Fuel Your Creative Fire with 2023's Most Exciting Craft Trends

Fuel Your Creative Fire with 2023's Most Exciting Craft Trends

By Victoria Haynes

Think you’re not the arty type? Think again! At ClassBento we firmly believe that everyone has an inner crafter dying to get out – it’s just about finding your flow. From ultra soothing candle making and intricate embroidery to deliciously messy pottery and silversmithing, with a passionate crafter by your side, beginners can make it all! 

So whether you’re stuck in a rut and have been searching for a new hobby, or you’re an arty newbie running for the hills at the mention of macrame, we’ve rounded up the hottest, most accessible trends of 2024 to whet your creative appetite. Ready, set, craft! 

A woman wearing brightly patterned clothes is using a tufting gun to create a hand tufted design on fabric

Two women are laughing and making pots from clay on pottery wheels

Three finished handmade pottery cups, glazed in red and green

A woman in a yellow jumper is pouring melted soy wax into a jar to make a candle at a candle making class

A hand poured soy wax candle made at a candle making class

A close up of a person at a kintsugi class adding resin and gold powder to broken pottery

A close up of a person holding a blue wax mould of a ring on a ring sizing tool at a jewellery class

A finished selection of DIY ceramic pots and vases on a shelf

Create cool DIY home decor at a tufting class

Fancy whipping up some gorgeously fluffy home accessories? Then it’s time to get tufting! A relative newbie to the craft scene, tufting surged in popularity last year and with Google searches lifting 89% in the last 12 months, it’s clear that this is one craft that’s going nowhere. Rapidly rising as one of our best selling craft classes, everyone loves this wonderfully woolly art – and with our range of workshops across the UK growing all the time, it’s never been easier for you to grab that tufting gun and join in!

3 reasons you’ll love it:

  • Tufting produces amazing results, whether you’re a brilliant beginner or a crafty pro!

  • Armed with a ball of yarn and tufting gun, you ‘colour in’ your design on fabric – what could be cooler than that?

  • It’s super speedy and super fun!

  • Tufting is a really versatile craft – from huge shaggy rugs and fluffy boho style cushions to quirky mirrors and coasters, the possibilities are endless.

 Why not try…

Kick start your tufting journey with our mini rug tufting workshop in London, where you’ll have a great time creating a 40x40cm rug to keep those toes cosy. ClassBento crafter Zoe said, “absolutely amazing experience, and the staff are so helpful! I’d 100% recommend!”

Aprons at the ready! You knead to try pottery classes 

If you’ve not already hopped on the clay making trend, 2024 is the year to roll up those sleeves and get well and truly stuck in! Searches for pottery classes on Google have risen 49% over the last year and it’s our top selling category here at ClassBento, with workshops spanning everything from hand building and wheel turning to sculpting, pottery painting and glazing. Fancy some ceramic inspiration? Check out the reviews from Cernamic’s pottery taster workshop where you’ll be wowed by first time makers clay creations!   

3 reasons you’ll love it:

  • Pottery is one of the most fun and accessible hobbies around – a ball of air dry clay, your hands and away you go!

  • The list of things you can make at a pottery class is almost endless. From hand built trinket trays to wheel thrown plates and plant pots for your perfect perennials – the only limit is your imagination!

  • Pottery is super soothing; from the repetitive kneading to the gentle spinning of the wheel, it’s easy to switch off and craft your cares away!

Why not try… 

Our beginners wheel throwing class in Manchester teaches the basic skills needed to make two perfect pots, which you’ll take home fully glazed and fired. With reviews like, “if I could give this more than 5 stars I would” from Mark, you know it’s one to jump on! 

Celebrate the perfectly imperfect with kintsugi 

It’s pottery, but not as you know it! The calming art of kintsugi has taken the craft world by storm, with more people than ever jumping on the Japanese pottery trend. Tying in nicely with the make-do-and-mend vibe that’s popular at the moment, kintsugi is the art of repairing cracked or broken ceramics with beautiful, delicate gold resin and powder – making something otherwise headed for the bin into a stunning work of art. With people searching Google for kintsugi classes up a huge 200% in the last year and sales for our Japanese pottery sessions climbing all the time, this is one craft not to be missed!

3 reasons you’ll love it: 

  • Making something from nothing is great for the environment, and great for your wallet!

  • Kintsugi is really beginner friendly, and our teachers will guide you every step of the way.

  • This is one of our most therapeutic crafts – the art of mindfulness and Japanese pottery go hand-in-hand, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a little wellness boost!

Why not try…

Our kintsugi pottery class for beginners will take you through the history and philosophy of the craft, before letting you get stuck into making your own perfect pottery piece. Lauren said, “the amazing teacher had an infectious, positive energy. Would recommend to anyone.”

Dive into the craftsmanship of silversmithing

Silversmithing might sound like a craft that you need to be highly skilled to get stuck into – but it’s actually way more accessible than you’d think! From gorgeous silver pendants and necklaces to charms and earrings, learning a few silversmithing skills will let you create the accessories of your dreams!

Way out in front, though, is silver ring making – so much so that we had to create a page just to host all of the amazing ring making classes we’ve got to offer! It’s no wonder either – with a handful of techniques under your belt, you could make anything from decorative stacking rings and textured rings to DIY wedding bands – what could be more special than that on the big day?

3 reasons you’ll love it:

  • Getting stuck into silversmithing instantly makes you feel like a crafting pro – there’s not many classes where you get to wield a blowtorch!

  • Learning how to design gorgeous accessories and getting to grips with the tools will leave you with a serious sense of achievement.

  • If you’re into giving homemade gifts, silversmithing will let you craft gorgeous jewellery with your own hands – we can’t think of a better birthday gift!

Why not try…

Our silver ring making class from the team at Art Play London will guide you through the whole silversmithing process, making sure you leave with a completely unique DIY silver ring. Don’t just take our word for it either – with reviews such as, “the ring making class was easy to follow, and the results will stay with us as long as the memories” from Joel, you can be sure it’s one to book onto ASAP!

Stitch up a storm at a sewing and embroidery class

Whether you’ve got dreams of designing your own wardrobe or you want to up your eco-credentials with a little make-do-and-mend, learning to sew should definitely be on your craft list for 2024. With a 22% increase in Google searches since 2024, sewing is an old-school craft having something of a revolution; Instagram and TikTok are packed with people upcycling, mending and stitching their own clothes, and the #handmadewardrobe racks up a mammoth 1m posts! 

3 reasons you’ll love it:

  • Learning how to sew means you can do your bit for the environment by repairing and  upcycling, rather than just ditching those tired trousers.

  • Embroidery means you can put your own stamp on things – from gorgeous homewares to embellished clothing, a few delicate flowers or brightly coloured stitches makes all the difference!

  • Getting stuck into dressmaking will let you leave fast fashion behind and navigate the cost of living crisis by making your own clothes – it’s the super sustainable, budget friendly craft you need!

Why not try… 

Break yourself in gently with our beginner sewing workshop in London, where you’ll learn how to master the sewing machine and come away with a gorgeous cushion or tote bag. Catharina says, “great class to get creative. Love to see how fast you can create something as useful as a cushion cover”’

Ignite that creative spark with candle making

Soul soothing, sweet smelling and sustainable, it’s no wonder candle making is having a moment. One of those crafts that produces seriously impressive results without being hugely time consuming or tricky, it’s the hobby you need if you’re a home decor fan looking to DIY some new accessories. Don’t just take our word for it either – bookings for our heavenly candle making classes have lifted 130% from 2024 to 2024, and TikTok videos of people melting and pouring their way to success rack up views into the millions!

3 reasons you’ll love it:

  • Candle making is super versatile – whip up an aromatherapy candle for a beautifully soothing bath time or create a collection of abstract shaped candles to give your home that handmade vibe. The list is endless!

  • Handmade candles make the perfect homemade gift – personalise them with scents, flowers and embellishments special to your loved one.

  • Candle making is incredibly soothing; from the aromatherapy oils used to scent your creations to the relaxing melting and pouring process, it’s a great craft to switch off with.

Why not try…

Boost your wellbeing with our crystal soy wax candle making workshop in Birmingham, where you’ll make a pair of eco-friendly candles scented with aromatherapy oils and finished with delicate flower petals and delightful crystals. Samantha said, "I would recommend this for anyone wanting a nice day out and to do something different. Our candles are so pretty and smell gorgeous."

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