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Cook and Craft Collective was started by JoJo to create a community where people learn new skills and share their knowledge. It’s a collective of creative people, coming together to share their passions in baking, cooking, crafting and making.

JoJo has over fifteen years’ experience of running and hosting workshops and events. She loves to share her tips and tricks for baking, cooking and crafting with confidence. Above all, she makes sure that every class is a friendly, fun experience.

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Alana Feb 2024

Took my mum here as a treat and we had a good time! The teacher was super friendly and bubbly and made us feel comfortable. I learnt how to make macaroons and with the help of the teacher it was really easy!

Jeanie Feb 2024

I went with my flatmates, Olly and Craig, on a Sunday morning and Jojo, our teacher, could not have been more incredible. She was incredibly kind, patient and conversational, and the baking process itself was easy and fun. You get plenty of help to make sure you know what you're doing, but also plenty of time to figure things out for yourself and add personalized touches. Totally worth the experience and we will certainly be back for another class! Thrilled to have beautiful and tasty macaraons at the end as well x

Craig Feb 2024

Jojo hosted us for a session making French Macarons, she was a brilliant host and guide and reqlly pleasant personality to add to our group vibe and dynamic. I highly highly recommend this session (even if only for the recipe at the end), but the session itself Is brilliant for building group camaraderie. The hours fly by and you leave feeling accomplished. Faultless.

Hayden Chan Feb 2024

Liked the hands on learning, good spot for a date! Materials were all provided, good value for money imo

Cindy Smiley Feb 2024

I decided to book this session to do something different with my husband and also because we love gyoza. The experience was so great and we had fun learning how to make them. Lola was very nice and patient. We will definitely book another class. Thank you ????

James Trueman Feb 2024

Jojo was super friendly/knowledgeable and we learnt all the important points about truffle making in our session! Me and my husband now have lots of delicious truffles to eat to celebrate our anniversary :)

Julia Kanaeva Feb 2024

It was a very nice experience, we liked it so much, everything was provided, pizza was very beautiful and delicious. Also, I learnt some tips about dough! Many thanks!

Concetta Feb 2024

Not only the workshop was explained easily and with real knowledge, but the enthusiasm and happiness during the entire time of the workshop left a smile on my face that will last the entire day.
Jojo is an extraordinary, lovely and kind person and I loved every second spent in there.
Thanks Jojo

Simone Parks Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I would highly recommend this class. It was really fun, the team were great. The pizza was very tasty too.

Joe Phillips Feb 2024

Our class was a perfect size (6 people) and Jojo taught us her own recipe that make macarons achievable, even for someone like me. Takes a lot of the faff out of the process and you still get great results and a lot of macarons to take home with you.
Thanks Jojo!

Hilary McCoubrey Feb 2024

JoJo had lots of great tips for making macarons well and was warm and welcoming. I really enjoyed it.

Sophie Jan 2024

Amazing! Best tasting gyozas I’ve ever eaten Really lovely teacher and an overall enjoyable experience!

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

Amazing teacher and made the class so relaxed. Easy to follow instructions and a really enjoyable time

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher is very terrible at explaining the steps and the whole lesson just feels so messy. For example: we didn’t have enough buttercream and the teacher have to make some extra (which turns out very runny, grainy and unevenly mixed). Also, the lesson states that it’s from 11am to 2pm but when it’s 1:30pm the teacher is already rushing us to finish packing and leave, just because she have next class at 2:30). And when she’s taking out our macaroons, she try to slide the baking paper onto the table but it’s unsuccessful and flips the macaroons over and crushed them.
This lesson is just overall messy and unprofessional and have lots of improve

John Buckman Dec 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was tons of fun, great host, what a fantastic way to spend an evening!

Terrance Bender Dec 2023

We had such a great time making macarons with JoJo. It was a fun day and the macarons are (were) so good. Thanks for a great time cooking and spending holiday time together.

Anonymised ClassBento student Dec 2023

The instructor was incredibly friendly and helpful She helped us at every step of the way and was very encouraging.

Grace Mupanemunda Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lovely evening of pizza making, Jo was so friendly and created a wonderful atmosphere. The pizza tasted incredible too

Baking and Desserts class review by Grace Mupanemunda - London

Ishan Daniel Dec 2023

JoJo was an amazing teacher, full of warmth and a fun living spirit! She took us through every step carefully all while having fun interacting with the entire group.
I will definitely come back to learn more from her as she makes cooking so enjoyable. Would highly recommend her classes, you will come out a better cook!

Taisiia Plikunova Nov 2023

Such a cool class and the teacher was so nice and fun!
Going to visit other her classes☺️

Ewa Luczynska Nov 2023

Lovely class, the ice cream bread recipe was simple and fun to make. Would recommend this class

Hallam Bengo-Cank Nov 2023

Jojoba was super friendly, fun and very knowledgeable. The pizzas were easy to make and came out great.

Baking and Desserts class review by Hallam Bengo-Cank - London

Venus Gnahoua Oct 2023

It was such a good session, really enjoyed myself, it was so lighthearted and fun

Daljeet Hargun Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The lady was very friendly and the instructions were simple to follow. I would recommend the class to my friends.

Arianne Rivera Sep 2023

What was the teacher like?
Super enthusiastic and kind!

How was the venue (if applicable)?
Simple but cozy

Was the experience good value for money?
Yes Came back with like 25 macarons and precious knowledge!

What did you do / learn?
I now know how to make french macarons from scratch!

What did you like most?
The little know hows

Thank you for providing this experience, i failed many times at home before this and now im excited to see if im able to succeed haha

French Macaron Baking Workshop review by Arianne Rivera - London

Eniola Sep 2023

Jo jo was very nice. She provided all the ingredient that we needed to make macarons. She gave us step-by-step instructions on how to make beautiful macarons. This was my first time making macarons, it was a pleasant experience.

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