Sculpt and Sip Class

Relax with pottery making as you sip at this tipsy sculpting class in Manchester!

2 hours Class size 1 to 30     label £29

On the hunt for some alternative group activities in Manchester? Whether you're looking for hen party ideas or birthday party and date night activities, this crafty Manchester experience is a real crowd-pleaser!

Purchase a drink at the bar on arrival to get those creative juices flowing as you learn how to sculpt pottery and craft your own clay creation in the heart of Manchester.

New to pottery making? Don't worry,  no previous experience is necessary. Buy some dutch courage at the bar and dive hands first into the clay to make some sculpted pottery pieces you'll be proud of!

Along the way, this pottery class will guide you as you're encouraged to let your imagination run wild as you learn the basics of sculpting with Airy Dry Clay.

By the end of this relaxing pottery class in Manchester, you'll have your own clay creation to take away and admire and some new sculpting skills too!

Please note:
This event is not BYOB but the bar will be open.

Upcoming dates

color_lens Sip and Sculpt - Deansgate Locks

date_range Wed 10 Jan at 6:45pm

place Bianca Road Brew and Co - Revolution, Arch 7, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5LH

color_lens Sip and Sculpt - Deansgate Locks

date_range Wed 24 Jan at 6:45pm

place Bianca Road Brew and Co - Revolution, Arch 7, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5LH

color_lens Sip and Sculpt

date_range Sun 4 Feb at 1:45pm

place Parsonage Gardens - Revolution, Arkwright House, Parsonage Gdns, Manchester M3 2LF

Knowledge required
Completely beginner-friendly!
What you'll get
  • All art materials provided.
  • Your masterpiece to keep.
What to bring
Pocket money for the bar!

Revolution, Arch 7, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5LH and Revolution, Arkwright House, Parsonage Gdns, Manchester M3 2LF (varies by date; click the date selector to see details)

Sculpt and Sip Class location
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Paintvine UK

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Hello, we're Paintvine and we're passionate about bringing creative fun to your midweek. Paintvine has hosted thousands of paint and sip events throughout the United Kingdom. We are based in London, Manchester and Liverpool and love connecting friends, family and teams together in the name of art.

We believe that creative endeavours can add so much to your life. However, we've found that there aren’t many opportunities in today’s world for people to get together and get creative in a friendly and non-judgemental environment – which is why Paintvine was born. So join us, and see what it's all about.

Meet Paintvine UK

Experience the joy of creation with Paintvine's fun-filled weekday workshops. From paint and sips to sculpting sessions, unlock your inner artist! Book now.

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Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Priti Nov 2023

First time attending a sculpting workshop & thoroughly enjoyed it!Hosts/Teachers were fantastic & great at running through the steps to create the peices & explaining processes and methods.Highly recommend the workshop if you fancy trying something new / different!Great value for money.Both myself and friend enjoyed it and you get to take your creations home.

Elaine Stockton Nov 2023

This was such a fun class and the tutors were amazing, so helpful! I would definitely do this again.

The only negative is not a reflection on the provider but the location. My session was help in Revolution but they did not accommodate it at all. Right behind us they were blasting music and MCing meaning the tutors had to shout but they did their very best and absolutely made it work!

Bernadette Nov 2023

Beam our teacher was fantastic, she was so cheerful and explained everything clearly, she was also very helpful. My friend and I had a fabulous couple of hours, it was such a fun activity.

Gabriel Llanos Subijana Nov 2023

We had a fantastic time getting our hands dirty with some clay, like being kids again. Our teacher Beam was lovely, very supportive and extremely enthusiastic. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Jules Howdin Nov 2023

The venue was great; Beam was
really friendly, supportive and encouraging of creativity! Really enjoyed it.

Simone Livesey Oct 2023

This was my first time attending one of these classes and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. There were two teachers guiding us who were both super helpful. Especially Millie, who kept coming over to make sure we were okay, had enough supplies and knew what we were doing. Without a doubt, Millie made the experience and I will keep my fingers & toes crossed, that she will be hosting the next event I attend. The venue was super spacious & felt comfortable and that I had enough room. I'd happily recommend these classes to anyone, it's fun and different and a nice way to socialise with friends and family.

Simone Livesey Oct 2023

This was my first time attending one of these classes and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. There were two teachers guiding us who were both super helpful. Especially Millie, who kept coming over to make sure we were okay, had enough supplies and knew what we were doing. Without a doubt, Millie made the experience and I will keep my fingers & toes crossed, that she will be hosting the next event I attend. The venue was super spacious & felt comfortable and that I had enough room. I'd happily recommend these classes to anyone, it's fun and different and a nice way to socialise with friends and family.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Very nice experience :) I would definitely recommend it. It's a nice way to enjoy and spend the afternoon having a drink and doing some artistic sculptures.

Emily Challenger Oct 2023

We had a great time at the sip and sculpt class in Manchester. It was a corporate group, and everyone had a really good experience. The teacher was friendly and patient and really helpful.

Michael Graham Oct 2023

A very enjoyable session. Was gifted this experience as a birthday present and it didn't disappoint. The teachers were friendly and engaging, providing useful guidance while letting you run free creatively. They provide everything you would need and the pottery is great to have after. There was plenty of space for all involved. Would reccomend to anyone.

Sandra Benson Sep 2023

We had a great time…brilliant experience…good teacher…such a good idea…will recommend to others!

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Teacher was friendly, but expected there to be more guidance. No examples of what we were making to look at, or ideas for inspiration which could have helped with the hour + of free time.

Amelia Morgan-Gumm Sep 2023

Brilliant class! Had an amazing time. The teacher was very friendly, helpful, and good at explaining.

Liam Barton Aug 2023

Great experience, lovely teacher - lots of help given, very patient and excellent value for money overall, will complete again and let friends know about it.

Mateusz Sysa Aug 2023

Teacher was very likeable and very fun, she had a bubble personality, she was the best!
Class itself was inside a pub, and we had no disturbances so it was chill, i enjoyed it a lot, would definitely recommend 100%

Charlotte Coleman Aug 2023

Great atmosphere the girls running it were chatty funny and helpful all in all a great night and nothing to fault

Pottery class review by Charlotte Coleman - Manchester

Rebekah Allen Aug 2023

Really fun evening, great value for money and learnt a new skill which I'd definitely like to develop! Teacher really friendly, showed us the basics but also let us get on with it

Sculpt and Sip Class review by Rebekah Allen - Manchester

Kay Field Aug 2023

Fun, friendly relaxed afternoon being creative in a cocktail bar…what a treat! Thank you so much!

Natalia Jul 2023

Teachers were amazing! Very helpful and encouraging! The class started with how to create a basic pot then you was free to create anything you want. They explained different techniques very well!

Jessica Goulbourne Jul 2023

The teachers were lovely and so helpful! It was so fun and would 100% recommend and do it again!

Sculpt and Sip Class review by Jessica Goulbourne - Manchester

Rachel Taylor Jul 2023

Fun class! Welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Teachers were really helpful and friendly! Enjoyed the evening! Good venue!

Colette Nuttall Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We booked as a works night out and had a fabulous time. The instructor Beam was patient - we didn’t have a clue - gave instructions to make a pinch pot and then advised us and helped with ideas when we were given free choice. All 6 of us had a ball. The venue was downstairs in Revolution bar - it was spacious and although you had to go upstairs to order drinks, this wasn’t a problem. We’d definitely do this or another class again.

Sculpt and Sip Class review by Colette Nuttall - Manchester

Aslam Lone Jun 2023

The class was amazing, Katie our teacher was incredibly helpful and had endless patience for our questions. She made the class feel completely at ease for beginners and created an amazing atmosphere for the class. All materials were provided including a tray and bag to take away any sculptures made which was such a fantastic thing to be provided as many wee travelling and wanted to keep our models safe. The venue was revolution bar but we had a space set aside and never felt intrusive by any bar patrons. A genuine all around amazing experience so much so we'll be booking to go again especially if Katie is teaching !

Pottery class review by Aslam Lone - Manchester

Leanne Starkey Jun 2023

Location was easy to find and friendly atmosphere.
Teacher was pleasant and kind
was a fun day with a variety of tools to be used, could have had a few more cut outs or stamps to make something more creative. some ideas of things to create, pictures, ideas, examples.
Could have been a little more organised, some poeple were starting while some people were waiting, didn't know what we should be doing. wasn't sure if we should be doing our own thing or following instructions as it was a bit all over the place.
We could get drinks at the bar but we were covered in clay so it was difficult, would have been nice to get table service as we would have had more drinks if that was the case.

Lisa Stevens Jun 2023

Teacher was fab, really fun and knowledgeable and taught us lots. Would definitely book again!

Tamira Kasan Jun 2023

My friend and I absolutely loved this class! The teachers were so positive and engaging and made you feel like your pottery was 10/10. Jess and I will be back! We want to do this once a month or once a season because we had SO much fun!

Matthew Ball Jun 2023

The instructor was great! Really knowledgeable and built a great atmosphere and kept checking we knew what to do. Pub was a great venue as well.

Josie Hull Jun 2023

It was really good we all enjoyed it. I just wish that there was atleast one drink included or you could take tools home

Sculpt and Sip Class review by Josie Hull - Manchester

Melissa Cooper Jun 2023

Lovelyyy ladies who run the event. Super chilled with no experience or intent needed with what you want to create. The atmosphere was lively whilst still being quite therapeutic. Around 30 people for a class without feeling too intimate. Nice venue with a private area for the event. Would 100% do this again. Worth it for 2 hours and the atmosphere.

Abi Eyre Jun 2023

I loved it It was so fun to play around with they clay with your mates and also meet new people as well! The girls leading it were sooo friendly and supportive! I would 100% do another class !

Pottery class review by Abi Eyre - Manchester

Jasmin Hamilton Jun 2023

A great experience! The teachers are so helpful and kind. We were able to create so much more than expected as well.

Safina Ahmed May 2023

Such a lovely time and the teachers were sooo lovely and helpful. Great evening and such a therapeutic activity to do.

Elizabeth Chapman Apr 2023

Absolutely brilliant evening. The teachers were great and very encouraging. I was in a group of 6 ladies and we all had so much fun and laughed a lot. Had everything we needed and we sculpted our pet dogs and some Christmas tree decorations (which will make it to the tree this year!) I don't know how you do it for the cost, fabulous.

Caitlin Scotf Apr 2023

Really enjoyed it, both instructors really helpful! Lots of tools to use and plenty of clay too! Thank you it was a great birthday present for my friend

Olivia Ince Apr 2023

The class was great in a cosy pub venue and the teachers were lovely and helpful! The clay was high quality and I love my creation.

Lauren Walkeden Mar 2023

Really friendly hosts, was so relaxing and such a chilled environment! They gave great tips a long the way. We had such a great time, would 100% recommend!

Pottery class review by Lauren Walkeden - Manchester

Kerrie Cobourne Mar 2023

The teachers were lovely! Very friendly and helpful! I had a great time and will definitely be back! Thank you so much!

Pottery class review by Kerrie Cobourne - Manchester

Catherine Lambert Mar 2023

Amazing class. Very good for a gift to a friend or partner. So chilled and lots of fun

Charlie Rickard Mar 2023

Super fun and friendly, the instructors led the class really well would highly recommend if you want to try something new and have a drink while doing it.

Amy Asad Mar 2023

So much fun! Not sure what I was expecting but it was such a great thing to do, teachers were really lovely and friendly and encouraging, also generally really nice to chat to while we sculpted! Would definitely do it again, plenty of materials and help if wanted or can do your own thing.

David Currey Mar 2023

Really enjoyable experience, lovely staff who were very helpful. Option to make lots of stuff if wanted!

Rory Leventhorpe Mar 2023

Lovely people and such a nice time. Got to make 3 different things, but could make as many as you want! Really lovely venue and fun and personable providers.

Ema Simaityte Mar 2023

Such a nice way to spend time with friends casual Thursday! Absolutely loved it and would recommend to everyone.

Wiktor Wawrzyniak Mar 2023

The atmosphere in the class was really nice! The teacher taught us a few techniques of how to work with the clay which was interesting and allowed us to be creative with what we make. Really enjoyed my time would definitely recommend.

Janine Flannery Feb 2023

Thought it was a strange venue at first but it worked really well. Really good atmosphere crested by those attending and the hosts were fantastic, they gave some good info to get us started and then continued to encourage throughout. Being able to grab a drink at anytime just topped it off. Great night and a lot of fun, thanks

Pottery class review by Janine Flannery - Manchester

Michelle Wheeler Feb 2023

Lovely welcoming class, very easy to go at your own pace. Pub was a great space too with our own room.

Gemma Farrington Feb 2023

Really fun class and the teachers were really entertaining and engaging. Gave me some great tips and artistic ideas for my little clay figure! Overall really enjoyed x

Sam Forster Feb 2023

The class was really relaxed and fun. Both the teachers were lovely. And it was even better with a pint.

Ishana Moores Feb 2023

The teacher was brilliant - friendly and knowledgeable - and talked us through techniques as well as letting us go crazy with our own designs. The venue was super cosy and friendly, the perfect atmosphere

Emma Thompson Feb 2023

Teacher was lovely, very attentive to us all, chatty and helpful.

I did find it difficult to know what to make as I'm not very creative but it sort of flows at the end.

This class is a great idea for couples/friends/family!

Lola Gustin Feb 2023

Very nice teacher, she gave some good tips and encouraged creativity !
Would do it again :)

Caz Brazell Jan 2023

We had such a great time. It was on a lovely venue, very relaxed vibe. The hosts were great, it felt like an evening with friends with the added bonus of being shown how to do something new with tips and ideas to try out.

I'd certainly recommend giving this a go.

Thanks for a great event x

Laura Michalska Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great location and lovely class. It was my first time playing with clay and it's really relaxing. You are given more clay to play with of you want to build more thigs. Highly recommend

Lauren Gourlay Nov 2022

Lovely event. Great teachers and they had every supply you would need. Definitely recommend x

Sarah Kellali Nov 2022

The teachers were really friendly and helpful. Plenty of material provided. Thanks so much for a lovely evening!

Katie Harrison Oct 2022

Had a really great time at the sculpt and sip class, the teachers were very helpful, friendly and engaging

Beatriz Barbosa Oct 2022

It was a lot of fun: both the chatting and the ability to experiment a bit with pottery!

Sarah Jones Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was amazing from start to finish! Alice was an unbelievable teacher and all of the assistants were so down to earth! Everyone makes a pinch bowl to begin with and then you have free reign to make something of your own. If you're like me and have 0 creativity the girls are there to offer support.

The Kings Arms where it's situated is also a very lovely pub and you're tucked away in a room with other people doing the same thing.

10/10 experience and cannot wait to book more paintvine experiences!

Pottery class review by Sarah Jones - Manchester

Sam Brierley Sep 2022

A great time withlovely and informative teachers. A great laugh with friends and strangers. Would recommend

Hannah Julyan Sep 2022

super fun girls night out/ date idea and the vibes were immaculate! thanks for a fun evening✨

Pottery class review by Hannah Julyan - Manchester

David Robinson Aug 2022

Made the booking for my girlfriends birthday.

Was a great night really relaxed and great environment.

Our teacher throughout the even was very tentative to everyone and made al feel welcomed.

Really fun and relaxing way to spend a couple of hours as a couples activity

Eleanor Thomas Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was lovely (Alice, I think) and we had all the materials and guidance needed to make a few pieces

Pottery class review by Eleanor Thomas - Manchester

Lana Fairclough Aug 2022

loved it! our teacher Alice was amazing, so lovely and gave us lots of inspo

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