Warning: Don't purchase fraudulent ClassBento gift cards on Taobao

We are aware of sellers on Taobao that sell ClassBento gift cards, often at a discount.

These gift cards were purchased by this Taobao seller, using stolen credit cards.

Later, these charges will be disputed by the credit card owner. This means that if you purchase these gift cards from Taobao, we will cancel your gift card (and any bookings you've made), whilst you would have lost your money already to the Taobao seller (who most likely won't give you a refund).

If you've already bought a gift card in this way, you should report this seller as fradulent to Taobao, and ask Taobao's customer service team for a refund; if that doesn't work then you should initiate a fraud chargeback/dispute through your credit/debit card issuer to demand your money back.

If you wish to purchase ClassBento gift cards, make sure to do so only directly at this website, classbento.co.uk, not Taobao.

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