Why You'll Love Trying a Painting Class in London

Why You'll Love Trying a Painting Class in London

Why You'll Love Trying a Painting Class in London

Our painting classes in London are a real departure from the every day – whether you fancy trying your hand at acrylics or want to discover the whimsical world of watercolour. 

Are you breaking free from boredom and looking for some fun things to do in London this weekend? Have you ever spent time in an art gallery admiring the works of the greats like Monet and Matisse, or watched someone effortlessly sketch a beautiful portrait or scene and wondered how they do it? If so, our 2022 London painting classes provide the perfect opportunity to pick up a paintbrush and follow in their footsteps in a laid-back, light-hearted setting!

Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love to try a painting class in London with us.  

Indulge your imagination and get creative at a painting class

Friendly teacher passing art supplies to a student in a fluid art class

Scientists agree that getting creative is good for us – and what better way to indulge your creative side than with a painting class? If you’ve been feeling a little out of touch with your artistic side lately and want to engage your right-brain with some art-based action, learning how to paint is the perfect opportunity to indulge your inner Picasso. 

This outlet is also a lovely introduction to all things arts and crafts, especially if you rarely have the chance to get hands-on at home or work. The benefits of nurturing our creative side include sharper focus, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and feelings of accomplishment and pride – so there’s no better time to pick up that paintbrush and indulge in an exciting art class in London!

Self-confessed perfectionists will be pleased to hear that we encourage everyone to relax and enjoy their time at our art workshops without pressure or expectation – instead, we just focus on having fun. Our London painting classes are designed for everyone including beginners, so there’s absolutely no pressure - just put paintbrush to canvas and let your imagination lead the way!

One of the wonderful things about art classes is that when you learn to paint, you can watch your own unique signature style come to life and embrace it as it emerges and develops. You don’t know until you try! 

Being around others at one of our many London art classes may also provide some much needed inspiration, especially if you’re not used to painting or crafting. Even when you’re painting the same subject, everybody has their own individual style and take on it, which can be both inspiring and exciting! 

Catch up with your favourite people in an encouraging, easy-going environment

Two friends in aprons laughing during a fluid art class

It’s not always easy to find ways to socialise and meet new people in the big city – but our London painting classes are specially designed to be fun and friendly and get people talking in an easy-going environment. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet lovely like-minded creative people, find new friends and bond over your love of art. So, if you're looking for things to do in London this weekend to get you out and about and meet new people, a local painting class could be the ideal place for you.

Our London painting classes are also the perfect place to catch up with your nearest and dearest! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion like a birthday party or hen do, or simply haven’t seen each other in a while, get your paintbrush at the ready and prepare for an afternoon of fun with the ones you love! You’ll get to admire and be inspired by their artwork and see what each person’s individual style says about them. You could even find that your best friend has a hidden flair for all things artistic!  

Learn something new – or discover a new hobby!

Woman with rose tattoos composing a cacti painting

Having hobbies and interests outside the stresses and strains of daily life is so important – so why not try your hand at a painting class and try it on for size? You’ll discover all the skills and techniques needed to start your own journey as an artist, whether you’re looking for a casual hobby or a welcome break from the everyday.

You’ll be totally immersed in the moment as you learn about perspective, sketching and vanishing points and discover how to mix and blend colours to make your artwork really pop. 

These skills and techniques even have benefits outside the art studio – as learning to paint has been shown to enhance hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function and improve memory. When you’re concentrating solely on creating art, you’re less likely to be tempted to turn on the tv or reach for your phone – another reason to pick up that paintbrush!

Art classes can ease stress and boost your mood 

Painting is a well-known stress-buster – just pick up a brush and let the canvas do the talking! Like other arts and crafts activities, going to a painting class has been shown to release chemicals in the brain that can help to lift our mood and combat stress and anxiety, like dopamine and serotonin. It also encourages us to get into a flow state, which helps to calm and quieten that mental chatter, just like meditation does. 

All our painting classes are designed with beginners in mind - so you can choose something that really speaks to you and helps you to unwind. They say time flies when you’re having fun – and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it passes as you paint away your stress with every brushstroke. At our art classes, you could also discover and develop a new talent – because who doesn’t love a little confidence boost every now and again?

 Painting classes in London are a great way to explore the capital

 After so long locked up indoors staring at the same four walls, we know you’ll be bursting to get out and about and rediscover your favourite locations in and around London. You might even find some new areas you’ve never been to before! Our London painting classes can be found throughout the city, so you can choose a time and a place that’s perfect for you. With a paintbrush in hand and your next masterpiece in mind, let the beauty of London inspire you!


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