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Buzzy Bee-utiful Wraps

Buzzy Bee-utiful Wraps

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Buzzy Bee-utiful Wraps is a small independent business and all of our products are handmade in our kitchen while juggling our small children!

Buzzy Bee-utiful Wraps are a plastic wrap/foil alternative that can be used to cover sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, bread and so much more. We source our beeswax from happy bees fed on beautiful wildflowers. Beeswax is a completely natural, non-toxic substance with antifungal & antibacterial properties. Coating the wraps in Beeswax allows them to be waterproof yet breathable, therefore protecting your food from getting wet or wilted all while locking in moisture, flavour, freshness.

Most importantly beeswax wraps keep your food clean and fresh in a sustainable way as they help you to avoid using single-use plastic!
You can make your own ethical DIY beeswax wraps at home with our fabulous DIY kits!

Brighten up your fridge with our range of vibrant fabric designs!


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