Wheel Throwing Class

Learn how to use a pottery wheel in this Edinburgh class.

2 hours Class size 2     label £50

Visit the beautiful harbour-side Creative Ceramics studio and discover the beauty of making handmade pottery on the wheel.

With only two wheels in the pottery studio, classes are limited to a maximum of two people. This means you will receive plenty of personal attention from friendly teacher Sandra. You will be guided through the entire process, giving you plenty of tips and support as you learn the art of wheel throwing.

As you work with the clay, you'll have the option to play your own music, creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere as you create your masterpiece. You'll start with a short demonstration from Sandra, then dive right into the fun of working on your own project.

Pottery is a fun and mindful activity that allows you to tap into your creative side and express yourself in a unique way. It's a perfect way to unwind, destress, and connect with your inner self. Plus, it's an excellent Edinburgh activity for a date night idea or to unwind with a friend.

If you require Sandra to trim the base of your pot or apply a handle, an additional fee of £5 per pot will be required.

Sandra will bisque-fire your creation, resulting in a stunning finished piece that you can proudly display or gift to a loved one. Pieces are ready to be collected in three weeks or can be posted for an additional charge. Alternatively, you can pay for a speedy firing process and have your piece ready to collect or be shipped in 10 days instead.

This class is wheelchair accessible.

Add-ons available for this class
  • Priority firing (per item) - ready within 10 days (£10)
  • Postage (£9)
You can add these when you book (optional).
What you'll get
  • All materials and equipment needed to create your pottery pieces which will be fired and glazed (ready to collect within three weeks or ten days for an extra fee. Or your piece can be posted to you for an extra fee).
  • Refreshments.

Creative Ceramics Edinburgh - 159 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh, EH5 1EY, Scotland

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Creative Ceramics Edinburgh
Creative Ceramics Edinburgh

4.8 (21)

The Creative Ceramics studio was opened in 2005 as a space for ceramic artists to work in Edinburgh. The well equipped ceramics and pottery studio has two throwing wheels, and three kilns.

The owner, Sandra Brown, is an alumni of Glasgow School of Art where she was awarded the Bram Stoker medal for best imaginative work of the year.

Pottery classes for groups range from absolute beginners pottery to those wishing to further their knowledge and skills in ceramics and everything in between, including people with learning difficulties and additional support needs, who also enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working with clay.

Verified reviews

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Sarah Sweenie Dec 2023

We had a great time with Sandra. She gave a great demonstration before letting us try ourselves. She was supportive whilst giving us freedom to be creative. We're excited to pick up our finished pieces! Thanks again:)

Teacher's response

Hi Sarah,
Really nice to meet you both, your mum loved your birthday gift, and didn’t she do well!
Best wishes

Findlay Nov 2023

I planned this class as a present to my partner for her birthday, it was not a good experience.

There was a clear difference between the treatment I as a man received within this workshop and the treatment my partner received as a woman.

I was treated very well, spoken with warmth and encouraged the whole time compared to my partner whose bids for support and clarification were mostly ignored, she was barely spoken to and received mostly negative feedback as opposed to the overly positive feedback that I was receiving.

My partner made it a point to ask for clarification and to ask questions and for things to be explained with more specific wording than "do this" or like this or like that, so the teacher was given a chance to adapt to my partner's learning needs which unfortunately she didn't take. She continued to use unspecific language such as "do this and then you do that and like this and like that". Enough time had passed of my partner trying to work with the vague instructions and trying to figure it out herself to the point where she ended up completely discouraged and disengaged with the course. She began crying as a result and the teacher's response wasn't to be understanding and to try to remediate, instead she asked my partner "are you in a bad mood now?" with a frustrated tone. That's a completely unacceptable way of dealing with a student starting to cry because you as a teacher refused to adapt the way you teach to suit a student. My partner chose to step out and to take a minute before responding to the teacher and the teacher turned to me to call my partner rude and to try to pin me against her. As a matter of fact, she kept making wide eyes at me in frustration, very rudely, even before the situation escalated every time my partner asked for additional support. This was very odd to me as my main focus is to see my partner enjoy this workshop not to have the teacher treat her poorly and not give her support when she requires some and then the teacher actually inappropriately looking to me to validate her strange responses to my partner needing clarifications.

Before leaving the course halfway through the time allocated my partner tried explaining to the teacher that she had tried the whole time to catch up with the teacher's instructions and to explain to the teacher what she trying to do and to ask questions about techniques, all in an effort to give the teacher a chance to remediate the situation but she was met with defense and was told "I told you what to do and you didn't do it" and "you said you found a different technique so I let you do that". There seemed to be a strange hostility and willful misunderstanding of my partner's attempts at communicating the way the teacher was explaining things wasn't working for her.

Something else that was odd about the interaction with the teacher was when the teacher asked me what I do for a living I said I worked in sales and she then clarified whether this means I work at a computer all day and I responded that yes mostly that's what it means then she said "I feel sorry for you, I could never". This was weird to me and I felt pitied.

Then the teacher inappropriately insisted to wipe some clay splash off my glasses when I had specifically said to her "no it's okay" twice already. She proceeded to do so anyways crossing a boundary I put in with her.

She did a very similar thing to my partner about rolling her sleeves up even more than they already were. My partner insisted that it's okay and that they feel securely up and the top will be put in the washing machine afterward anyway but the teacher insisted to do so regardless and proceeded to open the buttons to the sleeves despite my partner's attempts to say no thank you.

We do not want any memories from this workshop and that includes the pots made then as they were mostly done by the teacher anyways as she mostly took over the work instead of attempting to explain things further.

I will never recommend this teacher to anyone else and we will be trying pottery with some other teachers who are more engaging and give equitable treatment to both of us and can adapt their teaching to suit various needs.

Teacher's response

Hi Fin
It was not a pleasant session yesterday, yet it started out so well, Diana was delighted with your gift when she walked into my wee studio, this is the usual reaction on arriving and leaving…Joy!
Unfortunately, Diana decided not to follow my throwing instructions, as she said she’d ’found a better way to do it’, this was why I was so surprised or ‘wide-eyed’ as you describe it, (with a smile as I recall), I was surprised but didn’t mind. In my opinion Diana was frustrated that ‘her way’ wasn’t not working. This resulted in her slamming my wee wheel, which I didn’t appreciate, plus her beautiful wee pot I’d helped her retrieve, fling open my studio door, leaving it open, and go outside to cry. I offered tea and coffee shortly afterwards to try and calm the situation, as well as to try pinch pots as we’d spoken of earlier in the session. If my methods had been so varied with you both, why did you only say this after you’d been outside to console Diana? You said nothing prior to then, which I assume to mean you didn’t see any difference, because there was no difference.
As I recall I’d pushed back your sleeves on a couple of occasions (this happens during most sessions as peoples sleeves slide down, sometimes I’ve put hair bands on both men and women as their hands are dirty, and I’ve cleaned clay off a few pairs of glasses too), which you’d not minded. I did the same with Diana to prevent staining her lovely vintage jumper, it’s called being helpful, not ‘weird’ as you unfortunately interpret it as. Oh and I do feel sorry for people who have to sit in-front of a computer all day, as ‘personally’ I’d not like it at all, as I said more and more creative people who do so, are booking in for a session as they want to use their hands for a change…their words!
I’ve no idea what Diana said to you during the 10 mins you were both outside but for both to return, tell me you were leaving, then putting your coats on and bombarding me with insults, accusing me of liking men more than women, (which is laughable to those who know me), have a negative energy (positivity is a political statement, is my motto) and that I taught Diana differently to you are all derogatory statements, untrue and your own personal opinions of me. My instructions were not ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ I’m afraid you were totally misinformed! I realised this and was why I asked you both to ‘kindly leave my studio’. Diana only made eye contact after she’d convinced you of her version of events and said with a smile, ‘aaah so your problem was that I’d found a better way and didn’t do as you told me’, this seemed to please her.
Both of your energy towards me was negative! It was a horrible experience and one I hope never to experience again.
As I’ve asked, why come to a class to learn something new and ignore ‘basic’ throwing instruction, is not something I’d come across until yesterday. The basics are the same but people use different hand positions and methods. That is why I left Diana to it, but kept an eye on her, since I didn’t know what her way was, but was interested, it may have worked, every day is a school day. Unfortunately for her it did not work out, I then went over to help retrieve the pot. By that time there was no eye contact from Diana and no answers to my questions or acknowledgment she’d heard me. Yes I asked if she was in a bad mood now (since her way hadn’t worked) it was half jokingly said to try and lighten the very dark mood she was getting herself into. She then abruptly shouted at me to turn down the music, which I did, on my return I tried to talk to her kindly as I could see she was upset about something, but had no idea what.
When you were hurrying out to attend to Diana, you said ‘no, it’s something else’ which I interpreted to mean there was an under-lying reason for her behaviour, I still believe that to be the case, it’s the only explaination that makes any sense to me,
She asked me to ‘use different words’ I wasn’t sure what she meant, I was using the same words I always use. Blind and deaf people can throw, I showed her hand positions on numerous occasions, I did also describe what I was doing exactly the same way I did to you. I demonstrate throwing the way I was taught at Glasgow School of Art. Up until Diana’s outburst, you said you were enjoying the class and were doing very well, you’d both thrown 3 pieces by then. Diana had thrown one fairly large one which I’d remarked upon, I treated you both the same.
I’ve emailed you offering £25 refund for the last half hour, ie your decision to leave not mine. You both threw 3 pieces each, you picked 1 each, you don’t want them now. You called me minutes after you’d left, and when I answered you hung up, you called back accusing me of ‘rudeness’ and requested a full refund?!?
I am self-employed, business electricity went up 3 times not 2 like domestic you were both on wheels for an hour! I take my work very seriously but I think it should also be fun, and I treat people the way I’d like to be treated myself.
I hope things improved for you both yesterday, they did for me, a lovely couple were in after you both and another 5 star review received this morning after a session on Friday.
At no point did I say to your partner ‘I told you what to do and you didn’t do it’, this is total fabrication on your parter’s side. I have never experienced such aggression in my studio as I did from Diana.
It’s really sad yesterday didn’t work out for you both.
This is the first negative review I’ve ever received in 20 years! I’m sure it will be only one.

I wish you both well,

Amber Monteith Nov 2023

Sandra was fantastic. She was great to learn from and we felt very welcomed right away. We managed to make a few nice pieces with her guidance. It was a lovely experience - both for a first timer and someone who is now inspired to get back into pottery!

Wheel Throwing Class review by Amber Monteith - Edinburgh

Rob Heasman Oct 2023

Sandra was a great tutor for 2 throwing novices. Her studio was easy to find and parking was no problem. The 2 hour class flew by. Sandra was great at demonstrating what to do and we were throwing our first attempt within minutes of the class starting. I would highly recommend Sandra and her studio to anyone who wants a creative and well supported experience. Thanks. Rob

Teacher's response

Thank you Rob, you and Stephanie were both great on the wheel. So glad you both took to it so well. Fantastic results and lovely to meet you both.
Best wishes, Sandra.

Cameron Court Aug 2023

Our teacher was fantastic, really chatty and welcoming and provided us with loads of support throughout the class. Our pottery ended up looking pretty good as well, which was a welcome surprise as this was our first time! Would highly reccomend to anyone looking to try wheel throwing

Alison Millar Aug 2023

We had so much fun learning to through a pot. Sandra was a very patient teacher Can’t wait to see the results

Teacher's response

Thank you Alison it was lovely to meet you both. Great present for your friend, she really got into it. Sandra

Molly Gordon Jun 2023

Sandra was so lovely and welcoming and was very helpful throughout. We had so much fun, it was very relaxing and you get lots of attempts which was great as this was our first time. Would definitely come again and recommend to friends

Teacher's response

Thanks Molly you were both good fun and glad you enjoyed it so much.
Best wishes Sandra.

Karolina Madeyska Jun 2023

If you are thinking of taking a pottery class, this is the one you are looking for. I got this 2-hour class for a 10-year-old boy and his mom as a present for International Children's Day, and that was it! 200% of happiness Sandra was an amazing and experienced teacher. Very friendly and supportive. We will definitely come back one day for more. A big thank you to you, Sandra! 5 stars from us!

Shirley Wallace Jun 2023

What a wonderful experience. Sandra was an amazing teacher and made us feel so welcome. I loved the location, really easy to get to and felt inspired by all the finished works on display. It felt a very safe space for my autistic daughter who is now hooked on pottery. She also has joint problems and this was much better and more fun than any physio exercises have ever been.

I didn’t expect to feel so zen and excited at the same time. I was anxious that I wouldn’t actually make anything but Sandra reassured me I would…ten pots made between the two of us so she was right. Can’t wait to go back to decorate our pots.

Wheel Throwing Class review by Shirley Wallace - Edinburgh

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