Whisky Barrel Christmas Wreath Craft Kit

With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Learn how to make a DIY Christmas Wreath using an authentic Scotch whisky barrel.

Whisky Frames
Whisky Frames
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45 mins

label £38 - £140 (£38 per 1 Wreath Kit, £75 per 2 Wreath Kits, £110 per 3 Wreath Kits, £140 per 4 Wreath Kits)
How it works
We'll send a ClassBento Box to you (a craft kit with what you'll need). Shipping in the UK is free, and it should arrive within 2-4 days. We ship nationwide.
Enjoy the online class - after booking, you'll get a pre-recorded video with instructions. You're welcome to ask the teacher any questions you have.
Looking for Christmas wreath ideas? Get into the Christmas spirit and transport yourself to the frosty Scottish highlands as you handcraft a winter wreath using an age-old Scotch whisky barrel. Not only is it a unique way to up your front-door wreath-game but is also a relaxing and festive experience for all.
With your wreath kit, you'll use a rustic barrel hoop as a base from which to build your beautiful design. The craft kit includes gorgeous faux snowy branches and preserved eucalyptus for a wintry shabby-chic look and a practical yet pretty burlap bow to hang your DIY wreath with.
In your wreath making kit, you'll also be provided with a QR code which you can scan to visit a webpage where you can view a pre-recorded online class. This is perfect for beginners as you can follow along whilst you learn to make a wreath and then enjoy a beautifully finished design - or go off-piste and design your own!
Once you've got your wreath making supplies and access to your virtual class, pour yourself a wee dram of Gullane Glogg to fully immerse yourself in your Scottish-inspired evening of DIY Christmas decorations.
Add-on available for this class
  • Gullane Glogg 25cl (£6)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
Absolutely no prior knowledge necessary!
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • 35cm rustic barrel hoop.
  • Preserved eucalyptus in red and green.
  • Faux snowy branches and berry stems.
  • Wire.
  • Florist tape.
  • Burlap ribbon for the bow and to hang with.
Your teacher
Whisky Frames
Whisky Frames

5.0 (5)
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Here at Whisky Frames, we not only create handcrafted rustic photo frames made from Scotch Whisky barrels but we also love to share our passion.
That's why we created our Barrel Hoop Wreath Making kit which uses authentic tired Scotch Whisky barrels to create rustic yet elegant winter wreaths. We believe in reducing waste (which is why we're a part of Zero Waste Scotland) and finding sustainable ways to enjoy DIY arts and crafts and home decor.
Make your Christmas wreath with us and enjoy some DIY Christmas decor steeped in Scottish heritage.

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