Rekindle the Romance with Glasgow Art Classes

Rekindle the Romance with Glasgow Art Classes

By Victoria Haynes

Level up your date night ideas with our art classes in Glasgow! If you’ve been looking to turn your regular dinner-and-drinks evening into a unique experience that not only strengthens your bond but also unleashes your creativity, then we’ve got you covered. Offering everything from watercolour painting and drawing lessons to smartphone photography and oil painting workshops, we’ll send you off on a creative adventure to make wonderful memories – and wall-worthy art!

Learn to draw - a fun-filled journey of discovery for 2023

If you've always been curious about how to draw, then why not turn your curiosity into a fun date night? At our drawing workshops, professional artists guide couples through different techniques and styles, transforming anyone into a budding artist by the end of the session. You'll be amazed at what you can create together when given a bit of guidance and encouragement!

A woman is drawing a picture of a flower in a sketchbook and the class teacher is standing next to her giving advice

A person is sketching a flower at a drawing class

A man is taking a picture of a harbour on his smartphone

A close up of a persons hand holding a calligraphy pen at a brush lettering class

London Photography Courses That'll Bring the City to Life

Two women at a painting class are sitting at easels, painting in blue paint

A selection of brushes, pens and pencils stand in three vases

A close up of a woman painting on canvas using a spatula

Two men pick a selection of inks in an art workshop.

Smartphone photography classes will help you capture memories

Step up your Instagram game with our smartphone photography classes. These workshops are perfect for couples seeking fun date night ideas while learning tips and tricks on capturing stunning images using just their phones. You'll discover how lighting, angles, and filters can turn ordinary shots into extraordinary memories - perfect for remembering all those special moments spent together.

Art classes in Glasgow will help you master oil painting techniques

Discover the magic of colour blending as you delve into how to paint with oils at one of our immersive workshops. It’s never been easier – or more enjoyable – to learn a new skill like this alongside someone you love! The best news is that you don’t need any experience with oils either – your teacher will be an arty pro and the workshops are designed for complete beginners, so you can both relax and concentrate on whipping up a masterpiece!

You can relax together with watercolour painting

There is something undeniably romantic about ethereal watercolour painting; it allows you to express your emotions fluidly on canvas whilst enjoying your partner’s company. We’ve got plenty of engaging watercolour painting classes where you can explore this medium together – creating beautiful masterpieces and unforgettable memories.

Team up for couples’ painting classes

If creating individual pieces isn't your style, why not try one of our couples' painting classes? You'll work together on a joint masterpiece, fostering non-verbal communication and teamwork while having fun in an upbeat environment. Plus, you’ll both leave with a beautiful piece that’s symbolic of your connection!

Paint and sip classes make the perfect date night idea

For those seeking less traditional art classes in Glasgow, our paint and sip workshops promise an unforgettable night out. Paint, enjoy a glass of wine or two, and revel in the vibrant atmosphere while creating something beautiful together. It's the perfect combination for anyone looking for fresh date night ideas.

Our workshops aren’t just about learning new artistic skills; they offer an environment where creativity flourishes and relationships deepen. So why wait? Book your spot today and discover the joyous world of art with your loved one!

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