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A rare and hidden pottery Eden in the heart of east London, Stoke Newington. Cernamic studio in Stoke Newington was founded, created, and built during the first lockdown of the pandemic, through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Nam and Susi two professional ceramicists run this fun and affordable pottery studio open for everyone from all walks of life.

Nam Tran is an award-winning practitioner who gives lectures and demos at universities and exhibits internationally. A ceramic lecturer and head of the departments in design and multi-media with Kensington and Chelsea college. Nam specialises in wheel-thrown raku, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to every object made.

Tran's work is focused primarily on exploring the physical properties of clay and material experimentation is a strong characteristic of his work. He has been developing making enclosed forms that are much stronger than open forms and therefore resonates well with the alternative firing technique he uses. His work is dominated by thrown pieces that subtly echo the urban roots and conceptual design. Nam Tran first made pots as a teenager on a wheel in his own bedroom and remembers being captivated by the experience. With his unique alternatives methods and approach to ceramics, Nam Tran identifies rules and manipulates and bends them.


Pottery Making Taster Workshop

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date_range Runs regularly

location_on North London

1 to 14

label £45 - £60

Taster Pottery Making Workshop

5.0 (106)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on South East London

1 to 10

label £50 - £60

Rakugi / Kintsugi Workshop

5.0 (6)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on North London

1 to 10

label £40 - £60

BYOB Handbuilding Class for Beginners

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on North London

1 to 24

label £35

Intensive Beginners' Pottery Course

date_range Sun 9 Jun, 2pm

location_on North London

1 to 4

label £170

6 Week Beginners Pottery Course

date_range Contact for details

location_on North London

1 to 4

label £280

6 Week Beginners Pottery Course (Deptford)

date_range Contact for details

location_on South East London

1 to 4

label £280

Intensive Pottery Course for Beginners

date_range Contact for details

location_on North London

1 to 4

label £335

8 Week Beginners Pottery Course

date_range Contact for details

location_on North London

1 to 4

label £370

8 Week Beginners Pottery Course (Deptford)

date_range Contact for details

location_on South East London

1 to 4

label £370

6 Week Intermediate Pottery Course

date_range Contact for details

location_on North London

1 to 4

label £285

6 Week Intermediate Pottery Course (Deptford)

date_range Contact for details

location_on South East London

1 to 4

label £285

Valentine's Day Pottery Class

5.0 (6)

date_range Contact for details

location_on North London

1 to 10

label £55

Mother's Day Pottery Workshop

date_range Contact for details

location_on North London

1 to 10

label £55



Derek Fay May 2024

We really enjoyed our first time trying out pottery and even produced a couple of usable items.

Kath Wells May 2024

Really friendly staff and the class was so well structured and so much fun..TJ and her colleagues were so kind and helpful and encouraging. I loved it. Was incredible.

Aditya Harneja May 2024

We had an amazing time at the pottery class at ClassBento in Stoke Newington, London! Our group of four was welcomed by two instructors who were both professional and incredibly friendly. The class was thoughtfully divided into two sections. In the first part, we learned to make ceramic pots using the COPS method (Centring, Opening, Pull & protect, and Structure) on the wheel. It was a fun and engaging experience that really made us appreciate the art of pottery. The second part of the class focused on hand-building techniques, allowing us to get creative and make unique pieces. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we can’t wait to come back!

Ibrahim Abdullahi May 2024

Really good class. Instructors was really good and engaging. Would recommend this class for beginners.

Louise Sharp May 2024

An excellent class i’d highly recommend for anyone interested in trying a pottery wheel. Our teachers were great fun and walked us through every step before we tried at our own pace, if we needed help centering to get to the fun stuff they’d show us exactly how too. Great set up in the studio, everyone had a wheel and a view of what’s going on. Good value with the option to buy any creations you like for £5 and enough time to learn and make about 3 things.

Pottery Making Taster Workshop review by Louise Sharp - London

Rhiann Holloway May 2024

The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and the teachers gave a lot of helpful instructions. They were very patient helping everyone in the class to make something by the end of the 2 hours. We had a lot of fun.

Ryn Gardner May 2024

This was such a great way to spend our Saturday! We went for my partner’s birthday but you definitely don’t need a special occasion. Special shout out to Rita (our teacher for the class) who was incredibly helpful, patient and fun. It was our first time trying pottery but now we know we’d 100% go again.

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Went here with my partner and we both totally enjoyed ourselfs, the teacher went through everything clearly and was very patient with us all, you could tell she was very experienced, will definately return and recommend this place to everyone

Japhet Tanganga May 2024

Looked for a fun, interactive date and this was perfect. Great escapism from adulthood, felt like a kid again

Beca Brady May 2024

Such a cool space, great value, lovely team, really informative tutor! Perfect for a Friday night!

Jordan Treadwell May 2024

Absolutely wonderful experience with the instructor Nam being a very calm, supportive guide for the lesson. Definitely a great idea individuals / couples

Mala May 2024

had a wonderful time in the class. Nam (our teacher) was lovely and fun, and we found this class to be also very relaxing. He gave us all the time we needed to finish our work and would help us all along the way.

Now I have a wonderful new tray and definitely would love to come back to this ceramic studio!

Hugo Darley May 2024

Great class. Instructors were very good and kept the energy high. Really genuine good fun.

Oliver Cornelius-Knudsen May 2024

Great class, great teachers, nice venue. Materials provided. A really fun atmosphere and a great experience overall. I would recommend this class to anyone even if a little uncertain about doing a ceramics class.

Harry Nash May 2024

I had a great time at the pottery class. The teachers made an impressive effort to give everyone individual advice. I came away from the experience feeling very fulfilled.

Chip May 2024

Really enjoyed it.
TJ did a great job at explaining and guiding us in the right way. And the outcomes looked beautiful, which helped us feeling proud of our work.

Shgofta May 2024

Nam was an amazing teacher, very patient and made the whole experience very fun and we learnt some very interesting things regarding Rakugi/Kintsugi.

The venue was easy to find and if had any issues you have a contact number.

With this class there were no extra charges with taking your piece home.

Overall this was a relaxing experience for the 5 of us and we were never rushed with our session, it was very relaxing. Would definitely recommend!

Monica McBride May 2024

My partner and I attended together and we absolutely loved it! Such a fun experience and we learnt lots! The teachers were so patient with us and saved us if our pieces turned to custard! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Kitija Nille May 2024

Amazing teachers and a fun, educational, wholesome day spent making beautiful pottery! Will definitely return

Clive Brooks May 2024

This taster experience was bought for us as a Christmas gift from our daughter. It was a lovely way to spend an evening. We found the venue easily and welcoming and relaxed. The tutor was friendly and knowledgeable. We were provided with aprons and clay and given step by step instructions on what to do. We were able to produce three pots between us and can't wait to collect them, glazed and fired in a couple of weeks. Would recommend.

Montserrat Lopez Altisent May 2024

Amy was super kind, patient and helpful. Very engaging class and good materials.
Perhaps a smaller group would be better as the waiting time sometimes was a bit long.

Emily Moverley-Foster May 2024

Had such a fun time at the pottery workshop celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday! Ariana was so sweet and amazing at teaching us, took us through every step of making a pot in detail which meant our pieces turned out so well even though we’d never done it before! You could make as many pots as you liked in the time and get them delivered to you after glazing if you live further away, for a small extra price. Would definitely do again and recommend to everyone!

Karin Jegeback May 2024

Amazing class! Ariana made you feel like a pro and made it so much fun. Would recommend this to everyone.
Thank you for a great Saturday ️

Anonymised ClassBento student May 2024

Something different to do on a week night. Really enjoyed it. Instructors were quite helpful and encouraging. It's a real studio so there's shelves full of mugs and vases and all sorts. They gave us clay and we each had a pottery wheel. Everyone was very lovely. Great music was playing throughout, definitely a fun class.

Pottery Making Taster Workshop review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Ruth Conway May 2024

Teachers were great - main one plus Anita - very skilled and encouraging!
Thank you so much

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Really great class, very attentive yet patient staff and well thought out teaching methods even for beginners like me!

Amy Davies Apr 2024

Booked the taster class for my partner and I for our anniversary. Our instructor Christof was really nice and great at explaining the process. There were also other helpers in the class who were on hand to rescue us when we inevitably made mistakes! We each got three attempts to make a clay pot/item and we ended up with a lovely bowl and coffee cup. Looking forward to picking up our creations in a few weeks.

Margherita Malevolti Apr 2024

I bought this course as a birthday gift for a friend and we both loved it!
We loved it so much that we are now both thinking of taking classes at Cernamic Studios.
Our teacher was brilliant and incredibly helpful and patient with us fretting over our creations.
We have already been recommending this classes to all our friends.

Lois Lindley Apr 2024

This class was excellent! The instructor was super helpful and funny. The venue is great and really conveniently located to transport links. I also think the class is good value for what you get. Would definitely do this again and have already recommended to friends. Thanks for such a fun Sunday!

Sylvia Apr 2024

Nam was very informative and gave so many helpful tips along the way. My partner and I were beginners and managed to each make 2 pots and a bowl by the end. It was our choice on what we wanted to try to make. £5 for them to glaze each item. Really enjoyed the experience and think it’s worthwhile for beginners.

Pottery class review by Sylvia - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

My partner got a taster session as a gift for my birthday and it was so much fun! Ariana and Jess were excellent teachers and very patient with everyone. The studio is a really cool place. I’m now considering doing a pottery course after this experience. Would definitely recommend.

Jakub Szypicyn Apr 2024

Fantastic experience! Very friendly and helpful staff. Could not recommend this enough. It was our first time trying pottery and we did feel like we learnt something and had fun doing so. We will be coming back! +Cherry was incredibly helpful, helped us out with handles on our pots!

Jodie McLeod Apr 2024

Rosa was a fantastic teacher! Patient, helpful and encouraging. The pace of the class was great for learners, and we were able to make 2-3 items with the help of the teachers :)

Úna White Apr 2024

Me, my husband and two adult daughters took part in Ariana’s 3 hour class today to celebrate my birthday. We spent most time at the wheel & we all made 2 or 3 pots (with lots of friendly help from the two instructors). After that we spent time hand building. There were 8 in the class which was a good number to ensure everyone received attention when needed. Personally I enjoyed wheel throwing more than hand building.

Barbara Fraccascia Apr 2024

Lovely workshop! Our teacher was super patient and nice :) we all really enjoyed it - thank you so much

Derek Tsui Apr 2024

1st time doing pottery and it was a great experience! Across the 2 hour session, the teacher was very helpful and was hands on where needed. Allowed us to make the pots ourselves and improve on it whilst making great suggestions.

Tom Apr 2024

Awesome 3 hour taster session with 2 hours at the wheel and an hour hand building. Amy was an amazing teacher, she explained and demonstrated each stage really clearly and helped everyone with their pots without taking control. Cherie was also super helpful and very encouraging. Wholly recommend this for anyone looking to try out pottery in a relaxing and fun environment. We weren’t limited to a certain amount of clay or pots, so great too for non-beginners refreshing their skills. Thanks so much!

Romana El-Semman Apr 2024

I researched quite a few pottery classes before booking this one and it was a great choice. Very enjoyable experience with lovely patient teachers.

Jade Tucker Apr 2024

A wonderful experience with friendly and engaging teachers! I can’t wait to go back :)

Victoria Babatunde Apr 2024

The class was lots of fun and things were well explained. In the ideal world, we would have liked a slightly smaller class to get a bit more feedback with the teacher and assistants but we'd definitely come again. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Katie Traver Apr 2024

The instructors are so helpful and explain everything really clearly. We had 2 hours on the wheel, first making a pot all together and then free-wheeling it (if you'll allow the pun). We then spent an hour on the table making things by hand. It was lots of fun and a very supportive and positive atmosphere. A great way to spend time with friends, family, or just on your own.

Tasha Walker Apr 2024

The class was amazing! Both Rosa and Cherrie were very skilled, professional, and made the class very fun. The interior was stunning and included all sorts of different pottery which was great for inspiration. Will definitely be going back!

Thomas Barnett Apr 2024

All the teachers were great and very helpful, especially Nam! Great experience very enjoyable with a group of us.

Vincent Apr 2024

Amazing time, very concise and clear instructions on being able to throw on a wheel. Great support from the tutors (Aimee and Cherrie) definitely will be back for the course!

Eddie Ker Apr 2024

Very friendly and helpful teachers. Attentive to learners. Thanks to the technicians for attaching handles for us!

Amelie Apr 2024

This was a fantastic class. It was super enjoyable and fun! Ariana, the teacher, was super happy and helpful, and made the class extremely enjoyable. Would definitely recommend!

Alicia Pastor Palomares Apr 2024

I really enjoy it. The teachers were really helpful and really encouraged you to experiment with the clay. I left with 2 lovely pots with personality. 100% recomended!

Agnes Delaney Apr 2024

Such a fun and informative two hours! TJ was a fabulous teacher and the studio had the coolest vibe- will definitely be back!

Victoria Jones Apr 2024

TJ has a lovely energy and is such a great teacher! An excellent way to spend a couple hours.

Francesca Tattersall Apr 2024

Really lovely class, the teacher was so helpful and encouraging! The space was so beautiful and it provided everything you needed for the class. Really worth the price!

Friyana Iranpur Apr 2024

Nam was a great teacher. He explained the process both technically and non technically for different learning styles. He provided guidance as well as let us explore ourselves. Was a well taught class and really enjoyable. Enough time and material to make two items. At the end, they didn’t rush anyone out and let people finish at their own pace.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Really good experience. Perfect for total beginners, no experience needed, very satisfying and get to take away a beautiful object. Nam (class leader/studio founder) was super helpful. Really cool studio.

Kamila Spychalska Apr 2024

Great atmosphere and Rosa was an amazing host. Instructions were very clear. We really enjoyed the class ️

Belinda Craigie Apr 2024

A fun weekend activity! Everything was provided and it was great to learn a new skill. Thanks!

Fergus Bell Apr 2024

great class with a great teacher that is Rosa. Sets you up with good base knowledge to see if you want to take it further.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

- We booked this class as a mother's day gift.

- The teacher Nam was amazing, incredibly knowledgable and patient. He made the class really enjoyable and relaxing. He described the process of pottery making in a way that made you think differently about the experience.

- The venue was great, it had everything needed.

- The materials were great, we were provided more than enough to make 2 products.

- We learnt how to use a pottery wheel and to form different shapes.

- The class was great value! You get to take home 2 products and also learn a new skill.

- I enjoyed the way the class was taught by Nam the most.

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Great for beginners and truly a wonderful experience from end-to-end! The perfect balance between attentive and allowing students to get creative. Would definitely come back again.

Yetunde Apr 2024

Had a great time at this class. Especially as a beginner. Nam and Ari were very engaging and offered a lot of help and support. The class was split into three basic steps which helped me get through the process of learning very swiftly. I still need a lot of practice but I’m very happy with the outcome of my bowl and cup. Only thing I would say that its extremely cold in there so make sure you cover up.

Giulia Tassone Apr 2024

Would definitely recommend this activity. A great mix of learning, doing and also having fun.

Marie Kelly Apr 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved this class. The teaching was great and the atmosphere lovely and light hearted. I would recommend it.

Valentino Zucchetti Apr 2024

We had a wonderful time at the beginners pottery wheel class!

It was a good amount of time, the teachers were clear and very nice.

We made three pieces of pottery and we can’t wait to have it delivered.

We already suggested the place to fiends! 5 stars!

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

Nam was extremely patient, engaging and clear - it was a very fun and productive 3h session. Would highly recommend!

Matthew Langlands Apr 2024

My partner and I went to try something new together and we are so glad we did. We loved it.

Nam and Ari were wonderful teachers and supported as needed, but also pushed us to learn and do it independently.

The class went at a decent pace, starting with a demonstration of the basics. Then working on a piece of clay going along with the instructions from Nam, and then having a go independently at a second piece of clay.

I thought the class was brilliant value for money. We did not feel rushed for time. And while the class is advertised as 2 hours, it was not a rush to get you out the door when the time was up. There was time to wash up and to pay to get your pieces glazed and put it in the kiln to pick up in 4-5 weeks.

I'll definitely be attending another class at Cernamics in the future.

Soma Fershi Mar 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Amy and cherry were wonderful teachers. We had a wonderful creative time Thank you both for an awesome experience.

Thomas Day Mar 2024

I had a fab time. Ari was very friendly and a great teacher. The class was really good and I was able to try my hand at different pot making techniques.
Welcoming atmosphere.

Serina Gardner Mar 2024

Excellent experience
Will definitely come again.
We have passed the pottery details onto a friend.

Thank you

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Great fun and the teachers were super helpful, rescued my creations on a few occasions!

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

The class was great, I had no previous experience with pottery making and found it easy to follow the instructions. The teacher was very engaging and helpful. The group was also small enough for him to guide everyone individually. Had a very wholesome and inspiring experience, definitely would recommend.

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

The class was fun but there were a lot of students compared to number of teachers so it was difficult to get support when it was needed to actually learn the technique and improve on mistakes. I feel like if I took another class I’d make the same mistakes. Given the price of the class it would have been good to have the price of having an item fired included

Danielle Mar 2024

Great class - the teacher was fun and engaging. Also very patient and helpful with us. I really enjoyed the class and I went by myself. It’s a fun activity to do alone or with people. I would recommend it.

Pottery class review by Danielle - London

Tilly Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We took a 3 hour class which was 2 hours of wheel throwing and 1 hour of hand building. The whole thing was very well taught and there was lots of reassuring support and help for first time potters! Had a great time

Felipe Pacheco Mar 2024

Got this as a Christmas present and very much enjoyed it! Nam is a very good teacher and very supportive with beginners. Although the space was a little cold, this was mentioned to us well in advance and the venue was a conducive creation space. The toilet left a little to be desired, but nothing major I suppose. Overall, great hands-on class with the option of taking your work home, which is a nice touch.

Helen Mar 2024

Ari was a great teacher, ably supported by Simon. They were efficient at getting the teaching done so we could get stuck in, and never made us feel inadequate in our skills! It was great that they helped rectify issues quickly so no one got left behind or felt their time wasted. The venue was good - so tucked away you'd never have imagined what it looked like inside but very well suited for a class. We learned a lot about the basics of pottery throwing and behaviour of clay when using it. I was pleasantly surprised by my results! And we got more done than I thought too - I expected one "practice" and one "real thing", but we ended up making a good 3 (some people 4) real things on the wheel and a hand moulded pot too. You could then choose how many to pay for (£5 each) to have finished and pick up in a few weeks.

I would recommend the class to anyone, my friend and I (early 30s, and me quite heavily pregnant at the time!) had a wonderful friend date and found it enjoyable and quite therapeutic! Good value for money.

Maisie Wood Mar 2024

I came with a friend as a birthday present and it was so much fun! All our pots turned out great and the teachers were so helpful and made sure we came away happy with what we’d made. I also think it’s great value for money so I would definitely come again!

Pottery Making Taster Workshop review by Maisie Wood - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Great class - lovely and patient teacher. Very chilled / friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend and keen to go back!

Andy Andreou Mar 2024

Had an amazing time. Staff were brilliant and explained all in great detail. Definitely would recommend.

Jennifer Steinmann Mar 2024

We had a lovely time at our first pottery class Would definitely recommend as a cute date night :)

Stephen Ware Mar 2024

Brilliant time with the family, lots of fun, gave a great insight into pottery throwing

Robert Mar 2024

Both myself and my boyfriend loved the pottery taster class. The instructors were really friendly and approachable. The class is initially guided and then you have free reign to make what you like, with the instructors always supportive to get you a finished product. A perfect Christmas present, as it was so cheap to then have your pieces fired and painted, ready to be taken home!

Maisie Severn Mar 2024

Took my boyfriend on a surprise date as we are keen to learn new skills- it was so fun! The teacher was knowledgeable, funny and great at explaining to complete novices.

Jeremy Tucker Mar 2024

I enjoyed the class enormously. I had never done any pottery before, but by the end of the session I had made two pots and a bowl that I was very pleased with. The tutors, Rose and Cherry, were excellent: the initial instruction was very clear, and they gave us help where we needed it, but no more than that, so I felt that what I had made was mostly my own work!

Pottery class review by Jeremy Tucker - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Great class. Simon is a very good instructor and gave clear instructions and demonstrations. Would definitely recommend!

Liz Mar 2024

Lovely community feel in this small class group. The venue was the perfect space and a bit like walking into a TARDIS from the outside - such a surprise!
Nam is an excellent teacher, warm, thoroughly personable, and with a good sense of on-point humour.
I really enjoyed my first experience with this taster pottery class and definitely want to explore it further.
Thank you Nam!

Mavis Taylor Mar 2024

Really talented staff who are friendly and helpful. They made sure everyone had a satisfying outcome and experience.

Chris Irwin Mar 2024

Had a great time today at Ceramics taster class! Rosa and Cherry were both amazing workshop leaders and had great senses of humour! Thanks for a great day!

Jasmin Mar 2024

Went with my friends for a birthday treat. The teachers were amazing, so helpful, kind and friendly which made the class more enjoyable. The venue was great and easy to find. The materials provided were excellent and they even allowed us to have extra clay when we messed up or had spare time to make more pieces which was very generous of them. I learned a lot and the class is definitely worth the price. It was really engaging and fun and got me a lot more interested in pottery than i was before. I would 100% come back again!

Joseph Jajjo Mar 2024

Amazing class! Ended up wanting 5 pieces which we’re going to pick up in a few weeks. Really fantastic teachers and helped all along the way

Pottery Making Taster Workshop review by Joseph Jajjo - London

Gabriela Goncalves Mar 2024

We did this course for my mums birthday and we loved it! Nam is great at his art and a thorough teacher! The studio is fab and I would definitely come back again! We loved it!
It is pricey but to learn a new skill is worth the money.

Dominic Raffin Mar 2024

Really good instructors, very thorough and helpful - ideal for a beginner. Would recommend to others

Kate Wainer Mar 2024

I took my sister for her birthday- ideal present! The class was really fun and accessible, we learnt how to throw a small pot on a wheel with guidance and then one by ourselves. The teacher was always great and on hand to help out if needed, and the space was relaxed. Excited to pick up our finished pieces!

Isha Baliyan Mar 2024

It was such a wholesome experience. A perfect class for total beginners as the trainers are so patient and helpful. Loved every bit of it.

Taster Pottery Making Workshop review by Isha Baliyan - London

Rob Mar 2024

Excellent fun! Great intro lesson delivered in a fun and friendly way. Highly recommended for a fun activity based date

Billie Shone Feb 2024

Would absolutely recommend The studio was lovely, the teachers were great and it was such a fun few hours.

Lewis Thomas Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a fun class to try out pottery - great mix of teaching and letting you find things out for yourself

Highly recommend

Genevieve Feb 2024

It was fun and really learned the basics in a short span of time! Very patient instructors as well!

Fernanda Mendes Feb 2024

It’s a lot more difficult than it looks but Ariana made it fun and walked us through the step by step extremely well. I’m booking another taster again soon!

Gbemisola Ogunfiditimi Feb 2024

The class was really good, really beginner friendly and the teacher are very helpful! I’d definitely recommend

Abigail Reynolds Feb 2024

Brilliant class. Took you through the basics step by step and provided loads of support and guidance. Great equipment. Has definitely made me think about a more in depth course

Bidesh Sarkar Feb 2024

Brilliant atmosphere, which was relaxed yet focused, and lots fun. Lovely and very able instructors.

Mohan Surendran Feb 2024

This was a birthday gift from my husband, and we did it together, which was a lot of fun. The space is lovely and TJ was a really lovely teacher. As it was a taster, it went far too quickly which perhaps is a good thing as it was super fun. As a whole TJ made the class very enjoyable, and she was super cheerful and was very easy to engage with.

Vladislav Feb 2024

As someone who tried pottery for the first time, this place is definately the place to go. A real art studio with skillfull people. Booked this as a Valentine's activity and we got two attempts (so two clay balls) to create bowls and/or vases. And of course you can request to have them fired in a kiln for an extra £5, very much worth it!

Megan Henry Feb 2024

Had a brilliant time the instructors were great. 2 hours flew by and felt like I meant a lot in 2 hours. Will definitely be back and it was good value for money

Joelle Kawi Feb 2024

My friend and I really enjoyed class! The instructors were really amazing (so sorry forgot their names, I’m so bad with it) were really hands on, very informative and really took their time with every person present during the session. Absolutely loved it!

Patrycja Sewerynek Feb 2024

Great class. Everything was explained in detail. I left feeling I know a lot about pottery and wanting to learn even more!

Stephanie Bunten Feb 2024

Such an enjoyable afternoon! Our instructor was very clear and patient and helped us to all master the basics of pottery throwing! We made 2 pots each which we get to glaze and have fired. Great warehouse venue too. Loved it! Will be back

Arturo Schlitzer Feb 2024

Super welcoming, really helpful, we loved it.

Can't wait to get our pots back! Hopefully see you soon again

Kieran Easton Feb 2024

Fantastic class - a friendly supportive environment, brilliant studio, really made by the two teachers Anika and Louise. Thank you!

Saleha Malek Feb 2024

The class was super fun, with very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers! Gave very helpful tips and we’re very patient with newbies like me!

Greta Balciunaite Feb 2024

I took my friend to celebrate her birthday. It was better than any expectations i had, we had such a well planned and organised workshop leading to finishing two items each to take home with us (collection after 4 weeks). Couldn’t recommend more! Beautiful space, funny and knowledgeable tutor, great great experience!

Anonymised ClassBento student Feb 2024

I went with my gf for a date and had a great time! The teaching was amazing (friendly, explained the basic concepts well, and helpful), all materials were high-quality, and generally good value for money as we were able to make two pots (and get them fired & glazed for an extra £5 each). We went over the basic CHOP process, turning a block of clay to bowls, cups, etc. I would definitely recommend this to beginners as the atmosphere, teaching, and staff were perfect for dipping your toes into pottery.

Lorraine Gilbert Feb 2024

Me and my bestie had a fantastic time at the beginners poetry class. Lovely, friendly, humourous tutors who explained every step of the creation process in a fun way.
Both newbies like me and a few that had some prior experience were taught in a way that works best for every level.
Great value too for time and what I made, and actually very relaxing.
I highly recommend this class.

James Bushby Feb 2024

Great teacher and lovely guy!

We hope to come again soon!

Would very much recommend

Adam Keyes Feb 2024

Nam and the team were super knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and easy to work with.

Really enjoyed our time at Cernamic, and would definitely recommend.

Barry Westley Pidgeon Feb 2024

We enjoyed our time there, was fun learning how to throw clay, had a great experience.

Vicky Dabek Feb 2024

Wonderful atmosphere and very helpful and kind teachers! Very fun Valentine’s Day out! Highly recommended

Lorenzo Pryce Feb 2024

Loved this experience, Arianna was super chill & ease to learn from, always helped, and was easy to talk to.

Would definitely come again.


Lavan Navaratnam Feb 2024

Fantastic event, hosts were so nice. Learnt so much. I Couldn’t reccomend this more.

Benjamin Feb 2024

Arianna was amazing, her teaching really helped us to get on track with our first few creations. She was really encouraging and helped us make what we wanted to for valentine's day, definitely worth it and would love to come again for some of the courses we spoke about!

Alfie Fry Feb 2024

Had an amazing time during the pottery class. The teachers were very knowledgable and helpful, would definitely recommend!

Daniel Turner Feb 2024

Great date idea! But lots of singles there too! Booked this for me and my partner - she’s very creative and likes something a bit different. Very welcoming and positive teacher of the class! Really bounced round the group and made sure everyone was getting used to it and putting everyone back on track when things didn’t go as well.
We crafted 2 pots on a spinning table each where I only expected to do it once - they gave you plenty of time to start again if you needed to as well. It wasn’t rushed at all which I thought was great. The techniques were explained well so was easy to put into practice.
We then went on to hand clay. I personally didn’t enjoy this as much as it was a little more self taught and you have to be more creative. Still good fun, someone made a pineapple which was hands down the winner!
All in all - great afternoon out! Would recommend!

Jazmine Feb 2024

I this class the second time around just as much as the first! It was for my partners birthday present & he loved it just as much.

We had two amazing instructors, who explained everything & gave the best advice, especially when it was our turn. Everything is provided, you do need to pay extra if you are taking then home.

I believe an excellent value for money & would always come back another time around.

Pottery Making Taster Workshop review by Jazmine - London

Carolyn Turner Feb 2024

Teacher, Rosa, was very clear in her instructions and she and Cherry were very supportive. This was a present from my children and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy to recommend this taster session. And I have 3 pots to take home!

Asha Feb 2024

My friends and I are first time pottery makers and we tried out this class and it was amazing! Our teacher Alex was so informative and gave us a full demonstration of how to make a pot, explaining each process in detail. Then, when it was our turn to work on our clay, Alex and another staff member, Ari came round and helped out. This is a really fun 2 hour workshop and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to try something different!

Yok Siew Tan Feb 2024

A great class held by Nam et al. First time potter and loved it! It was good to learn about the different techniques as well as explore more around the benefits of pottery as a means of improving mental health. Highly recommended for all.

Lisa Bertuolo Feb 2024

We were in London for holiday and we wanted to try something different The teachers are kind and prepared, they help you at any time and explain very well. It was a wonderful experience. For those who want there is also the option to have their creations sent home

Phoebe Tuckett Feb 2024

A brilliant class for beginners! We had a really good time, and made two lovely
pots each.

Charlie Turnbull Feb 2024

Had the best time! Cherry and Rosa are clearly extremely talented potters but more importantly great teachers, they hit the perfect balance of friendly banter and helpful information.

I cannot wait to see my vase and plate in a few weeks time

P.S. I will change this review dramatically if I am not happy with the end results (just kidding)

Anna Joseph Feb 2024

Absolutely brilliant. The teachers were so kind and helpful. We would highly recommend to everyone.

Emma Dane Feb 2024

Really helpful and encouraging. Thoroughly enjoyed our time. Would definitely encourage others to book on to the course.

Shazna Begum Feb 2024

I went with a friend to do this activitysomething different whilst we catched up in life and we both really enjoyed this class. It was fun and the instructors: Sherry and TJ were very helpful. We made 3 different pieces and all materials were provided to us and we learnt different hand techniques for pottery making. I definitely would recommend this class to others. You learn something new andhave something to talk about.

Jonathan Jan 2024

This class was great, even though we were a few minutes late the staff were super welcoming and helpful even when the vessels lost their integrity. By the end of the class, I did feel comfortable centering and doing basic things with the clay.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

We attended a taster session at Cernamic and it was brilliant! The teacher was very friendly and helpful, and provided a good amount of theory and instruction. Thank you!

Catherine Jones Jan 2024

Excellent class. The teachers were very clear, friendly and helpful and worked through the steps one at a time. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that wants to try pottery.

Daniella Myers Jan 2024

The teachers were so friendly and helpful, there were really with us every step of the way. The space was beautiful, a huge workshop with all the tools you need. I thought three hours would be a lot, but in the end, I could have stayed there all day. Highly recommend

Alice Coe Jan 2024

Really great, well paced class. Very friendly staff, and had something to take away at the end (with a little help!)

Antonia Corr Jan 2024

Birthday present from my sister. Had such fun learning how to make pottery on a wheel. Venue was super cool and the level of instruction was just right. All materials required were supplied. Learnt the basics of how to make pottery on a wheel. Class was good value for money. Only issue was there was not enough instructors to help assist (one more would have been good for the number of participants), meaning that sometimes had to wait around before getting assistance to progress to the next step.

Annabel Smith Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Booked to try something, learnt a lot. The instructions were very friendly and helpful, really good value for money. I made a bowl and a mug.

Robert Clark Jan 2024

The session was excellent and Nam was a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who helped us all make some nice mugs, cups, bowls and vases.

Barnaby Hornsey-Pennell Jan 2024

Awesome really awesome loved every minute, Nam is lovely and has his own philosophy with potting

Alex Pilkington Jan 2024

Really great class, super informative and left with an extra bowl and a couple of cups!

Harry Jan 2024

The whole class is relaxing and easy to follow, have alot of fun and mde 4 pot! would defo come again

Pottery class review by Harry - London

Jenny Littlewood Jan 2024

I absolutely loved this class. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I had never used a pottery wheel before, but I’m hooked now and really want to do more!

Ciara Jan 2024

I took my mum here for her birthday, we had a great time making 5 items between us. Our teacher Nam gave really clear and helpful instructions, but also enough freedom to learn for ourselves. Can’t wait to collect our bowls and cups after they’ve been glazed! :)

Andrea Rosales Pieroni Jan 2024

Amazing class and amazing teachers! The studio is super big and with all you need to enjoy doing Pottery

Miriam Jan 2024

Nam was a brilliant teacher and taught us LOTS in the short session, while also enabling a fun and relaxing experience. The school is super cool and everyone there has a lovely friendly vibe - staff and students alike.

Andre Vilarinho Jan 2024

I have a absolute amazing experience on my pottery taste class on Sunday morning. Nam was amazing, very patient and passionate, 3 hours when super quick. The studio was everything that we need and more, I felt part of one amazing community. Definitely gonna be back soon and explore this form of art more deeply. Thank you Nam.

Alexandra Datcu Jan 2024

The class was amazing, such a fun time! Teachers were both super helpful and patient with everyone in the class. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try something new.

Lydia Taylor Jan 2024

This class was really fun and a great little taster of pottery, well worth a visit.

Jatinder Jan 2024

Something different from your ordinary date night but thoroughly enjoyed it! Nam is a fantastic teacher and his team were really helpful!

As a creative person, this really is something I loved as it’s challenging but therapeutic.

My wife and I are looking to book another class in the summer!

Sarah Bush Jan 2024

The teacher was great. Explaining everything step by and by demonstrating. The venue was a lovely open studio with plenty of ceramics out on display for inspiration. It was a little cold so wear layers.
The best bit was the throwing, there was plenty of time and 3 people on hand to help when you went a bit wobbly.
Generally a great warm and friendly experience with a lot packed in. Great for beginners and those who have a little experience. I would highly recommend.

Grace Gray Jan 2024

This was my first time ever trying pottery and it was super fun! The instructors were lovely and they were really attentive and helpful. Would 100% recommend. :)

Emily Jan 2024

This class was amazing and provided in-depth tuition for beginners. The teacher was great at demonstrating and explaining everything and they radiated good energy and warmth to make everyone feel at ease. Kudos to the teacher as everyone’s creations turned out amazing and they quickly jumped in to guide & help at any point if a mishap was imminent. All equipment is provided and the opportunity to pay £5 per item makes it really flexible to keep pieces or not. Great value for money and a useful & enjoyable class overall!

Pottery class review by Emily - London

Mahesh Jan 2024

Nam was a great instructor. Took the time to explain, was enthusiastic throughout and gave every single person in the group individual attention and help. He was also very patient and really wanted all of us to learn the art. The studio was great too. There were other regular members who were doing their own work. And they were friendly too. Nice atmosphere to be around

Linda Wheadon Jan 2024

None of us had ever done pottery before. Rosa and cherry were fantastic teachers. I can't belive that we made 3 pots each that we were really pleased with. Great fun and great value

Florina Jan 2024

This was an amazing experience, the teacher was super friendly and helpful, and she has explained everything in great details, providing guidance at all times, if not her, one of her assistants was there to support if needed.
I have done pottery so many years ago, so getting to try it once again has been amazing

Pottery class review by Florina - London

Irene Clutario Jan 2024

Great taster class for wheel throwing. The instructor was very informative throughout and help was offered the whole way through also. I made 2 pots and can’t wait to see them glazed once they’re ready!

Danielle Jackson Jan 2024

Great class and you get to do a lot in the 3 hours - really good value for money.

Ully Oliveira Flores Jan 2024

I had a great time, team was really helpful and the studio looks super cool.

Chandni Chandarana Jan 2024

Took my husband for his birthday. Fantastic teacher, great environment, really enjoyed it and would highly recommend!

Henry Allingham Jan 2024

Fantastic! Really supportive teacher, loads of time working with the clay and just getting stuck into it. Would 100% recommend

Alexander Wells Jan 2024

Really engaging, helpful and informative. Highly recommend to anyone interested in pottery! Never felt rushed but did feel comfortable to ask questions and for advice!

Adele Fash Jan 2024

Nam was great- funny and engaging (a little quietly spoken at the start before we'd started the class but then confident and clear once we started).

We covered the basics and were all able to throw a pot by the end. Certainly tempted to try the beginners course! The equipment was all very good and we had a big heater to keep us warm.

The studio was great- big and open, bright and lots of air flow and it was fun to see the students in the background at work!

Love that the clay is recycled.

The only thing i'd recommend is soap in the bathroom :)

Abbie Manning Jan 2024

Really recommend! Lovely relaxed setting, just enough help from the teacher whilst still giving us space to try things and own our own work. Teacher was very patient and friendly. :)

Tanya Honey Jan 2024

The class was pitched at the right level for beginners and the instructions were clearly given and easy to follow. Thanks to Rosa and her helpers! Overall a welcoming and supportive atmosphere in a cool studio. My husband and I were delighted to create 3 lovely items in the 2 hours and look forward to collecting them! Would highly recommend.

Steve Hopkins Jan 2024

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend and had an amazing time. Rosa the instructor was excellent and very helpful! Highly recommended!

Demi Green Jan 2024

Nam was an amazing teacher , very interactive, welcoming, highly skilled and passionate to teach . Nam guided us through each step and supported us keeping the class relaxed. The demonstration was broken down into stages educating us at each step very interactive. Hands down best class in London . We will be re visiting soon thank you x

Paul Jan 2024

Really good taster course. Teacher (Christof) was agreeable, engaging, and explained well. A fun 3 hours!

Rachel Schwartz Jan 2024

Really fun and I felt like a got a good overview of using the wheel. Handbuilding was a bit rushed.

Fu Ping Lee Jan 2024

I was fun and educational. Krystof was great! I would totally recommend the class to anyone

Natalie Claire Dray Jan 2024

Our teacher Nam was very personable and a great teacher. He guided us through the whole process and help throughout but also let us do what we wanted. He made everything simple given it was our first time. The 2 hours flew by and we would definitely recommend doing this class.

It's very therapeutic and also fun!

Tom Goodwin Jan 2024

This class was amazing, Rosa is a great teacher and gets you making your own pots as quick as possible. So much fun!

Anna Elias Jan 2024

Lovely environment. Really helpful and patient staff. Would recommend for beginners or intermediates. Such a fun time!

Amelia Wilson Jan 2024

It was a really great class! Rosa talked us through all the steps involved super clearly and she on the other staff were on hand to help us out and give us extra guidance where needed. I can't wait to pick up my beautiful bowl!

Tessa Northcott Jan 2024

Amazing introduction to pottery! I was able to make three mugs in just one three hour session. Nam and Ari were so helpful, patient and brilliant teachers. I can’t wait to come again.

Emma Baker Jan 2024

Our teacher was amazing, she really made us feel relaxed in the space even though it was completely new to most of us. The techniques were talked through in a clear an fun way, with support all the way through to make sure we came out with something we liked. I made a bowl and some pinch pots that were nice enough to gift for Christmas - not bad for a first session!
Having never done pottery before this class I will definitely be picking it up as a more frequent hobby.
Would 100% recommend these guys.

Jasmine Gambini Dec 2023

Great session, lovely teachers and nice venue. Would definitely go again! Great value for money.

Vanessa Martins Dec 2023

I absolutely recommend attending to this class! Nam and staff were really patient and friendly.
Had a great time!

Marwan Choudhury Dec 2023

Had a great time, super cool experience, highly recommend, thank you to Nam and the team!

Kyra Elizabeth Smithova Dec 2023

10/10 experience, teachers were super helpful and friendly. Great relaxing activity to do as a couple or with friends.

Youcef Arribet Dec 2023

Great teaching thanks for your time and patience really enjoyed the class I learnt so much!

Emily Foreman Dec 2023

Amy and Cherry were lovely teachers. It was really informative, well paced and gave you a good opportunity to muck in.
The building is cold in the winter months so I recommend wearing a few layers and bringing a flask of tea!

Ronnie Vernon Dec 2023

It was my girlfriends and I first time trying a pottery class and we had such a great time. The teacher was brilliant, entertaining and very helpful. I would 100% recommend! We will be back for sure!

Justė Kavaliauskaite Dec 2023

A very laid back and wholesome class - all the teachers were super supportive and kind, always ready to help! Took my mum for her birthday and we’d both love to come back.

Catherine Dec 2023

My friend and I loved this class! The tutor was super helpful and articulate in explaining the processes with the clay on the wheel. Really happy with what I created and can't wait to see the finished, fired up pieces.

Jeah Dec 2023

The staff and the teacher was kind and helpful and the lesson was quite thorough, it started late but we made up the time. she teaches the basics and you have a chance to make 3 wheel thrown pieces and a hand mould piece, you pay extra for the pieces you want to keep and you can choose what colour glaze you want. We really enjoyed it We had fun and we defo reccomend :))

Andrew Ritter Dec 2023

Nam was very personable, friendly, skills and loads of expertise. He led us through the key steps for creating our own pots on a wheel, all within 2 hours. I think we all felt like we were real potters! Great fun, really enjoyed the experience.

Anna Okusi Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Very kind and funny teacher. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. As a first timer to Pottery felt comfortable right away and no pressure! Would recommend!

William Rainbird Dec 2023

Great class, Nam the instructor was very enthusiastic and patient. Would recommend for complete beginners.

Sophie Stade Cohn Dec 2023

Excellent morning introduction to pottery. Teaching was ace and very well paced. We had a great time

Filip Niewiadomski Dec 2023

Fun and engaging taster class, left me wanting more! The teachers were patient and super helpful, which helped me make something I'd really love to have in our home.

Georgie Hannan Dec 2023

Really great class. The teacher was fantastic, explained everything really well and was very helpful. Had so much fun would recommend to anyone!

Ashley Maynard-Brewer Dec 2023

Such a great class! I brought this for my girlfriend and I & we both loved it. Great teachers, would highly recommend for a fun, creative day!

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Nam was a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable and fun! We were all absolute beginners and ended up creating pots we were happy with.

The venue was great, felt right at home in the studio :D great music too!

We were given everything we needed, including aprons!

The experience was awesome and we all had a great time! We were all converts and ready to go and throw some more straight after.

Nadia Nov 2023

Teacher was great.
Venue was cold, large, disgusting loos.
Learnt how to make pots on the wheel and by hand.
A group class of beginners, would be better one to one.

Jennifer Lam Nov 2023

Christopher and Cherry are really helpful. If you struggle, they are always here to help and guide. We had so much fun. You can actually make 3 things in 2 hours.

Georgia Meredith Nov 2023

What a lovely experience! I have never used a pottery wheel before but the step by step teacher led lesson was perfect to help me throw my very first pot. I would highly recommend this workshop as you will come away with a great sense of achievement (and even a pot or 2 to show for it!)

Jennifer McKenzie-Brown Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed my taster pottery class with Nam! It has really inspired me to pursue pottery further despite not being very good at it! Haha. Nam was very friendly and helpful throughout the class. My only negative is that I would have also liked to have done pottery making off of the wheel, as you can create more intricate, imaginative designs. Also, I thought that one piece of pottery could be fired and coloured free of charge and that it was included in the pretty pricey cost of the class. But overall I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning more about pottery making!

Kevin Jarin Nov 2023

I recently attended a ceramic pottery class in Stoke Newington, and it was a blast! The instructions were clear, making the two hours fly by. However, the class size posed a challenge; with only two teachers, some struggled more than others, and a few went unnoticed. Despite this, I managed to craft two small pots with the option for glazing. Overall, a fun experience, but perhaps a smaller class size would enhance individual attention. I'd still recommend it!

Katrina Harris Nov 2023

This class was absolutely brilliant! We were expectedly guided through how to throw pottery on the wheel in really easy steps and everyone created something they were proud of. Nam is an excellent teacher and good fun. Lovely studio and perfect for all experience levels. We didn't feel rushed and we were able to do as much pottery as we could in the time slot. Looking forward to my next session.

Lindsay Pinnick Nov 2023

Great teacher - really helpful and patient with us all. Explained and demonstrated really clearly.
Venue easy to access and well equipped.
Great price.
Thoroughly recommend!

Isabella Pepe Nov 2023

Good pace, great teaching style
Really enjoyed the class and learned something new!
Looking forward to coming back

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

I went with my partner to the 2-hour Pottery Making Taster Workshop as a birthday gift. The experience was absolutely amazing. We would like to thank the teacher Christophe (from The Great Pottery Throw Down on Channel 4).

Christophe was very patient, assuring and explained the wheel throwing techniques with great care and attention to detail. At no point did we feel like we were being rushed. Christophe was happy to help us correct our mistakes and we really appreciated that he would also explain the cause of the mistake and what he was doing to rectify it.

We had enough time to make 3 creations of our own during the 2 hours. I would highly recommend this taster session and I look forward to trying out the hand making session at some point in the future.

Lastly, I would also like to add that the venue has a warm, friendly atmosphere with great music. There are amazing creations on the shelves in the venue. If you are a Nintendo fan like myself you will be impressed!

Things to notes:
To enter the building, you may need to call the number at the front of the large black gate.
At the time of writing each creation costs £5 to keep. You can either do a bank transfer or bring cash in advance of the class.

Mirna Nov 2023

I went with friends and it was our first experience with pottery and certainly wont be our last! We enjoyed it so much, it was de-stressing, fun and a chance to get creative. Paul, Layila and Anitha were super friendly, very patient with us and explained things in detail. We also had few tries so certainly got better by the end of the taster class!

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

The teacher we had was lovely and very welcoming.
The 3h taster class was very informative if you are a complete beginner and we got to do quite a couple of creations (4) in that time.

Pottery class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - London

Krish Rajaram Nov 2023

Best teacher in the world honestly, as a complete newbie to the game of pottery. It was a date for me and my girlfriend, the teacher the staff were so friendly and very hospitable towards their customers, it’s fun exciting and defo messy so wear something you hate. Overall 5 star experience

Sara Lozano Nov 2023

Amazing experience - Rosa was a great teacher & we had so much fun in the 3 hour class. Can’t wait to see our finished products!

Alice Walters Nov 2023

Lovely welcome from Cherry. Inspiring to look around the studio beforehand and see what people had made.
Amy was a great teacher: very clear in her demos and explanations before we started and then calm and encouraging as we did it ourselves.
It clearly takes time to master the techniques but she made sure we didn’t go horribly wrong and they we ended up with some pieces were proud of.
There was a fun atmosphere too with quite a bit of happy chat. Altogether a great way to spend a Sunday morning and I’d like to do more.

Elie Disso Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Booked this session to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more. The class was beginner friendly in a wonderful art studio. All the necessary materials were provided, accompanied with wonderful instructors that demonstrated the whole process from start to finish. 100% would recommend, if you’ve always wanted to try pottery. Will definitely be going again!

Beth Price-King Nov 2023

We had a great time at the taster session on Saturday 11th.

We decided to do a fun wholesome Saturday and try something new. It was great and all of us really enjoyed it! My friend Beth and I now want to do a course!

The teachers Rosa and Cherry were really great. They made it super fun, funny and engaging.

Cannot wait to sign up for courses!

Dani x

Beth Price-King Nov 2023

Really great class! Rosa and Cherrie were super lovely and accommodating. Beaut space and learnt a lot. Would definately recommend this class!

John Cordeaux Nov 2023

Excellent teaching, well explained and modelled for the class. Went round helping and explaining, we had great fun - highly recommended.

Marie Ainslie Nov 2023

Booked for my friend's 60th. I'd never done this and have no artistic talent at all. We both really enjoyed it and were fairly successful. We made two items which we left to be fired and glazed. The teacher was great and the steps were easy to follow. I would have loved a 3 hour session because there were too many students to see to in 2 hours and it would give you more time to experiment/practise

Saskia Oroyemi Nov 2023

Great experience! The teacher was really authentic and , really inspired me to continue with pottery. I booked this class for my partner’s birthday and he had a great time too. Really happy we have some physical mementos as well

Pottery class review by Saskia Oroyemi - London

Siobhán Bradshaw Nov 2023

We had the best afternoon and would recommend this activity to everyone! The studio was gorgeous and the teachers were very skilled and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great day!

Craig Lefcovitch Nov 2023

Really great class, each teacher was lovely, patient and very helpful. Could not recommend enough.

Kulvin Kailey Nov 2023

Great intro session to pottery! It was something we had wanted to try for ages and this class provided the perfect way for us to do so. The instructors were very clear and helpful. At no point did we feel rushed, and they were always around to help and answer questions. Would recommend to anyone!

Stella Nga Yan Choi Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Brilliant fun! Very helpful and good teachers, guided us through every step of the process. Definitely recommend giving it a go!

Alison Carey Nov 2023

Teachers were great. Venue was as expected (be ready to get a little dirty). We had two hours on the pottery turn-wheel, which great fun. Teachers were there all the way through to assist and bring our creations back to life! The last hour was making something by hand (freestyle). All great fun. Would do it again. Thank you very much.

Octavia Grove Nov 2023

The teacher was incredible, so informative and supportive whilst maintaining a very relaxed vibe for the class. I was really impressed with the scope of the teaching and will definitely be recommending it to friends/family and looking into joining their 6-week course.

Alan Nov 2023

Had a great time, got great help and support from the staff too. Overall enjoyable and memorable experience, thanks!

Alex Tagg Nov 2023

Amazing! Great teacher and really great studio . Would highly recommend - such a nice day out

Beth Elrefai Nov 2023

Great class! The instruction was very clear and thorough. I can't wait to take another pottery class and learn more. Highly recommend!

Kenya Josiah Nov 2023

Super fun class. Really clear instructions and a lot of help offered after. A lot of clay to play with. Will definitely come again, thank you for a great evening xo

Patchi Claudino Nov 2023

My partner and I had the best time!

Nam and Susie are super talented and passionate about their work as ceramicists and educators.

Nam was our instructor and he’s an excellent teacher! Very engaging, attentive and encouraging. The instructions are clear and make success achievable.

They provide plenty of clay and time to practice and make various pieces. We ended up having 3 glazed (each)!

The studio is spacious and bright and has a great community feel with other lessons going on and members doing their own thing. Great vibe.

This was my second workshop with Cernamic, this time at their new studio. I did one last year with my cousin and it was just as good.

I couldn’t recommend it more!

Thank you, Cernamic!

Meghana Nov 2023

Amazing experience I would recommend to anyone! Nam was such an engaging and encouraging teacher and he made the whole experience so fun and relaxing. I did the taster glass as a complete beginner and after two hours I was throwing and shaping independently and had made 3 pieces of pottery! Very reasonably priced and I would do it all over again. This was a birthday activity for me and Nam even threw in a free piece of pottery he had made as a little gift. 10/10.

Claire Galvin Nov 2023

The teachers were great, so friendly and encouraging!
The venue was quite cold but we had heaters which did the trick. Also warm tea was available.
The teachers installed confidence and the class made me want to do another course!

Alex Hinge Nov 2023

The class leaders were lovely and make it such an enjoyable experience. The studio and set up was also very cool

Marta Alves Nov 2023

Lovely venue and amazing teachers. Great that they helped us throughout the whole workshop and made sure we actually ended up with some pottery pieces.