Let Your Creativity Blossom with Edinburgh Floristry Courses

Let Your Creativity Blossom with Edinburgh Floristry Courses

By Victoria Haynes

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate the most colourful months of the year than with our floristry courses in Edinburgh? Whether you're a passionate flower lover or an aspiring floral designer, these classes offer the perfect opportunity to develop your skills and let your creativity bloom. Bit of a nature novice? Don’t worry – our flower arranging workshops are suitable for complete beginners, so everyone can join in with the floral fun! 

Whether you want to learn how to take your floral arrangements to the next level or you’re planning to DIY your bridal bouquet at your 2024 nuptials, you can learn all the skills you need with our range of blooming lovely workshops. Read on for four fabulous floral techniques you can learn at an Edinburgh floristry class!

Edinburgh floristry courses will teach you seasonal sustainability

Embrace the beauty of each season by learning how to select and work with the finest seasonal blooms. Flower arranging workshops will teach you all about the characteristics and availability of different flowers throughout the year, so you can keep your beautiful bouquets and floral displays as sustainable as possible. You'll discover how to create arrangements that celebrate the unique charm of each season, incorporating blossoms, foliage, and textures that reflect the time of year. Led by a floristry pro, you’ll develop an eye for seasonal beauty and create arrangements that resonate with nature's ever-changing palette.

A group of women at a floristry course in Edinburgh are laughing around a table covered in flowers

A top down shot of a table covered in floral wreath making equipment

A person is creating an ikebana flower arrangement with pink roses in a beige stoneware dish

A man is selecting flowers to create a dried flower arrangement

A close up of a person creating a dried flower arrangement from pink and white dried flowers

A man and woman at a Japanese floristry class in Edinburgh are surrounded by flowers, creating an ikebana arrangement

A close up of a person cutting a flower stem with a pair of secateurs

A woman in a flower crown is smiling and having her photo taken by another woman

A woman is selecting stems to add to a dried flower bouquet at a floristry workshop

Take your flower arrangements to new heights with a wire workshop

Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of wiring! Floristry classes will teach you how to use wires to shape and position individual flower stems, giving you the power to create stunning arrangements with ease. Whether you want to design charming boutonnieres or intricate floral accessories, mastering wiring techniques will add that extra touch of finesse to your floral creations.

Floristry courses in Edinburgh will teach you to care for your blooms

Our talented teachers aren’t just here to show you how to create heavenly floral displays – they’ll also show you how to make them last as long as possible!  Our bloom filled experiences will teach you how to properly condition flowers, extend their vase life, and troubleshoot common issues. You'll also gain a deep understanding of the specific needs of different flower varieties and how to care for them, ensuring that your floral displays stay vibrant and beautiful for longer.

Elevate your wedding flowers with advanced techniques

Looking for wedding ready floristry classes? Edinburgh is the place to be! From mastering wedding bouquet construction to creating captivating table arrangements and buttonhole flowers, our workshops cover everything. Led by a floristry pro, you’ll explore the use of ribbons, crystals, and beads to add a touch of magic, and discover how to incorporate foliage and textures for added depth and natural charm. From the all-important bridal bouquet to an impressive flower arch, you can learn it all!

Whether you dream of creating stunning wedding flowers, designing breathtaking event installations, or simply want to explore the art of flower arranging to brighten up your home, these courses will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to bring your floral visions to life. So, why wait? Enrol today and let your floral creativity blossom like never before!

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