4 Baking and Dessert Classes in London You Need to Try

4 Baking and Dessert Classes in London You Need to Try

4 Baking and Dessert Classes in London You Need to Try

If you’ve always wanted to unleash your inner pastry chef and learn how to bake but haven’t got around to it, now’s your chance with our selection of hands-on baking and dessert classes in London! Whether you’re a sweet treat connoisseur looking to build and develop your skills or you’re just starting your journey into the wonderful world of homemade puddings, our London baking and dessert classes are sure to leave you feeling relaxed with a new hobby to enjoy!

From cake decorating and bread making masterclasses to messy and fun baking classes for kids, there are so many opportunities to don your apron, grab your ingredients and get hands-on with tasty new dessert recipes in London. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an interactive class in Croydon, gifts for bakers in Soho, or you want to learn how to make cookies in Covent Garden, with the guidance of a local expert, you’re sure to end the experience with new confidence in your creative abilities.

Not sure which of our London baking and dessert classes would be right for you? We’ve made it easier than ever to find the perfect experience for you with a list of the top baking and dessert classes in the capital!

A person is using a whisk in a bowl of flour, surrounded by other bowls of baking ingredients

Create churros and chocolate on a houseboat

When it comes to unique things to do in London, it doesn’t get much better than whipping up your own churros and chocolate on a Dutch houseboat in Canary Wharf! Guided by experienced teacher Tere, this hands-on dessert class will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to create a deliciously sweet dough from scratch, which you’ll then shape and fry into traditional churro shapes, ready to pair with a delicious homemade chocolate sauce!  

On the hunt for new and unique date activities in London to try with your partner? This hands-on baking class is a great chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy an intimate experience surrounded by the stunning sights of Canary Wharf.

A baking tray filled with four sugar covered doughnuts sits on a table

Make a batch of handmade doughnuts from scratch

If you love nothing more than delicious doughnuts and have always wanted to learn how to make your own fresh batch, why not join the expert teachers at The Avenue Cookery School for a beginners’ baking class complete with a BYOB option? Kicking off with detailed demonstrations of the processes and methods you can expect to master, this workshop is a great chance to learn to bake a simple yet delicious recipe for miniature British doughnuts that will rival even the top bakeries in London!

This fun sugar-filled class makes for one of the best team building activities in London, so why not get your group together and enjoy a hands-on session of doughnut-making that ends with a taste testing of all your hard work? Whether you’re looking to celebrate a company milestone, you need fun London activities with a twist, or you’re searching for alternative office party ideas, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a practical experience with your colleagues away from the workplace.

A person is kneading dough for homemade bread on a flour covered table

Rise to the occasion with a sourdough bread workshop

Creating your own loaf of sourdough bread might seem tough, but with the guidance of the experienced bakers at Greenwich Pantry, it couldn’t be simpler! In this bread making class, you’ll learn to cultivate delicious flavours and create your own sourdough starter using the short fermentation method. It’s an incredibly fun and rewarding process that uses only a few ingredients like flour, water and salt to create a delicious loaf that’s sure to be your go-to whenever you’re in need of home-baked bread to impress your loved ones or complete a special dinner.

Searching for soothing hen party ideas in London to help calm those pre-wedding nerves? With plenty of one-to-one support from a sourdough specialist, this interactive class is a great chance to learn how to bake with the bride-to-be as you enjoy snacks, refreshments and plenty of banter along the way. You’ll end the experience with a unique new skill and a delicious loaf of bread that you’ve prepared, kneaded and baked yourself!

Three trays of Japanese desserts sit on a marble table

Explore the delicacies of Japan with a unique dessert class

Explore the culinary delights of Japan from central London with this Japanese dessert class for beginners! You’ll connect with local chef Simon Wang, an expert in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine as you learn to whip up two classic dessert recipes — dorayaki and mochi. From preparing the perfect dessert pastry to creating your tasty fillings and wrapping your finished pieces, you’ll get the chance to master every stage of the process as you create treats to rival the best dessert places in London.

If you’re looking for fun, interactive things to do in London with kids, then this workshop could be just the thing for you. Japanese desserts like mochi aren’t just delicious, they’re also fun to make and a great chance to introduce your little ones to a mindful new activity. Simon will be on hand throughout the experience to provide tips and tricks along with all of the ingredients and equipment you need. There’s no better way to inspire their young minds as you enjoy a hands-on session of baking that’s sure to leave you with a new shared hobby. 



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