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Delina is a word from Tigrinya, an Ethiopian dialect. It means to 'want and desire.' Our desire is to share wonderful food and tastes with you.

Delina Kitchen began in July 2013, when Nazareth, our owner, started Delina Ethiopian Food as an Ethiopian street food stall in West London. We travelled around the local markets in Hammersmith, Fulham and Shepherd’s Bush with our Ethiopian recipes.

Since then, Delina has travelled nationally. Nazareth worked with large catering companies, offices and food markets around the UK to introduce the taste of Ethiopia. We now provide cooking classes for people interested in learning how to cook nutritious, tasty meals.

Nazareth grew up in East Africa, where everything she ate was full of flavour. African food preparation is time-consuming, however, and does not work well with a modern western lifestyle. Nazereth now lives in multicultural Shepherds Bush and has been re-inventing African food to inspire modern lifestyles.

Nazereth has a passion for simple food, healthy alternatives and delicious food to share. She also understands that after a long day, we just want to reach into the cupboard and grab something to feed the family. Her clever innovations make delicious food incredibly easy to prepare in next to no time!





Jonathan Jackson Apr 2024

We came to the Delina cooking class as a treat the week after our wedding. We had an amazing time. The class was really well run and the teacher was very knowledgeable. We learnt a lot and had a really fun time!

Andrea Apr 2024

Absolutely lovely experience! The teacher was really sweet and informative. I felt that everyone was included, and the venue had a nice atmosphere. We got a really nice tasting and filling meal. Would definitely recommend :)

Marie Apr 2024

We did the class while on holiday. The teacher was a kind host. She learned us about ethiopian way of cooking and eating. It was delicious!

Samantha Campbell Apr 2024

Lovely class, absolutely delicious food! Great teacher and really nice environment. Would recommend to everyone

Yalcin Coban Apr 2024

A lot of fun, plus the food tasted great! If I don't say so myself

Alex Harland Apr 2024

The food was fantastic, so fresh and simple to cook. Nazareth was kind and patient, so delightful! Would 100% recommend this was definitely worth the money.

Maria Moles Palmer Apr 2024

Great class, amazing Ethiopian food and nice vibes, you have lunch at the end with the food you cooked

James Courtney Mar 2024

It was a great class. Learnt loads and food was really tasty at the end.

Michelle Lutzno Mar 2024

The cooking class was wonderful. It was so fun and well prepared. I learnt a lot and we had such a great time Thank you

Allison Mar 2024

Nazareth is an excellent teacher. She explained everything we had to do and all of the ingredients really well. All the ingredients and cooking utensils were laid out for us in a very clear manner. My friend and I made three vegetarian dishes which came out with fantastic flavours.
This class was definitely good value for money. I highly recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in making their own tasty Ethiopian food.
I most liked the ambiance of Delina Kitchen. It was very chill and authentic. We were also able to buy some ingredients to cook for ourselves at home later on, which was handy. Thank you Nazareth for this wonderful experience!

Cooking class review by Allison - London

Isatu Mar 2024

Nazareth was a great teacher/host and taught us about the culture of the food we were cooking. Her restaurant is lovely and it was a great atmosphere & experience overall. I would definitely recommend.

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Great session, maybe a smaller group would be better and some written materials (re. name of spices, ingredients).

Mark Guilfoyle Mar 2024

Really lovely place, excellent teacher and brilliant food. You couldn't ask for much more

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

The food we made was wonderful and it was fun making the bread. You can purchase some of the special herbs after the class to make the food at home again.

Cooking class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Anna Sofia Bregstein Mar 2024

What an excellent class! The teacher was very passionate about her culture and gave us some great tips for how to simplify Ethiopian cooking. I'll definitely be incorporating some of these dishes into my cooking - and be back to try the restaurant!

Maya Hanoomansingh Mar 2024

Booked for my partners birthday, we love Ethiopian food and we were NOT disappointed! Great class, really informative and fun and was really nice to eat our food after creating

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Maya Hanoomansingh - London

Sam Mar 2024

Booked as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, we're both very happy! Nazareth was a very patient and informative teacher. The venue was the lovely Delina restaurant; the kitchen area is quite tight, but you can still move around without issues. We learnt a lot about Ethiopian cuisine and had a delicious mean :)

Karina Tomaszewska Feb 2024

The class was lovely and authentic. 1000% recommend. Very insightful and delicious. A lovely learning process.

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Amazing cooking class Nazareth is very attentive, fun, knowledgeable and generally awesome. The food was INCREDIBLE! Me and my partner had a great time.

Penny Feb 2024

Nazareth was kind and friendly, and her passion for the food was contagious. The class was small so she could help us all individually. Everything was well prepared beforehand so we could spend the maximum time actually cooking and eating. I was excited to see how easy it was to prepare injera and will definitely be purchasing teff flour for use at home. The spiced tea at the end was a lovely touch.

Lucy Garcia Feb 2024

The class was so much fun! Small group so was super hands on, the teacher and environment was really welcoming and fun and the food was delicious! Catered to different food preferences and was relaxed environment to eat afterwards. Would recommend to anyone!

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Lucy Garcia - London

India Barker Feb 2024

Fantastic class- loads of hands on experience and small class size. Great teacher and delicious food

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Really loved the class, the teacher was very kind and helpful! It was lovely to learn how to make injera and other ethiopian dishes!

Giovanni Luigi Brambilla Feb 2024

the class teaches you how to cook some recipes from Ethiopia and making injera bread. you are provided with small cooking stations with the ingredients you're gonna need. the teacher explains very clearly and answers all the questions you might have. at the end you can eat the food you made in the bar restaurant area.

Luke Salter Feb 2024

My partner & I went on Valentine's Day - it's a really nice restaurant, very aesthetic & cozy feel, Nazra the owner, our cooking course teacher was very friendly and good at responding to people's questions and talking us through everything. The stations were well set up, I think we had more people attend than stations but she managed this well, and I did feel quite sorry for her as we had quite a lot of late arrivals which interrupted the flow. I didn't pay for the class, but having done another cooking course recently, this felt like good money for value in terms of what we made and learnt, especially as the timeframe wasn't too long which can often happen in cooking classes. The food was delicious, and she catered for me as a vegan which was great, and also found a way to ensure my partner could try the beef, so she really did cater for everyone.

Ailsa Feb 2024

Nazareth was a brilliant host. So friendly and explained everything perfectly so we knew what we were doing and so we could recreate the dishes at home. The food was incredible, would highly recommend to anyone.

Cooking class review by Ailsa - London

Pippa Wells Feb 2024

we thoroughly enjoyed our Ethiopian cooking session. Delina is a lovely setting with great teachers and ingredients. We cooked up a real treat and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Greatly recommend it!

Victoria Paget Feb 2024

Nazareth was a great teacher and we made some delicious food. The class was clear and a great introduction to Ethiopian cooking.

Hannah Chandler Feb 2024

I bought this as a Christmas present for my girlfriend, and it was received really well! The aromas as you step through the door are gorgeous, and they have an intimate and homely cooking area.

Nazareth was welcoming, very knowledgeable and clearly passionate. The food tasted fab (if I do say so myself)! Nazareth gave easy to follow instructions, and would help by giving us tips and pointers as we cooked, but wouldn’t “step in” and do it for us, so we still felt we had cooked our own food.

Thanks Nazareth for a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Helen Topham Feb 2024

Lovely class. Really hands on and engaging. Learnt a lot and made some delicious dishes

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

Lovely evening, very friendly host and easy to chat to the other people there. One of us is coeliac and no problems at all, everything completely GF.

Anne Feb 2024

Great experience today at Delina Kitchen today. Nazareth was a really good teacher, friendly and clear in instructions and information . Learning how to make Injera and 3 vegetarian dishes was a great way to spend the morning.

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Anne - London

Tina Perez Feb 2024

I had a delightful experience at this cooking class for couples. The venue was lovely, and the teacher was incredibly patient and thorough in her explanations. I appreciated learning more about the culture through the dishes we made. The class was definitely great value for money. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add Ethiopian music to enhance the ambiance. Overall, I loved the teacher, the food, and the experience.

Chirag Ojha Feb 2024

Our instructor was amazing and made the class fly by. The food was amazing and the ambiance was the same. I would highly recommend this class if you are looking to expand your cooking repertoire.

Tara Rafaty Jan 2024

great and easy class for any skill level, was so much fun with lots of kind support and information and a beautiful venue!

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Tara Rafaty - London

Conor Mockridge Jan 2024

Brilliant class, with such a lovely teacher. Food tasted amazing and learned loads about Ethiopian food

Sia Ndomaina Jan 2024

Cooking Ethiopian food with Nazareth was a wonderful experience! She was a lovely host and the food we prepared was delicious. We’re already excited to go back during the day and try some more amazing food at her cafe.

Susan Denby Jan 2024

Great, relaxed and different! Great food loads of it and really enjoyed eating it afterwards.Highly recommend.

Patrick Davidson Jan 2024

Great teacher, amazing food. Looking forward to eating more Ethiopian. Love that they aren't in to sugary foods.

Anne Dixey Jan 2024

We really enjoyed the class. The teacher was great and it was a warm and inclusive learning experience. I feel like I can now cook Ethiopian dishes at home with confidence!

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

Nazareth was friendly and informative, we loved her talking us through the spices and spending time explaining facets of Ethiopian culture. Everything was easy to follow and she would spend time helping if anything wasn’t going to plan. We had a great evening!

Karan Kapoor Jan 2024

We loved the venue and the teacher was amazing! We celebrated my wife’s birthday with friends and the class was so fun and DELICIOUS Such a a great way to celebrate - thanks for the amazing memories

Eve Oakley Jan 2024

Wonderful morning cooking, eating and learning about Ethiopian food. So tasty we had a chicken, chickpea and vegetable dish and made traditional flat breads.

Lucy Jan 2024

This was a great class! The teacher was very welcoming. We were cooking in the kitchen of the cafe which is all open plan and is a lovely space. We made three different dishes and all were delicious. Great value for money too. Would definitely recommend!

Basim Jafar Jan 2024

Had a great time, cooked three simple and delicious dishes which we ate with gusto after the class. The class can easily accommodate vegans.

Carla Jan 2024

It was so much fun. We've always wondered how we could make this kind of food at home, and this was an excellent way to learn and also enjoy a meal! The teacher is so on top of things and kind.

My husband loved this experience (it was a gift). 10/10 would recommend.

The only shame was not having more heating in the space, so bundle up a bit.

Kiran Patel Jan 2024

Good teacher and very enjoyable food. Venue is nice and it's good value for money. We learnt to make 3 dishes plus the injera.

Hilary Risley Jan 2024

We had such a lovely time

Nazareth was so warm and welcoming. She offered us this delicious cardamom and ginger tea when we arrived. The dishes were already pre-prepped, so no chopping required, which meant we could focus on listening and the participate in just the cooking part of the meal. She accommodated vegan, veggies, and meat eaters in the group. My partner and I made 2 veggie dishes and one chicken curry with lots of the lovely teff flour bread. We were so excited to eat it afterwards that we inhaled it in about 3 minutes flat!
I've recommended it to all of my friends. Thank you!

Jonathan Hackett Dec 2023

Our family had a great experience doing this cooking class. Great food, teacher and venue!

Alistair Dring Dec 2023

Great experience lead by a great team. Delicious food albeit cooked by ourselves the instruction and delivery of the process made the food that much more enjoyable. Would highly recommend.

Dalexis Tolosa Arias Dec 2023

Great cooking class with lots of explanations and delicious food.

I bought as present for my mum and sis and we had wonderful time


Scott Chiesa Dec 2023

My wife and I both really enjoyed this. Venue was lovely, teacher was really nice, and food was delicious. Highly recommend and look forward to coming back to the restaurant in future during the week for a meal.

Jess Dec 2023

A fairly free-form class with a good vibe, intuitive and relaxed. The food was delicious, it was really nice to just sit in the cafe afterwards and drink coffee and share good food.

Could be more polished but it's definitely a good time.

Mayank Daswani Dec 2023

Our teacher was extremely friendly and personable. She answered all our questions with patience and guided us through three extremely tasty vegetarian dishes. Overall, my wife and I had a great time in this class.

Georgina Russell Dec 2023

Really lovely and intimate creative activity to do as a group or solo
Would recommend

James Harrison Dec 2023

Teacher was great
Food was great
10/10 would recommend to anyone interested in learning a new cuisine :)

Hamish McLellan Nov 2023

Nazareth is a very enthusiastic teacher ! She made the whole evening extremely enjoyable and entertaining. The class was very planned, all ingredients and equipment were ready, and clearly laid out. We amateurs managed to successfully produce a delicious Ethiopian meal, that even looked like it should do . The class sat down together to eat the results, and it became a bit of a party !
Delina's Kitchen is a lovely spot, in he heart of the market. Very easy to get to. Highly recommended on all fronts. Just do it !

Verity Ball Nov 2023

Really great morning, lots of fun, and learned about Ethiopian food- which also tasted great! Highly recommended :)

Maxen Luis Martin Nov 2023

We had a really lovely time at this sip and paint. We were not rushed in anyway. The artist took her time in allowing us to settle in. She explained the basics of getting started on the festive baubles and then we were spoilt with mulled wine and even snacks by the venue Host. We even ran over time and the host was very accommodating. Would have appreciated more guidance throughout from the artist however. The venue host was really lovely. She allowed us enough time to complete our work even after the closing time. Overall had such a great experience. Thank you!

Teacher's response

Thank you for coming and for taking the time to leave your feedback, we're glad you had a lovely evening and we will surely make sure to ask our artists to provide more guidance whenever needed. We'll be happy to welcome you again anytime soon:)

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

The teacher was lovely and and clearly explained the ingredients and the cooking techniques both to complete novices and those who already knew something about the cuisine. It was a fun thing to do in a small group and we also got on well with the other small group who were there

Izzy Nov 2023

Teacher was super informative and helpful. We had a great time and enjoyed the delicious food!

Oliver Donohue Nov 2023

Amazing venue and teacher was absolutely fantastic. Took the time to have conversations about the food and teach us about the culture. The cooking process was really informative and the food was AMAZING.

Hannah Storey Nov 2023

We loved the session! She was lovely, there were only 4 of us and we learnt how to make some delicious food. It was a really nice date night and I would do another.

Andre Braga Oct 2023

Very good environment and great class overall - quality ingredients, a lot of passion for Ethiopian cooking from the teacher and a delicious end result! Would highly recommend.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

We had a great time at the cooking class. The place is really lovely, and we cooked authentic food. Nazareth taught us all about the ingredients, how to make the dishes at home etc. She also catered to our dietary requirements. We got to eat the delicious food afterwards. Overall, it was a really fun and worthwhile experience.

Chinwe Oct 2023

It was a fantastic class. Nazareth was a brilliant host and teacher from the moment I arrived with my boyfriend to the end of the class. The venue was lovely and welcoming, there was adequate equipment and the kitchen was cleverly used. It was good to learn about the different spices and Nazareth confidently answered any questions the group had; showing her incredible experience with Ethiopian food. The meal at the end was delicious. I heartily recommend this class. Thank you Nazareth for a great afternoon!

Bernard Oct 2023

Great cooking class and would reccomend - we learned alot about Ethiopian flavours. The teacher was prepared and super helpful in learning how to make some curries and Injera. We also got to eat what we made which was great. Will definately be trying to make this at home!
Thank you for the class

Rebecca Folorunso Oct 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Great class, teacher was engaging and explained the ingredients and cooking techniques well

Would recommend

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Rebecca Folorunso - London

Alex Seff Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class with great teacher - would definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you, amazing food

Victoria Regan Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had an absolutely brilliant time cooking along and at the end we even produced something delicious to end the experience. We arrived a little early and had a coffee before the class started and it was one of the best coffees I’ve had this year. Would thoroughly recommend this class.

Cooking class review by Victoria Regan - London

Tuscan Lambrechts Sep 2023

Such a great class! Delicious food and a great teacher. Would definitely recommend trying this out

Faye Gale Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This cooking class was super amazing and educational, Nazareth taught in a true authentic passionate manner. I feel confident to make my self at home the dishes we learnt. Venue was amazing and smelt of sage insense

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Faye Gale - London

Alina Bochis Sep 2023

The teacher was great, we have enjoyed cooking Ethiopian recipees and it was delicious. We were able to enjoy our food at the café.

Patrick Pollard Sep 2023

Really great host and a fun experience. The call was easy to follow and informative, and you got to enjoy the delicious food at the end. Well tailored for meat eaters and vegetarians.

Daniel Searles Sep 2023

Teacher was lovely and very good at explaining everything! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Ronelle Hutchinson Sep 2023

It was an enjoyable experience. Dishes were simple & fun to make. I would highly recommend it

George Harris Sep 2023

Great class, teacher, and location. Really great food and everyone had a great time. X

Shashi Abayasekera Sep 2023

The teacher was super friendly and talked us through all the spice blends and ingredients so we knew exactly what we were using. She was helping us all the way through but we still got our hands dirty and did most of the cooking ourselves.
The venue was so cute, really authentic looking. The kitchen was a little small but that added to the charm.
All utensils and ingredients were provided and neatly prepared for us before we began so it was super easy.
Overall I thought for what you get out of the experience and the food, the class was really reasonably priced.
And you got to eat together with all the pupils at the end of take your food away which was great.

Paul Joseph Jun 2023

Nazret is a joy to be with. She was very welcoming and made us feel at ease whilst making our food. The experience is one of kind and we got to make all 3 dishes and injera. Worth every penny if u love habesha food.

Cooking class review by Paul Joseph - London

Lashaleah Nicely Jun 2023

Great cooking experience in a clean friendly environment. Our teacher was great and made the experience easy to follow.
The food tasted great after cooking it. I was so pleased.
I purchased some herbs and teff before leaving and started my injera as soon as I got home.
Highly recommended

Sara Lee Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a brilliant couple of hours learning how to create some absolutely delicious food. It was interesting to understand the process of making injera and fun to then create our own. Flavours and spice combinations were explained which we then used in the dishes we made. Eating what we'd made at the end of the class was the perfect end to a great morning. Would massively recommend giving it a go!

Anjana Chakraborty Jun 2023

We had a great time at Nazareth's class! Loved Nazareth showing us the different spices used in Ethiopian cooking and seeing how the spices were used as she cooked the dishes. Then it was over to us whilst Nazareth was on hand to guide us through the different stages. We were inspired to start our own injera batter when we came home. We will be recreating the dishes from today to go along with our injera thank you Nazareth!

Cooking class review by Anjana Chakraborty - London

Carla McGregor Jun 2023

Nazareth was a great teacher & we had such a fun time! We ended up being the only people at the class which was an added bonus. The food we made was delicious & we will definitely try to recreate the meals at home. Thankyou so much!

Cooking class review by Carla McGregor - London

Ryan Martin Jun 2023

Charming class learning the fundamentals of Ethiopian cuisine inside of an Ethiopian cafe in Shepherds Bush

Linzy Elton May 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This was a really fun class! Nazareth was lovely and guided us through all the steps. I particularly enjoyed making the injera bread. After we'd all cooked our meals we sat down together to eat, accompanied by Ethiopian coffee or tea. It was all delicious and we will be trying out our new skills at home. Thank you!

Tanya Wickramage May 2023

This is a great, laid back and easy to follow cooking class. We learned how to make multiple vegetarian and meat dishes and the instructions were easily to follow. Would highly recommend for a couples date!

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Tanya Wickramage - London

Pamela Wilson May 2023

Excellent class in a beautiful setting. Nazareth was a warm and welcoming teacher and taught us some fantastic dishes. I look forward returning to Delina Kitchen for a meal.

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Pamela Wilson - London

Michaela Urban May 2023

Nazareth gave a very informative and yummy class Sunday leaving all of us craving more Ethiopian! I highly recommend this class, other attendees went solo or with a friend/partner, it was such a fun atmosphere and a delicious meal.

Kaya Zacharska May 2023

Had a great time at the class today! Nazareth was so lovely and informative - taught us a lot about everything from spices to every aspect of making each dish and bread and gave us tips that you wouldn’t learn from an online recipe. Food was amazing and class small so she could distribute her time well between each person/couple. My partner and I are vegan so Nazareth helped us swap ingredients to make the already veggie dishes vegan. Definitely would recommend and actually come to the restaurant and cafe to have food there !

Cooking class review by Kaya Zacharska - London

Jazim Latif May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great food, the class was taught by a very friendly chef and we made 3 dishes + injera bread

Rohit May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

An amazing time! Nas and her team are welcoming and knowledgeable. The space is beautiful and the food was just delicious. Highly recommend this.

Ria and Rohit

Vasudha May 2023

The cooking class was really good - we made injera and 3 side dishes and got to try traditional Ethiopian coffee. Naaz was a delight to learn from - her instructions were easy to follow and she told her about the basics of all the ingredients and alternative uses as well!
Would highly recommend

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Vasudha  - London

Vasudha Himatsingka May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Nice way to learn about Ethiopian cuisine. Chef Nazareth made it really easy to follow the cooking steps. The dishes turned out to be very tasty! Would definitely recommend!

Cooking class review by Vasudha Himatsingka - London

James Coward May 2023

Lovely venue and teacher. We made a delicious meal, in a small friendly group! Was a lovely present for my husband’s birthday. Thank you

Mia Gibbs May 2023

Naz was really lovely! Had a great time xx would recommend to a friend. Mia

Toby Roads May 2023

Such a gorgeous afternoon with Naz - thanks again we had so much fun! Great class

Lois Silva May 2023

A wonderful evening! Class was super informative, enjoyable and the food was absolutely delicious. Teacher is lovely and taught us lots about Ethiopian cuisine. Would do it again!

Avisha Prasad May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Delina was a pleasant and helpful teacher. She was patient with us learning too. The cooking class was nice and informative, we learnt how to make three different toppings and injera! The food was delicious.

Cooking class review by Avisha Prasad - London

Jonny May 2023

Excellent experience and I highly recommend Very informative and delicious food great for all ages and abilities.

Shabna Zaheer May 2023

Fantastic class! So informative, fun and delicious. You first enter and have a beautiful cup of coffee then the teacher starts explaining what we’re doing and running through our ingredients and their history. Really enjoyed my time and I’ll definitely be back for a meal! Highly recommend

Hannah Humble Apr 2023

Great class, lovely teacher, yummy food! To improve, it would be good to receive a recipe sheet in the class which we could take home so we can repeat what we make at home. This would also make it easier to follow in the class.

Camila Zacarias Apr 2023

It was great! The ambience, the food, the class, Nazareth kindness! Absolutely recommend the classes AND the restaurant. A must in London

Matt Hayes Mar 2023

Brilliant experience, excellent and super friendly teacher. Unbelievably tasty food! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone :)

Ruxandra Oprea Mar 2023

The class was very good. The teacher explained everything and was happy to go into more detail when asked. The venue’s amazing (one of the arches in Shepherd’s Bush market) and we had it all to ourselves. It was lovely to sit down with the group when we finished cooking and eat together. Overall, I’ve gained lots of knowledge and skills and the class was fun!

Cooking class review by Ruxandra Oprea - London

Jane Duffin Mar 2023

Fantastic teacher, brilliant food! Coffee/tea and making 3 dishes plus bread. Informative, interactive, fun and delicious. Would highly recommend.

Christina Jensen Feb 2023

Very nice experience with a knowledgeable teacher who was friendly and easy to get along with. Highly recommend.

Marta Pausilli Feb 2023

Super interesting and delicious ! The restaurant is beautiful. I recommend it. The instructor was nice.

Chris Derham Feb 2023

Lovely teacher, enjoyed the beef dish, and the coffee.

A good introduction to Ethiopian cuisine.

Fred Jonsson Feb 2023

The experience was extremely lovely and the food at the end was heavenly. I can’t believe how flavorful the end result was!

It was really organized and all the prep was done beforehand. Highly recommend!

Oliver Day Feb 2023

Nazareth was great - really authentic. Like being taught by one of your family. Her restaurant was a good size for our group of 7. We had all the right stuff we needed and she was flexible to give the veggies / vegans in our group a good variety of foods. We walked away feeling like we could make injera and some basic veggie stews - which is what we wanted. Really happy with the class - and the honey wine was a nice surprise. Thank you Nazareth!

Josie Murdoch Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Absolutely lovely teacher and divine food! We had a lot of fun doing the class, though there wasn't as much as we'd have hoped for in terms of technique/learning, it was more cook the set of dishes and eat.

Mae Lam Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had a great experience! Nazareth, our teacher was welcoming, warm and friendly. There were nine of us in the class but Nazareth was able to answer all our questions and provided guidance to complete our dishes. Delina's is a restaurant where I would return for an authentic meal.

Caroline Markham Jan 2023

I had a fabulous time at the Ethiopian cooking class. Nazareth was so lovely, kind and warm. Really enjoyed every minute, and especially eating the delicious food afterwards.

Grace Coltspa Jan 2023

AMAZING! Nazareth was an incredible host from start to finish, teaching us to make the most delicious Ethiopian meal step by step and teaching us about the grains and spices used. She has such a warm and friendly attitude, highly recommend and will be back to the cafe to try more of their tasty food and coffee. Thank you! ❤️

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Grace Coltspa - London

Aidan Gruchy Jan 2023

Had a great time making three Ethiopian dishes and learning more about the cuisine.

Great, helpful teacher and delicious food!

Naomi Halliday Jan 2023

Great and engaging class from Nazareth. Her passion and expertise was fantastic and the food was great too!

Joy Plant Jan 2023

Thank you so much for a lovely morning! My team and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the ingredients and methods of making the delicious Ethiopian food we made together.

This was a very informative class, very sociable, great for a team building exercise or just to do something creative and engaging if you have friends/family visiting.

Marie Breban Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing class with Delina who was very kind, passionate about her subject and patient with us to make sure we all had a great experience
Would come again, thank you !

Chris Cox Dec 2022

Nazareth was lovely, and created a really fun, friendly, informal atmosphere and truly delicious food.

Cameron Jeffrey Dec 2022

This was such a lovely morning. We learnt a lot and the food was delicious, we also really loved the space it was in, it was very relaxed and had a great atmosphere. She was a great teacher and really accommodated our dietary needs. Overall a really fun experience and would recommend this to anyone!

Pippa Coshall Nov 2022

Absolutely brilliant experience. I learnt so much and we made some amazing food! We were about to make 4 different dishes and then had some delicious Ethiopian coffee after.
Our teacher was kind and lovely. The class was really fun and we met some great people. Would love to go again!

Beverly Bartels Nov 2022

Nazareth was an amazing teacher. She was kind and warm and made sure everyone was well attended to. The venue was easy to find and a lovely space to work in.

Felicity Krah Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was very informative and interactive, I really enjoyed it! The teacher was lovely too. Overall, it was a great first-time experience trying and making Ethiopian food!

Chialuka Alino Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was amazing - she explained and demonstrated everything really well. The place was clean and beautifully decorated to reflect the Ethiopian culture.

Garrett Greene Nov 2022

This was a birthday present from my girlfriend and we loved the class! Delina is a very knowledgable and wonderful teacher who really took the time to explain the cultural aspects of ethiopian cooking to us. The food was super tasty and it was an overall lovely experience that we would recommend to anyone. Thank you Delina :)

Shipra Singh Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very informative session. The host was very kind and shared some simple yet delish recipes. Loved it and cannot recommend enough!

Samah Ahmed Sep 2022

This was one of the most incredible experiences I have had! The instructor is a lovely lady who helps you through the steps in the cooking class and makes it a fun and inclusive environment! The food is incredible and I can't wait to have it again! The restaurant itself is beautiful with amazing decorations and paintings with an uplifting incense! Would recommend for everyone to try this!

Jack Bailey Sep 2022

Friendly teachers, beautiful setting and banging food ! Cooked a range of really tasty dishes. Couldn’t recommend more.

Sarah Dickens Sep 2022

Wonderful class! The teacher was warm and welcoming and taught us so much. Favorite part was learning to make the injera bread. The restaurant is also so pretty. Would highly recommend!

Cooking class review by Sarah Dickens - London

Jennifer Glover Aug 2022

We had a lovely morning cooking delicious Ethiopian curries and njera bread. We started with some fresh Ethiopian coffee and the host then showed us how to make everything and we are our meal with some ginger wine - she was really helpful and kind and the cafe is a beautiful relaxed setting. Would definitely recommend!

Ethiopian Cooking Class review by Jennifer Glover - London

Lisa Turner Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun informative class cooking 3 dishes and bread. Hands on experience with delicious food to sit and eat at the end. Great morning cooking with great Ethiopian coffee to keep you going!

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