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Here at The Perfume Studio, we're experts in the creation of couture bespoke fragrances.

Our perfume making workshops give you the unique opportunity to design your own perfume!

We hold individual consultations, workshops for small groups, parties and even corporate events and virtual team building.

Discover exquisite blends, create a unique fragrance and keep it forever.


Perfume Making Workshop

5.0 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Tunbridge Wells

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

5.0 (3)

date_range 9 Nov

location_on Dorking

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Reading

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Whiteley

10 to 10000

label £49

Perfume Making Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Milton Common

1 to 100

label £49

Perfume Making Workshop

5.0 (2)

date_range 5 Oct, 7 Dec

location_on Nottingham

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.7 (3)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Norwich

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.6 (12)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Newcastle upon Tyne

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.6 (11)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Manchester

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.5 (45)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on North London

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Harrogate

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.7 (6)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Glasgow

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.8 (4)

date_range 14 Sep

location_on Exeter

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.8 (8)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Edinburgh

1 to 20

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Stratford-upon-Avon

10 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.5 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Cardiff

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Cambridge

1 to 1000

label £49

Perfume Making Workshop

4.6 (7)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Brighton

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.7 (14)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Birmingham / Mobile

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Perfume Making Workshop

4.9 (15)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Bath

1 to 30

label £49 - £59

Make Your Own Perfume at Home

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

6 to 100

label £99 - £115



Julie Haden Jul 2024

Informative and entertaining. Belinda and Alyssa were excellent hosts. I would certainly recommend this course.

Alex Kirby Jul 2024

I took my daughter and her friend for her 15th Birthday. We all had such a fun couple of hours creating our own perfumes. Definitely recommend this. I am going to buy my friends daughter this experience as a Christmas gift now.

Alsahid Akeem Simms Jul 2024

We attended a perfume-making workshop for my girlfriend's birthday, and it was a fantastic experience. The teacher was very friendly and made us all laugh. He provided detailed descriptions of the scents and gave examples of where they have been used. The class was good value for money, and I loved that we could combine the scents to create something so personal to us.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

The teacher didn't respond to messages the day before, and the instructions to reach the venue weren't clear. The class itself was fun and moved along quickly. We smelled blotting papers dipped in perfume and then tried to combine scents, basically. My perfume turned out quite vile, but that's on me.

Chaitali Mehta Jun 2024

An experience creating a purprose. Lovely experience & enjoyed every bit to the fullest. Indeed, honestly

Marjorie Rastall Jun 2024

Don’t need to improve it was a perfect day. I really enjoyed the experience

Kerry Cottiss Jun 2024

It was informative and relaxed. The perfect balance for a Sat afternoon with my mun, 80, daugher, daughter in law and best friend... Mid 50. Perfect, xxxx

Lynn Moody Jun 2024

Fun and informative
Jackie and Julie were efficient and friendly everything was easy to follow

Sarah Vogel Jun 2024

Great session, Jackie was lively and informative. An enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. My experience was a gift from a friend

Debbie Botha May 2024

Was a great class so interesting and enjoyable. Teachers were friendly and explained step by step what to do in creating our own perfume.

Perfume Making class review by Debbie Botha - Cambridge

Phil Gordon May 2024

Very enjoyable class, and thank you for the experience.

It would have been good to have a board in reception to tell us where it was being held

Yosana Leal May 2024

Really enjoyed, booked workshop as birthday present. It was really nice, easy to follow. Good vibes!!

Caroline Ngondo May 2024

Bought this as a voucher for my childhood best friend who loves perfumes.

I was not sure what to expect but Warren was so lively and knowledgeable and all the staff on the day were very lovely and helpful.

We learnt a lot and my best friend absolutely loved the session that she made 2 fragrances!

You can also buy products on the day for cheaper than their online store, and your fragrance can be stored and re ordered!

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is a huge fan of perfumes or even just curious about the process basics.

Babs Howard May 2024

A birthday gift. Very enjoyable morning came with a friend made to feel welcome. Would recommend the course

Vivien Gallacher Apr 2024

I Would recommend this workshop. The venue was suitable and inclusion of aperitif was welcome

Ayesha Kapadia Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely loved the workshop, the talking could be a bit less, love how the process works, and making our own perfume. Can't wait to wear it on our special day

Gaynor Cottrill Apr 2024

There were 8 in our group.
The teacher was lovely and venue great. The only fault that it took quite some time to blend and distribute the bespoke perfume at the end. We did miss our train, perhaps it’s best to mention after the class finishes to add on some time for perfume blending so that you can make allowances for travel arrangements. Overall an enjoyable experience.

Linda Overy Apr 2024

This was a birthday gift from my daughter. Although I did it solo, the teachers made it a very friendly atmosphere in a beautiful venue. Both Clara and Alison were knowledgeable and helpful and happy to advise on choices. Even though I was the eldest member of the group, I felt included and came away delighted with my choice and the presentation atomiser.

Joele Apr 2024

Lovely workshop for my birthday! Good to learn about the different notes and have such variety to choose from.

Lucy Tawse Apr 2024

Really enjoyed it, well organised and interesting, perfect location.
Would definitely recommends to my friends.

Sarah Apr 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent morning, great experience. They were both very knowledgeable and friendly. Great ambassadors for what they do.

Karen Reed Mar 2024

It was ok, we booked tea and even though I requested some special dietary restrictions it hadn’t been logged and it was quite disappointing. The perfume making was ok. The room was airless and the perfume doesn’t seem to last long when applied

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

The teacher was very friendly and enthusiastic and described the process clearly. Very interesting course.

Alexandra Keech Mar 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

It was a very good class and you do learn quite a lot about everything, though our event chair was very salesy and everything is at an extra cost

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Loved it. Warren was super knowledgeable and friendly, and overall it was great value for money.

Pamela Wood Mar 2024

Really enthusiastic, friendly and bubbly teacher. Provided interesting information and it was fun to make my own perfume

Lin McGarry Mar 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Positives - it was great going through all the scents! The class leader was fun. Nice touch getting prosecco or orange juice on arrival. Range of scents amazing. Fun to do with friends. Great to take the product home on the day.
Changes I would make - bit less of a ‘sell’ on upgrading your products on the day. Would have been good to have had all the details of options in advance and it could then be done more discreetly. It was a big class - 40 people or so - and some were still arriving ten minutes after the start time. Would do like another class I did which had a disclaimer that you couldn’t join if you were more than 10 mins late. Know it’s tricky with travel in London!
Overall loved it!

Tania Jankowski Feb 2024

Had an excellent time for my sisters big birthday learning all about perfume, the layers of smells, choosing and making our own combinations to end up with our own individual perfume! Got to name it, register it and take a lovely 20ml bottle home. Fabulous fun teacher, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, highly recommend this wonderful experience!

Barbara Gillespie Feb 2024

The workshop was informative, Warren, our host was charming and engaging. There were 24 pre mixed blends to choose from, covering anything fomr your basci floral/woody/citrus, to transparency and Assam Oud. This is where I found that 2 hours is hardly enough to even familiarise with all of them, never mind try and blend into a personal scent.
this workshop could easily be 4 hours long, to give us enough time to go over blends, familiarise oneself with it and try out different cominations.
Also, it would be great to get the notes in each blend written down so we know what is in it, and maybe some note paper, to keep track of what was tried.

Otherwise it was a great insight into complexities of blending a scent, and great way to spend a rainy aftrenoon, for someone, that is scent obsessed, like me!

Caroline Paulsen Feb 2024

Myself, my daughter and aunt attended the perfume workshop for a birthday celebration at The Perfume Studio Tunbridge Wells. We all really enjoyed it and got to smell many base notes, middle notes and top notes to create our own scent from our favourites. Helen was a great host and well informed about each scent. Would recommend the class.

Sno Jana Wirth Feb 2024

Enjoyable day with 24 different blends. By the time came to pick and mix your favourite though the nose was aching and struggled to make what I liked. Still a great morning and my partner loved making their own cologne.

Shashelle Fearon Feb 2024

Had a lovely time, very informative, engaging, and learnt some new things on how to create personalised perfumes

Jade Mountain Feb 2024

Warren and the team were brilliant, and the two-hour session just flew. I learned lots about fragrance and what I like (and don’t like), and amazingly had learned enough to put together my own perfume which I adore! I bought this gift for my best friend and it was a great afternoon out.

Sinclair Bushell Feb 2024

Really fun, really informative and I’m really happy with the product. 10/10 would recommend!

Avijit Shriniwas Kelkar Feb 2024

Warren should talk more about helping understanding the technicalities in how and what makes a better perfume

He was too busy making promotions

More smaller group and more focus on workshop needed

Extra drink on table coated 4.00 for a small glass

I am sure u can afford complimentary orange juice and bubbly with the price we paid

Did have a good experience. But will stop short of recommending for value

D Hersey Feb 2024

It was a very enjoyable and well worth the money. Both dawn and her assistant were very helpful

Melody Taylor Feb 2024

Really fantastic ‘hands on’ and practical workshop. The teachers were knowledgeable and incredibly helpful without giving us a long lecture! I love the perfume I walked away with and will definitely be ordering more when it runs out. The perfect gift!

Toni Brunning Jan 2024

Interesting and fun class. Really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to other people

Fanta Kamara Jan 2024

Must attend class! Such a fun experience creating a perfume and our instructor, Warren, was so friendly and charismatic! You receive a walkthrough of over 20
individual scents, which you have the opportunity to mix and match as you please. Absolutely loved this!
P.S. The afternoon tea was not worth it.

Paul Gregory Jan 2024

I had a fantastic time and a great laugh with the staff and I learnt so much.
I would seriously recommend giving this course a go if you want that nice chilled out, relaxing time doing something nice with friends, family.
I've been growing my small business for the last 4 years as a Barber and I'd over to make more of my own perfumes, Colognes, aftershaves etc

Metin Emin Dec 2023

Amazing experience. Jackie was so much fun. And very informative. Clayton hotel was such a nice relaxed venue. Everything was explained and created our own perfumes. Beyond expectations. Will be buying as a present for others. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed

Helen Palmer Dec 2023

Really fun morning, very friendly, relaxed and informative. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to friends

Anonymised ClassBento student Dec 2023

Really fun and enjoyable.
Great to celebrate a special occasion with friends or family.
I loved my end result too.

Ann-Marie Howard Dec 2023

Enjoyed the experience, whole process was more in depth than expected. Hardest part was choosing a name

Brondie McNamara Dec 2023

I had a lovely afternoon an I really like the perfume I left with, thanks

Bethany Reeder Nov 2023

Great atmosphere and experience ! Hosted in a lovely hotel, and the teacher was very knowledgeable and welcoming. It was a really well organised session with a drink on arrival, and 2 hours to create your fragrance. Loved the day and being able to take something home at the end of it that you had created by yourself.

Bethany Clarke Nov 2023

Really cool venue in the hotel. Teacher and staff were great! Very informative and entertaining.
Learnt a lot - highly recommend

Katherine Storey Nov 2023

Fun and informative. I am so pleased with my unique perfume and the quality of ingredients, it was such a great experience.

Perfume Making class review by Katherine Storey - Newcastle

Sofia Zafar Oct 2023

The class was great, it was really fun and informative, although I wish we could mix and blend the notes ourselves, the ladies were really friendly and helpful.

Helen Kemp Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

A brilliant workshop, Helen was a great host who shared her knowledge with humour and passion. I was really impressed with the organisation and logistics of the event itself and delighted to come away with my signature scent! I’d highly recommend!

Stella Ajao Oct 2023

Miyako, is a wonderful Teacher. Everyone was overjoyed with the experience! We all LOVED the unique scents we all created especially the Bride. Will definitely share this experience again with others. Such a fantastic way to spend time with loved ones!

Thank you Perfume Studio Xx

Hayley Thomson Oct 2023

Great experience run in a really professional way. Knowledgeable trainers, who gave just the right amount of information. Plus, I've now got an amazing personalised perfume that I love. What's not to like?!

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Teacher was knowledgeable and fun. The venue was central in Bath and suited the workshop. The class was comprehensive and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Henry Irwin Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Neat experience to have very informative and interesting teacher.
Prompt assembly of perfume once ordered.

Perfume Making class review by Henry Irwin - London

Dominick Dj Kennerson Sep 2023

Truly a well-orchestrated workshop. The content was world-class, while the experience itself was both in depth and fun. What a remarkable experience to be able to leave with my own personally crafted perfume---a fragrance I can now order via The Perfume Studio.

Ango Sin Sep 2023

Nice fun few hours light hearted and great company
Enjoyable afternoon activity
Nothing more to add

Leone Martin Sep 2023

Friendly and helpful tutor. We’ll organised and clearly takes you through the method of creating a fragrance.

Lauren McDonald Sep 2023

It was a really good experience and balanced. The host was very knowledgeable and gave plenty of context and detail.

Marie Demailly Sep 2023

It was a very interesting and great workshop, I definetely don't regret offering it to myself !

Perfume Making Workshop review by Marie Demailly - Edinburgh

Jonathan Sep 2023

Alison was a great presenter with a wealth of knowledge. Products seem good quality and a fair price.

Hazel Rielly Sep 2023

The teacher was very knowledgeable and experienced as well as clearly spoken when delivering the information. The venue was lovely. I think this is a great vale for money course and makes an interesting unique experience to gift.

Fred Warrick Aug 2023

Very informative, really enjoyed. Set in a friendly environment where the teachers explained the products well

Molly Short Aug 2023

This was a really fun and informative workshop. I was able to upgrade from a 6ml atomiser to a 20ml atomiser which was amazing. I absolutely love the scent I gave created for my wedding.

Seetha Sweetnam Jul 2023

Warren was a very passionate teacher and the class was really enjoyable. We went for a hen party

Perfume Making class review by Seetha Sweetnam - London

Joanna Cumming Jul 2023

Helen was a great teacher. Booked for a hen do, and everyone had a lot of fun, thank you!

Yinka Obisesan Jul 2023

It was a nice experience, the host provided lots of great information, and they provided a free beverage. However, it wasn't as hands on as I had hoped. I would recommend for people who like perfume and just wants a personalised fragrance.

Cristina Dima Jul 2023

Very interesting experience perfect for those with either little or no previous knowledge of perfume making. Got to leave with a perfume mix of my own which I am so happy with.

Chloe Taylor Jul 2023

A really wonderful afternoon for a group of 18 hens, it was really insightful, interesting and fun. Alyssa and Belinda were great stylists and were really knowledgable, friendly and fun.

Perfume Making class review by Chloe Taylor - Bath

Julie Baker Jun 2023

Amazing from start to finish thank you perfume was spot on and an amazing experience

Gillian Edwards Jun 2023

Teacher was lovely and entertaining. Very informative was a great experience! Would highly recommend it.

Elzbieta Karpiej Jun 2023

Generally ok, but I was expecting more theory and perfume history. Would I repeat the experience? No, I was waiting over an hour for my perfume to be made.

Niru V Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teachers were patient and good with re-explaining.
Materials were provided.
Purchased voucher for this class without afternoon tea.
Venue has no parking for people coming to this class so had to use Times Square public car parking.
At the end of the class, you will have 5ml of your perfume and will name your fragrance. Formula for your perfume can be saved in the systems/records of The Perfume Studio for future re-ordering.
It was new experience , expected other attendees to be bit more interactive

Venicia Raynor May 2023

Jackie and Julie were great! They were very knowledgeable and personable.
The venue was also very nice.
The whole party had a fabulous time. Everyone can’t wait to wear their new scents to the wedding!

Katie Henry Apr 2023

A really fun class! Very engaging and interesting, lots of different scents to try and lots of detail about each one. Would recommend to anyone.

Briana Coles Apr 2023

Allison and team were great! In this two hour experience we learned about perfume making, the theory behind different notes, smelled different scents, and created our own bespoke perfume. This is a really informative workshop. Though most attendees were there with friends, I attended solo and was made to feel welcome. It's a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

Lydia Speakman Apr 2023

This wasn’t the personal experience I was expecting- there were 48 participants and so once the different scents were introduced we were left to come up with our own blend with no proper interaction. I have a feeling I am now going to be bombarded with marketing urging me to buy further bottles of my personal perfume- this felt more like a Tupperware party than a proper educational workshop about perfume making- we were never told exactly how the final scents were mixed, whilst I had assumed we would mix our own.

Chloe Ridgwell Apr 2023

Helen was super lovely and knowledgeable and made the workshop really fun and engaging. We all learnt alot and came away with some gorgeous smelling perfumes!

Dawn Shaw Mar 2023

Bought as a birthday present for my mom. Really fun and engaging. Jax is an excellent teacher – very funny and warm. My perfume smells AMAZING and we had a lovely day together.

Lisa Adams Mar 2023

Alison was lovely and informative, full of knowledge. Venue was easy to access and welcoming, liked how easy and personal the choices were and how to make the most of your senses. Would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Tabitha Litherland Mar 2023

Philly was friendly, knowledgeable and really helpful. We enjoyed the venue and the activity. Such a lovely experience, would highly recommend.

Kristie Staley Mar 2023

Honestly, way better then expected. Everyone part of the hen party enjoyed and the perfumes we made will be worn to the wedding

Chantal Smith Feb 2023

Great experience all around. The teacher was energetic and helpful. The venue was lovely too. The choice of "notes" was wide ranging, it's a wonderful opportunity to be creative.

Nkonye Oyewusi Feb 2023

The teacher made up fun for everyone. I left feeling like an amateur perme maker. My fragrance was exactly what I imagined it to be.

Kellie Hull Feb 2023

Vivi was our teacher and she was fabulous! She was very informative and helped us all individually. She made the experience so much better and made my sisters hen do so fun

The venue was easy to find but reception told us the wrong room so we were walking around for 15 minutes trying to find the right place!

Julie Miller Feb 2023

Good event, great day out. Organisers were good. Could have been more polished as an event due to cost.

Mum Feb 2023

A great experience in a lovely setting. The teacher was friendly and welcoming, giving a relaxed atmosphere. The session was informative and we created some amazing fragrances. Would highly recommend.

Anne Donlan Feb 2023

A very good experience, the teacher was great and it was in a nice place and the location was very easy to find. All in all I had a lovely day. Thank you.

Julie Tolstopyatova Feb 2023

I got the class as a birthday gift from my friends. To start with, the venue was gorgeous - it was in London's Hard Rock Hotel. There was a mimosa welcome drink upon arrival. The teacher and his assistants were brilliant. I particularly appreciated that at the end , the tutor - Warren spent time with each of us to make sure we liked our perfume mix before bottling it. I really love the perfume i created, as it doesn't smell like any other i own.

Michael Kitchen Feb 2023

Learnt lots of things about perfume and different scents and notes. I made a wearable perfume that actually smells amazing! Everyone has commented on how nice it smells which is great. I would love to do it again and see whether I’d pick the same scents. I love that you can buy your perfume online so you never run out.

Amy Tidmarsh Feb 2023

Very enjoyable morning, teacher Helen very nice friendly and knowledgeable. Very pleased with the perfumes we made. Lovely venue, a nice setting for afternoon tea too,

Hana Kleinova Jan 2023

Great class, teacher was so knowledgeable about perfumes, it was so exciting to be able to design my own unique perfume. Thank you

Bianca Stefan Jan 2023

The perfume making class was absolutely fantastic, the whole team enjoyed the experience. We learned a lot of information from the lovely lady that delivered the workshop and we also got to keep the perfume that we created ourselves.

What a fantastic day!

Amy Margetts Dec 2022

Teacher was excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. The course was very interesting and I felt I got lots to sample. I learnt what ingredients were in each sample as well as general knowledge about making perfume. The atmosphere was great, with drinks provided. There were lots of options to upgrade or buy extras.

Annie Bowers Nov 2022

We had a great time at this workshop. The teacher and assistant were friendly and talked us through everything. The only downside was that the room was a bit small and had no windows, and the perfume smell got a bit much after a while.

Yvonne Surtees Nov 2022

Me and my daughter had a great time. Very informative on how perfume is made

Laura Hodgkiss Nov 2022

Great teacher
Workshop was half the length of time we were expecting, rest was just waiting for the perfume to be made up

Loraine Pellman Nov 2022

Teacher was engaging and clearly had a passion for perfume. Lovely little touches like juice or fizz on arrival!

Worth noting that the making of the personalised perfume is after the 2hr session.

Very happy with my perfume and it is a great idea to save the mix so we can reorder it again once run out.

Tina Whyte Oct 2022

Was good experience but too pushy with the sales made me feel embarrassed I chose the small bottle.

Paola Prosser Oct 2022

Really enjoyed the experience. Found it very interesting and informative. I loved the scents I created.

Bernadett Khan-Gonda Oct 2022

The entire workshop is a brilliant activity with your friends, it is an exceptional feeling to walk away with your own scent! I would highly recommend!

Janine Moser Oct 2022

It was a really really good class. The only thing i missed, was something like coffee, to smell between the different aromas.

Alexandra Trebulova Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I think overall it was “ok”. I haven’t really learnt about the science behind perfumes, or composition or history or anything. This is the format

1) welcome
2) explain how the session will work
3) run through the 18 options (what it smells like, which well known brands use it, what’s in it and what type of person wears it)
4) you then circle what you want and they fill in the bottle

You don’t get to “make” your own perfume, you design it.

Overall, little disappointed by the level of knowledge provided.

I did a candle making workshop recently and we actually did the measurements and created a candle ourselves. We then also did a quiz to learn about the science behind what to do and not to do. This is what I expected from this but perfume related.

Perfume Making Workshop review by Alexandra Trebulova - London

Carla Francis Oct 2022

Had a lovely couple of hours with Belinda understanding how fragrance is put together, how the tones work and smelling a range of scents. Was lots of fun!
The venue was beautiful and easily found, walking distance from Bath Spa train station .
Would definitely recommend.

Terri Nash Oct 2022

Venue was fantastic and it was all explained very well so really enjoyed it so much

Anne Hastie Oct 2022

Felt more time could be spent on helping to create your fragrance, I know it’s your personal choices, but I found it very helpful when one of the ladies said you can add another of your favourites, or you could try adding a half of something.

An awful lot of time spent on promoting the products, classes etc, too much actually.

I felt a bit rushed at the end to come up with my fragrance

Lisa Yelding Sep 2022

Fantastic afternoon loved the way was handled very professionally executed without being too complicated came away with a delightful fragrance

Perfume Making class review by Lisa Yelding - London

Alice Shilstone Sep 2022

We had a brilliant experience perfume making with Belinda in Bath. A really interesting workshop and being able to make a scent unique to you was amazing. Cannot recommend enough

Nadine Kell Sep 2022

We had a great time and each came away with a fab smelling scent we had designed ourselves. Highly recommend this class.

Prav Uppal Sep 2022

Absolutely loved our perfume experience. It was so much more than I expected (not sure what I did expect to be fair!). I really enjoyed learning about each scent and layering. Will definitely be back and will definitely repurchase my bespoke scent.

Maham Wisal Aug 2022

Not what I expected. Would have like to be more involved in the process and I don’t like my perfume rn

Shivali Patel Aug 2022

Well organised
Well informed
Interesting information given
Flexible with times since we had to wait for other group members to turn up.

Rebecca Warwick Aug 2022

Dawn was very clear and helpful. Really interesting and a very different idea as a gift.

John Dangerfield Jul 2022

Fantastic attention to detail and a masterclass in perfumery. Thank you to both teachers for making this a great day.

Rianne Soleil Jul 2022

Our teacher created a lovely environment, was full of knowledge and the session was extremely enjoyable.

Leanne Wrzesinski Jul 2022

The class was amazing, so informative and a great way to learn about perfume and what you do/don’t like.
The teacher was so personable and friendly, and no question was stupid or too much to answer. A great way to spend time with family/friends.

Elizabeth Sumner Jun 2022

Had a fab time. Very interesting and I love my perfume. Great presenters, very sociable and made the session very enjoyable.

Perfume Making Workshop review by Elizabeth Sumner - Newcastle

Nabila Khouri Jun 2022

Fabulous class- such fun and very informative and we all loved the perfumes we made. Bridget was an excellent instructor and very accommodating when we arrived late. Would highly recommend for a hens night activity.

Amy Clive Jun 2022

Such a lovely perfume making workshop The host Alyssa was so lovely and can see she is passionate about being a perfume stylist.
Everyone really enjoyed the class and would recommend it for any group event, ours was a hen do!

Amna Hadziabdic Jun 2022

The teacher was knowledgeable and friendly. We learned but also had fun. The additional products on offer are priced reasonably.

Perfume Making class review by Amna Hadziabdic - London

Lucja Jastrzebska Jun 2022

Great knowledge of perfume and the scents. Learnt a lot and was very happy with my creation. This is great as a birthday present :)

Aichen Tseng May 2022

Jackie is really playful, fun; it's very nice to be here. And two assistants are very helpful and polite too Will definitely come back❤️

Catriona Neville May 2022

The whole group really enjoyed the perfume making experience and Alison was a great teacher! Would definitely recommend!

Julia Whitmore May 2022

We went for a Hen Do and totally recommend it. Helen and team were brilliant, it was so interesting and we all walked away upgrading as we loved our fragrances so much.

Perfume Making Workshop review by Julia Whitmore - Brighton

Sumayya Noorjahan May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Warren our teacher was great and had a great energy, really enjoyed learning about the types of scents I like- will make future perfume shopping much more easier

Emily Wale May 2022

We had such a great experience at our perfume making workshop in Bath, with our amazing instructor Belinda! Couldn't recommend this enough, we learnt to much and so great to take away your very own blended perfume :)

Katarina Robbie May 2022

Claudia was really lovely, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the class. We were a bunch of 13 year old girls plus some parents and Claudia kept us interested and eager to make the best perfume to fit each and every one of us. Refreshments (water, coffee, tea, OJ) were provided. There was a surprise for a little activity, which was a welcomed bonus.
The venue was a hotel off Oxford Str., which was fab for our group. Girls enjoyed looking around the memorabilia before heading out to grab a pizza.
We all had a great time and the birthday girl had the best birthday ever. Many thanks!

Anastazja Harding May 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Was presented with great animation and enthusiasm which was great, every step was explained clearly. I had hoped for more history of perfume making and a more hands-on experience of the perfume making process.

Alex O'Leary Apr 2022

Class started promptly! Lovely teacher + assistant who were happy to help with any questions!
Large range of smells and enough time to create your own smell!
Will be going again

Perfume Making class review by Alex O'Leary - Harrogate

Lynda Farmer Apr 2022

Informal relaxed and enjoyable
Right length of time for the session.
Good environment for the course

Penny Lee Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was enthusiastic and guided us through the day at a good pace. Both me and my friend had a good time and was able to take home our own blended scent.

Victoria Whawell Mar 2022

We booked this as a hen do activity and it did not disappoint - we had a great teacher who shared fascinating facts about the scents we were smelling, the histories behind famous fragrances and was ultimately very patient with our chatty rabble. The venue was perfect - tea and coffee was available and bar drinks if we wanted. And the length of the class (2hrs) was spot on and we were all thrilled to be able to take away our very own personalised perfume vials.

Thanks Team Bento

Marta Topornicka Feb 2022

Good, you end up learning a bit about base, middle and top notes, but the range is quite limited.
For anyone who is interested in perfumery, the range would be quite basic.

Nevertheless it’s a fun workshop to do. There were many couples and friends doing it together, and we all left with a personalised perfume.

Martina Sambruna Dec 2021

One of the best workshop I ever had!
The teacher was very knowledgeable and fun, we enjoyed creating our perfume very much!
I will definitely recommend it!
Great job, thank you

Graeme Hare Dec 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Excellent engaging such fun
Excellent teacher we had a fabulous time
Thank you
Highly recommend it

Sarah Burn Dec 2021

We had a great time and couldn't believe how quickly our perfumes were made up! Teacher was very knowledgeable. Thanks for a great day!

Perfume Making class review by Sarah Burn - Newcastle

Anastasia Eihof Nov 2021

Great teacher and lovely product and experience overall.
The venue we joined was in a hotel downstairs with no windows so think some room for improvement possible here.

Seif Kamal Nov 2021

The class was really good. We really enjoyed it.
We moved very quickly from notes and sometimes it was hard to follow but overall was a pleasant experience. Thank you

Alexandra Crathern Oct 2021

Teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful, we had a lovely experience. Would definitely recommend to others

Joyce Ward Sep 2021

Venue fine except for the parking teacher great new what she was talking about, unfortunately I tried to get in touch with class bento regarding emails with 2 conflicting times, Angela fixed this for me and I went to the morning class.

Christian Hoper Sep 2021

Great venue, a truly lovely teacher and overall a really interesting and informative experience. Would recommend highly.

Lucy Dalley Sep 2021

We had a Lovely teacher, it was a great class, we had fun, thank you

Shreya Mehta Aug 2021

The class was fun, the teachers were decent too. Great explanations! We were a little late but none the less we had a good time

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