How Cooking Classes in London Can Help You Travel the World

How Cooking Classes in London Can Help You Travel the World

How Cooking Classes in London Can Help You Travel the World

From the cobbled streets and pavement cafes of Paris to the breathtaking temples of Thailand, spectacular mountains of Greece and bustling markets of India, it’s not hard to see why so many people are bitten by the travel bug. If you’ve got seriously itchy feet but your globe-trotting plans have been shelved, our London cooking classes could be just what you need to get a taste of the exotic in 2022 without even leaving the country!

From spicy stews and fragrant rice dishes to hearty gnocchi, feather light souffles and crispy, chewy churros, we can take you on a whistle stop tour of the globe with our chef-led sessions that will leave you hungry for more. Whether you want to learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch, discover which spices blend best together for a cracking curry or master the art of whipping up delectable fried dumplings, our cooking courses in London will help you build up your recipe repertoire and really impress your loved ones with some mouthwatering midweek meals. We’ve rounded up four of our favourites that we think will really whet your appetite!

Spice it up with some Spanish tapas

A flatlay view of a selection of small bowls containing tapas style food, two with sweet potato fries, one with yoghurt, some with dressings and herbs

They say good things come in small packages, so if you’re looking to learn how to cook bite size portions of spicy goodness to spoil your friends and family with, our Spanish tapas class is going to be right up your street!

With the help from a culinary guru, you’ll be taken on a brief tour of Spanish cuisine, discovering everything you need to know about some of the most vibrant flavours in the world. Then, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, strap on that apron and get properly stuck into this exciting cooking class that will help you take your dinner parties from mediocre to marvelous. 

You’ll learn to cook a variety of dishes that might be small in size, but are still big on flavour; think classic Spanish tortilla, fillet of beef with juicy tomatoes and garlic, and roasted peppers with spicy chorizo. At the end of the session you’ll head home with some fabulous new cooking skills and a box full of tasty tapas prepared by your own two hands – just add homemade cocktails and you’ve got yourself a party!

Looking for something to warm you up over the holiday season? Click here!

Get fragrant with a Thai cooking class in London

A row of people cook using woks, a man in the foreground wear a green tshirt and black baseball cap as he holds a spoon over a noodle dish

If you’re dying to take a wander through bustling Bangkok and sample some delicious Thai street food, you’re in luck; we might not be able to transport you halfway round the world, but we can bring the fragrant flavours to you with a full day Thai cooking class

Led by the talented chefs at the School of Wok, you’ll spend a happy few hours getting to grips with some seriously spicy and amazingly aromatic flavours that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you straight to the busy streets of Thailand. You’ll start the cooking course with a brief introduction to key Thai ingredients, and will be taken on a guided tour of the equipment – you’ll be a dab hand with a pestle and mortar and Chinese cleaver in no time! 

Then, under the watchful eye of your talented teacher, you’ll learn how to cook a range of mouth watering Thai dishes; for the meat eaters there’s juicy pork skewers, sticky black rice and fragrant Massaman lamb curry, while veggie lovers can opt for the meat-free menu with vegetarian pad Thai, coconut rice and refreshing Som Tam salad. Only got basic cooking skills or no culinary experience at all? Don’t worry, we can still take you on a flavour adventure – our Thai cooking class is suitable for beginners, so if you’ve never so much as picked up a pestle before, you’ll be in safe hands!

Master your macaroni with an Italian cooking class

Vibrant green tagliatelle in a round bowl with a red tomato in the centre and green herbs around the edge

Fancy learning to toss that dough like a pro? You don’t have to head to the streets of Milan to master your macaroni or perfect your pizza skills, we’ve got you covered with an Italian cooking class that will make your tastebuds think you’ve nipped over to Naples for the weekend!

At this London cooking class, you’ll be greeted in true Italian style with canapes before you enjoy tasting three types of Cava wine. Cheers! You’ll be able to relax and enjoy a few demonstrations from the professionals, before getting hands-on with the equipment and ingredients – so get ready to roll those sleeves up and dig in! Your talented teacher will be on hand to show you those all-important knife skills and help you master the art of Italian cooking, with dishes such as homemade tagliatelle dressed in a rich and tasty meat ragu.

With no experience required, and everything (including drinks!) provided, this beginners’ cooking class is perfect for anyone looking to get a taste of Italy without leaving London!

Wow your dinner guests with some fabulous French cooking 

A table of vegetables including butternut squash, pumpkin, garlic, beans, herbs, tomatoes, potato, leek

French food is famous for being some of the most sophisticated in the world; chefs combine the best ingredients with beautifully intricate flavours to create dishes renowned across the globe. But if you can’t make it across the Channel, don’t worry – our French cooking class in London will whet your appetite and transport your taste buds straight up the Eiffel Tower!

Hosted by a professional chef in a beautiful modern kitchen, you’ll start the cooking class with a glass of wine (one of many!) and a brief introduction to the world of fabulous French cuisine. You’ll be able to relax and chat with other members of your group, before your teacher takes you on a tour of the tools and equipment – with a demonstration, of course. 

Once you’ve got to know your way around the kitchen, you’ll spend the rest of the cooking course whipping up your own delicious French dishes; coq au vin with creamy mash and green beans, creme brulee and of course, you’ll learn how to bake that quintessential French treat, the lightest, puffiest souffle. Once the hard work is done, you’ll be able to relax with the rest of your group and enjoy your three-course meal – with some extra drinks, cheers! 

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