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Hello, we're Prime Pass, a creative workshop and events company! We aim to host the best artistic and inspiring workshops around, from paint and sips to terrarium making and even wine tasting.

Come along to one of our amazing beginner-friendly events and explore your artistic side with us!


Sip and Paint: Paint a Pair Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Leeds

11 to 25

label £32 - £36

Sip and Paint Class

4.8 (22)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Manchester / Mobile

1 to 40

label £30 - £39

Sip and Paint Class - BYOB

5.0 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Manchester / Mobile

11 to 40

label £33 - £39

Sip and Paint: Paint a Pair Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Manchester

11 to 25

label £30

Paint a Pumpkin Workshop - Manchester

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Manchester

10 to 30

label £25

Sip and Paint Class

4.7 (200)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on South East London / Mobile

1 to 40

label £33 - £39

Sip and Paint Class - BYOB

date_range Runs regularly

location_on South East London / Mobile

1 to 40

label £33 - £39

Sip and Paint Class

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on South East London / Mobile

15 to 40

label £16

Paint a Pumpkin Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on South East London

10 to 30

label £28

Sip and Paint: Paint a Pair Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on South West London

10 to 25

label £33

Christmas Wreath Making Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on South East London / Mobile

12 to 50

label £60

Sip and Paint Class - Liverpool

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Liverpool / Mobile

1 to 40

label £25 - £39

Sip and Paint Class

5.0 (7)

date_range 14 Mar, 27 Mar

location_on Leeds / Mobile

1 to 40

label £30 - £39

Paint a Pumpkin Workshop - Leeds

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Leeds

10 to 30

label £25

Sip and Paint Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Edinburgh / Mobile

11 to 30

label £33 - £39

Sip and Paint Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Cardiff / Mobile

1 to 40

label £28 - £39

Sip and Paint Class

4.9 (13)

date_range 2 Mar, 9 Mar

location_on Bristol / Mobile

1 to 40

label £30 - £39

Sip and Paint Class

5.0 (4)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Birmingham / Mobile

1 to 40

label £30 - £39

Sip and Paint: Paint a Pair Workshop

date_range Sun 10 Mar, 2pm

location_on Birmingham

1 to 25

label £33

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Darren Bunting-Johnson Feb 2024

Fantastic day. Really enjoyed it. Thank you for the painting lessons hahaha. Pretty sure mine was better than my girlfriends (hehe)

Sip and Paint Class review by Darren Bunting-Johnson - London

Eli Canameti Feb 2024

It was a really fun and calming experience. The teachers were great and gave us instructions throughout the process.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Had a really lovely time painting, was explained simply by the teachers who came round and offered support. The materials provided were efficient and the venue was really sweet. Loved the end result which is now hung up in my flat. The only thing is I did feel rushed towards the end, maybe a bit longer than 2 hours is needed.

Raquel Feb 2024

Great class! All materials needed were provided and teacher was helpful every step of the way.

Michelle Ling Feb 2024

Very good teacher! Was a great experience and class. I definitely recommend it for any event

Sarita Khaira Feb 2024

Really enjoyed the sip and paint class. Our teacher was lovely and walked us through each step of the painting. Also liked the venue.

Zheni Kostadinova Feb 2024

Everything was perfect, in friendly atmosphere. I will just recomended at least 1 glass of wine or aome drink to be included in the price.

Erin Melissa Battersby Feb 2024

Teacher was great and she was really helpful, on hand with good advice and techniques to help.

Free tote bag too and some good pics!

Rimaz Kintibay Feb 2024

I had so much fun with Julia today!She had been an amazing teacher. From the start till the end of our session she was brilliant with her techniques, go with the flow type of session and uplifting the mood the entire session. I went on my own and I do recommend to try it either alone or with some type of company. I would also love to go again next time.

Anthony Organ Feb 2024

Brilliant class with an extremely talented instructor who managed to get every one of us to unleash our hidden artist. Highly recommended for anyone.

Mark Thomas Feb 2024

We went for my birthday and had a brilliant time, teacher was lovely and really good, we both came away with a good looking painting, loved the venue too. Great value for money and will recommend to everyone

Alan Feb 2024

Laçin was very attentive and helpful with the paintings we had. She was very lovely and the painiti g of the cherry blossom was fantastic. Highly recommend.

Kessy Browne Feb 2024

I loved how attentive our instructor was and how easy they made the painting process.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Maja the artist was absolutely excellent - very patient and enthusiastic.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - it was well organised and the location was ideal.

We truly recommend this experience!

Thank you!

Lucia Gillett Feb 2024

Enjoyable class. Lancin (teacher) provided clear instructions easy to follow. My husband and I got a few drinks from the bar and had a great time! Considering booking for a group of friends next time!

Painting class review by Lucia Gillett - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Went for my birthday. It was a really good class, teacher was really helpful when you got lost. Would defo recommend to anyone/all abilities!

Jacqueline Passmore Feb 2024

Booked this for a date day for my husband and myself. The venue was good, however parking was bit of a nightmare.

Our teacher Anna was exceptional, explaining everything in way that was easy to understand and helping when required. The subject matter was why I booked and we both managed to create a decent artwork.

There was plenty of time given between each step and enough supplies to create the picture.

We learnt about mixing and how easy it is the paint with acrylic paint.

Great value for money.

Enjoyed that we both managed to create a decent artwork

Painting class review by Jacqueline Passmore - Cardiff

Nicola Jones Feb 2024

Amazing class
The teacher was lovely and friendly, supportive and super talented.
Great atmosphere and location.
Highly reccommend!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Had a great time at the sip and paint, it was a fun relaxing Sunday activity!
The teacher was very clear in the steps needed to create your painting and was able to provide tips to improve!

Esnath Musarira Feb 2024

It was really good for first time, teacher was really patient and helped us through. All material available for us, extra was ready if needed, would definitely go back

Sophie Taylor Feb 2024

Teacher Laican was lovely and we really enjoyed the class. She talked us through step by step.

Painting class review by Sophie Taylor - London

Jenny Feb 2024

We had so much fun and even though we were both total beginners at painting, we managed to paint beautiful paintings to take home. Only thing is that it felt quite rushed and that we were pushed out the door to make room for the next class. But all on all we'd definitely go again!

Sip and Paint Class review by Jenny - London

Deborah J Bentley Jan 2024

Excellent experience all round. Upon arrival all the equipment was set out in an orderly fashion and I was greeted warmly by our teacher Maja. Maja explained everything thoroughly and did not hesitate to assist where/when required
Looking to book another one!

Victoria Akokhia Jan 2024

It was a really good class, the teacher was good but the only thing is that I couldn’t hear her at certain points so maybe a mic for future sessions? Other than that, it was a great, fun class

Sophie Groves Jan 2024

Really enjoyed the class and loved the painting I went home with :-) also loved the atmosphere and the music, great way to chill out for a couple of hours. I will definitely be looking out for future classes. Class and teacher was awesome - good balance of hints and tips but also encouragement to improvise

Claire May Jan 2024

Great location and set up, clear and friendly instructions and encouragement. Relaxed environment and so much fun. Amazing what we ended up creating

Katie Jan 2024

Really enjoyed the class today! Very helpful and lovely teacher, Talia. We had a lovely time!

Sophie Jan 2024

I had such a good time! I felt a bit rushed at times but the teacher (Lacin) helped me to catch up. Her teaching helped me paint a picture I am really proud of.

Sip and Paint Class review by Sophie - London

Tom Jan 2024

Teacher was very helpful and was able to give pointers to all standards.

Location was great.

Good value for money!

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

Great experience with a lovely teacher. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to try something different

Sip and Paint Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Rachel Stokes Jan 2024

Such a fun and wholesome activity! The teacher was very friendly and warm. Really pleased with how our art turned out, we will definitely be returning to another class! Thank you x

Claire Hook Dec 2023

Great venue, lovely teacher, fun and relaxing, enjoyed by everyone. Highly recommend this activity. Thank you.

Hsuan-Yu Tsao Dec 2023

So nice, the teacher guided it step by step The process was amazing and would love to come again

Nadia Moghayer Dec 2023

Fun activity, good teacher. However, misleading title as there was no alcohol included. Also, it was annoying having to constantly ask for more paint, it would be better if they were just placed on the table.

Priyanka Dec 2023

Lovely relaxed class, great activity to do with friends and very impressed with my final artwork!

Maddy Robinson Dec 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

So fun! I was so impressed with the results. I'm not particularly arty but it came out great.

Raji Pau Dec 2023

Great class with ample time for painting. Very relaxing and loved the chosen picture! Would recommend.

Sasha Barford Dec 2023

It was anlovely afternoon and the venue was a great fit.

The teacher was good, but I think for next time if he could be a little clearer with the steps and if the sessions are longer in case people overrun then that would be great.

Eve Carson Dec 2023

Friendly and engaging teacher
Lovely and relaxed environment
Easy to follow instructions
Great for groups

Paul Ward Dec 2023

The class was a lot of fun and the teacher was excellent, supportive and very down to Earth. My only criticism is the name of the class is somewhat misleading as there was no sipping to be done.

Eva Gyarmati Dec 2023

She has been lovely, helpful and welcoming. We really enjoyed the class. We’ll do it again.

Lyneton Tambwera Dec 2023

Patient tutor and it was an amazing experience for a first time. Will def be back

Millie Badger Dec 2023

She was great - extremely friendly and around to help whenever we got stuck! Lovely class, would recommend to anyone wanting an afternoon out doing something different!

Sarah Flambard Dec 2023

Super nice venue with super nice teacher, perfect vibes ! Never thought I could paint before

Haranjit Dec 2023

Teacher was really nice, helped us and it was enjoyable different thing to try. Enjoyed putting my mind to something other than screens all the time

Charley Rennie Dec 2023

Christiano was really great and helpful, we had a really fun time! If you can’t take a date take a mate

Sip and Paint Class review by Charley Rennie - London

Olivia Turner Dec 2023

Great fun, easy to follow for beginners. Held in a nice pub with drink options.

Michelle Chandler Nov 2023

Excellent class and it felt great to be able to create a pretty painting given I have no skills in this area. The teacher Annika was lovely. Very helpful, lively and fun. I would highly recommend!

Painting class review by Michelle Chandler - Bristol

Rushda Khan Nov 2023

The class was really good, our teacher was absolutely lovely.
Note that Prosecco isn’t provided, so calling it a paint and sip class can be a bit misleading

Imogen Turner Nov 2023

Good idea but no note that the class takes place outside, also drinks not included in price. Little direction in terms of painting and definitely not worth the £. Nice class teacher but little input. The paint was a minimal range of colours so there’s no chance you can create anything beyond a child’s level drawing.

Teacher's response

Hi Imogen, we're sorry to hear you were disappointed in drinks not being included in price - we do make this clear in our event description before booking and it's something we've done so that we can keep our prices much lower for our customers than other sip and paint experiences you may come across.

The range of colours is specific to the motif chosen for that session which you can also see as part of our event description (we always put a picture up so that customers know exactly what they'll be painting). As we describe, our sessions are guided rather than freestyle, so our lovely artists just bring the colours needed for the painting but there's usually always opportunity for you to get creative in other ways or mix some of the colours within that if you'd like!

Apologies that the class was outside - this seems to have been a one off due to an unexpected busy period inside at the venue which our artist wasn't aware of beforehand. This won't happen again!

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

We enjoyed this class and Lacin was great. It wasn't always easy to see what the next step was and to keep up, and only small amounts of paint were provided so we kept having to ask for more, it felt a little rushed to get it done in time, overall still enjoyable and would try another class again.

Sip and Paint Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Mya Nov 2023

Loved this afternoon at Cass Art in Manchester! The 2 hours went by so fast, perfect amount of time
Dahlia was a lovely instructor, great playlist and really nice place too
Would definitely recommend

Sip and Paint Class review by Mya - Manchester

Harry Edwards Nov 2023

Thank you for such a fun and relaxing class, made the whole experience much more engaging, looking forwards to attending the next one.

Shalini Rawlley Nov 2023

We had loads of fun at the class, it was a really relaxing way to spend an afternoon :-)

Huahui Cheng Cheng Nov 2023

Lovely teacher and chill environment to have fun. I would recommend! all the supplies are provided and you get to walk away with your art and a tote bag to keep it

Francesca Cooper Nov 2023

Painting of the class was great and well trained, we had fun.
However, we were under the impression it was BYOB but we had to buy all the drinks at the bar so it didn't really feel like "sip" and paint - it made the class feel overpriced.

Kay Rattary Nov 2023

The teacher was great, very accommodating and we really enjoyed it. It was a great success. Include a glass of wine!

Shaun Nov 2023

Really enjoyable experience with the teacher Jasmine being a massive help alongside my very talented partner

Po Yi Ng Nov 2023

The environment is very chill and relaxing, with the bar very close by, so you could get a drink easily. The painting looks amazing but is not difficult at all; my partner and I have close to no experience in painting and we could still follow the steps well enough. The instructor Jasmine was very nice and patient. She came to help out when she saw my partner struggling with a certain part, and she was clearly skilled.

Mali Noon-Jones Nov 2023

Great experience for my boyfriends bday! He had a great time and the artist was fab!

Masha Dimitrov Nov 2023

This was an incredible experience! I haven’t painted since high school and I used to love it so much! It’s so good to revisit that once loved hobby and realised you still enjoy it and haven’t forgotten how to paint.

The teacher was absolutely brilliant! Very patient m, explaining step by step and assisting whenever needed! Good communication, amazing atmosphere overall!

I learned a lot about painting, mixing colours, blending etc.
I actually waited to do this painting specifically as I love sunsets and now I got to learn how to paint one!

The venue was super nice and we were at the back, so it felt very private. I went alone and left with many connections, met great people and had lots of fun!
Definitely recommend and will come again for another class

Kelly McCormick Nov 2023

Very relaxed. Perfect for the start to a girls day out! Thank you so much!

Keron Patterson Nov 2023

Was a lovely painting experience with *Lacin* as our teacher, who did a wonderful job to make it a relaxing and fun evening. Thinking about doing this? Stop thinking 110% recommend. Maybe with your partner or friend(s). Go for it

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Amazing teacher and she helped us all create something beautiful! Great vibes all round! Will come again.

Sip and Paint Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Manchester

Morgan Smith Nov 2023

Fantastic atmosphere, everyone was super friendly, the teacher broke each part of the painting into easy chunks, drinks were great. Would definitely go again and recommend to others.

Nicky Underhill Nov 2023

Bought for friends birthday, was nice to do an activity we wouldnt normally do, the teacher was friendly, was outside which wasnt expecting but had warm clothes.

Ellen Sanders Nov 2023

Had lots of fun and I had a nice melon cocktail to go with it.

James Hopkins Nov 2023

Teacher was great, really fun activity to do. Would highly recommend to people! We had a great time

Rowan Cole Nov 2023

Lovely experience to do with friends. The teacher was really nice and helpful. Great as a birthday pressie

Philippa Cook Oct 2023

great teaching, very clear and had some lovely things to say plus ideas to improve …. good location if a little chilly outside. good length of time.

Painting class review by Philippa Cook - Bristol

Chiko Wade Oct 2023

Annika was a great teacher. The venue was great and didn’t expect to be provided with so much equipment. My wife and I had a brilliant time… and actually managed to produce something half decent. Never painted before!

Beatrice Lukoseviciute Oct 2023

Jasmine was a great teacher, really friendly, helpful and made us feel at ease. We really enjoyed the class and will look at some other classes in the future!

Michelle Hennessy Oct 2023

Excellent painting session, teacher & venue was fab, really enjoyed myself! Thank you, would definitely recommend.

Painting class review by Michelle Hennessy - Birmingham

Grace Oct 2023

This was a really fun class and a nice relaxed way to be creative with no pressure.

I'd recommend as a fun activity, possibly a date night.

Sip and Paint Class review by Grace - Leeds

Coraline Oct 2023

We had a painting class with my friend, it was a relaxing and funny experience and the teacher was very nice !

Puja Patel Oct 2023

Materials provided were good and the picture chosen to paint was perfect - it was beautiful but also beginner-friendly! Great instruction from my teacher too

Amrita Oct 2023

It was well organised and tutors were supportive. It was a good class for beginners.

Sip and Paint Class review by Amrita - London

Derek Williams Oct 2023

Fun, Christiano is a natural teacher and lets you flow with your own ideas. Perfect date night.

Charlie Sullivan Oct 2023

Really great experience, the instructor was helpful and friendly throughout.

Had a good time and will definitely do it again

Sammi Oct 2023

Great experience, nice and relaxed good amount of people in a class and good for beginners

Painting class review by Sammi - London

Sahir Hussein Sep 2023

The class was a lot of fun and the teacher was very good. It was my first painting class and it very enjoyable.

Sonia Sep 2023

Had a fantastic afternoon here with a group of girlfriends and we came away with some paintings we never thought we would be able to paint. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun activity!

Painting class review by Sonia - London

Ailsa Westwood Sep 2023

Maja was really great and so interactive with the residents. Everyone had a fab time and found it super relaxing and rewarding :)

Sip and Paint Class review by Ailsa Westwood - Leeds

Duncan Simpson Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Friendly and helpful teacher. Unusual location but it made it unique and fun. All materials provided including apron and a bag to take home your picture. Had a great time.

Pooja Dodia Sep 2023

The class was amazing with really great teachers! Would definitely do again. Thank you so much!

Diana Constable Sep 2023

Great class! Easy to follow steps, the teacher is very friendly and clear. Really enjoyed this experience!

Sip and Paint Class review by Diana Constable - London

Valentina Sarzhevska Sep 2023

I recently had the pleasure of taking an art class focused on painting, and I can't express enough how wonderful the experience was. Here are my thoughts on various aspects of the class:

Teacher: The teacher was absolutely fantastic. They were not only highly skilled in painting but also incredibly patient and encouraging. Their ability to explain complex techniques in a simple and understandable manner made the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Venue: The venue where the art class was held was lovely. It had a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which was conducive to creativity. The natural light that streamed in through large windows was perfect for working on our art pieces.

Materials: The materials provided were top-notch. From the canvases to the brushes and paints, everything was of high quality. Having access to quality materials really enhanced the overall experience and allowed us to create beautiful artwork.

Value for Money: I found the class to be excellent value for money. Not only did we receive expert instruction, but we also had access to premium art supplies, and the class duration was substantial. I felt that I received more than what I paid for in terms of knowledge and experience.

Learning Experience: Throughout the class, I learned a variety of painting techniques, from blending colors to creating different textures and effects. We also explored various styles of painting, allowing us to discover our own preferences and develop our unique artistic voices.

Favorite Aspect: What I liked most about the art class was the freedom it provided for self-expression. The teacher encouraged us to explore our creativity, experiment with different styles, and express our emotions through our art. It was incredibly liberating and allowed me to tap into my artistic potential.

Overall, my art class experience was extremely positive. I not only improved my painting skills but also gained a newfound appreciation for the world of art. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to explore their creative side and learn from a talented and supportive teacher. It's an enriching experience that's worth every penny.

Sip and Paint Class review by Valentina Sarzhevska - London

Trudie Newcomb Sep 2023

Brilliant, so easy and the teacher was clear and did a great job leading us

Trudie Newcomb Sep 2023

so straight forward and easy! loved it. Teacher was patient and moved at a good pace

Sam Catlin Sep 2023

Great teacher, great fun I recommend this activity, even if you are an absolute beginner

Sip and Paint Class review by Sam Catlin - London

Nosheen Kosar Sep 2023

Our teacher was great! The room was already set up when we arrived. Annaika was very supportive and guided as through the painting. We had fantastic evening would highly recommend the class.

Krayan Rai Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great experience, brilliant teacher who helps every student.
5/5 would recommend to everyone
Good location

Edmond Wang Aug 2023

Lacin was a great instructor, keeping the group moving at a good pace while still helping everyone. She struck a good balance between giving instruction and help wihle still allowing everyone to be a bit creative in their painting.

Molly Raycraft Aug 2023

This class was really fun. Our teacher Lacin was wonderful and very patient as she guided everyone through creating their masterpieces. I'd definitely do this session again.

The only downside is that this is advertised as a sip and paint class but there are no drinks included in the session. It's hosted in the pub and you have to pay for anything you want to drink.

Overall, had a lot of fun and will be booking again.

Katie Aug 2023

Such a great experience. Highly recommend for a team build or group of friends. Our guide Georgia was amazing - really fun and engaging!

Painting class review by Katie - London

Mary Donkin Aug 2023

Lacin and Maddie were great! I consider myself very unartistic but they were very supportive and explained everything! I really enjoyed it. The venue was great, enough time to pop and get a drink if needed, but honestly I was enjoying the painting too much to worry! Thank you both.

Toluwase Omoniyi Aug 2023

Lovely class. Very enjoyable! I would suggest perhaps less guidance to n how to paint in the canvas

Painting class review by Toluwase Omoniyi - London

Khyati Rajani Aug 2023

The class was really interesting and the teacher was great. She explained everything so nicely.

Vivien Torpey Aug 2023

Lovely friendly teacher. Explained procedures well. Thoroughly enjoyed and will definately do again. Highly recommended.

Laura Livesey Aug 2023

What an awesome way to spend an evening! Loved giving the paintbrushes a whirl, even though I have little skill ;) It reminded me of my school days and I got lost in swirling the beautiful colors together with the easy instructions making me feel like an artist - thank you so much for a super fun night xoxo :)

Carolina Amorim Aug 2023

Highly recommended! Gio was amazing, she was really good at communicating with everyone and let everyone take their time!

The materials and the Venue was perfect! Definitely repeating! I had such a good time!

Thank you

Painting class review by Carolina Amorim - London

Miss Russell Aug 2023

The class started late so the end of the class was rushed and there were some people who didn't quite finish (including myself). The teacher was good with taking us step by step with the painting and the experience was enjoyable. However, we did not get a glass of wine which is what the website that we booked it on advertised (Classbento). This was a disappointing start to the class as my friend and I felt mislead by what we had booked compared to what we got. Other than that, it was a good class and we got given a bag to take our painting home in.

Sasha Barford Aug 2023

The class was fun and good. But it was a little rushed at the end. Perhaps leave more time or room at the end for those who are slower at painting: or maybe extend painting time. But the teacher was friendly and clear.

There was also no drink with the lesson (no fault of the teacher) that was initially advertised on "classbento" website, so can the marketing please be a little clearer on what is offered in the class.

Divyanshu Nandwani Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was super fun and Holly (the teacher) made it even more engaging and enjoyable

Painting class review by Divyanshu Nandwani - London

Temitayo Oladeji Aug 2023

Me and my partner had such a great time. The class instructors were very helpful and the class was very therapeutic. I would definitely book this experience again.

Painting class review by Temitayo Oladeji - London

Isobel Tooher-Wright Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Hollie was a great teacher and was really encouraging with our limited art skills! Would recommend to everyone.

Julia Dang Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed this workshop. Our teacher Giorgia gave us very clear and helpful guidance for our paintings. She is very lovely as well. At the end I finished Northern light painting with full of joy and satisfaction. It was very relaxing and affordable price as well. Highly recommend this .

Krisztina Biliczky Aug 2023

The teacher was great - very supportive and encouraging.
Very chilled atmosphere with all materials provided and some good skills taught
Me and my friend did it as a birthday treat and enjoyed it so much!

Sip and Paint Class review by Krisztina Biliczky - London

Remmy Kibira Aug 2023

Very well presented and easy to follow. Would definitely book again. Different class though x

Seetha Sweetnam Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lovely time painting a famous banksy with my brother. Great session and would recommend to all

Sip and Paint Class review by Seetha Sweetnam - London

Daniel Angus Jul 2023

Wasn't expecting this to be as fun as it was, but it was would recommend

Ket Kwok Jul 2023

The class itself was great fun, easy to follow! Staff were friendly.

The only downside was it was a 2 hour class but only had 1:40 due to waiting for people who turned up late. My suggestion to the team would be to start on time for those who were there on time.

Sip and Paint Class review by Ket Kwok - London

Adnan Ali Jul 2023

Great class with great people, really welcomed all levels and was such a good social. Great for a date or treat

Salvatore Capuano Jul 2023

Both teachers they were very kind and approachable with the all class. I learn a lot from them!

Abigail Roberts Jul 2023

Had a lovely time it was a great Mother’s Day gift for my mum, lacin was lovely and gave helpful tips. Especially liked how we had a lovely picture we’d painted to take home

Kally Tan Jul 2023

It was a really enjoyable experience. Beginner-friendly class. The teachers were nice and friendly and gave really clear instructions. We liked the relaxing atmosphere of the venue too! We also got to take the painting back at the end of the class. I would recommend bringing a bag to take the painting home with you. Would take another class again.

Teacher's response

Hi Kally,

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the class.

Sorry I believe there was a mix up with the number of bags hence why you didn’t get one.

If you come again send us an email before and I will give you another bag to make up for it.

Best wishes

Prime pass team

Emily Greyling Jul 2023

Our teacher was lovely, welcomed questions and engaged with the class. It was a fun experience overall.

Nessa Skeggs Jul 2023

Our session was fantastic! Our teacher was lovely and her instructions were so clear. We all managed to come out with great paintings and we're also able to add our own little flare to them. Will deffo be coming back!

Holly Khatri Jul 2023

Had a lovely experience during the class, the venue was beautiful. I’m not artistic at all but was able to create something that was really nice with the teacher’s excellent guidance and instruction. Very good for people that have no experience with painting

Sip and Paint Class review by Holly Khatri - London

Debra Lim Jul 2023

The class itself was good, however the promised drink and tote bag were not provided

Chika Eze Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Thank you so much! Everyone had such a lovely time and a lot of people have asked for us to do it again so we'll definitely get in touch!

James Jul 2023

Was ok. Kind of rushed and run out of the paint we needed. Was overal good though.

Bee Pushpakanthan Jul 2023

Fun class. Finch’s Pub is a great location. Teachers were really helpful. Would recommend.

Jesica Gonzalez Jul 2023

The teacher was very friendly, we had a wonderful time. Would definitely recommend these clases!

Painting class review by Jesica Gonzalez - London

Katy Addison Jul 2023

Really fun class , lovely teacher and great venue with live music and drinks at the bar - brilliant all round!

Jannice Adofo Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Wonderful session and really fun! Would definitely book more classes and there are many different pictures that can be painted and taken home

Jay Lengyel Jun 2023

Such a great time, we were worried we're not artsy enough but the steps were broken down so well by our lovely guide and artist Locin! Highly recommend!

Sip and Paint Class review by Jay Lengyel - London

Annalisa Mora Jun 2023

The class and the atmosphere were perfect however the ticket included a drink and none of us got that

Beth Ashton Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Sip and Paint was so fun Our teacher was fab. The lesson was really enjoyable. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try something different.

Giuliana Pavani Jun 2023

Such a lovely time, great class to go with friends!

We just thought there was a “free” drink included in the price of the class but it was still worth it :)

Painting class review by Giuliana Pavani - Manchester

Sara Akil Jun 2023

it was really fun to do this class. I went there with my friend and we had a good time. Teacher gives instructions and answers all questions and there is a lot of flexibility to allow room for fun and conversation. You would need to double check ticket terms for drinks. For us it was not provided but you could get your drink from the bar downstairs. The place is in the corner, on top of the bar.

Kelsey Winter Jun 2023

Cristiano & Luciana were amazing! Really patient, chill and made the bridal shower a lovely time!

Shuaib Oladigbolu Jun 2023

I had never paited before, so it was a great value for money. And Zeinab is a great teacher.

Jesam Eyong Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The artist leads you so simply to putting together a half decent painting. Fun atmosphere and good food. Would definitely recommend.

Rajeev Kovath Jun 2023

Zeinab was a sweet, lovely and great teacher. Highly recommended to go with either friends or partner.

Leila McQuaid Jun 2023

Went with my family for Father’s Day and we all had a lovely time. Artem was a great teacher, patient and very helpful. Would definitely recommend

Kiera McGovern Jun 2023

Such an amazing class, very helpful teacher and overall great vibes. Would defo go again.

Painting class review by Kiera McGovern - London

Huma Rahmaan Jun 2023

The teacher Holly was great She was welcoming, patient and helpful. Even encouraged us to break free and let our inner artist out.

That is the only reason I’m giving this a good otherwise I’d say ok at best.

My biggest concern is don’t call this sip and paint, as that’s false advertising. There was no drinks unless purchased separately, so your email and flyer are misleading. Just call it a painting class.

Frances Synge Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lovely teacher and great tutorial! Lots of cool techniques. The venue was at a pub so you could get a drink and it was air-conditioned which was fab.

Linda Pasi Jun 2023

The teacher made the whole experience very relaxing and fun! Definitely stress free experience for beginners!

Andrea Latham Jun 2023

Had an amazing time at the sip and paint class, teacher was really helpful! Had so much fun!

Nivedita Ashok Jun 2023

Had an excellent time. Holly was an incredible teacher and very encouraging. Would definitely be back!

Claudia Brooker Jun 2023

Lacin was so helpful and patient and really lovely! definitely would recommend her classes! she was so friendlyt and saved my painting

Emma Treanor Jun 2023

Really great teacher and location. It was so much fun. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Sip and Paint Class review by Emma Treanor - London

Holly Kingdon Jun 2023

Yasmin was absolutely fantastic. The painting class was amazing and was such a hit. She was considerate and managed the personalities and different abilities well. The paintings all came out great and everyone had the best time. Thanks so much Yasmin, we will be booking again. You where so cool, kind and talented.

Jesica Gonzalez Jun 2023

Lovely experience and I was pleasantly surprised with my abilities!
The teachers were Zeinab and Lacin, and they were both very nice and helpful.
I would do this again.

Sip and Paint Class review by Jesica Gonzalez - London

Francesca Ciriaco Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lilac was great - very skillful painter and available for advice/tips to improve technique. I’d definitely recommend her class to a friend!

Marina Suleman May 2023

Loved the venue xx loved the teacher it was nice easy breezy class felt proud of my work

Sip and Paint Class review by Marina Suleman - London

Sanchi Grover May 2023

The venue and teach were amazing.

The tutor covered all the participants time to time, gave clear instructions and was very humble.

Painting class review by Sanchi Grover - London

Beth Yates May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lovely event trying out the Forest Sky painting. Easy to follow instructions from the teacher and no previous experience required. A small enough group to be able to chat to friends and others and a break provided throughout. Got to take home our paintings in a free tote bag too which was a nice suprise.

Mike Franchetti May 2023

Teacher was great! Lots of fun. Would like to see a wider range of paintings on the site

Steven Hutchison-Wallace May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Did the sip and paint Leo the lion class with my partner as a date night activity. It was held at the foundry bar and was a really nice venue and space. The space where we did the class was intimate but also spacious enough that you were no on top of each other.

The tutor was very enthusiastic about the class and was very encouraging as well. The steps were taught to us in a simple and easy way. We also were given free rein to express ourselves via our painting. The class was informative and we learnt a lot, especially learnt that it is not as easy as it looks.

I would 100% recommend this as a group activity, as a couples activity or even on your own as it’s just a good vibe all the way through.

Painting class review by Steven Hutchison-Wallace - Manchester

Joe Round May 2023

We had such a great time at the Sip and Paint at the Oliver Conquest in Aldgate. The venue was great as it was nice to have a separate room upstairs in the pub for the class whilst still being able to go downstairs to get drinks. The instructor was the perfect level of attentive and around to provide some helpful tips and pointers and suggestions of how you might want to go about approaching something (very useful for someone like me with zero painting experience!) as well as relaxed and happy to let everyone get on with it and do their own thing. With the tuition, art supplies, free glass of prosecco, and a fun and relaxing way to spend 2 hours of your afternoon I thought it was really amazing value for money and will definitely look to do another class again!

Painting class review by Joe Round - London

Dharmy Rai May 2023

Hollie was amazing. Made the class very fun, easy to follow. Everyone's paintings looked amazing.

Suzanne Tewkesbury May 2023

We had a great family experience with Zeinab at the Finch, highly recommended sip and paint

Jihad Mashamoun May 2023

Both my fiancee and I enjoyed our drawing experience for our date night there. What we enjoyed is the instructors patience and support making it effortless for both of us to learn drawing and painting:)

Jamal Yates May 2023

Was such a fun experience and Zainab was such a lovely teacher and made sure I was comfortable with my painting, would defo recommend.

Sumayyah Hussain May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher Zenab was amazing. She was so clear and helpful with her guidance. All the materials needed were provided. I would definitely recommend this class, it was a birthday treat for my best friend and honestly I would go again as I enjoyed it a lot. It’s very good value for money. I was shocked that I was able to accomplish even close to the picture that we were painting, but that was all down to the teaching and the materials and the help that was all provided. I also found it quite therapeutic.

Sip and Paint Class review by Sumayyah Hussain - London

Jacqueline Berces May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great teacher, great assistant.
Good material.
Learnt a couple of painting tricks.
Very pleasant experience

Sip and Paint Class review by Jacqueline Berces - London

Anam Ullah May 2023

My husband and I attended the Northern Lights Sip & Paint class and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. The teacher (Artem) was a great host and provided great tips and guidance along the way.

Cornelia Panayiotou May 2023

The class was a lot of fun and the teacher artem guided us really well! I would highly recommend

Sean Leigh Apr 2023

Had a great time paining ‘The Tulip Twirl’
Out teacher/ host was extremely friendly, easy going and helpful with his step by step breakdown of the painting providing everything we needed to create our masterpieces whilst creating a chilled, friendly environment!

Sip and Paint Class review by Sean Leigh - London

Gloria Michel Apr 2023

This was absolutely fantastic. Went on a date here and it was lovely. The teachers put a lot of effort into guiding us through the projects, but also give a lot of creative freedom to how we'd like to go about it. I was super happy with the painting and my date enjoyed it too :D

Jasmine Price Apr 2023

The class was amazing- mainly due to Zainab and Lacin who guided us through the process, providing tailored feedback and recommendations. Really really enjoyed it and I will definitely book again- especially if they're teaching!

Mitesh Apr 2023

I had a great time time, the instructor was really good and a chilled atmosphere.

Kaitlyn Piccolo Apr 2023

Loved the class. The 2 hours flew by and left us wanting more. Zainab was a gem ! She was very patient and helpful.

Michelle Ling Apr 2023

Wonderful teacher, very organised and lots of fun! Would definitely do it again in the future and recommend this experience

Rebecca Yourstone Apr 2023

Great class. Really enjoyed it! It was a nice environment and the teacher was friendly. Good way to spend an afternoon.

Princess Fingall Apr 2023

I had a great time time, the instructor was really good and atmosphere was nice and chill.

Hannah Brown Apr 2023

Really good class, teacher was great and helped and encouraged. Really fun and thoroughly enjoyed will be booking another.

Laura Chatland Apr 2023

The teacher was really engaging and helpful and the class was great fun. The teacher went step by step through production of the painting and was helpful in answering questions and helping if you were stuck. This was a really enjoyable afternoon and good value for money.

Janse Kumar Apr 2023

- Great teacher! Very fun, encouraging and engaging.
- materials were sufficient but would not consider it value for money.
- worth it for the overall experience.

Painting class review by Janse Kumar - London

Harriet Stringer Apr 2023

Well organised and taught! Great activity and everyone was having a laugh with each other

Neeraj Takiar Apr 2023

Wow Wonderful teacher
Very helpful and considerate
great technical advice and guidance For our paintings

Alexandra Esmond Apr 2023

One aspect that let this class down was we had to buy our own drinks on top of the class itself. For a ‘Sip & Paint’ I expected there to be wine provided and was shocked when there wasn’t.

Holly was super friendly and approachable. She gave clear instructions which we were all able to follow, yet allowed us to add our own unique flair to it.

Materials and equipment was in good condition and I felt I had everything I needed to create the painting.

Venue was easy to find and near Southwark station. The environment was calm and well-suited to an arts class that required concentration.

All in all a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I would do this again.

Painting class review by Alexandra Esmond - London

Rafaela Ramalho Apr 2023

The teacher started the explanation really fast.
The class needs to be paced to the classmates.

Kam Thutoetsile Apr 2023

I had such a great time . Our teacher was brilliant and very attentive it made the whole experience fantastic ! Thoroughly recommend ❤️❤️

Shaily Chawla Apr 2023

It was okay. Would be better if it was modified to make it more suitable for people who are new to painting

Bianca Bragg Apr 2023

The session was really relaxed and great fun :) would deffo come again. The teacher was informative and helpful

Robert Ward Mar 2023

Really good class. Teacher gave the right amount of instruction. All the materials provided were good quality

Georgia Savill Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Painting was okay, nice location and pub, got to try a new gin which is always fun

Kireth Dhillon Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher was non-existent. Disinterested and put minimal effort into everything. Activity was great but teacher was just unnecessary.

Shanti Kulandaivelu Mar 2023

Instructor could have been more prepared and provided more guidance and materials - albeit he was a nice guy.
Venue was good - drinks very good.
Cocktail guy on point.

Katie Sutton Mar 2023

Teachers were great, I am a rubbish painter but am really pleased with what I managed to do! Great atmosphere, would definitely do it again

Victoria Davies Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really great class! It was very relaxing and a really nice way to spend a Sunday

Ieva Lekaviciute Mar 2023

Had a really great time in the class! The teacher gave very clear instructions and was encouraging. In the end, I was pretty happy with my painting despite not having painting skills at all. My friends loved it too and we decided to attend these activities more often! Would definitely recommend for a nice afternoon with pals.

Chris Blades Mar 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Lovely teacher and assistant. Great value for money. Will definitely be looking into other classes.

Sip and Paint Class review by Chris Blades - Leeds

Amy Gervasio Mar 2023

Really fun experience.
The venue was cool and the teacher was super helpful in walking you through all the steps

Ioan Ghisoi Mar 2023

Nice atmosphere, good teacher, nice class. I’ll join in the future again. Thanks! Yey

Reanna Roach Mar 2023

Really enjoyed the class! It was fun simple to follow and good vibes. Teacher taught very well & was also funny!

Sarita Khaira Mar 2023

The class was fun. Also, the Teacher was helpful and gave clear step by step instructions.

Chloe Barrett Mar 2023

Excellent class, Natascha was great and we all had a fab time. Would definitely do again in future

Sophia Harrison Mar 2023

The teacher is really lovely and good at what she does, very chill vibes. Would recommend!

Teresa Oliver Feb 2023

Really nice class, my first class and I’d love to do another. Nice and relaxing venue and the teacher was great, always checking how you’re doing and giving out tips.

Sip and Paint Class review by Teresa Oliver - Edinburgh

Manraj Othi Feb 2023

We had a good time.
Venue had a few issues in terms of taps meaning limited ability to refill water for cleaning brushes.

Alia Lappin Feb 2023

Teacher was very helpful and encouraging!

Nothing to say about the materials it was all great

Enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere!

Jana Rusova Feb 2023

I took by boyfriend for Valentines day for the couple painting, and it was great experience. At times it was bit hard to see the reference, or know what I was doing, but generally the teachers were attentive and helpful. We definitely enjoyed it, and would highly recommend to any couple, no matter your skill level. Ours is generally ugly but we still have it in our bedroom, and we look fondly to the memory of the experience.

Shanika Feb 2023

The teacher was great was very patient and kind. Venue was lovely. Everything was provided for us. All in all a wonderful class and would recommend to friends and family.

Christian Levy Feb 2023

The venue was good, if a little noisy making it hard to hear the teacher but she was very good making time to come around and ensure we all knew what we were doing.
I wasnt confident that I would produce anything resembling the desired end product but was left impressed by what I managed to do at the end.
The materials were all good except for my easel which kept falling and eventually resulted in a drink being spilt

Sip and Paint Class review by Christian Levy - London

Laurene Courillon Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

We absolutely loved our class !
It was very relaxed and the teacher (even if she goes a bit fast maybe) was great ! She takes time to explain and show us how to do when we had questions and we were pretty impressed by the result with 0 skills in painting
Definitely recommend for a relaxing and fun activity !

Painting class review by Laurene Courillon - London

Jennifer Guille Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really good teacher. She explained everything really well, and was really warm and friendly. I felt like l knew what l was doing.

Dave McTaggart Feb 2023

The teacher (Christopher) put this class on specially, I think, because the earlier one was fully booked. And I can see why! I managed to produce something I'm very proud of and would never have dreamed I could do. Everything was provided for us and Christopher was very patient. I loved it!

Anonymized Customer Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher did not seem to be very interested the whole thing. There was hardly prosecco and seem to be teacher was very stingy about it (told pourer don't give them that much because we have only 6 bottles- bit unprofessional) the painting part was fun but seemed bit unprofessional, not well run

Teacher's response

Hi Eve,
Thank you for the feedback you have provided and I'm glad to read that you had fun painting. I'm sorry, however, that you were unsatisfied with the teaching during the workshop. We have had lots of extremely positive feedback from other guests who attended the same class, so we are keen to investigate this further and see what went wrong. If you wish to provide further feedback, please feel free to get back in touch.
Regarding your comments on the Prosecco provided, as you will see from the class listing, drinks are not actually included within the price of the workshop ticket and are provided on a complimentary basis - apologies that you felt the amount you received was stingy. We'll take this on board for future events.

Ciara McKenna Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really fun class. Teachers very friendly and welcoming. Nicely paced for beginners. Love my painting!

Sip and Paint Class review by Ciara McKenna - London

Daniela Carascon Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class and amazing teacher!
Nice environment and friendly staff, I will come back.
Thank you

Sip and Paint Class review by Daniela Carascon - London

Haniss Jan 2023

I really enjoyed my experience. The atmosphere was amazing, the venue was beautiful. The teacher was super helpful and took us through the whole process step by step that I truly believe if you've never held a brush in your hand you'd still go home with a beautiful piece of art. I love that the class was not just about a boring painting, but also good vibes, nice people, tasty drinks and I learned new painting techniques too that I'll 100% use in the future. Everything was provided from the canvas to easels to paint and different types of brushes AND a cute tote bag to bring my painting home with me. One of the best bday presents I've ever got from a friend, definitely recommend!

Painting class review by Haniss  - London

Francesca Capotondi Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The Northern Lights class was great, the teachers were super helpful and they made you feel welcomed and talented, even if you had never painted before. The venue was very cozy, and in a perfect location, very well connected by public transport. The best part was the free Prosecco, and a free totebag to carry your painting!

Painting class review by Francesca Capotondi - London

Tara Hendry Jan 2023

Lovely class, the teachers will were very helpful and great location. Good value fur money

Katrina Petersone Jan 2023

The two teachers were really lovely and helpful and explained everything clearly, and were always checking to see if we had enough paint and were happy to answer questions.
It was a reallly fun experience, but it wasn’t clear enough if the drink was included in the ticket, as well as when I ask the bartender at the venue which drinks I can have , he said it wasn’t part of the deal (even though it was) and I ended up buying my own drink. One of the teachers then did also give me a second drink so hurrah! Though maybe the bartenders at the venues could be better informed.

Tarun Makker Jan 2023

Amazing class and good instruction. Gave attention to each student well. Friendly and clear teacher!

Ann Jan 2023

I bought two places on this class for my wife and daughter and they came back with beautiful paintings, raving about what a wonderful time they had! They said the teacher was brilliant and made it so easy for them to produce their very impressive artwork. They adored the whole experience so much that they're also badgering me to book another class as soon as next week

Sheku Alghali Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Artem was very calm and relaxed and allowed us to have freedom with our paintings whilst still providing helpful guidance.

Loved the venue - spacious and well lit.

Standard materials, paint and brushes provided, good stuff.

Very good value for money - two hours (and sometimes a little longer) of just fun.

Drew the Banksy artwork of the girl and the balloon. Difficult but still managed to produce a fun piece of work that we can keep for memories.

Sip and Paint Class review by Sheku Alghali - London

Yvette Tyler Dec 2022

Most enjoyable 2 hours ever Tiffany our teacher was excellent all materials provided & a cotton bag to take it home in too Fantastic

Sip and Paint Class review by Yvette Tyler - Brighton

Ellouise Carter Dec 2022

Great teacher. Gave clear, easy instructions to follow.
Didn't expect to come out with a half decent painting but the teacher took it step by step and gave good advice when needed.
Super fun class. Would definitely go again

Maddy Garner Dec 2022

Good teacher, good venue and felt I learned a lot. It's a fun experience, so I would highly recommend to book one.

Faisal Wahid Dec 2022

A really fun and relaxing class. The atmosphere and the teacher was very nice. Would recommend it if you’re looking to try your hand at painting.

Sip and Paint Class review by Faisal Wahid - London

Burcu Celikbas Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing class and teacher! Really enjoyed it! Would totally recommend for anyone who wants to take a moment for themselves

Painting class review by Burcu Celikbas - London

Michelle Kimberley Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was welcoming and the environment was set up well. A nice atmosphere provided with a good crowd present. We would have liked more ‘teaching, in particular techniques of blending etc…’. Overall a fun afternoon.

Leonor Quintaneiro Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The experience was a lot of fun and the teacher was very helpful. However, the instructions to get to the place where the workshop was taking place were not very well explained as we did not know it was inside a bar/pub and the address given did was not properly stated on the online map. Also, because of the name of the experience, I thought at least one free drink was included but this was not the case. In the end both me and my family had a lot of fun and I would like to do something similar again in the future.

David Goitia Nov 2022

The atmosphere was super chill and welcoming. The teacher was very friendly and attentive. The event was very well organised too. I booked this activity as a birthday present for another person, but I was only mildly enthusiastic about it. After finishing the workshop, I can't wait to book another one! It was super fun!

Lewis Hodges Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was very lovely. Thanks so much Holly. Great vibes and great guidance where needed.

Sip and Paint Class review by Lewis Hodges - London

Esther Jacob Nov 2022

I really enjoyed my time at Class Bento Sip and Paint on Saturday 19th November! I went with two of my girls celebrating one of their birthdays and it was amazing! Reminded me of my childhood days and enjoying the beauty of art and creativity. I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking to do something different! The teacher was very supportive, calm and friendly. He allowed us to have breaks and interact with the other attendees.

Tahnee Anderson Nov 2022

The concept was amazing and our team really enjoyed spending time together and getting creative.

Julia Harrington Nov 2022

We booked a Paint & Sip class for our Hiring team and we all had a great time - even the people who weren't really keen on painting at the beginning really got into it by the end. Our teacher Tiffany was lovely and really engaging - probably not an easy feat to get our attention as we were a bigger group and chatting all the time. I think many of us who'd never painted before were also pleasantly surprised by how good our paintings looked. Would definitely recommend

Julie Marie-Louise Nov 2022

It was Lovely and we had a great teacher , we had a nice amazing time !

Javeria Khalid Nov 2022

Excellent fun! The teacher was lovely, the vibe was great- highly recommend for a date night!

Sip and Paint Class review by Javeria Khalid - London

Monika Drzymala Nov 2022

Really enjoyed the class, the teachers were very friendly and helpful. Not sure I loved the drawing idea so would probably go for something else

Nehal Singla Nov 2022

Amazing class! Teacher was good and helping us go through the steps. Good catch up experience

Sip and Paint Class review by Nehal Singla - London

Jessica Wenning Nov 2022

I had a wonderful time! The teacher was very supportive and the atmosphere relaxed. I will definitely book another art class soon.

Painting class review by Jessica Wenning - London

Lehannah Shogbamimu Nov 2022

Experience was really good and the teacher was very patient we loved it thank you

Joy Nakawesi Nov 2022

Teacher was great, venue was perfect, lesson was spectacular

Great experience indeed .
Am greatful

Thank you

Estelle Makinde Nov 2022

She was fantastic So welcoming and fun, the other 2 guys were great too. Very easy going, fun and friendly. I would have liked a bit more paint to be given

Vanessa Mayengehama Oct 2022

Great fun and good value for money, teacher was very helpful and lovely. I would definitely comeback- highly recommend it is done as a big group !

Christine Oct 2022

Great experience. It was a lovely setting, a nice teacher and I was delighted with what I achieved.

Teresa O'Neill Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed it and the teacher was very attentive. I was pleased with the end result.

Kira Gould Oct 2022

Tiffany was great! Fun, fab and helpful. Really lovely and chilled evening and also made a piece of art to go on my wall. Would recommend and do again for sure!

Sip and Paint Class review by Kira Gould - Brighton

Gisselle Pelaez Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a great experience this afternoon, the place was perfect so you can have a drink while painting. The teacher was explaining everything very clear and very helpful. We really enjoyed it, fully recommend it!

Luciana Zaragosi Oct 2022

Great and good fun. First time painting and I’m very happy with my creation!

Andrea Thomas Oct 2022

Clear instructions, went around to help people out. Me and my friend enjoyed the class

Hussein Osman Oct 2022

Good fun and teacher was interactive and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Samantha Johnson Oct 2022

It was a really fun laid back class! Nice to do something a bit different.

Emma Davies Oct 2022

Great class. Teacher was very helpful, atmosphere was great. Everyone has a good time and made some beautiful masterpieces.

Would recommend this for any group of friends wanting to try something different

Becky Rigby Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had an amazing time, our teacher was patient, friendly and was so clear with her instructions with directing the painting class. Would absolutely come again!

Sip and Paint Class review by Becky Rigby - London

Kavya Nair Oct 2022

Good class but a bit expensive. The teacher really helped us and took care of each one of us.

Jolanta Czajkowska Oct 2022

Very lovely teacher! Helpful, funny and inspiring! We had a great time! Thank you. Definitely coming back

Painting class review by Jolanta Czajkowska - London

Svapna Rabadia Sep 2022

Loved this activity! Time went really fast and each step was shown by the teacher which was great, definitely recommend, our whole group had the best time!

Edith Benitez Sep 2022

She was lovely, had a blast! Loved the Leo lion painting! Will 100% recommend it

Sip and Paint Class review by Edith Benitez - London

Anmol Seth Sep 2022

The host was amazing. She went slow enough so that everyone got time which was really useful for an amateur like me. Had a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend.

Nicole Nwasike Sep 2022

Great class. Holly, the instructor was fab. Very helpful and clear in directing the group on what to do. Materials were provided and also a bag at the end which was very thoughtful as I had brought mine just in case . Was really pleased with my painting especially since it was my first time abd will put it up in my flat with pride . Would be great if there were sessions available in SE London so others don't have to travel so far (N london) to experience this.

Painting class review by Nicole Nwasike - London

Vincent Lao Sep 2022

Come home with an amazing painting, although I was quite slow so could’ve used an extra 15-30mins

Sip and Paint Class review by Vincent Lao - London

Katie Raine Aug 2022

I went with my boyfriend and we had a great time. Our particular class wasn't as sociable as we had expected so we enjoyed it more for the painting itself. The pace was good and the instruction was pretty minimal (but in a good way given we only had 2 hours and it was a beginner class).
Definitely a great way to spend an evening!