Tracy Kambouris,  teacher

Tracy Kambouris

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I am British but born to a German mother and English father. I am an Essex girl, born just outside Colchester.

I have been a chef for almost 30 years and a vegan for over 2 years.

I became a vegetarian in my late teens. In my early 20’s I invested into a health food business with my parents, which they ran for 20 years. During this time, I was traveling, working abroad, honing my cooking skills and taking a 3-year culinary degree.

I have been passionate about food – the flavour, the texture, the nutrition and the science – since I can remember. Being brought up in a multi-cultural home opened my eyes from an early age to different countries cuisines. During my life I have lived on 4 continents and been fortunate to travel to many places in the world absorbing cooking techniques, different spices/herbs and diet styles. This has all culminated in my decision to open Veast. (A Vegan Feast Restaurant/Supper Club).


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