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Tere and Colin Experiences

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Hello! We are Tere and Colin, also known by our friends as #Team TC! We are both artists, huge foodies and city lovers with a real passion for sharing experiences with students of all skill levels!

We are Londoners and love our city and where we live, which is on a cute houseboat in a fantastic, friendly and creative East London community. Colin is a full-time artist and shows his art regularly in London and at international art fairs while Tere studied art at the renowned Goldsmiths College and then worked for over 14 years in contemporary art galleries and design studios in London.

We are very sociable and love getting to know new people through hosting dinner parties and get-togethers. We regularly visit art galleries, music concerts, cinema and basically anything fun and cultural.

Classes and experiences

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat

5.0 (54)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 5

label £60 - £95

Spanish Foodie Experience on a Boat

5.0 (21)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 4

label £65 - £95

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio

5.0 (38)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 20

label £85 - £120

Vegan Fish and Chips Cooking Class

5.0 (6)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 4

label £75 - £85

Make Vegan Cream Tea on a Cute Houseboat

5.0 (3)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 4

label £75 - £90

Bansky Style Art Class for Groups

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 25

label £65 - £85

Art Through the Ages: National Gallery and Tate Modern Tour

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Central London

1 to 4

label £60 - £120

Portrait Painting Class on a Houseboat

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 2

label £90 - £150

Banksy Style Art Class

4.5 (4)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 15

label £60 - £120

Full Day Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio

5.0 (6)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 5

label £150 - £280

Abstract Art Class for Large Groups

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Comes to you

12 to 25

label £65

Abstract Art Course

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 5

label £450

Christmas Churros and Mulled Chocolate Class on a Boat

5.0 (3)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on East London

1 to 4

label £70 - £85

Rainbow Churros & Chocolate on a Cute Houseboat

date_range Runs regularly

location_on East London

1 to 5

label £75 - £85

Meet Tere and Colin

Join passionate creatives Tere and Colin on their glorious houseboat to indulge in some fun portrait painting, food tasting and decadent dessert making!

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Sandev Panaser Feb 2024

What an exceptional birthday experience! Tere truly exceeded our expectations, making us feel completely at ease throughout the entire event. Her profound knowledge and passion for food were palpable, and we couldn't help but feel that she should consider launching her own cookery brand. The churros we made were not only delicious but also provided us with invaluable insights into their preparation and significance. Additionally, the boat, Lydia, exuded charm and history, further enhancing the overall experience. Tere's expertise coupled with Lydia's character truly made this birthday celebration unforgettable.

Lekai Negash Feb 2024

I booked a private class for a late valentine and it was really enjoyable and fun, honestly Tere was a great teacher very informative, friendly, kind and overall such a lovely person she defo made the whole experience comfortable and relax if I could give her more than 5 stars I would.

Charlotte Birch Feb 2024

What an experience! Tera was a fantastic host and teacher, full of knowledge. We made the most delicious churros and I would highly recommend as an experience!

Shalin Patel Feb 2024

Me and my partner had a great time on Tere's boat. The churros were wonderful and Tere was an amazing host. She was very welcoming, polite and super-friendly. Thanks so much, would 100% recommend this experience!

Alian Mando Jan 2024

Tere was an incredible host and teacher. Not only is she a fantastic chef, she is also an incredible person whom we had the pleasure of meeting and spending time together. The churros and, in particular, the chocolate dip were delightful. Tibby the cat is also very cute and great company :) We will be back to see you both!

Maja Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I booked the class as a Xmas gift for my sister, hoping it would be a nice, unique way to spend an afternoon together. And I have to say, it was such a wonderful class, it definitely exceeded my expectations! Tere is such a chatty, friendly person, who can easily get on with anyone. The experience of entering a houseboat is very special in itself, but Tere also served us some fantastic life stories and information about Spanish cuisine and culture, which all together created an experience that we will both remember for long. The churros were yummy, but my favourite part was the hot chocolate - super velvety and thick - now I know the secret to make it like this at home.

Alexandra Esteras Jan 2024

We had the most delightful and delicious time with Tere. The class was really fun and very well prepared. Tere gave us very precise instructions to find the location. It was also an unusual experience getting a glimpse of live on a boat. We also enjoyed the chat with Tere whilst enjoying the churros with chocolate and playing with beautiful Tipi the cate. We left with a happy tummy and a big smile. Thanks Tere and Colin!

Scott Berry Jan 2024

Colin was a fantastic teacher on the course. His encouragement and guidance was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an abstract course!

Skye Petrie Jan 2024

Tere, Colin and Tippi were incredibly welcoming from start to finish. We had a gorgeous time chatting all through different areas of Spain and where each ingredient for the dish came from. Their houseboat was beautiful and just felt like a home from home. Tere took our dieteries and preferences for ingredients into account and produced a fabulous and authentic seafood dish we both loved and the cherry on top, a bottle of Spanish cava! Thank you so much for this lovely experience and our photo collage and recipe to keep forever (and hopefully recreate), would love to do this again

Arjan Dec 2023

Tere is a fantastic host, very personable and a great teacher. The setting is comfortable, intimate and cosy, overall an absolutely lovely experience we would recommend to anyone!

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Arjan - London

Ottilie Blackhall Dec 2023

We had a wonderful time on Tere's beautiful houseboat! The churros class was amazing with a festive twist and we can't wait to make some at home. We also loved Tippy the gorgeous ragdoll cat. Highly recommend!

Cheryl Stephens-Lee Dec 2023

Tere is a masterful chef and very knowledgeable about Vegan Cooking. The Vegan Fish & Chips course demonstrates how to create a version that has a similar texture/taste to regular fish. Highly recommend this course and Tere!

Cooking class review by Cheryl Stephens-Lee - London

Chad Anderson Dec 2023

Tere was greta at explaining the various ingredients and kept us engaged through our cooking masterclass, we left with new tips and hints to cooking Spanish food. Thanks, I would highly recommend

Anton Kirilenko Nov 2023

Amazing teacher, very friendly, nice to talk to. Very cool atmosphere on the boat. Loved it!

Michele Patano Nov 2023

I had a great and unique experience at the class. I was given both the guidance and all the freedom to be creative and use the colours and patterns of my choice. When things went wrong, Colin was super helpful to show techniques that helped me improve and sometimes correct my pieces. Can’t recommend this class enough. Thanks you Colin for creating such a great, friendly and welcoming environment to create!

James Nov 2023

Tere was an absolutely fantastic host that I would recommend to anyone. She made us feel welcome right away, and of course taught us how to make some very tasty churros. A really enjoyable class. Already talking about going back for one of the other classes on offer! Thank you again.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

We had an amazing time, would highly recommend this class if you are up for some fun cooking on a boat! Great experience, thank you Tere

Magalie Francois Oct 2023

I booked the class for my boyfriend's birthday as a surprise and we both loved it. Tere is so friendly, she makes you feel at home straight away. The boat is lovely and so cosy. We enjoyed the cooking class and the interesting conversations. We would definitely recommend it!

Rochelle Villanueva Oct 2023

Whole experience was fabulous ! Very welcoming and informative. Talked us through everything and gave us lots of info and background. Lovely woman who made us very comfortable and Cheered us up as we didn't start our day so good. Positive vibes and amazing food to go with it. Would recommend anyone to do this unique experience especially with Tere!

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I booked the churros & chocolate class with Tere for my friend’s birthday and we had the best time! Tere was so lovely and welcoming and we had such a cozy experience learning how to make Spanish Churros that turned out delicious. I would definitely recommend anyone to join any of the classes and my friends and I already want to go back and try a new one.

Javid Sheikh Oct 2023

Such a great experience! Really enjoyable class, made the most delicious churros and our teacher Tere was amazing! Great setting on a boat, loved meeting Tippi the cat too so much more than just a class definitely recommend

Baking and Desserts class review by Javid Sheikh - London

Giulia Di Patrizi Sep 2023

Oh my days they have the cutest boat ever, was a birthday treat for my friend and we had a great time.
Made genuine spanish delicious food that we got to eat and enjoy with a glass of cava.
Tere has a beautiful cat and she is a warm, interesting and a wonderful host.
Tere also Took pictures of us so we could keep memories of this fantastic experience.
Thank you

Athena Efstathiou Sep 2023

Was so fun a great experience. I took my friend for her birthday and we had the best time

Anne Sep 2023

It was great to have a personal tour with a guide in the 2 museums.
Tere took our 'special' request into account and gave an overview of works across time focusing on some of her personal views on the artworks.

Shivani Radia Sep 2023

Colin was an inspiring artist and teacher. Super patient and shared so many valuable insights with me. I worked with spray paints and learnt so many little tricks and skills with his guidance. Thank you. I would definitely go back for another workshop.

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Shivani Radia - London

Matleena Sep 2023

We really enjoyed Tere's cooking lesson (vegan fish and chips) on the lovely boat. Definitely will be making again.

Cooking class review by Matleena - London

Ali Amin Sep 2023

The class was so fun and interesting to learn how churros are made from scratch. Tere was so lovely and made the lesson so enjoyable.

Marlla Lima Sep 2023

I had the most unforgettable experience cooking and learning on Tere's Spanish food on a boat. The food was not only delicious but also beautifully presented. Tere is not only a talented chef but also incredibly lovely and artsy. Her warm personality and creative touch made the lunch experience even more special. It felt like eating with a dear friend who happened to be a culinary artist. Her passion for Spanish cuisine shone through in every bite, and the charming setting on the boat added to the magic of the afternoon . I can't express how much I enjoyed every aspect of the day – from Tere's delightful company to her exquisite Spanish cuisine. This is an experience you don't want to miss!l

Caterina Fungher Jul 2023

My husband and I got really a great time with Colin! He was super welcoming and he explained us the technique before guiding us into our personal projects. I liked the fact he encouraged us to express ourselves giving us the freedom of choosing subject, colours and patterns but being also supportive and always ready to suggest alternatives and solutions! It was a pleasure meeting this great artist and spending some time creating stuff in his secret studio with great music as background! We really recommend this workshop

Weixin Chen Jul 2023

This is a very good experience, the teacher is very friendly, and teaches very carefully. We talked about a lot of things, she is a very thoughtful person.

Jordan Colman Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyable unique experience in a beautiful location. Tere was a fantastic host and teacher and gave great insight into life on a house boat. Making the Vegan creat tea was great fun a delicious. Tippi the cat was adorable and really friendly :)

Baking and Desserts class review by Jordan Colman - London

Camille Villiers Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I booked the lovely churros making session with Tere, as a surprise for my husband birthday and it did not disappoint!
Tere was lovely and very welcoming. She gave us a tour of her boat and explain it’s origins, and also her background. And then we dived into the churros class while chatting. The churros were delicious and we enjoyed them with homemade chocolate sauce. Tere took pictures during the classes and sent them over to me afterwards.
If you are looking for a unique, out of the box experience, do not look further as this is the one

Charlotte Johnson Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Colin was fantastic and took plenty of time to show me the techniques and guide me through the process!

Carmen Ryan Jul 2023

I was so looking forward to my tour of the National Gallery with Tere. And what an experience it was! The educational value was ‘out there’…after many years of visiting galleries, I was finally ‘seeing’ the works of our great artists with new understanding. And appreciation. Feel so privileged to have had this journey, made possible by an exceptional teacher and passionate artist. Heartfelt thanks.

Twan Thorn Jul 2023

It was a great experience, Colin is a patient teacher. I had a very good time

Marek Bak Jul 2023

Couldn't recommend this workshop enough! Tere and Colin were lovely hosts, incredibly knowledgable and very helpful in suggesting lots of ideas for the different kinds of artworks we could create. We booked the workshop as a work social, with a group that had varying levels of exposure to creating art. Everybody had lots of fun and we were very happy with the artworks that we created. Thank you Tere and Colin

Marcia Riley Jul 2023

We had an amazing time with Tere learning how to cook vegan fish and chips. Tere was such an amazing host, she was kind and funny and we loved hearing about her and her home. The food was phenomenal! We learned a new way to cook one of our favorite meals! We are so grateful that we took this class and would highly recommend for anybody.

Cooking class review by Marcia Riley - London

Carl Hardiman Jun 2023

I originally booked this class as an experience for my girlfriend thinking I'd just attend to keep her happy.

I've never been so happy to be proved wrong.
We both had a great time at a really cool hidden away studio in East London. Colin is very knowledgeable and patient, even with my alsation puppy just year into it and get going style of doing that everything.

He took lots of time with my girlfriend who is very precise and methodical and really took the time to answer all her questions.

Tere is such a lovely lady and we had such a good chat during the whole thing and she was offering all sorts of helpful hints etc.

We used multiple styles, techniques and stencils. To walk away with our own unique piece. Genuinely both couldn't have been any happier.

Wholeheartedly recommend this to all.

Thanks guys for such an amazing experience and so so sorry for such a late review

Carl and Yvonne.

Laura Colley Jun 2023

We really enjoyed our churros and chocolate class with Tere! She is a very friendly, chatty host, and it was so unique to have the experience on her houseboat. We would recommend to anyone who is looking for something special to do with a friend or significant other :)

Anshika Singhvi May 2023

19 ClassBento workshops attended

It was such a new and fun experience. The ambiance of the boat was homely and cozy and the teacher was amazing. Really fun! Highly recommend!

Antonio Cordasco May 2023

This was an extremely informative class and it was also a lot of fun.
It is great for somebody who would like to try making art, but really does not know where to start.
Colin has shown us some techniques that are very effective at producing interesting visual effects. We have used spray and normal paint, stencils to make patterns and other tools.
Once the techniques are learned, then it's just a matter of keep practicing them at home to develop the skills even more, and using and training your own creativity.

Theodora Gupta May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Tere welcomed us on to her boat with great enthusiasm and friendliness. We learnt a lot watching Tere cook our Spanish lunch whilst we helped. She talked about her cooking and the ingredients being used with such passion. Once the meal was cooked we enjoyed it with a glass of wine and soft drink of choice, it tasted delicious. A great experience and will have to go back another time for the churros and chocolate experience.

Spanish Foodie Experience on a Boat review by Theodora Gupta - London

Caitriona Sweeney Apr 2023

Excellent experience. Colin was very knowledge and demonstrated his craft well. There was an abundance of paint supplies in every colour, including metallics. Colin gave advice but never tried to take over the artwork and we were free to be as creative as we wished. The venue was bright with high ceilings. We painted a practice piece on colour paper and we finish on a canvas. Highly recommend.

Painting class review by Caitriona Sweeney - London

Alice Mills Apr 2023

Would recommend this class to anyone and everyone interested in a fun few hours in London Tere was an amazing host that made us feel right at home - we couldn’t have asked for more. The churros are delicious and you really do learn a lot; not just about cooking, but the wonderful stories that Tere has to tell.

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Alice Mills - London

Katherine Allvey Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed the class with Colin! His studio is awesome and he is an amazing teacher, very informative and patient. I created some great art on paper and canvas and got to use lots of colourful paints and spray paints too! I was asked to wear warm and comfy clothing before the class, although the studio wasn’t cold at all and I was comfortable throughout the workshop. I can’t recommend this experience enough, excellent for beginners as Colin is such a talented tutor and artist!

Yasin Aziz Mar 2023

Tere was amazing! From the get go we were made to feel welcome and comfortable. She showed us around the harbour before we boarded her lovely house boat. The churro making experience was not only fun and tasty but educational too. I would love to go to make Churros again and to have a nice conversations with Tere. We had a great time!

Hira Dar Mar 2023

Fantastic experience! The host is so lovely and a great teacher! Really enjoyed making the churros and chocolate sauce. Beautiful cat on board too! Highly recommend as a fun date idea!

Halima Aziz Mar 2023

The class was informative, super fun and definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone looking to learn how to make churros! Tere was an absolutely amazing host, so welcoming and knowledgeable about cooking and baking. The star of the show was of course the super friendly ragdoll cat who sat next to us while we munched on the churros. And as a highlight you’re on a boat! I’ve never had better churros, and never in such a nice environment!

Baking and Desserts class review by Halima Aziz - London

C Marron Feb 2023

It was amazing I enjoyed learning and using different stencils and getting to write my own nickname ‘ tommy ‘ in graffiti

Dana Bahram Feb 2023

We wanted to say a huge thank you to Colin for the day that we spent in his studio! We had an immense amount of joy creating art pieces with his guidance. It’s a truthfully inspirational and memorable experience! If you are a creative person, you will love this art lesson!

Alex Price Feb 2023

Tere was an amazing host and made us feel so welcome in her lovely home. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about everything - we felt just like we were visiting a friend for a glass of prosecco!

Will Kilmurray Feb 2023

A Christmas present from my brother that I did with my girlfriend. The class is incredibly fun and Terre is amazing.

Shavez Khan Feb 2023

I dont usually do reviews ever. But I do believe Tere really deserves the 5 stars for the experience that she had crated. Although it was a cooking class, it felt like friends hanging out. The class was delivered in a really authentic way with each ingredient having its story told on its importance in a churro as well as the history behind churros. Thanks Tere for the amazing experience!

Daniel O'Connell Jan 2023

My partner and I had a lovely time at Tere's vegan afternoon tea class! Both Tere and her boat are lovely, as is Tippi the cat (who we were lucky enough to befriend!). The location itself was easy to find and Tere was waiting for us at the entrance when we got there. All ingredients were provided, were very high quality, and tasted amazing. Plus, we got to keep the leftovers The class was thorough and in-depth, we learned a lot and had a great time doing so. Tere was even kind enough to extend the session, so we were able to go at our own pace and really enjoy ourselves. We'd love to book more classes, if for no other reason than to hear more of Tere's stories! Thank you Tere and Tippi

Mr Dias Jan 2023

Fun cookery class on a boat! Tere is a fabulous host and explained everything really clearly. The food was delicious!

Cooking class review by Mr Dias - London

James Hedge Jan 2023

Tere, our host, was a pleasure throughout; talking us through both the area and the intricacies of churro making
The cozy houseboat and complementary Cava Brut made for a comfortable and relaxed environment, and a bucket-load of delicious churros to eat at the end didn't hurt either!
All in all a lovely experience, would do again :)

Gregor Chalmers Jan 2023

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife and it was great. Colin was a superb teacher, very knowledgeable and patient. They also made us feel really at ease when booking as my wife is pregnant and they made everything safe and accessible.

Tammy Boydell Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I bought this as a birthday present for a friend and there were just the 2 of us along with Tere, the host.
We spent a lovely couple of hours sipping Cava while learning how to make "proper" Spanish churros and chocolate.
The location (on a boat in the shadows of Canary Wharf) added to the whole experience - lots to talk about - and Tere was a wonderful host/teacher. We came away feeling not just that we'd learnt a new skill but that we'd also made a new friend.
Thoroughly recommend it!

David Simpson Dec 2022

It was a great experience, i took my girlfriend as a birthday surprise. It is on a small boat but that makes the experience more intimate.
Tere was very friendly and patient as we arrived a bit late due to rail strikes which she was fine with and even helped us back to the tube station at the end. She has a very friendly cat as well with is adorable.
Would highly recommend!

Aleksandra Melnikova Dec 2022

Colin was awesome, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Great team outing for us, thank you so much

Tyr Zong Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had a great time making churros with Tere. 2 hours flew by with great conversation and hands on churro making. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a uniquely delicious experience.

Nikki Hinton Nov 2022

Thanks Colin for making our 60th birthday celebrations so very special. We really had the most fabulous time making some art. Your expertise was second to none and we are both delighted with the end results. Highly recommend to anyone, even total novices like ourselves. We will be back!

Saijal Naik Nov 2022

Teri was lovely and hospitable. Colin was knowledgeable and happy for us to experiment. Lots of materials/ paints to choose from. Unique venue under railway arches and they made sure we were warm throughout the class. We learnt fun techniques and were allowed to carry on till we were happy. Overall , a fun and flexible experience with great hosts!

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Saijal Naik - London

Charlotte Fletcher Nov 2022

Tere’s festive churros and chocolate were amazing! It was so Christmassy on her cosy houseboat and the gingerbread churros were delicious especially when dipped in the mulled chocolate. Tere is great company and I really enjoyed chatting with her, she is so welcoming. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to get into the Christmas mood, it will definitely do the trick!

Thank you Tere

Kelly Dorbek Nov 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was the perfect birthday present for my boyfriend. We had an amazing time in the workshop with Colin. He’s a great teacher who shares his own experience of what works well, but also lets you do what you feel is best. Can’t wait to pick up our works of art!

Francesco Pelle Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had an amazing time learning and painting from Colin! He's an amazing teacher and artist, and above all patient and kind. We had so much fun in his studio where he provided us with all the materials (and hundreds of colours) and he guided us giving tips on how to create two pieces of art for each one, one on paper and one on canvas.
Really suggest to take this class with him if you want to try something different and going home with beautiful pieces of abstract art!

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Francesco Pelle - London

Richard Pengelley Nov 2022

An excellent introduction to abstract art, my host was Colin and it was a one to one which was great for really getting to grips with the techniques. Was shown a number of styles and approaches in the opening demonstration, then it was over to me to do get creative. I started off unsure as to what I was doing but by the end I was totally into it and the final piece evolves wonderfully. I highly recommend as it was an excellent experience letting go of conventions and just going with the flow.

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Richard Pengelley - London

Daniella Edkins Oct 2022

We had a great time today thank you Wonderful to do something different and exciting. :)

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Daniella Edkins - London

Louise Ward Oct 2022

What a fabulous class. Every aspect of the workshop exceeded expectations. Colin was an amazing guide giving encouragement ideas and advise but still making it your own work. It was a 50th birthday treat for a friend and Colin went over and above to make it fantastic. We left with art, advise on places to eat in the local area and a wealth of knowledge. I can’t recommend this class enough. Thank you Colin for making the experience perfect.

Banksy Style Art Class review by Louise Ward - London

Telisa Chen Oct 2022

Tere is great - we would go just to hang out with her! Fun day. Fun experience — never made churros on a boat before. It wasn’t what we had expected but we still had a great day.

Aidan Oct 2022

Overall I had great fun frying the churros as well as experiencing a new mode of life on a boat. It was interesting to chat with Ms Tere about the Spanish culture. Everything was provided and was worth the money!

Ashley Chan Oct 2022

Really enjoyed our time here! Unique experience baking on a boat, very good churros and exposure to the spanish culture! Many of our friends were interested to attend this class now that we have showed them photos of our class

Baking and Desserts class review by Ashley Chan - London

Andrew Brooke Oct 2022

Tere was a very friendly host. Good quality ingredients. We learned a lot of new techniques. An entertaining way of having lunch!

Michelle Lopes Oct 2022

Tere was a wonderful host for our Churro’s class on a boat experience. It was awesome to learn about living on the boat and then of course the art of making churros! To top it off it was the best churros I have ever tasted. A memory so special and so unique ✨❤️

Katherine Allvey Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had an amazing time with Tere and Colin! The studio is really cool and it was great to see Colin’s paintings and chat before the class. There were lots of fun stencils to work with and Colin spent time showing me how to use the spray paints and get the best effects, he has loads of patience! I got to use some great Banksy stencils and some of Queen Elizabeth II too, plus my favourites, the rats! I can highly recommend this class, it’s fun and informative and Tere and Colin are an awesome team

Conny Piper Sep 2022

The venue was fantastic, and we enjoyed the class and felt very welcome, and the teachers were friendly. This friendly chat however took 20/30 minutes before the course started. We did not finish on the scheduled time so that was okay to make up for the lost time, but it did feel they were doing us a favor by doing so, which was not very professional and unfair considering I paid £160.

Teacher's response

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. However, we were totally surprised by the negative comments which were very unexpected given your enthusiasm and positive interaction with us during and after the class.

Regarding your issue with timing. You both arrived on time, we always chat to our guests to explain some background information, about the studio, Colin's art practice etc, plus it's a warm up time to find out about our students, nobody has ever had an issue with this, quite the opposite. You mention we chatted for 30 minutes, which is a massive exaggeration and the photos I took throughout the class (as an extra for the students to have as a souvenir) each have timing on each photo.

The class is clearly advertised as 2 hours, You left at 2.15pm (once again my photos show the timeline). The class should have ended at 1pm and even allowing for the "chat" element, you were given lots more time and we even mentioned we had no problem with this and at one point I had to ask you the time as I was not watching the clock! We spent time at the end to carefully wrap your art work and make sure it was secure for your journey home. We also took time to recommend places to go for coffee/ lunch and show you the way, all of this in our own time. We had an important meeting planned after your class which I delayed when I saw we needed more time with you and we didn't want to rush you. Happy to send you the message I sent them if you need evidence.

Regarding the issue of the fee, as you must be aware, Classbento takes a commission, some of which goes to Mental Health charity which we are passionate about. We use high-quality artist materials, provide a large selection and for this specific class have purchased special stencils at a considerable cost as we want our students to get the best. If you were to purchase all the materials we use in each class to make the art at home, it would be much less cost effective than coming to our 2 hour class. Plus you both have artwork on canvas to keep.

Summary: Your class was 3 hours 15 minutes, even allowing for friendly chat and "getting to know each other" time, you got at least 1.15 hours on top. We helped you with your painting when you weren't happy with it, even though you were taking double the time of your partner, we wanted to make sure you left with something you were pleased with, we are very puzzled with you thinking that we rushed you and that we begrudged any additional time, that is not us at all! I do hope others interested in our classes will read all the reviews for our other listings and read between the lines regarding this one, thanks!

Sasha Jackson Sep 2022

I loved my class with Tere. Such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. It was a joy and very educational. The boat was a treat in itself. Absolutely magical experience from the minute I met Tere until I hugged her good bye. Thank you Tere and I hope to see you again soon!

Amar Shah Sep 2022

Great fun and unique experience. Welcoming host and engaged with kids well. Very helpful with directions etc as well as the experience

Zohal Sep 2022

We had an amazing time making churros with Tere; she made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. Such a cute and cosy setting. Time just flew. Something new, different and quirky to try. Highly recommend it.

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Zohal  - London

Anupam Arora Sep 2022

I had a great day with Colin creating beautiful art. Colin was friendly and the environment was relaxed. I enjoyed learning to work with acrylic colors and spray paints which was new to me. Colin guided me superbly through the whole process.

Wayne Kehoe Sep 2022

Wonderful time with Tere and her amazing cat! Highly recommended due to the calm and positive nature of Tere and the location!

Bride Stokes Sep 2022

The whole experience was very interesting. The venue was unusual. The teacher was great, interesting to talk to and very knowledgable about the food she provided. We had a lovely meal which she cooked for us. Am waiting for the recipes so I can try them myself at home.

Spanish Foodie Experience on a Boat review by Bride Stokes - London

Meg Bell Sep 2022

Went as a surprise with my girlfriend as we like to try new things. It was a great experience - Tere is a lovely host and there is a lovely, calm atmosphere as the Churro making is combined with great conversation and fun facts!
Would definitely recommend to those that want to try something new, are passionate about food or want something tasty to eat!

Steven Salamanca Sep 2022

Tere was a fantastic host in her cozy boat. We were having a good conversation where she explaining step by step what she was doing as she was preparing the food, so we could learn some tips. And obviously the food was delicious!
A unique workshop I totally recommend.

Cooking class review by Steven Salamanca - London

Anne Li Aug 2022

Wonderful class! Tere was a great teacher and welcomed our group of three into her lovely home with open arms. Loved doing and trying something different, and the vegan fish and chips tasted great. Tere made the fish and chips while our group watched, which I didn’t mind since we were pretty tired after a long day out. She also made sure to show us all the ingredients and keep the cooking process engaging.
P.S. Tippi was a great sous chef

Vegan Fish and Chips Cooking Class review by Anne Li - London

Jessica Kusnierek Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed this class,so much fun
I never worked with spray paints and acrylics before,completely new to all of this
Colin is a wonderful teacher,under his guidance I created a lovely painting to take home.
Highly recommend,really enjoyed every minute of it

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Jessica Kusnierek - London

Viviana Pinto Aug 2022

It was a lovely experience!
Tere and Colin are an amazing couple of artists.
We had a great day!
I definitely recommend!

Painting class review by Viviana Pinto - London

Liam Darmody Aug 2022

We had a brilliant time with Tere! She was patient and has some brilliant tips! My partner drew a very impressive picture of myself under her guidance! We’ll definitely book again:

Damien Bernard Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What makes a churro a good churro? A warm and tender smile, a 120-year old dutch boat, a beautiful fluffy cat named Tippi, an exceptionally gifted barcelonian churrera and a very generous chocolate sauce to the delight of everyone. You’ll be back home with unequalled memories and an even sweeter tooth

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Damien Bernard - London

Kang Sohee Jul 2022

The teacher is so sweet and she gives detailed instruction on how to cook as well as the ingredients. I recommend this class!

Sarah Falkenberg-Hassan Jun 2022

Tere is very accomadating explained things very clearly and provides a warm friendly atmosphere. The churros were great and we went home with big smiles on our faces, would strongly recommend this workshop!

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Sarah Falkenberg-Hassan - London

Jagmaan Bakshi Jun 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Tere was AWESOME. This was honestly one of the best Saturdays we have spent in while. The food was delicious and she was very enthusiastic. Can’t wait to receive the pictures of our day out! Would highly recommend!

Ruth Clarke Jun 2022

Amazing experience
Such a lovely teacher ,fun facts ,lovely stories and knowlage

A very welcoming teacher ,we some times experience some1 who goes the extra mile this was today we met at the st lovely lady and even directed us to our next location

5* will recomend highly

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Ruth Clarke - London

Rohan Shibu May 2022

Rohan and I had an amazing time with Tere. She was very detailed and patient with the recipe. The spices were flavourful and quite different from what we get in markets. I would highly recommend it as we have made memories worth a lifetime. Tere's houseboat is extremely cosy and homely, definitely gave us a feeling of being with family.
If you want to have an experience to be memorable for you, I would highly recommend this Spanish foodie experience!

-Rohan and Samhita

Simon Humphries May 2022

The experience was great, we learned a lot about the Spanish cuisine and culture through the food and Tere's stories.

We had an amazing paella with noodles, instead of rice. She gave us tips and tricks on recreating the dishes at home and taught us about the importance of the ingredients. All the groceries she bought for us prior to the experience were of the highest quality.

Rhis was a present for my boyfriend's birthday and he really loved it. I would recommend this as a present and would also consider doing it again with a friend. Tere offers other classes/ experiences that I am considering too, corporate events are an option as well from what I recall.

Spanish Foodie Experience on a Boat review by Simon Humphries - London

Suzy Urch May 2022

My sister, mum and I had a lovely time learning how to make churros with Tere on her adorable boat with her very cute cat, Tippi!
Tere is very friendly and it was a great opportunity to ask her all about life living on a boat in the centre of London! She also took lots of pictures and sent us the recipe afterwards.
It was easy to get to and there are adequate facilities on site.
And of course, the churros were delicious

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Suzy Urch - London

Andrew Hill May 2022

Really excellent class, led expertly y Colin. He was brilliant at helping us explore the techniques and materials, and we left having had a fabulous time, and with some pieces to take home to remember the day by. Would recommend for complete beginners or experts alike.

Wyatt Mitchell May 2022

A fun day out with an interesting demonstration of Spanish cooking aboard a beautiful boat by our lovely hosts, Tere and Tippi

Eszter Huczka Apr 2022

The class with Tere and Colin was absolutely wonderful. It was just me and my boyfriend and we got their full attention, they seemed to be genuinly interested in what we create, we could see that they are not doing this for money but because they love art! Colin’s expertise is undeniable and his instructions were very clear. He did help us with our paintings but he gave us full freedom to experiment and make up our own creations. We’d definitely go again and absolutely recommend it for everyone

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Eszter Huczka - London

Sebastian Kalwij Apr 2022

We had a great time. Colin and Tere were lovely, made us feel at ease straight away in their secret studio (a great space). After explaining how to use different techniques to create some interesting effects we produced some wonderful abstract art ourselves.
Colin is very experienced and a great artist sharing his views and insights into how to make interesting and unique art. Many thanks and we'd love to come back for another lesson.

Painting class review by Sebastian Kalwij - London

Alexsandra Debska Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great abstract art session with Colin. He guides you thorough painting process and shows secret techniques.
Materials are provided and venue is an art studio which gives all experience special character.
At the end of the class you will have your own piece of art - abstract one.
Highly recommended to every creative soul.

Painting class review by Alexsandra Debska - London

Aron Schleider Mar 2022

I’m sure you could make Churros anywhere, but you won’t enjoy making them a much as you will with Tere. The boat, the banter the benevolent attention to detail, there was a lot to love. It was a really fun and authentic experience

Sheena Nayak Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Had an amazing session with the teacher. Very informative, friendly, supportive and most importantly a fun yummy session!

Imran Saeed Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

So good to meet Terre and spend time on her boat talking about all things Spanish cuisine. Knows her stuff! Very welcoming and warm session, super chilled and different from other food experiences we've been on, food was tasty too and we picked up some useful authentic hacks. Thanks again, Terre.

Ella Gardiner Mar 2022

What a unique experience! Tere is a wonderful person and it was a delight to meet her! The churros and chocolate are quick and such fun to make let alone delicious. The setting of being in a marina on a 100 year old boat is a dream! Highly recommend this class it’s churrowesome!

Baking and Desserts class review by Ella Gardiner - London

Adrien Conrath Feb 2022

It was an awesome day with Colin in his lovely studio! I learnt a lot of great techniques and Colin helped me along the way in the making of a great piece of art that I am now proudly displaying in my office. The day was not only an opportunity to learn technical skills, but also spend a day with an artist who showed me a lot of their creations. The class was so good that I decided to come back the day after. Thanks Colin for an awesome adventure!

Mae Wilson Feb 2022

I booked the class for my 7-year old granddaughter as a treat for her during the school holidays. Tere, the teacher could not have looked after us better – she is an inspiration. I did not appreciate, however, that this was more of demonstration class rather than hands on. My granddaughter did get to do some mixing and stirring – and of course enjoy the delicious churros and hot chocolate. I paid £120 for two participants which I believe was excessive given that I observed (but did also enjoy some churros and hot chocolate). It seems an excessive amount for preparing a pretty inexpensive bowl of churros and two cups of hot chocolate – even if they were delicious!

Teacher's response

Dear Geoffrey,
Thanks so much for taking the time to provide this review and it was a pleasure to meet you and your little granddaughter Mae, she is a delight! However, I must point out that my class is not described as a fully blown/hands on cookery class and does mention that due to my unusual setting, i.e. a cute houseboat, I cannot provide the facilities that a cookery school would be able to, such as each student having their own oven and deep fryer etc. I do believe that I make this very clear and in fact, my location and what I provide is my unique selling point.

Unlike a commercial cookery school, I accept only small groups and I am happy to offer my class to just one person if they wish to book. Essentially my classes are private classes and my guests get 100% my attention and hospitality, unlike a commercial cookery school. This is made very clear in my online description.

Aside from this, I accepted you bringing your granddaughter but the very idea of a 7 year old getting anywhere near 300 degrees oil to fry the churros is crazy. I take hygiene and safety very seriously and for this reason I was careful to watch Mae and allow her to help only at appropriate times, such as piping the churro dough and stirring the hot chocolate. Once again, this is mentioned in my online description and I also explain this in person before my class begins. I would gain nothing from misleading my guests and for this reason I make sure all the details are correct and am happy to answer inquiries prior to booking if there are any queries.

Regarding the price, I believe this is fair for a private class in a unique setting that cannot be accessed without me. I provide a very personalised experience that is about making memories for my guests as well as myself and I pride myself on this. This is why I take photos during the class and send them to my guests afterwards as a souvenir along with the recipe. Due to my Spanish heritage I am also qualified to discuss the culture of churros in Spain and the various recipes that can be used. I look forward to welcoming future guests on board my little boat soon! :)

Sara Dhami Feb 2022

We had a great time at the abstract art class and would definitely recommend this class for those wanting to tap into their creative side. Tere and Colin were great hosts, and it was a great to see Colin's work and learn new techniques from both of them! Thank you Tere & Colin for a fabulous few hours :)

Alessandra Pelliccia Feb 2022

Great couple of hours. Had so much fun and leaner a lot! The teacher was super talented. Highly recommend it!

Smita Vahadane Feb 2022

Had an absolutely wonderful time with Tere. The food was delicious, fresh, authentic and so flavorful. Eating home made food is much better than eating at a restaurant, especially when the home is a beautiful little houseboat. Tere was warm, friendly and great company- we had a lovely time getting to know her life and passions.

Cooking class review by Smita Vahadane - London

Liz Sparrow Feb 2022

We had a great time with Tere.
A great way to spend a couple of hours. We would Definitely recommend this unique experience
You will not be disappointed.
Hot chocolate & churros very yummy yummy.
5 stars from us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Baking and Desserts class review by Liz Sparrow - London

Elvis Bertholle Jan 2022

Colin was a great host and teacher and we all had a great time. It was a very laid back process for us beginners, Colin guided us but also let us lead our own creativity, we truly enjoyed the whole experience.
I definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking to do something different in London and tap into their creative mind!

Kristina Axe Jan 2022

Absolutely wonderful experience! Tere was so friendly and put me at ease instantly. The food was delicious, the conversation great, and I learnt lots of new tips and tricks. I will 100% be coming again!

Cooking class review by Kristina Axe - London

Anthony Jan 2022

The whole experience was amazing from start to end! Both Tere and Colin are super creative and very helpful and welcoming! It was a pleasure to see Colin's work and great to learn some new techniques from both of them! Would give them more than 5* if we could! Thank you!

Painting class review by Anthony  - London

Andy Palfrey Jan 2022

Colin and Tere were such incredible hosts and truly lovely people to spend time with during our team building session. Their warm personalities and uplifting energy made for such a wonderful day. They are such talented individuals, with an endless passion for what they do. Colin has created masterpieces, and his vision is truly inspiring.

You will learn different technics, learn about colour combinations, explore textures and so much more. We were all very happy with the pieces of art we produced during our session and everything we learnt.

Tere also holds cooking lessons which will definitely be on our list for next time. I will be first to recommend them to anyone for a team building session, a friends’ day out, hen do etc. Well worth booking if you are looking for something fun and different to do.

Thanks again to both Colin and Teri for a such an insightful and entertaining day.

Aimara Gallardo Dec 2021

Really great and enjoyable session with two artists who are clearly very passionate about their work. We tried a couple of unusual but fun abstract techniques using stencils, spray paints, and something I wouldn’t know how to describe (you’ll have to try it yourself!). We really appreciate them making the effort to keep our art pieces at the studio to dry and then come and drop it off to us later on. Looking forward to hanging our work! The studio is quite open and spacious which is good for covid but note that it can be a bit chilly so perhaps bring a hoody that you don’t mind potentially splashing some paint on (though they provide aprons).

Polly Norkett Dec 2021

We had such a wonderful afternoon with Tere on her beautiful barge! Tere’s knowledge and passion for Spanish food is second to none. The ingredients she cooked with were top quality and it was great to get up close and personal smelling and tasting the different flavours before Tere cooked with them. The food itself was exceptional, we both left with full bellies and a new appreciation for Spanish chefs like Tere.
I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to treat themselves or anyone at all actually who likes delicious food and great conversation.
Sending all the best to Tere, Colin and Tippie (the most beautiful cat in all the land).

Spanish Foodie Experience on a Boat review by Polly Norkett - London

Jay Drexler Dec 2021

Fun experience in a very cool location. Would recommend to all! Tere and Colin are great hosts.

Therese Cruz Dec 2021

This class is amazing! This is my first time going for an abstract painting class and I could say that after only 2-hours, I have kind of "mastered" 2 great techniques! Colin is an amazing teacher! He was able to share with us his knowledge and patiently guided us through on how to execute them. The venue is awesome too! I would definitely take this class again and learn more from Colin and hopefully meet Tere too!

Meera Adhia Dec 2021

Collin facilitated the session very well. He demonstrated two of his techniques (drag and stencil with paint and spray). And gave creative freedom to express in our own pieces. He was extremely patient and generous. The venue is eccentric and the music was lovely. All materials were provided, making the class good value for money. Enjoyed the class, conversations and the art. Look forward to learning more from Collin. Thanks for sharing your Abstract art skills, techniques and experience.

Araavint Surendran Dec 2021

Great teacher, fun atmosphere, cool environment. Would’ve loved to have got involved more but overall nice

Mark Cole Nov 2021

Great experience, fantastic experience would suggest anyone doing it. Great company and learnt more than I thought I would

Lizhao Zhang Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Tere is such an amazing and inspiring lady! I really liked her energy when I was there. Also the churros were great would love to go back again!

Nick Gilbert Nov 2021

My partner and I had a really great time with Tere. The setting is so unique onboard a wonderfully decked out canal boat, complete with beautiful art and and even more gorgeous ragdoll cat. Having previously lived in Spain and feeling nostalgic due to Covid, I can honestly say the churros were some of the best I’ve ever had. Memorable evening and would 100% recommend.

Churros and Chocolate Class on a Boat review by Nick Gilbert - London

Sabine Gerner Nov 2021

Tere is very nice and the food was tasty. Her houseboat is cosy. We had a great time.

Tom Harrigan Oct 2021

Tere is an amazing host, warm, friendly and welcoming.

With an obvious passion to pass on her knowledge; Tere’s teaching style and pace was just perfect for us. We both loved the quirkiness of her & Collins floating home - cozy and comforting just like the yummy churros we made, and there was plenty of them.

This wasn’t just a cooking lesson for us, this was a brilliant experience and memory - highly recommend!

Baking and Desserts class review by Tom Harrigan - London

Ross Mortimer Oct 2021

Tere was extremely welcoming and friendly from the first minute we arrived. The class takes place on her charming boat and is perfect for 2 people. Ideal if you're new to any sort of vegan cuisine as Tere can talk you through it in detail, but equally if you're more familiar then this can be an interesting new recipe. Finally, the food itself was fantastic! I was so impressed with how it turned out and will definitely be trying it myself again soon.

Amber Davie Oct 2021

We really enjoyed our art experience with Tere and Colin. Both Tere and Colin were really friendly and made us feel comfortable in their charming studio straight away. We really enjoyed seeing some of Colin’s work and trying out some of the techniques for ourselves. It was great to be able to create and take away a couple of our own artworks from the session. Thank you for a great experience!

Thomas Doyle Oct 2021

I went with my girlfriend as a surprise trip - we had an amazing time. Tere was so welcoming and lovely to speak to - I really enjoyed finding out more about living in a marina as much as I did learning to make churros. I would highly recommend to anyone as a different, unique way to spend an evening with a partner.

Hadeel Bugshan Oct 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was a very nice experience with a very inspiring atmosphere
It was just amazing

Abstract Art Class in a Secret Studio review by Hadeel Bugshan - London

Gaziz Zhotabayev Sep 2021

Tere was great - very upbeat and enthusiastic. It was really interesting seeing what life on a boat is like (I'd never considered it before). The churros were delicious as well!

Emily Reed Sep 2021

I had a great time at the abstract art class with Tere and Colin. As a complete novice to all things art, Tere was lovely company and Colin was a great teacher. Both of their creative input helped my piece of art become something I was really happy with. I would definitely recommend for a fun and different activity in London.

Painting class review by Emily Reed - London

Margaux Moro Sep 2021

The experience was really fantastic!
Tere picked me up at the foot of the metro to take me on her boat. We then started to cook the Churros while chatting Then it was time for the tasting.
I recommend 100%, it was a great experience and Tere and Colin are very welcoming. It was a real pleasure to talk with her for two hours.

Baking and Desserts class review by Margaux Moro - London

Dhinil Patel Sep 2021

Amazing class for 3 hours.
Hosts were wonderful teachers and the setting was unique and unforgettable.
I booked the class for my girlfriend's bd and she absolutely loved it!
Will leave you wanting the class to continue for the rest of the afternoon :)

Amina Khatun Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Tere & Colin were friendly, fantastic teachers with tonnes of experience! All materials were provided and the space was great. I produced a piece using acrylics and dragging technique under Colin's guidance. They were warm and encouraging of my imagination which was greatly appreciated. I'm going back to learn more and highly recommend this session!

Orla Hillary Aug 2021

Really lovely experience. In a nice area so got to do a bit of site seeing after aswell. Something different and random. Picked up some really cool and fun tips on how to make churros. X

Juliana Lua Aug 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very friendly and energetic people. It was a pleasure to have met Colin and Tere. I had a great time and managed to reconnect with myself and creating art. It was great to get hands on again and learn new techniques. I would definitely recommend and immerse yourself in a secret studio

Painting class review by Juliana Lua - London

Vanessa Young Aug 2021

Tere was a wonderful host and the class was great! The unique and beautiful setting also added to the experience.

Evie Highton Jul 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Tere and Colin shared their enthusiasm for art and life with what felt like genuine generosity and warmth. We felt really looked after all round, with personal support and attention to detail with what we were making, - it felt they really cared! and an eye always to our comfort and wellbeing. The studio space is intriguing and charismatic, materials and techniques are interesting, fun and I really enjoyed the surprise they offer! It was a total pleasure and very memorable! Thank you Tere and Colin!

Painting class review by Evie Highton - London

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