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Virtual Staff Engagement

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Virtual Staff Engagement is a leading provider of interactive and engaging virtual teambuilding activities. With a strong focus on fostering collaboration, boosting morale, and enhancing team dynamics, we offer a wide range of innovative experiences that bring teams closer together, regardless of their physical locations.

Our carefully curated activities are designed to encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. From virtual escape rooms and interactive trivia games we offer a diverse range of experiences to suit every team's interests and goals.

Whether you're looking to build trust among new members, enhance collaboration within established teams, or simply inject some fun into your virtual meetings, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our team of experienced facilitators ensures that your virtual teambuilding activities run smoothly and efficiently. They create a positive and inclusive environment, guiding participants through the activities and encouraging active participation from everyone involved.

We have successfully organized virtual teambuilding activities for numerous companies across various industries. Our clients have consistently praised our ability to create engaging experiences that boost team morale and strengthen bonds.

We stay at the forefront of virtual teambuilding trends and constantly innovate to offer new and exciting activities. Our goal is to provide your team with memorable experiences that inspire teamwork and create lasting connections.

Whether you have a small team or a large organization, our activities can accommodate any group size. We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your team's availability, and our scalable solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of teams of all sizes.



Agnieszka Kulagowska Mar 2024

It was a very nice and interactive class where the group could interact and get to know each other :) Lovely host!

Erica Weldon Oct 2023

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We spent £40 on this (for two people) and sadly really didn’t think it was worth the money. It was us with the host for the whole time, the host was very friendly but it felt awkward and unnatural being just the three of us and the host inputting all of our answers. (We were expecting it to be just us solving a puzzle which we’ve experienced before in other paid virtual escape rooms) It was mainly a trivia quiz with a couple of puzzles thrown in for good measure. We finished it so quickly that they let us do a short catchphrase style programme, this was fun but it was still the host inputting all the answers, we didn’t do much at all ourselves! It’s much more engaging when you control the screen and keyboard personally rather than the host doing everything for you. As mentioned we’ve done a few paid virtual escape rooms in the past where we were fully left to our own devices to try to escape, these all far exceeded our experience we have had with you today, sorry.

Teacher's response

Thank you for taking the time to share your insights and experiences with us. We appreciate your feedback and take your comments seriously.

You've raised a valid point regarding the engagement level of smaller groups, and we understand that your recent experience with just two participants and a facilitator may not have met your expectations. Typically, we cater to larger teams, and we will now raise the minimum number of participants to ensure a more dynamic and enjoyable experience for all.

In response to your suggestion about participant input, we'd like to extend an invitation to experience our "Outsmarting the AI" escape game. In this game, you'll have the opportunity to input your own answers, taking control of the action and enjoying a more hands-on approach that aligns with your preferences.

Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us refine our offerings, and we look forward to having you join us for this new adventure. We aim to create an escape room experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Katie Burton Feb 2022

Thank you Georgie and Stephen for running our virtual class today - I've had some great feedback and we all really enjoyed the activity.
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