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I'm Eleonora, I was born in Milan (Italy) and I moved to London (UK) in 2019.
I created Elendipity in 2018 by sharing basic crochet / sewing tips and tricks and simple projects through my YouTube channel.
Now Elendipity provides crochet and sewing classes in person and online.
We sell crochet patterns and we hold crochet/sewing workshops both in-person and online.
We love crafts in general and we try to encourage everyone to grow their passions.
We think that teaching is a beautiful way to help others to find their passion and to create something with that.


Meet Elendipity

Dive into the world of textiles with Eleonora Cugini, a passionate crafter and teacher from Milan. Discover the joy of crochet, unwind, and connect with others through the art of crafting.

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Julia Beattie Jul 2024

Great class! I am a complete beginner and instructor was lovely, very clear instructions and lots of good information. Excited to do more crochet. Thank you!

Teacher's response

Thank you!

Jade Nhin Jun 2024

I’ve always wanted to learn crochet but struggled with YouTube videos, Eleonora was super patient and lovely - she explained everything in detail as well as the background, the different types of yarn, hooks etc. Really enjoyed the class, highly recommend!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much, I'm very happy you enjoyed the class!

Leanne Convis May 2024

Such a lovely class! The cats were cute and I was impressed with all the information that was packed in for a first time crocheter. I have sewing experience, so we were able to briefly talk about patterns, but nothing a true beginner couldn't do. She also provided links at the end with videos and materials, super helpful!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your lovely review!

Ciara Cronin May 2024

I really enjoyed my crotchet lesson. The teacher was really great. She started off by explaining everything you could possibly need to know, letting you write down notes as she went. Then you got to start crotchet. She was patient with you, helping you along and giving tips to stop your mistakes from happening again. The space was very clean and she provided everything which is great. I liked that after the lesson she sends you an email with further help with links to resources and further information. Overall great experience. You can tell she is very passionate about her craft and is eager for you to do well on your journey.

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Ciara for your kind words and for taking the time to write this amazing review! Seeing my students happy makes me happy!

Andrea Cunningham May 2024

So great! I’m was really struggling with online tutorials but this was so helpful, she can teach left or right handed too which is amazing

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Andrea!
I'm very happy the class was helpful :)

Fayola Wilkinson-Palmer May 2024

This was a fantastic class! Eleonora was an engaging and patient teacher, really knowledgeable and gave us some great background and context to what we were learning. She provided all the materials we needed and also directed us to further resources for our own learning after the class. Lovely and welcoming venue and super easy to get to. Thank you again Eleonora for such a great class

Teacher's response

Thank you, Fayola, your wonderful review! It's so lovely to hear that you enjoyed the class and it was a pleasure to have you both, I had so much fun too!
I hope to see you back soon!

Diana Pereira Apr 2024

Lovely teacher and a great class. A lot of information and a great start. Definitely a good experience all round

Marwa Apr 2024

Eleonara was great, she was super helpful and explained every single detail about crocheting and how to begin. She even recommended products and sends you the lesson again just in case you forget. Would definitely recommend and looking forward to go to more classes!

Sara Bailey Mar 2024

Fab lesson Defo recommend doing a class rather than learning wrong off YouTube like I did!

Zoe Wong Mar 2024

Detailed explanation and step by step guidance, making it comfortable for beginners. Overall great experience. As a beginner I would recommend to anyone who want to start crocheting

Gina Mar 2024

Really great class helping me understand the basics of crochet - I will definitely be back to improve more! Thank you

Sally Rena Feb 2024

Eleanor’s is very good and very thorough (I have noticed most Italians are thorough). I will need more lessons and have lots of confidence in her.

Bea Del Sasso Feb 2024

Such a great class for beginners! So informative and patient.I am left handed and she was great at teaching me. Great teacher :)

Hilary Jan 2024

This was a great class. The hour flew by and I now feel more confident. And great instructions to find the apartment as well. Thank you

Holly Webster Jan 2024

Another great class! :) Have learned three crochet stitches and gaining confidence in my skills :D

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

I learnt a lot in this lesson and started learning crochet it was fun and educational and I had a really good teacher

Holly Webster Jan 2024

Great first class, really patient and knowledgeable teacher! Excited for my next one and the cats are super cute!

Cressida Jan 2024

Great teacher, patient and knowledgeable. Fantastic set-up with helpful extras such as notepad and paper and water. Would highly recommend. Thank you for your expertise and help with my granny square blanket.

Natsumi Fujimoto Dec 2023

Lovely class! As a complete beginner, I appreciated her kindness and patient. Highly recommend it

Chiara Ingrassia Dec 2023

I was slightly disappointed when my daughter preferred Elendipity to my teaching for her DofE skills, however, I have soon realised I would never have been able to provide the structure, the organisation and the quality of teaching that Eleonora provides. And her patience. Worth every penny! Grazie mille! ️

Laura Bibby Nov 2023

I really enjoyed my first class with Eleonora. Eleonora explained everything clearly & walked through the basics at a good pace. I would definitely recommend signing up for lessons - I'll definitely be back for more!

Chris Thalasselis Nov 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed my 1-1 crochet lesson with Eleonora and would have no hesitation recommending her class.

Anisa Thapa Nov 2023

The whole experience was great for beginners. Eleonora was a great teacher, very patience with a clear and engaging instruction style.She covered a range of essential embroidery techniques, ensuring each of us understood and could apply them effectively. Highly recommended.

Anonymised ClassBento student Nov 2023

Eleanora was a fantastic teacher and explained everything very well. We all thoroughly enjoyed the class and learnt a lot!

Karishma Nov 2023

Amazing teacher! The lesson was full of advice, as well as the pattern i wanted to go through, and managed to do alot within the hour. Would highly recommend :)

Daniel Grefsheim Nov 2023

If you are looking for somewhere to kick start your embroidery journey, this is the right place! the class was small (only 2 of us), so you really had a lot of guidance and advise from the teacher, Eleonora.
We learnt a number of different stitches, and were given a hoop and template to practice said stitches as home. I was so excited that I went home after the class an immediately started practicing!
The stencil given was Christmas themed, so will be great to hang up or as a gift.
thank you for your help! would definitely recommend!

Eri Fletcher Nov 2023

I had a great time. Teacher is so good explaining everything. Location so easy to access. Highly recommend this.

Daniela Rajniakova Nov 2023

Booked lesson for mine 10 year old.
Eleonora she just lovely;)
Very welcoming and patient.
Definitely will book more.

Karen Oct 2023

Great first lesson - I really enjoyed it and will definitely be booking more !
Highly recommended

Pauline Oct 2023

Eleonora is a great teacher. Explained everything in detail which was great as I’m an absolute beginner. I managed to crochet some stitches and can’t wait to put what I’ve learned in to practice. Highly recommend this class

Nicole Sep 2023

It was a really great crochet class! Eleonora was super patient and adjusted the class to the level I was at. As a beginner I felt like I learnt a lot as she explained each step throughly and demonstrated it before working through it with me. Definitely recommend

Patsy Trench Sep 2023

Eleanora is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable, and I learned some new tricks even though I've been crocheting for years (badly). She followed up our session with links to more useful hints and she's given me the tools to try designing garments myself, which I really want to try to do.

Ankita Saxena Sep 2023

It was an amazing class. My teacher was incredibly patient and guided me step by step when I got confused. They motivated me and made me feel comfortable about learning slowly. I really enjoyed the class!

Bella and Isobel Sep 2023

Very educational and fun. Eleonora was very helpful.

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

It was a wonderful crochet class. Eleonora is a lovely teacher and will adjust the class to your needs. She explains and shows things very kindly, and I learned a lot. I am quite a beginner and got several helpful tips & shown what to practice. I do recommend her class wholeheartedly.

Alexander Saw Sep 2023

This class was GREAT
I booked it to do for my girlfriends birthday and the hour session was a great indroduction to crocheting. Eleonora was extremely helpful, patient and had such a positive energy.

PS huge thanks for managing to get me a booking a bit last minute and hope you have a lovely birthday weekend

Atinuke Sep 2023

A very good class, and very helpful. A really good class that is great for beginners

Ros Rubinstein Sep 2023

The teacher was friendly, helpful, professional and packed a lot into the lesson.
I highly recommend her.

Nicole Paine Aug 2023

Eleanora is amazing this is my 3rd time coming and every time I learn more she is so great at teaching, is patient and knowledgable.

Textiles class review by Nicole Paine - London

Kanika Dua Aug 2023

Excellent series of classes . Elleanor has such a nice manner when teaching and my daughter has hopefully picked up a hobby for life

Chloe King Aug 2023

Had a really lovely lesson with Elenora! She is super friendly and we had some really nice chats. She was also very patient whilst I was getting to grips with what I was doing, and she was really good at explaining the steps so that I understood what I was doing and how to continue learning. Will definitely be going for more lessons soon, thank you

Lulu Ali Aug 2023

Very informative on the basics and super friendly loved the class id recommend it to beginners

Trudi Grant Aug 2023

Beginners crochet class with Eleonora was great, she was friendly, relaxed and very clear with her instructions making sure we all understood each step as we worked. I will be coming back for more. Thank you

Georgia Aug 2023

Eleonora was a fabulous teacher! Such a fun class especially for us as beginners we learnt alot. Lovely work room too, will be back !

Yichen Yang Aug 2023

Eleanora was very nice and helpful. I am looking forward to learning more about crotchet!

Ellis Bright Aug 2023

Very friendly and cheerful with great knowledge and patience.
She had all the equipment and gave good tips on what I would need to take things forward

Mr Mason Aug 2023

Amazing class. Eleonora is super welcoming, informative and friendly, and fit us in at the last minute. She also sends great follow-up info. Really recommend!

Nora Almajed Aug 2023

My daughter had a wonderful experience during her first crochet lesson with Ms. Elanora. From the start, Ms. Elanora's patience and clear explanations stood out. She skillfully guided my daughter through the process, making sure she understood each step. Her warmth and approachability created a comfortable learning environment, which helped my daughter feel at ease asking questions. The attention to detail and the time taken to ensure understanding was truly impressive. We're grateful for Ms. Elanora's expertise and teaching style, which has sparked a newfound excitement in my daughter for crocheting. We can't wait for more lessons with her!

Serena Pradhan Aug 2023

Eleanora was excellent. My daughter loved the class and felt it was conducted very efficiently

Marlar Yin Aug 2023

tutor is knowledgeable ,warm environment ,provide material and instrument show and teach how to use them
value for an hour lesson

Sudipta Chatterjee Aug 2023

Very good. Clear demo, settings is nice , teacher friendly and understanding, we love it , recommending

Ros Rubinstein Aug 2023

I loved my teacher's patience and understanding of where I am as a crocheter. She gave me tools and taught me things that help me improve my craft. I highly recommend this lesson.

Kanika Dua Jul 2023

yet another great class. We managed to get through a lot for one hour and Eleanora was able to give both me and my daughter great tips to improve

Ines Amado Jul 2023

Eleonora was lovely and knowledgeable. I very much appreciated her attention to detail. Good price point. Recommend it!

Benny Rayne Jul 2023

I enjoyed your patience and professional approach and the lessons I learnt which I will put into practice

Bethany Mejias-George Jul 2023

Elena is a great teacher and a very talented artist. My daughter is autistic and dyspraxic, so her coordination skills are reduced and she is very shy. She came out beaming after having her first crochet lesson. She had managed to produce a great piece of work. Elena's studio is bright, airy and inspiring and you can really learn in peace and concentrate on what you are doing. If I could, I would book weekly lessons. Highly recommended.

Kanika Dua Jul 2023

Very comfortable atmosphere and gentle pace of teaching . Me and my 12 year old had a great time . And we will be returning for more .
Very good instructions also on how to find the place

Nicole Paine Jul 2023

Elena is a fantastic teacher I went from complete beginner to avid or intermediate crocheter. I have the confidence to make my own clothes and have made sweater, a few tops, blankets and so much more. Thank you a photo of one of my makes is below.

Textiles class review by Nicole Paine - London

Bella Isobel Jul 2023

It was very engaging. I learnt new skills.

Flo Wordsworth Jul 2023

It was a really clear and enjoyable introduction which is just what I was hoping for. The teacher was very friendly and a great teacher. Also thought the studio space was perfect.

Suzanne Papin Jun 2023

Had an excellent time. Her studio was such a great space and she is a skilled teacher. Been wanting to crochet for ages and much prefer to have someone show me firsthand, rather than to learn off of YouTube or TikTok. She gave so many good tips and explained everything so well that I was able to continue what I was working on at home. Will definitely schedule more lessons to learn additional stitches and how to read a pattern.

Octavia Jun 2023

This is a fantastic class. There is so much inspiration in the room as well, so great.

Yvette Powell Jun 2023

The teacher was helpful and friendly. The venue was excellent.and as it was a hot day, it was ventilated and cool. I learned the slip knot, how to make the chain stitch and then to carry on in to rows. I learned how to finish off a piece.

Sonia Silva Jun 2023

Well explained and I am going back . I bought a page of 5 at a 10percent discount
Thank you

Olivia Light Jun 2023

Really good beginner class - learned the basics of the yarn and the tools and got to try out making a practice square.

Alice Blaney Jun 2023

I learnt to make granny squares with Eleanora, only having tried amigurumi before (the TOFT kits), and we fit so much into an hour. Eleanora is so patient and helpful and helped me to refine my technique too, and I am very pleased that I can now crochet a granny square after just an hour with her! Very glad I went to Eleanora; it was a wonderful class.

Alicia Munn-Barrow May 2023

I attended a 1:2 workshop with my Mum and it was fantastic! Eleonora is so skilled and catered the class to our level and exactly what we wanted to learn. She was encouraging and knowledgeable and her craft room was so great to work in. We came away with new skills and lots of inspiration. Thank you Eleonora!

Tori Martin May 2023

Great feedback about the lesson from our two teenagers. They would like to come back again!

Fergus Steele May 2023

Eleonora was super friendly and welcoming, and managed to cram a lot of information into a 1 hour session without over-complicating anything. Everything was explained really clearly, and she makes a great teacher!

Yvette Powell May 2023

The class was excellent. The teacher was very friendly and helpful. The venue was lovely and brightly lit. I learnt the chain stitch, slip knot to start and how to complete rows

Katarzyna Bitel May 2023

Another great lesson. My daughter is thrilled and so motivated to make an appointment for the next session.

Aaliyah Jordan May 2023

Really enjoyed my class with Eleonora, she was extremely patient and assuring that it will take time to get it! She provided all materials which was amazing and was extremely encouraging! Loved my first crochet class!

Nuria Canigueral May 2023

I did my first crochet class with Eleonora yesterday and she is so good teacher. She explained everything very clearly, including the materials and tools you need for crochet and how they are used. She gave good tips to help me remember all steps for the stitch I learnt. I had never done crochet before and was able to create a little something in the first class! Before the class, she was also very easy to communicate and willing to find a time that would suit me since the publicly announced in the website didn't work for me. If you love crafts and want to get into crochet, Eleonora's 1 to 1 class is great value for money.

Leanne Martinho Apr 2023

Eleonora is a great teacher, very patient and gives a huge amount of helpful information throughout the class.
The venue is an inspiring craft room. The lesson was such amazkng value for the knowledge I already have, but she kindly offers a bundle deal after the first lesson which I am excited to book in!

Louise Thomas Apr 2023

This was a very good first session. Everything was explained perfectly. The venue was perfect and the teaching was excellent. All the tools required were provided by the tutor. I’m looking forward to booking my second class.

One to One Crochet Class review by Louise Thomas - London

Catarina Araujo Apr 2023

The teacher was friendly and patient. My daughter really enjoyed the crochet class. Thank you.

Jala Sanar Apr 2023

Great first 1:1 session. I really enjoyed it and will be booking in for more sessions. The studio was so cute and well set up! I could not recommend this more.

Annie Ha Apr 2023

Such a lovely way to spend an evening! So thorough and catered to me individually. Thank you!

Emilia Leszewicz Apr 2023

Teacher with passion and very patient. If you want to start your adventure witch crochet is the best option to start with Elendipity :)

Elodie Wilke Apr 2023

Very good lesson, she taught my daughter very good beginning steps and was very friendly. Would definitely recommend going as we will go back to learn some more.

Blondina Mahmuti Apr 2023

Great teacher, was very patient and took time to explain things properly. Will be booking again!

Roxanne Bolton Apr 2023

Amazingso much talent and knowledge explained in a simple way! I will definitely be going back!

Francesca Taylor Mar 2023

My 11 yo daughter received a 2-hour class as a present for her birthday and absolutely loved it! Thanks Eleonora

Sharon Long Mar 2023

Superb! Super professional, had thought of everything through her clients eyes. I unlearned bad habits to walk away feeling delighted to know the right way to do things. Also great fun. Inspiring!

Anne Byrne Mar 2023

Really lovely teacher who gave me a warm welcome. Very patient teacher who spent time teaching me the basics. A very enjoyable experience.

Mercy Frimpong Mar 2023

My teacher was very warm and welcoming. She is an expert at what she does and her very simple teaching style is evidence of that. Her creative office was soo cute So much colour, yarn, creative projects, I was reassured that I was in good hands. I had a one-to-one crochet lesson, materials was provided for session use but not to take home, which was fine as the exact equipment was shared with me in and after the lesson. I liked that the lesson was very practical, and we went straight into practicing of the basics.

Heather Keith Mar 2023

Elenora was a great crochet teacher- especially as I am a beginner! She was clear and easy to understand/ follow. The location of the class was lovely and i am excited to learn more with her! 10/10 would recommend it

Octavia Agboola Mar 2023

Fantastic instructor, my teen daughter loves meeting with Eleonora and is inspired by all the potential projects on display.

Dympna Donnelly Mar 2023

Dear Elenora
Sorry for the delay but what a weekend for Ireland, St Patrick’s day and then winning the rugby Grand Slam. I really enjoyed the class, very informative , teacher was very patient. Just picked up my set a few minutes ago fro Amazon so I cannot wait to get started. I have just mastered the slip knot so here I go. Thank you so much for your time and patience and a very easy going class. It’s practice, practice, practice. Thanks Dympna

Alexa Correa Mar 2023

I enjoyed the class a lot! Felt very comfortable as an absolute beginner in crochet.

Sarah Talans Mar 2023

The teacher is really nice and very patient. The venue is easy to find. Did basic crochet but she did teach my daughter to hold the yarn correctly. Very happy with overall lesson.

Charmaine Kennedy Mar 2023

A very pleasant experience. Teacher was very welcoming, kind and patient. Would definitely recommend her. She taught me how to crochet.

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