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Welcome to Undergrounder!

Our workshops are for creative people who want to relax, have fun by experimenting with unique concepts and meet others. My workshops feature stories about art history and philosophy.

We pride ourselves on storytelling and making workshops fun with quizzes for team building events.

We offer bespoke paintings and tailor-made events for hen & Stag parties, birthday parties, weddings and baby shower events please message for more details. Undergrounder is here to make your event planning completely stress free.

My journey began in LA, California as a photographer. I worked in studios and carried out body painting for various creative projects.

Join talented artists at the Undergrounder and learn to paint! You will get ready to enjoy two hours of creativity and relaxation in a friendly, relaxed environment.




Jemma Naumann Jan 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

Had a great time at this workshop! I loved experimenting with the 3 paint pouring techniques and am very excited to display my creations at home! The instructors were lovely and it made for a very relaxing and fun afternoon :)

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class review by Jemma Naumann

Ninthuja Uthayakumaran Jan 2022

Paint the Nude Art Class

The class was really great and both girls were lovely! The venue was a bar so you can go buy drinks if you like which is quite nice. We were given beautiful colours to paint with and extra brushes/sponges as required.

Paint the Nude Art Class review by Ninthuja Uthayakumaran

Hardeep Bhogal Jan 2022

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

This class was amazing! Melissa taught us a range of techniques and closely guided us through each one. Excellent value for money as you go home with 4 canvases. Thank you!

Aleksandra Hertelendi Dec 2021

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

Great session, and great easy to access venue. We made 4 A4 size canvases that all represented a different technique of acrylic pouring. Fantastic for beginners who always wanted to try acrylic pouring, and need the first step to demystify this great way of making art. Thank you Undergrounder, it was a great afternoon.

Catherine Pitre Dec 2021

Celestial Painting Class

Great class, easy to follow and tons of supplies provided. Really enjoyed it, would recommend! :)

Painting workshop review by Catherine Pitre

Tom Lewis Dec 2021

Painting Class: Paint Your Doggo

Really enjoyable experience. The instructor was really flexible and helpful. We're really pleased with how our paintings turned out and grateful for the tips throughout to guide us in the right direction. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. All in all, very happy.

Jade Ould Dec 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

We had a fantastic time, the teachers were great, clear and on hand to help with a number of us that either went off plan or needed some touching up. All in all a really great class & cant recommend enough

Paul Phillips Dec 2021

Celestial Painting Class

Great class, my team fully enjoyed it and created master pieces. Teacher and her assistant were very helpful, patient and friendly!

Chloe Majomi Nov 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Absolute fun and a great teacher. would recommend to do this great activity with someone!

Erika Dimsaite Nov 2021

Painting Class: Paint Your Partner

Amazing experience, the teacher Melissa was great and very flexible with the venue. Highly recommended

Charlotte Lee Nov 2021

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

I was lucky enough to enjoy a great one-to-one (unexpectedly) 2-hour session with Melissa on acrylic pouring! The class took place outdoors, which made a change! Melissa was clearly passionate about and knowledgeable of her craft- she would carefully explain and demonstrate the different pouring techniques before I was let loose with the paints. I loved the effects that were created from pouring and  + more

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class review by Charlotte Lee Sydney

Gauri Mahendra Nov 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Not too hard if you follow instructions and the end product is quite nice to keep. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon with a friend, totally worth it!

Didi Udoh Nov 2021

Celestial Painting Class

Melissa’s class was so much fun. She explained things very well and we had great conversation. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Painting workshop review by Didi Udoh

Nina Tosmos Nov 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

The idea is great. The location is great. But probably doesn’t fit complete beginners. We’ve been given the colours, the brushes and an example of the picture we’re making. For the person who never held a brush that wasn’t enough. I was expecting to be given certain techniques or a guidance how to make it work.

Painting Class: Ocean Waves review by Nina Tosmos

Melissa Hoang Nov 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Great class with a lovely view! The class was really beginner-friendly and Melissa was very engaging and helpful in guiding us through. Loved the relaxing atmosphere and would definitely go for another class. Recommended!

Surina Sharma Oct 2021

Painting Class: Whale Painting

Had a really lovely class with Melissa. The atmosphere was very calm and loved the chilled out vibes.

Harry Bowman Oct 2021

Painting Class: Paint Your Doggo

Great fun- lots of resources to use and the teacher gave us lots of ideas.

Painting Class: Paint Your Doggo review by Harry Bowman Sydney

Zarah Pinto Oct 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

The class was very well organised and delivered excellently. I really enjoyed the session and it was very relaxing. Thank you so much!

Leonora Babi Oct 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Great experience! Definitely doing it again! I didn’t know I had it in me! It felt so natural to play with colours. I loved the fact that I was also free to paint my own interpretation and not strictly follow the instructions. Really lovely venue with a chilled, warm and rustic atmosphere. Mellissa was very friendly and she gently guided us throughout. Really good fun!

Martyna Marcinkowska Oct 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Had a great time paining a whale! Melissa held the space beautifully, with the right amount of reassurance and guidance when needed. It was quite therapeutic… wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Sonja McGeachie Oct 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

I attended a small (4 students) painting class which was a lovely introduction to Bento, I had never been before. The atmosphere was welcoming and teacher (Melissa ) friendly and helpful. I was lucky that there was another person there who was into being social and chatty as otherwise it might not have been so nice. I would say that when there are only very few people -and especially couples who often don’t feel the need to be overly social as they have each other- it would be a good idea to have a little short icebreaker activity at the start  + more

Noemi Poget Oct 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Definitely worth it! A small group of nice people willing to discover something new. There was both enough guidance provided and enough freedom given to try things. It was the first time I took a painting class and I really enjoyed it. The time was well managed too.

Painting workshop review by Noemi Poget Sydney

Rk Sep 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

excellent ! loved the class. I will defo sign up for another class in the future.

Jamie Ivory Sep 2021

Painting Class: Ocean Waves

Down to earth, kind, engaged well and was eager to teach her skills and help.

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