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At Lascelles Fine Arts we are passionate about bringing culture into the lives of our students. We believe that art and culture improves the world at large, and the wellbeing of our students in particular.

Practicing an artform changes the way we live our lives and our perspective on the world around us. As the mechanical practice of drawing or painting is mentally challenging, it is beneficial for brain health in the same way physical exercise benefits the physical condition. Practicing sketching helps us become more aware of our environment and sharpens our observational skills. When our daily routine may involve an endless series of stressful obligations arising from being an adult in a demanding modern world, practicing an artform provides us with a meditative experience that may best be described as "Zen". Art creation teaches us to be in the moment, to let go of what we cannot control and focus on what we can practically do in the moment we are in. The page and canvas are analogous to an alternate universe that we create and control; here we are free to express whatever we please. The work we create may never be seen by another human being, and thus it has the potential to be a safe exterior space in which to express whatever we have the need to express, without the fear of judgement from our peers.

Many of our students have small experience with art creation, or none at all. It is our belief that anyone can learn to make art, at any age, even when starting from scratch. Our classes give our students the fundamentals that they need to either proceed with additional instruction, or to confidently practice on their own at the their own speed. The classes are designed to encourage our students to believe in their own ability to learn and progress.

As with everyone else, we had to adapt quickly to the current situation following the start of the first lockdown. By the end of the summer of 2020 we began our first online classes and courses. We did our best to tailor those experiences to the needs of our students and to limit the potential pitfalls inherent in teaching an art class online. Through experience, continuous improvement, and the talents of our dedicated tutors we believe our online classes are as rich in value as any that we can offer in person. Our online classes have the added benefit of offering the opportunity for students from the entire country to engage with high-level tutors without the need to make extended trips to do so.

At the moment, our primary instructor is the British-American painter Gordon Carter. He has 31 years experience with oil painting, 23 years professional experience exhibiting and selling his work, 15 years experience teaching painting and drawing, as well as 10 years of experience curating exhibitions for public institutions as well as privately organizing group showings of various artists. His works are held in public and private collections across Europe and North America. As a professional, he is most passionate about sharing his expertise with his students and encouraging them to confidently believe in their own ability to create and benefit from art.




Jennifer Boyden Jul 2024

The class was excellent, Gordon has a wonderful knack for teaching and breaking the student away from old habits. It’s a must take class!

Patricia Jun 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had always been totally convinced that I could not draw but recently decided that I would like to try. I was so nervous and thought that I would embarrass myself. However, right from the start Gordon increased my confidence. He is such a skilled and encouraging teacher, explaining techniques clearly, making me feel really comfortable and developing the belief that I could draw. I actually produced something I was pretty pleased with! I bought some materials on the way home and continued practising immediately! And I am enjoying it so much! I certainly plan to take another class.

Anya Kundakchian Jun 2024

I had a private drawing class with Gordon and it was amazing. I came in with 0 experience, and after 2.5 hours I managed to draw something very impressive and I just didn't expect to be able to do that before! Gordon is a fantastic teacher - he explained the techniques very well and got me to practice with his support. He's also very encouraging and helps you achieve that confidence to just draw. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and will be coming back!

Montie Fraser Jun 2024

Absolutely amazing amazing teacher me and my partner really enjoyed it and will definitely do another class thank you again

Ulya Vasan Jun 2024

I arranged a class for 7 of us for my husband’s birthday with Gordon. We all had a brilliant experience!
Gordon made us feel at ease immediately and we all started to appreciate our own style and got insights into our personalities as we went through the exercises.
Being “good” at art doesn’t feel like it is restricted to those with natural talent, we have been left inspired!
Thanks Gordon ️

Nathalie Jun 2024

My friend and I bought this drawing class as a gift to ourselves for our birthday. We were welcome in a cosy flat in the Elephant & Castle area by Gordon, a gentle and talented artist who, over the course of 2 and 1/2 hours proved to us that anyone can draw. Believe me, before I attended this class, I had the deep-rooted conviction that I could not draw and that no one could ever teach me to do so! Well, Gordon proved me wrong: I did draw something and it was actually quite good (to my absolute surprise!!). Both my friend and I left the lesson wanting to learn and practice more. The 2 1/2 hours fled by as Gordon was such an engaging and patient teacher. We would both strongly recommend this class!!!

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

Such a great class! Three people in the class and I think everyone got something from it as the instructor was very good at tailoring feedback to the individual. I am completely new to drawing and loved the balance between elements of technique and lots of practice and encouragement. Such a great few hours doing something new and different

Gerry Cummins Jun 2024

Our art experience was outstanding. Gordon, out teacher, has an amazing approach, putting you at your ease and discussing how to get the very best from you in this medium. In our session we completely changed the way we would approach oil painting, whilst learning wider knowledge of the art. The time passed so quickly, but we were left with a feeling of achievement and enthusiasm to continue. I would absolutely recommend this class.

Kim Gudenus Jun 2024

I had this gift for my birthday.
The teacher, Gordon, was very informative about technics and tips.
He gave me some challenges.
I would have never though to be able to do the drawings I did.

We used different types of pencils.
I learn how to draw my hand and glasses of different shapes and sizes.
I was lucky to be the only student so it was a one to one.

It was good value.

Jay Gohil Jun 2024

My partner and I very much enjoyed our Beginners Oil Painting Lesson. It was just the ice breaker we needed to begin experimenting with this medium. We left equipped with all the knowledge we needed to get started on out first painting and had a very enjoyable interesting morning with Gordon who is friendly, encouraging and a very interesting guy to chat to about art.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jun 2024

Great class for beginners! Learned a lot with a lot of hands on practice and personalized support.

Bev Kliger May 2024

Very welcoming and patient. created an atmosphere for developing skills in and constructive manner. Gordon is an excellent teacher.

Karina Tukanova May 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The sessions were perfectly tailored to my skill level (complete beginner), providing me with clear explanations and thoughtful guidance. The instructor's personalised approach made each class both enjoyable and highly educational. All of the materials were available at the class.

Vera Ho May 2024

This class is ideal for beginners without any previous drawing skills! Gordon was friendly and fostered a safe learning environment to acquire technical foundational drawing skills. I left with newfound confidence and enthusiasm to further cultivate my drawing abilities. Thank you for providing an unforgettable experience!

Matthew Edwards May 2024

Gordon's highly focused approach made this a very successful introduction to drawing. His extremely clear and encouraging manner meant that we covered a lot of topics and techniques in a very purposeful manner. He develped my knowledge and understanding, got me drawing and gave me great advice and the confidence to practise on my own. I can see an improvement already. An excellent lesson. THANKS>

Anonymised ClassBento student Apr 2024

This was a private workshop for two beginners with no previous drawing skills. The teacher was warm and welcoming and put us at ease from the off. We learnt important basic drawing skills and practised them in the workshop with surprisingly pleasing results! All materials were provided, which was great. The teacher was patient and supportive and encouraging throughout. The whole experience exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it. We walked away with a new found confidence and enthusiasm to develop our drawing skills. Thank you!

Ariane Alexander Apr 2024

We did painting in the guy's garden, which was really nice! He had all the supplies and helped us get started! It was a very pleasant atmosphere and i had a lot of fun! I just wish there had been more of a "teaching" or workshop aspect to the class. I had trouble getting back to the same colour of paint I'd wanted; techniques for finding colour would have been helpful.

Carissa C Walton Apr 2024

An amazing class. I learnt so much and Gordon really listened to what I wanted to get out of the class (working on technique). I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Great value for money too. Gordon is a brilliant, engaging teacher who explained everything really well and helped build my confidence.

Teacher's response

Thank you Carrisa! Keep up your great work! You did an excellent job in the class!

Iñaki Valcarcel Mar 2024

This was class was exactly what I was looking for. I had plenty of contact time with the teacher. I appreciate teacher's attention and enthusiasm. And as result I feel encouraged to practice drawing more and in a better position to start my paintings. Thanks Gordon.

Teacher's response

Thank you Iñaki! You did very well in the session!

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

The class was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot! All of the materials were provided and there was enough guidance from the teacher.

Rebecca Mingotti Landriani Mar 2024

The class was very engaging and we learned plenty of new techniques I would definitely recommend it for people of all levels :)

Teacher's response

We had a great time yesterday! You both did a very good job getting your paintings goingI am looking forward to see how your landscape develops!

Seung Min Lee Mar 2024

I wanted to paint so that I pursue some time for myself, something I wanted to do purely for me. Gordon was attentive, kind, patient and insightful. Venue was cozy and had a lovely garden, I painted inside as it was still cold outside. All materials were provided with lots of brushes to use. I went to refresh my oil painting skills I had learnt back at school. I understood speed of drying and how to blend using this speed, how to use a new medium which is more like gel for faster drying, how to smoothen and reduce brush strokes, ideas of colour mixing and creating new shades of the same colour family. I started a sunflower painting as further as I could progress for the next layer after drying. I think the class was fully worth it though I now want some more to continue! I will return after adding some of my own time individually. What I liked the most is Gordon’s philosophy, his warm and accepting approach to art, and still clear and strategic tips when you need and want them. I would recommend Gordon highly.

Teacher's response

Thank you Min for all of your kind words! It was pleasure having the class with you!


Amy Mar 2024

Really enjoyed the class, teacher was very welcoming, insightful and encouraging. Lovely space and enough time to get the first iteration of our paintings on the canvas. Highly recommend

Teacher's response

Thank you very much! The two of you were brilliantI am looking forward to seeing your progress!

Aurelie Delivet Feb 2024

It was for my boyfriend’s birthday. The teacher was welcoming and he showed us the steps to drawing. We learned new techniques. I was amazed by the result of my drawing as an absolute beginner. All the materials were provided. I recommend Lascelles Fine Arts.

Teacher's response

Thank you very much! I hope the rest of your day was amazing! Both of you did great! So nice meeting you, I really enjoyed the session with you!

Stephane Hue Jan 2024

Excellent first contact. This session was very inspiring and motivating. I feel in good hands.

Christos Malliaros Jan 2024

The class is very good, thoughtful and really give me a good perspective of how I see portrait painting with lots of tips to take away Highly recommend!

Natalie Webber Dec 2023

Gordon was a great teacher. Very knowledgeable and affable and allowed us to find our own way with our paintings before providing help. I highly recommend one of his classes.

Anonymised ClassBento student Dec 2023

Gordan, with a remarkable mix of warmth and expertise, made each artwork come alive.
What stood out was the Gordon's skill in weaving historical context, artistic techniques, and intriguing anecdotes into a very interesting narrative. Gordon's patience and eagerness to answer questions, no matter how simple (or how strange), made me feel valued. The tour was an engaging, educational, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this tour.

Ashton Forster Nov 2023

Gordon is an incredible teacher - we covered technical knowledge as well as learning how to use the oil paint and it opened many new creative doors for me! I highly recommend if you have been thinking about it for a long time - you won’t regret it!

Vamini Mepani Oct 2023

amazing class and helpful teacher. class was a great value for money and I learnt a lot.

Alexandra Ganga Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great teacher, very gentle and explains every technique very clearly. Thank you, see you soon!

Lucy Myles Sep 2023

Gordon was brilliant! We all thoroughly enjoyed the class and hope to organise it again. Great advice and tips throughout. My only suggestion would to allow longer for the class, perhaps 3 hours.


Oil Painting Class review by Lucy Myles - London

Alexandra Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Wonderful teacher! Im really really pleased and grateful. He explained the various techniques very clearly and gently answered all of my many questions. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Never painted with oil before and went home with a seascape.
Highly recommended!

Thanks again.

Laurence Salmon Aug 2023

Thank you for the workshop it was a great introduction to portrait drawing.

I have learnt a lot within a few hours and had a great time. Gordon provided useful guidance, shared a lot of knowledge and gave me the confidence to get started. Will definitely recommend the class.

Polina Edmunds Aug 2023

Such an amazing experience. I have previously painted watercolours and my husband is a complete beginner but Gordon was great at making the session accessible and fun for both of us. Gordon also offered us the chance to move the session a day before so that the weather would allow us to paint outside in his beautiful garden. Highly recommended!

Danlin Lyu Jun 2023

The class was taught in the nice garden, a very enjoyable environment for art creation! I spent a really good afternoon with the teacher, who is very professional in painting, passionate about art, and patient in teaching. You’ll not only learn skills about painting but background knowledge of artists and artworks. You’ll also learn about all the painting materials. It’s a good way to relax and fully explore your imagination! I’m really looking forward to continuing the lessons!

Evan Millard Jun 2023

Super class and wonderful teacher, the venue was easy to find and everything already set up, highly recommend!

Sara Portnoy May 2023

Gordon was superb,
He was the perfect balance between teacher and pleasant person to have around. His explanations were really clear and his has a patient and calm manner that made the whole morning flash by.

Daniella Akinsemoyin May 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Bought this class for my mum and she loved it. He was a great teacher and looking at the product i'm amazed at how he was able to help her create such a beautiful piece which is just the first coat. Definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about taking the class.

Sara May 2023

For Mother's Day I booked a beginners drawing session for me & mum. We love sketching, but otherwise know nothing about art. Gordon was warm, funny, and detailed. He taught us about the technical aspects of sketching, as well as how to apply these skills into our drawings. His teaching style was febulous and inspired us to draw and learn more! As a teacher he really made the day - especially with his patience for our (many) silly questions. We're looking forward to booking with him again.

Drawing Class and Breakfast review by Sara  - London

Sophia Dimitrova May 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended

Thank you for a wonderful tour! Learned so much! Would recommend to everyone interested in learning about art and the amazing collection at the National Gallery.

Clémence Rainaut Apr 2023

Gordon was amazing, explaining a lot of theoretical things about oil painting and then guiding us in detail through all the stages, from choosing what we wanted to paint, to drawing the first sketches, to painting the first layer. He also gave us a lot of tips for the future. I highly recommend!

Bonita Brincat Mar 2023

Really surpassed our expectations! Gordon was an excellent teacher & covered the technical elements as well as helping us along with easy tips on how to improve our own work, both in the session and beyond. We’re complete beginners but enjoyed this session so much - would certainly return in future!

Drawing Class and Breakfast review by Bonita Brincat - London

Ada Romero Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

it was a super super useful class! i learned the basic techniques of drawing that i can now apply to my squetches

Shirin Alavi Mar 2023

Teacher was fantastic. Very generous with his time and overall a very memorable and fun experience. We will be painting more!

Katherine Brookhouse Mar 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed the experience. Painting materials are provided and easy to use after Gordon’s explanation. Gordon is very patient and clear. We painted whatever was in our mind that day and went for it. And I’m very happy with the result of my painting as well. The venue is clean and has a good view. Food- wise, we had a couple of choices for the coupons we had and the food was tasty. Just what we needed after being super focused. Very good experience.

Oil Painting Class and Dinner review by Katherine Brookhouse - London

Michelle Alipio Mar 2023

Thank you Gordon for an amazing introduction to oil painting! This class was so much fun.

Calyan Gaunt Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyable class suitable for any skill level.
Teacher was extremely helpful and friendly to chat with, and gave very useful tips for improvement and continuing to pursue drawing, as well as boosting your confidence.
Breakfast was also very tasty.
A great experience.

Alexander Adamson Feb 2023

Really great, informative, and motivating. Very fun class, would recommend! Review needs to be five more words so here you go!

Stefania Kovacs Feb 2023

Absolutely amazing! Gordon was brilliant in teaching both my fiancé and I, even though our drawing skills could not possibly be more different.

We found the class fun and we both learned a lot. I really loved the fact that Gordon encouraged us to express our individual way of drawing.

Could not recommend him enough.

Tara Dankel Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher came to our apartment, which was wonderful. He brought everything we needed to begin an oil painting, including easels and mixing palettes. Neither my partner nor I had every used oil paint before and he taught us everything we needed to know, from composition to mixing to layering. I would definitely recommend it, especially as an at home activity for a couple or family.

Heather Palmer Dec 2022

Great first time putting paint to canvas. Gordon very informative and easy going! Lovely people and great to all have a go!

Oil Painting Class and Dinner review by Heather Palmer - London

Zaineb Lem Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a great time ! Gordon shared all the tips for me to have a good experience. I had all the material and precise explanation to work on my choosen design ! I would definitely recommend !

Painting class review by Zaineb Lem - London

Anita Cunningham Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really friendly and knowledgeable. Made it fun. Shared so much interesting philosophy. Was so happy to answer all our questions. Gave us confidence and a great approach to getting us started.

Ebru Smith Jun 2021

Gordon is a great tutor. He put me at ease from the first class and we are able to learn by chatting while he sets me tasks to paint. I enjoy my time immensely and find two hours flies by. I relax and enjoy myself and it is worth every penny.

Alessandra Maggiora Jun 2021

63 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

I cannot stress enough how good and helpful this class is. Gordon is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and artist, happy to share his knowledge and experience. As a total beginner he tailored the class accordingly, explaining all the basic theory of oil painting and then hands on canvas! The afternoon literally flew by :)

Ebru Smith May 2021

Great class! Learned so much and my tutor was excellent. I would recommend this and already have!

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