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At Lascelles Fine Arts we are passionate about bringing culture into the lives of our students. We believe that art and culture improves the world at large, and the wellbeing of our students in particular.

Practicing an artform changes the way we live our lives and our perspective on the world around us. As the mechanical practice of drawing or painting is mentally challenging, it is beneficial for brain health in the same way physical exercise benefits the physical condition. Practicing sketching helps us become more aware of our environment and sharpens our observational skills. When our daily routine may involve an endless series of stressful obligations arising from being an adult in a demanding modern world, practicing an artform provides us with a meditative experience that may best be described as "Zen". Art creation teaches us to be in the moment, to let go of what we cannot control and focus on what we can practically do in the moment we are in. The page and canvas are analogous to an alternate universe that we create and control; here we are free to express whatever we please. The work we create may never be seen by another human being, and thus it has the potential to be a safe exterior space in which to express whatever we have the need to express, without the fear of judgement from our peers.

Many of our students have small experience with art creation, or none at all. It is our belief that anyone can learn to make art, at any age, even when starting from scratch. Our classes give our students the fundamentals that they need to either proceed with additional instruction, or to confidently practice on their own at the their own speed. The classes are designed to encourage our students to believe in their own ability to learn and progress.

As with everyone else, we had to adapt quickly to the current situation following the start of the first lockdown. By the end of the summer of 2020 we began our first online classes and courses. We did our best to tailor those experiences to the needs of our students and to limit the potential pitfalls inherent in teaching an art class online. Through experience, continuous improvement, and the talents of our dedicated tutors we believe our online classes are as rich in value as any that we can offer in person. Our online classes have the added benefit of offering the opportunity for students from the entire country to engage with high-level tutors without the need to make extended trips to do so.

At the moment, our primary instructor is the British-American painter Gordon Carter. He has 31 years experience with oil painting, 23 years professional experience exhibiting and selling his work, 15 years experience teaching painting and drawing, as well as 10 years of experience curating exhibitions for public institutions as well as privately organizing group showings of various artists. His works are held in public and private collections across Europe and North America. As a professional, he is most passionate about sharing his expertise with his students and encouraging them to confidently believe in their own ability to create and benefit from art.




Anita Cunningham Dec 2021

Learn to Oil Paint at Home: Four-part Course

Really friendly and knowledgeable. Made it fun. Shared so much interesting philosophy. Was so happy to answer all our questions. Gave us confidence and a great approach to getting us started.

Ebru Smith Jun 2021

Learn to Paint with Oils at Home

Gordon is a great tutor. He put me at ease from the first class and we are able to learn by chatting while he sets me tasks to paint. I enjoy my time immensely and find two hours flies by. I relax and enjoy myself and it is worth every penny.

Alessandra Maggiora Jun 2021

28 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

Learn to Paint with Oils at Home

I cannot stress enough how good and helpful this class is. Gordon is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and artist, happy to share his knowledge and experience. As a total beginner he tailored the class accordingly, explaining all the basic theory of oil painting and then hands on canvas! The afternoon literally flew by :)

Ebru Smith May 2021

Learn to Paint with Oils at Home

Great class! Learned so much and my tutor was excellent. I would recommend this and already have!

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