up sessions once I have started my projects!

Sandra Farrell Aug 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Claire was welcoming, friendly and helpful. She explained sewing concepts and I gained practical skills. I would recommend Moxie Craft owned by Claire, to anyone interested in learning the craft of Sewing.

Private Sewing Class review by Sandra Farrell - London

Ece Soylu Aug 2023

She was lovely and answered all of my questions. Can’t wait for my next class

Rose McCarte Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Tutor very knowledgeable. Follow up lesson arranged.
Think it needs second lesson for benefits to be realised.

Olivier Delafontaine Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Claire is warm and welcoming. The class was insightful and hands on. She is patient and answered all my questions clearly. I am looking forward to going back again

Myrna-Rose King Jul 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

It was great meeting Claire a very nice friendly lady. The work environment is good and quiet. Claire showed me some sewing skills and we talked about me learning some other skills like doing pathern. Looking forward for next time.
Thank you Claire

Belle Chu Jun 2023

Had an amazing time with Claire. Learned so much in the 121 session and we covered a bodice and trouser block. Highly recommended!

Mary Moyalan Jun 2023

Claire was an excellent and patient teacher. The class itself was incredibly useful and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an introduction to garment alterations.

Sarah Muscolini Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Claire is very kind, very good, comprehensive and pragmatic. With her technical applications and demonstrations she taught me a real method (all in just a few hours of lessons). I will go back there soon to analyse and deepen other weaknesses.

Ellie Eriksson Jun 2023

Claire was brilliant. Friendly and very good at adapting the class to my level. Came away feeling like I've got a handle on a sewing machine now - already booked a session bundle for her garment making class. Highly recommend! :)

Delilah Lewis Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and will definitely be booking more sessions! Highly recommend :)

Hazel Will May 2023

Great session, good use of small space with 1:2 session. Very interactive. Completed bodice pattern block.

Hanna Bohrisch May 2023

Claire's pattern making class filled me with confidence to try sewing clothes fitted to my body. I experienced this class as very body positive. Claire also gave me a lot of good tips and tricks with sewing.

Clare Dickson Apr 2023

A really good session to get all my questions answered and help with my confidence to get me going. My teacher was friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and flexible

Olivia Willis Apr 2023

Great personal experience. Got to learn how to fix my own garments. Friendly teacher and relaxed space.

Kerrie Neall Apr 2023

Such a lovely teacher you explained everything so well I can’t wait to get making

Helen McConnell Apr 2023

The course was pitched very well to my level. I found the public transport to get there is easy.
Claire the teacher was very easy to understand
She gave me some super tips.

Susan Sempa Mar 2023

Teacher was pleasant and patient.
The environment was very good. All materials was provided and I took my pattern home.
Overall, i was happy with the class.

Jamila Jaggard Mar 2023

I spent an enjoyable Saturday morning with Claire learning how to create a personal pattern template for me to adapt to make clothes that will fit my non standard frame. Claire was very patient, knowledgeable and lovely to learn from. I thoroughly recommend doing the course if you want to upgrade your dressmaking skills and it is certainly great value for money.

Izzy Roberts Mar 2023

Great one-to-one class. We worked on an item I'd brought and I learnt the basic principles of alterations.

Dolu Ojan Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was a wonderful session

Claire was really polite and committed in ensuring I understood each task

So happy to have joined on a 1 to 1 and would highly recommend.

Elizabeth Burgess Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Favourite garment that you want to reproduce? Take this class and you leave with a pattern and the skills to make patterns from other clothes in your wardrobe.
Friendly tutor, good equipment and setting.

Vinessa Brant Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

WOW I didn't realise how technical Pattern Making was yet my teacher made it look so easy! The venue was easy to get to. My teacher explained each step which such knowledge & passion. With advice & tips I left my session confident & eager to continue.
Loved it.

Vinessa Brant Jan 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Claire was absolutely great! As a complete novice, Claire made me feel so welcome into the Wonderful World of Sewing. The venue was easy to get to, with such a creative vibe. I learnt the basics needed in how to use a sewing machine from threading to learning various stitches.
I throughly enjoyed myself and the time certainly did fly. I have booked another session with Claire as my interest in sewing has now birthed into a deep passion.

Gillian Iversen Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Claire was very knowledgeable and I am looking forward to being able to make my favourite garment.

Simon Bowie Jan 2023

the lesson was great and I can't wait to get back to it. Everything was clear and paced well, I know exactly what do to next! Thank you Claire, will be back.

Vijeta Mahinthan Jan 2023

Claire was very relaxed and patient. It was a really good introduction to using a sewing machine for a beginner like me and I really enjoyed it! Will be checking out her other classes for sure in the future.

Textiles class review by Vijeta Mahinthan - London

Petra Ivascu Jan 2023

Claire is a wonderful and patient teacher. She answered all my questions in great detail.
I highly recommend to pick any of her classes, they will be very rewarding.

Daniella Baker Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class I had with Claire was so good! I’m a complete beginner and asked to learn to use the sewing machine. Claire was ultra prepared for me with materials and kindly gave me advice on sewing machines and throughout the lesson was completely professional amenable to answering questions and also sharing her knowledge with me. This class was one I’d definitely recommend Claire was a lovely teacher and I really enjoyed the pace of the class and content :)

Laura Bua Jan 2023

I really enjoyed my first class of sewing, for an absolute beginner
I learnt different stitching types, how to use the sewing machine, how to thread the machine, how to move the piece of fabric on the machine, how to use the pedal, how to use different stitching for different fabrics. The teacher was so lovely and knowledgeable, patiently answering all my questions. I am so happy with my first lesson.

Kitty Bouet Dec 2022

Wonderful creative experience in a friendly and joyful space. Learned new and practical skills in a fun and relaxed way. Nice way to spend precious free time and in a small docklands oasis

Deirdra Oshea Dec 2022

Claire is a great teacher. I learned so much in 1 hour. Claire is lovely and explains things really well. I will be returning for further lessons. Very enjoyable

Nosa Eke Nov 2022

Claire was so so helpful with detailing how the machine works and it was a bespoke lesson as i could really ask anything about the process while i was doing it and she took care to explain, show me an example or demonstrate. I learned pretty much all the basics of sewing on a machine in one lesson and Claire was a very pleasant and fun teacher! - N

Samuel Ashcroft Nov 2022

He loved it! He came back beaming after learning how to make cargo pants which he has wanted to for sooooo long xxx

Jane Barker Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Claire was very welcoming and provided excellent directions which was very welcome. Claire was patient and explained each process in detail. I would recommend this class. Materials were provided and gadgets uses were explained. Jane

Lee Baker Oct 2022

Mine was the beginners class, this involved a nice steady walk through of the machines controls; then a go at trying to sew some straight seems mostly successfully . Class was just enough to start getting comfy with the pedal and some of the settings

Samantha Ranaweera Oct 2022

Claire created a pattern to my measurements. She was very informative and provided lots of tips for altering my pattern. I will definitely do some more classes in thr future.

Christine Butler Oct 2022

As well as the basic bodice blocks+ there was so much useful information. Exceptional and really enjoyable. Worth ever penny. Thanks so much.

James Moudie Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Claire was very patient (even though I'm a complete beginner) and guided me all the way during the session. She even took extra time to make sure that the most complicated part was done before I leave.
Highly recommend

Claudio Lavin Oct 2022

Great and humble teacher.
Felt comfortable walking in there with no knowledge and learnt a lot in a short amount of time.
Will definitely be back for more lessons

Lisa Richard Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Claire was an amazing teacher, very clear and thorough! She showed me quite a few very cool looking patters, and gave me great advice. I 100% recommend!

Catherine Baumann Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Excellent class with Claire.Very creative venue.
I learnt a lot in a short time, and have come home with my own personal key pattern block.
Claire was welcoming and helpful. Gave me lots of really good tips & recommendations. Materials provided. Great value for money.
Highly recommend Claires class

Aine Loi Sep 2022

We learnt a lot and had clear instruction in a ‘learn as you do’ style which suited us really well! Thank you!

Sandra Ceponiene Sep 2022

Im very beginner, but Claire was patient and showed me the basics (she asked me what I already knew about it before starting the lesson ). Great class, and I will definitely return to improve my sewing journey.

Nasim Koerting Aug 2022

Claire went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and completed everything we wanted to in the class. Wouldn't hesitate recommending her.

Natasha Crook Aug 2022

Very helpful and friendly. Learned a lot about patterns and it was great fun. Thank you.

Odile Charles Aug 2022

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The teacher was very good at explaining what she was doing. It was clear that she knew what she was doing. I learned how to create a pattern for my unique measurements which is what I wanted to learn. I was able to ask questions and she patiently answered them.
The only negative was that the space was small and cramped.
Thank you.

Christine Higgs Jul 2022

I had a very enjoyable time with Claire working on my own project getting sewing tips and learning: buttonholes, French seams & little things I didn’t know about my machine.
Getting to her room was not quite straight forward so leave time for that, especially if you’re driving.

Fern Bamford May 2022

I had a fabulous time. Clare was very clear with her explanations and answered my, very many, questions. I’ve come away buzzing - I learnt SO much in such a short amount of time which I will definitely be able to use when dressmaking. I have no hesitation in recommending this workshop as highly as I can - amazing value for money and a great way to spend a morning.

Jennifer Farquharson Apr 2022

My tutor was Claire; she was really calm and patient and did not mind me asking questions. She was very knowledgable and explained how a block pattern works and how it could be manipulated to suit various designs. This lesson was just what I needed. Very thankful to Claire for her time. Will be booking in again for instruction in other areas. Very, very happy with my block pattern. It may be helpful if you have some understanding of patterns prior to taking this course.

Antonina Romanova Apr 2022

Absolutely enjoyed the class. Claire is very knowledgeable and explains everything in an easy to understand way.

Adis Le Feb 2022

Claire awesome teacher!
The zoom lesson was fab. Less hassle and straightforward. She made her words to explain things very simple to understand. So it’s easier to do the task

Tisha O-J Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The venue was easy to find and a nice little space - it showed me any space is possible to draft a pattern - no need to put in an expensive extension at home or takeover the official “man cave”.

From the moment I walked in, Claire was friendly and welcoming. She was able to simplify such a complex subject and I left with a bespoke pattern template just for me from which I should now be able to design my own dresses, skirts, jeans, tops and trousers. The possibilities are endless.

I loved Claire’s energy and she never made me feel stupid nor that any question was too dumb to ask.

We chatted all the way through and I learnt how to use some very important tools - still have to work on drawing curves but practice makes perfect so I’ll get there….soon!

Thanks Claire. You’re great!

Alexandros Bougiouris Dec 2021

The instructor is a very friendly person with attention to detail and willing to make this as enjoyable as possible. Great experience!

Efua Paintsil Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very useful, but think you need to book longer than an hour if you require cutting the patern and sewing.

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