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R&M Fine Chocolate is a family run chocolate business based in Manchester UK. We produce handmade chocolate truffles, pralines, bars and lollies using only natural ingredients and no preservatives.

R&M fine chocolate is a dream come true!

Raanan the head chocolatier, previously a senior officer at an international chemical factory, discovered the amazing world of tastes, pleasures and fun of chocolate.
At start making chocolate was only a hobby. For years I learned and practised at the art of chocolate till chocolate become a way of life.

At R&M Fine Chocolate we create a wide range of product 100% handmade full of LOVE, using natural ingredients only and no preservatives. We use our own self developed recipes.

We are running a wide range of activities – Selling pralines boxes at shops and online, chocolate parties, chocolate birthdays, chocolate Hen parties, chocolate workshop, chocolate anniversary for couples, chocolate taste and talk events, and Chocolate after school club.

We adapt our products and workshops to the occasion, season and of course the customers request, to get great chocolate celebration. Our goal is to spread the wonders of chocolate all around us.


Meet R&M Fine Chocolate

Satisfy that sweet tooth with Raanan from R&M Fine Chocolate, and discover the secrets behind making delicious handmade chocolates and sumptuous truffles.

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Jennifer Ward Jul 2024

Loved this class! Great for team building and the truffles were delicious. Thank you so much.

Teacher's response

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your lovely review! We are to hear that you enjoyed our chocolate class and found it a good team building option.

We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you again in the future another sweet adventure!

Thank you once again.
Warm regards,

Cecile May 2024

This was one of the most fun virtual social I have done with my company. Our host Raanan was patient with us and explained everything clearly even accounting for slight deviations in the recipe, and the kit we were sent made the experience really successful! We all shared proudly pics of our first attempt at making chocolate truffle and we also took away some knowledge about the art of chocolate with us home, so it feels like it was 2 workshops in one :) Would 100% recommend!

Teacher's response

Hi Cecile, Thank you so much for your glowing review! I'm thrilled to hear that you had a great time at our online chocolate experience.
I hope to see you at future chocolate classes.
Thank you so much.

Carla Tromans May 2024

Really fun activity with a lovely host. Steps provided were very thorough and his knowledge really came through. Would definitely recommend.

Teacher's response

Hi Carla, Thank you so much for your review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a fun time at our chocolate truffles class. Thank you so much for your recommendation and would love to have you join us again in the future.
Thank you once again.
Warm regards, Raanan.

Georgina May 2024

I had a lot of fun in this class and learned a huge amount not just about making truffles, but other aspects of working with chocolate as Raanan is so knowledgeable! He made the class easy to follow and even humorous at times which was lovely.

Teacher's response

Hi Georgina, Thank you so much for your review. I'm thrilled you liked our chocolate truffles making class, had fun and learned about chocolate.
Thank you so much.

Jennifer Pittilla May 2024

Host was friendly and knowledgeable, Unfortunately we were on a time limit being a work event which sadly saw people dropping out before he had finished sharing. The session ran at a good pace to join in though possibly having a contingency so that you don't miss out if the ganache doesn't set quickly enough would be helpful. Good tasting pretty chocolates at the end will definitely do this again.

Teacher's response

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you enjoyed the session. We apologize for any time constraints that may have caused some participants to leave early.
Thank you for your support!

Rebecca May 2024

The chocolate truffle making was really good and enjoyable. Our host was great and talked us through step by step and shared extra tips and experiences for chocolate lovers, like myself! All ingredients that were suitable to post were provided which was great and I liked how you didn't have to faff on measuring everything out, it was all ready to go. I liked how easy it was to make and will definitely be making these again in future!

Teacher's response

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your fantastic review! We are thrilled that you had a great time at our chocolate truffle making. We hope you continue to enjoy making chocolate truffles in the future and look forward to welcoming you again!
Thank you once again.

Marla Collins-Soana Mar 2024

We had such a great experience with Raanan I’d highly recommend this course. You won’t be disappointed, so much knowledge shared for you to take away for future

Teacher's response

Hi Marla, Thank you so much for your fantastic recommendation!
We truly appreciate your feedback and hope to have the pleasure of collaborating in the future.
Thank you so much.

Marla Collins-Soana Mar 2024

What a fantastic experience we had today with Raanan, he shared so much passion and creativity it made the process much more fun and enjoyable.

Thank you so much

Teacher's response

Hi Marla, Thank you so much for your fantastic recommendation!
We truly appreciate your feedback and hope to collaborate with you again.
Thank you so much.

Jessica Mar 2024

Amazing evening with Raanan! Feedback from everyone who attended was very positive! A fun and creative evening - would definitely recommend and would use again! :)

Chocolate Easter Egg Making Workshop review by Jessica - Manchester

Teacher's response

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your glowing review! I am so happy your guests enjoyed themselves and that the feedback was so positive. We appreciate your recommendation and would love to welcome you back again in the future!
Thank you once again.
Best regards, Raanan.

Jennifer Brown Feb 2024

Really interesting class- made lots of truffles and clear instructions to follow at home. Thanks!

Teacher's response

Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for your review! We're so glad you enjoyed our class. Hope you are doing truffles at home now.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you again soon for more delicious truffle-making fun!

Best regards, Raanan.

Gordon Clark Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very entertaining evening and patient with us as we tried to make the truffles, creating some interesting shaped treats

Teacher's response

Hi Gordon, Thank you for your review!
I am so happy the group liked the class. Hope to see you in the future again.
Warm regards, Raanan.

Mrs Rupinder Howard Feb 2024

What a fantastic few hours.
Nine women and chocolate what could go wrong! We all had an amazing afternoon, Raanan was an amazing teacher not a bad chemist too.
Definitely recommend this to everyone.

Teacher's response

Hi, Thank you so much for for fantastic review! We are thrilled to hear that you and your friends had a great time. And thank you for the kind words about me as a teacher and as a chemist!
We truly appreciate your recommendation and hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back in the future.
Thank you once again.
Best regards, Raanan.

Katie Williams Jan 2024

I booked the class for me & my mum and we didn’t know what to expect from it, but safe to say we loved it! It was so much fun, our teacher was fab and explained everything so well! Would definitely recommend as a fun afternoon out!

Teacher's response

Hi Katie,
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I am thrilled to hear that you and your mum had a great time in our class.
Thank you for recommending us as a fun afternoon out. We truly appreciate it!
Hope to see you both again soon!
Warm regards,

Karen Williams Dec 2023

What an amazing evening!
We had such a great time!

Thank you so much. Great teacher! fun and interactive! We would highly recommend!

Chocolate Truffle Making at Home review by Karen Williams

Teacher's response

Hi Karen
Thank you so much for your amazing review! I'm thrilled to hear that you had a great time. It's always a pleasure to hear that our students had an enjoyable experience. We truly appreciate your recommendation and hope to see you again in the future!
Thank you once again.
Greatly appreciated

Malcolm Oct 2023

Very enjoyable experience and we found Raanan entertaining and helpful. The venue was excellent. This was really a birthday treat for my wife and she was very happy with it. We have no intention of going in for serious chocolate making but we had great fun producing our truffles.

Teacher's response

Hi Malcolm,
Thank you so much for your review. We are thrilled to hear that you and your wife had an enjoyable experience at our chocolate truffle-making class.
We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back again in the future.
Warm regards,

Neale Walker Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We booked this chocolate truffle making session as a work social event and loved it! Raanan was friendly, knowledgable and made the experience fun - plus the chocolate truffles were delicious.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Neale, for your wonderful review!
We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed our chocolate truffle experience. We are thrilled that you found the activity and the chocolate delicious. We hope to welcome you back again soon for another delightful adventure!
Thank you so much.

Kyra Homan Jul 2023

Absolutely amazing time. Attended as part of a bachelorette celebration, bride got and gift and we got some bubbly! Variety of chocolate was amazing, gluten free and as the teacher told us we can re create at home with substitutions! We all loves the class, was fun, helpful and informative and never a dull.moment! Raaman was a great teacher and peovided everything we needed! Would book again!

Teacher's response

Hi Kyra,
Thank you for your wonderful review! We are delighted to hear that you had an absolutely amazing time at the class and that it was a great addition to the bachelorette celebration.
We would be thrilled to have you book with us again!

Alexandra Bell Jul 2023

Great idea for team bonding and a bonus of having delicious chocolate truffles at the end

Baking and Desserts class review by Alexandra Bell

Teacher's response

Hi Alexandra,
Thank you so much for your review. I am so happy you liked my chocolate class and the experience.
Thank you so much.

Olivia Smith Jun 2023

This class was okay but the venue was a bit lack lustre, and I wish the teacher had given us more opportunity to talk to the other people in the class or to our partners rather than feeling like he had to talk the whole time.

Steven Hutchison-Wallace Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Booked this class for me and my partner as a date day event and wow we had such an amazing experience. The class was very educational and the tutor was so funny and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this event for a date day, a fun day or just simply to learn a new skill.

Emily Ritchie Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We all really enjoyed this evening. The ingredients were sent in time, with no delays or dramas. The class itself ran very smoothly and was lots of fun!
Thank you

Adele Miller Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Raana was fabulous and took great care to make sure everyone's truffles were yummy.
Thank you Raanan

Pat Alston May 2023

We had a great time learning about chocolate & truffles. Raanan is a really good teacher & very entertaining. The time flew by.

Onique Prince May 2023

R&M fine chocolate were great, the instructor was attentive, patient and my team had a lot of fun

Anna Considine Apr 2023

Teacher was very relaxed, funny and knowledgeable. I don’t know if we just got lucky but the class size was very small so the amount of attention we got each felt very generous! The chocolate was delicious and everyones bonbons turned out great under his supervision.

Linda Howcroft Apr 2023

Raanan explained everything in an easy way to understand.
We made beautiful chocolates and I feel like I could make them again at home.
Thought tempering chocolate would be hard but Raanan made it easy.
Would recommend this course had such a good time and learned lots

Baking and Desserts class review by Linda Howcroft - Manchester

Emma Crayton-Brown Apr 2023

Enjoyed trying something different with the wider team!

Andy McDonnell Apr 2023

Great fun! And reasonable truffles despite my efforts.

Gill Murphy Apr 2023

Our teacher Raanan, was very good, entertaining and very patient. Thank you Raanan.

Charlotte Wilson Mar 2023

Raanan is an excellent teacher. He was funny and informative and all of our guests really enjoyed the experience. We used the class as a kick-start to a hen do and it was perfect first activity. We learnt quite a bit about chocolate and had plenty of delicious truffles to snack on throughout the weekend. What could be better?

Julia Graham Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic teacher, all accessible to create at home. Learned a lot about chocolate making and skills. Thank you for such a lovely afternoon!

Joe Evers Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Brilliant class, really really enjoyed it! Teacher was fantastic! Would highly recommend! And the Chocolate’s were absolutely delicious!

Francesca Anastasio Feb 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended

Thanks to Raanan, our group thoroughly enjoyed this session. He answered all of our questions with great knowledge and the truffles turned out amazing. They taste so good! A skill I will be using again in the future for sure

Peter Conway Oct 2022

Eating the leftover chocolate was very satisfying

I can't wait to make more truffles again soon

Carol Taylor Oct 2022

Yes it was interesting going to try and practice at home, I have made some at home before just wanted a little more knowledge

Miss Bennett Oct 2022

Myself and friends had a lot of fun making the truffles! Actually made a lot more than I had originally expected and they were really tasty too

Chocolate Truffles Making Class review by Miss Bennett - Manchester

Hannah-Rose Tomlinson Sep 2022

Raanan was an excellent facilitator - explaining what we needed to do clearly and concisely, with fun facts and a lot of humour too. We loved how much it felt like we could go home and try it ourselves - the framing was all about 'the first step on our chocolate making journey' which was lovely! Plus the truffles were absolutely delicious. Thank you for a lovely morning!

Chocolate Truffles Making Class review by Hannah-Rose Tomlinson - Manchester

Emz Williams Jun 2022

Really enjoyable! Explained nicely, a fun afternoon! My truffles turned out alright too!

Baking and Desserts class review by Emz Williams

Ana Botelho Jun 2022

Great class full of explanation and tips. Still working on getting my ganache to not be too liquid and getting those truffles round
Also really liked having the explanation and steps on paper - love my new spatula

Bethany Holmes Jun 2022

A really fun hands on experience :) great fun for all ages, me and my mum had a great time and got to make a mess The class was very informative and the teacher was very helpful

Chocolate Truffles Making Class review by Bethany Holmes - Manchester

Nicholas Payne Mar 2022

Raanan was very friendly and helpful. He made the class interesting and fun and you can tell he really knows his stuff

Kate Delaney Feb 2022

The truffle making lesson was bought for me as a present and was a wonderful way to spend an hour - the time flew by and I was totally engrossed in making these delicious treats. Raanan was a fantastic teacher, he was funny and explained every step throughout the process and gave some brilliant tips (I just have to remember these now!) I truly recommend this experience to everyone as it was so much fun and anyone can do it.

Jayne Lyons Feb 2022

Ample size venue for social distancing, free car park, the chocolate tasted good, all equipment supplied

Analia Padin Feb 2022

Very good workshop. I learned a lot about chocolate and I'm very happy with the result. The trainer was very engaging and very funny

Amber Bernard Feb 2022

I really enjoyed this session and i felt the trainer gave really helpful tips and had a great sense of humour.

Seema Chauhan Feb 2022

Loved the session :) the truffles were fantastic and I learnt so much
thank you

Samel Waite Feb 2022

Very fun event, the Chocolate host was entertaining and funny! (And great chocolates at the end)

Zoya Atanasova Jan 2022

Very interesting! I didn't know how to make truffle but I am happy that now I know. I will continue mine tomorrow as now I have to leave mine to rest.

Kelly McCain Jan 2022

Very kind instructor and he was obvious;y very knowledgeable about chocolate! The box of supplies arrived on time and was perfectly thought out.

Zoie McKay Jan 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Was a great class! Just the internet connection could have been better but that had nothing to do with the host, Raanan's capabilities is helping us make the best truffles :)

Roey Izhaki Jan 2022

A bit hard to do this via zoom as I got my truffles much smaller than they should have been.
But overall was a great experience and the result was superb.

Kim Schenkelaars Jan 2022

I enjoyed the class particularly all the extra little facts the instructor gave. People in my session asked some very stupid questions and he dealt with them very well without taking too much time away from the overall class

Aggie Dzivenu Jan 2022

Amazing and passionate chocolatier. Shared pretty detailed secrets into truffle making. Enjoyed my time and product.
Thank you.

Baking and Desserts class review by Aggie Dzivenu

Catherine Hendry Dec 2021

Our teacher, Raanan, was great. It's not easy doing these classes over zoom but he kept us engaged and was entertaining at the same time.

His instructions were easy to follow and our group all managed to successfully make many chocolate truffle.

The ingredients boxes arrived very quickly with everything measured out so it was easy to know what to use when. Anything extra we needed to provide was clearly communicated too.

Thanks so much - we all really enjoyed the session and would highly recommend to anyone.

Camz Campbell Dec 2021

very well taught, easy methods , smart techniques, great session for friends

David Thom Dec 2021

great class, our group thoroughly enjoyed the instruction and the end outputs! would definitely recommend

Angela Hobson Nov 2021

Our team social of virtual Chocolate truffle making with Raanan was great. From the moment we booked we had good communication, the kits arrived and the actual class was well run and fun. Raanan was an excellent host - very knowledgeable, helpful, interesting and amusing. If we ever had a chance to do this again I wouldn’t hesitate to rebook. Top class.

Baking and Desserts class review by Angela Hobson

Eman Alostad Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was so fun to joined this class everything was organized well the teacher very good and I had a lot of information

Sunil Tailor Oct 2021

2nd time round and another great class! The team thoroughly enjoyed it and wondering where to buy the chocolate from! Thanks for another informative and fun session!

Noel Hung Jul 2021

Raanan was a really sweet enthusiastic teacher and the truffles tasted amazing. Thank you so much!

Angela Parra Jul 2021

The class was on the expected lines. Good place with all Covid protocols.
Raanan was very friendly and the explanation was clear.
All the material was provided for the elaboration of our truffles.

Sunil Tailor Jul 2021

Was a great an interactive session. The team thoroughly enjoyed making the truffles (and making a mess)best of all they tasted great once finished. The instructor was humorous, attentive and was very knowledgeable, clearly loves what he does. Thank you for a great session.

Laura Stobbart Jul 2021

We did truffle making as an online corporate event and it was fantastic! The kit was received in plenty of time and the online class was very informative! Raanan was great and easy to listen to! Would highly recommend this class! Thank you for a terrific class!

Emma Moffatt Jun 2021

I won't make a great chocolotier but the truffles did taste good and it was a fun messy experience!

Becky Fedia Jun 2021

Great online class for a hen party! We had a lot of fun and made some amazing truffles and Raanan was super helpful and gave us lots of interesting chocolate facts and tips throughout. Thanks for a great session!

Gemma Frisby Jun 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed by all the team Raanan was great at telling stories and interesting facts….prepare to get messy!

Alessandra Vella Jun 2021

The class was really nice and we enjoyed learning how to make chocolate truffles. The teacher was very clear and helpful in responding to our questions. Recommended!

Baking and Desserts class review by Alessandra Vella

Jess Sparey May 2021

Really enjoyed the class, thanks so much. Was very thorough and informative. I would say that for beginners it would be good to take more time as a lot of us did not end up with truffles as is was too watery/ warm. Difficult crowd as most people had their cameras off. Thanks so much.

Dominique Dorman May 2021

Done this class as part of a team-building exercise.
The service was flawless from beginning to end. Raanan kept in constant communication with us, he is brilliant, and the chocolate tasted great.


Jonah Robinson May 2021

My son (age 13) was given the chocolate truffle workshop as a gift. He really enjoyed it. Raanan was friendly, informative, and entertaining. The truffles we made were delicious. And we finished the session with new skills too! Highly recommended.

Henrietta Foster May 2021

The class was really well structured and engaging, and the truffles taste great. Thank you!

Sophie Woodcock Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really fun activity with tasty results!
Teacher was really nice and helpful, I would reccomend.

Baking and Desserts class review by Sophie Woodcock

Aleen Solly Apr 2021

Class was good but I 5hink it would be improved by allowing a 10-15 minute tea break after the ganache has been piped to allow it to fully set. I felt a bit rushed to finish the piping to ensure that there was enough time for it to set.

Gemma Butchart Apr 2021

We really enjoyed making truffles at home. The ingredients all arrived in good time, and were well sectioned out for us to use during the class.
The teacher was very knowledgeable but didn’t overwhelm.
Now to enjoy the truffles yummy!

Patricia McLaughlin Apr 2021

Really enjoyed this class. It was my first time to ever make chocolates and they turned out great, rich and delicious. Everything was explained thoroughly. The hour flew in. Would definitely recommend as something different to do or to help you with a hobby in making chocolates

Baking and Desserts class review by Patricia McLaughlin

Anonymized Customer Apr 2021

Very fun class, learnt a lot about chocolate and chocolatiering as well as how to make the truffles

Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn a bit about this

Made 25 medium sized truffles (was meant to make 20 but I guess mine were a bit smaller than expected), top are covered in cocoa and bottom in coconut

Baking and Desserts class review by Anonymized Customer

Stuart Foster Apr 2021

This was great. The kit had everything we needed and the chocolatier was really clear with instructions about what we needed to do giving us lots of extra hints and tips.
He was also really informative and gave lots of info and interesting facts about chocolate. They tasted great as well! Would highly recommend.

Chocolate Truffle Making at Home review by Stuart Foster

Kerry Frogley Mar 2021

Brilliant chocolate truffle making session with Raanan. I arranged this for my work team as a bit of fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The truffles tasted amazing! Thank you for your time. :)

Nina Jordan Mar 2021

A really fun and enjoyable activity! Created a real atmosphere within the team to discuss things over than the day to day.

Beatrice Veerasingham Mar 2021

The session was very interesting, informative and great fun with delicious truffles at the end!

Anna Dukes Mar 2021

Very engaging teacher and he explained the process really well. I would definitely recommend this class to others!

Anna Kasha Mar 2021

It was fun and a great skill to learn, plus great treats to eat afterwards!

Megan Davie Mar 2021

Great teacher, made the process very simple and easy to understand and follow. Would really recommend.

Helena Sanderson Mar 2021

The class was easy to follow and the truffles taste amazing

Serena McCarthy Mar 2021

It was really great the instructor was helpful, knowledgeable and really witty! I learnt a lot and have a lot of yummy treats.

Guillaume Pichon Mar 2021

Thanks a lot for your help today making nice chocolate
I still have some more for tonight :)!

Rebecca Harris Mar 2021

Really fun and informative class, would definitely recommend for a lockdown catch up. The ingredients provided were good quality.

Kathy Perkin Mar 2021

Everyone enjoyed the session and had fun and I don't think there were too many disasters.

Emma Walsh Mar 2021

Thank you! I really enjoyed the class. Our teacher was very knowledgable and friendly. All of the ingredients received were good quality and plenty of everything. The truffles I’ve made look and taste lovely and I am a complete beginner. I would recommend the class.

Baking and Desserts class review by Emma Walsh

Vicky Green Mar 2021

The class was great fun. The ingredients were perfectly measured and delivered and the Raanan’s knowledge and expertise in chocolate making were excellent. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to try a new skill.

Zarin Weston Mar 2021

Really enjoyed the class. I had a great experience and will thoroughly enjoy eating them!

Baking and Desserts class review by Zarin Weston

Louise Murray Mar 2021

Informative and well explained, good pace and friendly delivery. We were in a very small group, so was easy to ask questions. I’m not so sure how that would work in a larger group.

Carla Shelton Feb 2021

The class was really fun and easy to follow, with great direction from our teacher. We will definitely be making these again!

Claire Shea-Simonds Feb 2021

Really enjoyed the class, and the results were lovely, would recommend as a fun gift for anyone including a non domestic goddess like me

K Losowsky Feb 2021

Lots of fun, very interesting and informative. Easy to follow, ask any questions and understand and even I, a non Baker made some delicious chocolate truffles.

Kate Hewett Feb 2021

As a group of 5 we had a lovely time with Raanan and had some delicious truffles to eat after! I would highly recommend this as a team activity for any organisation! Thank you very much.

Julie Hodgson Feb 2021

A great small team building event. Rannan was professional, knowledgeable and funny. There was no rush to cram it all into the hour and he was very patient with us. We would definitely recommend.

Clare Buckingham Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a good fun class with lots of good and tricks for truffle making. The quality of the ingredients sent out with the kit was excellent. Definitely an easy class to follow for beginners, but fun for anyone that is looking for a creative (and delicious) diversion for an hour!

Miss Culver Feb 2021

Friendly tutor delivered a fun session. Good to have a small group. Good pace thanks

Esther Jones Feb 2021

The instructions were so easy to follow and the chocolates are absolutely delicious! Highly recommend

Margaret Devaney Feb 2021

Great session, everything was explained clearly and he had some fun and interesting facts about chocolate.

Carmel Grannell Feb 2021

Delicious ingredients delivered to door and great instruction through the recipe. Very knowledgable!

Kelly Batchelor Feb 2021

Great virtual truffle making class. We did a private zoom, so it was great to be able to see everyone and chat. Really informative instructor and easy to follow. The chocolates we're delicious!

Baking and Desserts class review by Kelly Batchelor

Amy Bateson Feb 2021

Raanan was a great teacher - we did this as a work social and everyone loved it!

Jess Stephens Feb 2021

Raanan was great with our session (we had approx 80 people!). He took the time to answer any questions and ensure everyone was following along. Also provided some great chocolate facts and explained how we could make other varieties of chocolate truffles.

Kits were great and catered to a number of different dietary requirements!

Sarah Kempen Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very enjoyable, with several tips that we will use again. Delicious final product that will last a while.

Kristine West Feb 2021

Great class, and yummy ingredients, highly recommended, easy recipe for delicious food, and fun experience.

Elsa James Feb 2021

Class ran to time.
The tutor tried to engage but it was a little difficult with a class of 10, some were also 2 to a screen. A smaller size of 6 may have been better for interaction.

Tracy Laughton Feb 2021

Well explained and fun to do and eat, really approachable to ask questions and didn’t rush us

Karen Needham Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was such fun, great instructions and easy to follow. Also the chocolates were delicious to eat.

Emma Welch Jan 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was great fun! Raanan took us through everything really clearly and had loads of interesting things to tell us about chocolate too- and we ended up with some fab truffles. Thanks for a great session, would definitely recommend!

Louise Ablewhite Jan 2021

We loved it - so great to have a zoom ‘meeting’ that gives you something to do. Thank you!

Chocolate Truffle Making at Home review by Louise Ablewhite

Kouros Aliabadi Jan 2021

Raanan was a great teacher and the truffles were delicious. The class was easy to follow and great fun. I organised the workshop for a large group through work and Raanan answered all my queries and was extremely helpful. I really recommend it!

Matt Eade Jan 2021

Loved this, it was fab! Teacher was really awesome, passionate about subject and super knowledgeable. I’ve already recommended to others!

Georgina McVeigh Dec 2020

The class was great fun and everyone loved learning how to make Chocolate truffles.
We all came away with great new knowledge to wow friends and family with and even better we delicious truffles to enjoy over the festive season.

Baking and Desserts class review by Georgina McVeigh

Rachna Desai Dec 2020

Brilliant truffle making class, the teacher was really great and engaging! He was professional and very mindful!

Class Bento also provided a fantastic service and are very very attentive! Definitely doing more classes with them the future :)

Chocolate Truffle Making at Home review by Rachna Desai

Laura King Dec 2020

Raanan was an excellent instructor and was full of fun chocolate wisdom and facts! Easy to follow and works well for a 60-75 minute class. I have ACTUAL truffles. Household very impressed and I think the team had fun.

Baking and Desserts class review by Laura King

Rebecca Gilham Dec 2020

Me and my team actually loved Chocolate Truffle Making.

All of the ingredients were sent home, and was easy to make.

Lots of fun and would definitely recommend!

Bobby Gould Dec 2020

We had such fun with this truffle making class. Would highly recommend for work groups or for virtual parties. The instructions were easy to follow and the instructor had a lot of interesting and funny stories.

Daniella Delawa Dec 2020

Raanan did an amazing job with the session! It was great for a corporate team building session; Raanan is really knowledgeable about chocolate and answered all of our questions. Also, the kits provided were great and arrived in time for our session. Highly recommend!

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