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Hi there, my name is Valeria Suppa, I'm an Italian baking teacher and food stylist based in London. I started as a self-taught baker, before receiving my professional training and working as a baker and cake decorator in a bespoke cakes parlour. My expertise ranges from cakes to patisserie and desserts of all sorts, with a special focus on Italian baking.

I have years of experience teaching classes for all levels, both in-person and online. I always try to make every baking experience entertaining and informative at the same time.

During the last 13 years, I've lived in different countries around Europe and South America, learning a lot about different techniques, new ingredients and unusual flavour combinations. I speak fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.




Caia Henderson Jul 2024

Valeria is an absolutely wonderful teacher, creating a very enjoyable afternoon session. I booked the class with my 16 year old daughter, as a birthday treat, and it was a delight. We were both inspired & learnt so much. And lots of goodies to take home. I’ll be looking to book another class soon!

Merryl Jun 2024

The Italian baking class was superb. Valeria was a extremely well organised and very welcoming. The venue was set up in a most professional way with all ingredients and pots and pans at the ready! I made my first panna cotta with the most yummy salted caramel orange sauce plus my first double baked cantucci biscotti and crostata delle nonna. Great value for money. I loved it all.

Teacher's response

Hi Merryl, thank you for your wonderful review! And thanks for being a repeat customer, your enthusiasm is what makes teaching so much fun. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the Italian baking class and found it well-organised and welcoming. I love sharing the Italian culinary traditions, so I'm especially happy you loved the delicious treats we made together. Now you have a fantastic new set of baking skills to impress your friends and family! xx

Sharyl Jauod Jun 2024

I had a great time. I like that it is small group which makes it comfortable to ask questions. The class was organised and everything is measure and ready. Gives more time for us to do the 3 fillings and decorate the macaroons. Valeria is lovely and knowledgeable. Like the fact I could ask her questions after the class. Thank you. Now I just need to practice my piping skills!

Teacher's response

Hi Sharyl, thank you for your wonderful review! I'm thrilled to hear that you had a great time in our small group class and that you found it comfortable to ask questions. I'm so glad to know that you found everything was well-organized and you had enough time to practice making fillings and decorating the macaroons. Keep practicing your piping skills, and I'm sure you'll become a pro in no time. Thanks again for joining me, and I hope see you in another class soon. Take care!

Sunitha Siddappa Jun 2024

The teacher was really friendly and helpful, and there was a warm atmosphere while making the macaroons. I learnt a plethora of new skills in this session, The fillings were delicious but the macaroons itself were slightly hard and chewy.

Teacher's response

Hi Zoya, thank you for taking the time to write this review! I'm glad you found the class enjoyable and learned new skills while making macarons with me. I appreciate your feedback on the macarons texture, however, as I explained in class, all macarons are quite crunchy when just baked and need to "mature" overnight in the fridge to get that soft texture we expect from a good macaron.
I hope you followed my advice and you've been able to enjoy delicious macarons today!
Thank you. xx

Alison Moretti Jun 2024

Valeria was an excellent teacher. Moved just at the right speed and offered lots of tips. Thoroughly recommend this course.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Alison, for your kind words! I'm thrilled to hear that you found the course beneficial and that you enjoyed the tips I shared. It was a pleasure having you as a student, and I hope the skills you learned will serve you well. I appreciate your recommendation and look forward to the opportunity to teach you again in the future. Thank you!

Askenova Dinara Apr 2024

My girlfriend got me this amazing Masterclass as a birthday gift and honestly it was by far the best gift I could have wanted. I’ve wanted to get into patisserie for a while now but never did it myself and I’m so glad my girlfriend decided to give it to me as a gift. The masterclass by Valeria was spectacular from beginning to end. She explained every step and method and also with the addition of explaining the science behind it which I thought was a great insight. Not only did we bake some amazing pasties but also had a great laugh either everyone who attended. To anyone who is interested in baking or any other culinary classes please do attend one of Valeria’s because it’s worth it. Thank you for such a great experience.

Teacher's response

Hi Daminda, thank you for your wonderful review! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the Patisserie class and that it was the perfect birthday gift for you. It's great that you found my teaching style clear and engaging, and that you had a fun and educational experience. I hope you continue to explore your passion for patisserie and wish you very good luck for your business! Thank you for choosing my class and I hope to see you again in the future! xx

Nishma Savjani Mar 2024

My son and I really enjoyed this class. We would never have imagined being able to make profiteroles, but Valeria took us through the process step by step and made it so easy for us to learn and enjoy them. Thank you

Aaron Stockham Mar 2024

A great lesson with a very knowledgeable teacher. It was a fun informative lesson. Great experience and would highly recommend. It’s great to have new baking skills and I’m looking forward to using them.

Teacher's response

Hi Aaron, thank you so much for your kind words words. I'm thrilled to hear that you had a great time and found the lesson informative and fun. I'm also glad you enjoyed learning new baking skills and I hope they come in handy in your future baking adventures. Thank you for recommending the class and I hope to see you again soon for another baking session! xx

Aranja Nithiyalingam Mar 2024

Valeria is an amazing teacher! She was very patient and friendly throughout the whole session. Definitely a great experience to try if you want to try something new by yourself or with others! I enjoyed this baking class and look forward to booking more with Valeria in the future :)

Teacher's response

Hi Aranja, thank you so much for your lovely feedback, I'm happy to hear it was a positive experience and I hope to have inspired you to try more and more baking. I hope to see you again soon in another of my baking or fresh pasta classes! :)

Pei Shin Wu Mar 2024

Great class, it was really nice and well organised. I highly recommend and looking forward to try some of the other classes

Teacher's response

Dear Pei, thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you found the class entertaining and well organised. I always try to balance the educational and the recreational aspect of my classes, so that you can learn while having fun with likeminded people. Thank you for recommending my class, I hope to see you again soon! xx

Nurain Suhaimi Feb 2024

It's worth the money spent, teacher was great and patience explaining every single step of the progress. Gave tips to make the baking process goes smoothly. All of the ingredients and tools were all well prepared.

Teacher's response

Hi Nurain, thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the class and found the workshop helpful and well organised. I hope you continue to use the tips you learned to make your baking process go smoothly. Thank you for choosing my class!

Media Nia Feb 2024

Everything was wonderful. Valeria class was excellent. The class atmosphere was great.
I learned a lot of new things.
Thank you!

Teacher's response

Hi Media, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my class and found the atmosphere to be great. It's always exciting to learn new things and I'm happy you had that experience. Thank you for your feedback and hope to see you in another class soon!

Hannah Colgan Feb 2024

Valeria was really informative and talked us through each step of the process. It was so lovely to do the whole thing from beginning to end and get to take home a box of macarons. We made three different fillings, 2 colours (and mixed!) and learnt how to pipe the batter correctly. Valeria also emailed us all the recipes and instructions afterwards so I felt that I could just be present and concentrate on the process and not trying to scribble down notes. I am excited to try to make them myself soon!

Teacher's response

Hi Hannah, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review! I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed the macaron making class and that you felt supported throughout the entire process. I'm also glad you found the recipes and instructions helpful and I hope you have fun trying to make macarons on your own soon! Thank you for joining the class and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. xx

Jemma Ozkalp Jan 2024

Valeria was really friendly and helpful, she explained the steps and reasons behind the methods very well.
The kitchen was perfect to prepare and bake in, my nephew and I had a really enjoyable day and will definitely be booking again

Teacher's response

Hi Jemma, thank you so much for your kind review. It's great to hear that you and Benji learned new skills while having a good time baking with me. I'm also glad you found my kitchen welcoming and well equipped to host your baking experience. I look forward to having you back!

Parvin Begum Dec 2023

Really enjoyed this cooking session, there was lots to cook and learn! Valeria is a great teacher, she explained all activities really well and gave helpful baking tips to take away and apply to future bakes

Teacher's response

Hi Parvin, thank you so much for your lovely feedback and for sharing your experience with me! Hope everything you've learned will help you in your baking journey:) I wish you a lovely Christmas and hope to see again in another of my classe:)

Malgorzata Nov 2023

Lovely experience, amazing host, great food ! Would definitely recommend.
Great atmosphere, welcoming, well organized! Absolutely enjoyed it

Baking and Desserts class review by Malgorzata - London

Zoe Holt Nov 2023

This was such a great class! Small group sizes mean the experience feels really personal and the bakes all turned out brilliantly. Valeria was so kind and helpful, and the finished products we made looked professional!

Baking and Desserts class review by Zoe Holt - London

Angeline Oct 2023

Valeria was very hospitable and patiently guided us through the session. It was a run and great experience for an afternoon session with the girls!

Laura Hurds Oct 2023

Valeria was a great teacher providing chat but also the information behind how the science of the baking worked.
We got to make lots of delicious product and had a good haul each to take home as well as a taster in class.
We are already looking through what class next we can book with The Sweet Bit and Bento.

Baking and Desserts class review by Laura Hurds - London

Teacher's response

Hi Laura, thank you so much for your lovely feedback! I'm really happy the class was useful to hone your skills and you enjoyed what we have been making together. I can't wait to see you and Neil in another of my baking or fresh pasta classes! xx

Eleanor Kyle Sep 2023

We had an amazing afternoon learning how to make macarons. Valeria was very informative, patient and we really got a lot out of the lesson and made some very pretty macarons. Her kitchen is lovely and she taught us some very useful new skills and gave us lots of tips! Definitely keen to book another lesson with her. Thank you Valeria!

Teacher's response

Thank you, Eleanor, for sharing your experience with me! I'm happy to hear that you had an enjoyable afternoon learning how to make macarons and learned new skills whilst having fun. I hope to see you soon in another of my classes. xx

Mathilde Herrewyn Sep 2023

Great class
Very knowledgeable teacher
Easy to follow, good for beginners to learn basic skills

Daniela Pretell Sep 2023

The French pastisserie baking class was great! Valeria was super nice and patient to teach us and answer all our questions, giving tips and insights on the recipes. Definitely recommend this class!

Jacqueline Fischer Jul 2023

This class was so much fun! Valeria was simply lovely, she welcomed us into her lovely home and answered all our questions with enthusiasm. She also provided us with refreshments. There were 5 of in the class and we baked scones, madeleines and a Bundt cake each. Valeria provided all of the ingredients and we all took home boxes of freshly baked treats…way too many to eat! I highly recommend this class, a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Thank you Valeria!

Teacher's response

Hi Jaqueline, I'm really happy you enjoyed the class! I hope you learned new baking skills you will reuse when back home. Have a lovely stay in London and hope to see you again in another of my classes! Thank you. xx

Sandra Bushnell Jul 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed our cooking class with Valeria!

We were so impressed with her knowledge & expertise of the science & art of baking. Her recipes and techniques are easy to follow and delicious! She gave us the recipes (Scones, Bundt cakes and cookies) so we will definitely bake them again on our own.

Her kitchen is so comfortable and charming - she’s absolutely delightful and I highly recommend her class—you’re in for a real treat !

Baking and Desserts class review by Sandra Bushnell - London

Fatima Shehu Jun 2023

Amazing,I’m so excited to attend the class it was so fun and much to learn the teacher was accommodating

Judith Crosbie-Chen Jun 2023

Fantastic class - very well organised and taught according to each students individual interests and style.
Valeria is a charismatic and kind teacher No hesitation to recommend

Sofia Nadeem May 2023

Had a great experience, the teacher is so lovely and left feeling more confident to bake pastries!

Maha Rind May 2023

Very knowledgeable teacher. Extremely organised in the class. Learnt a lot in 3 hours! Will be taking more classes from Valeria.

Ben Scott May 2023

The class was fantastic. Valeria was very engaging. She clearly explained what we were doing at each step and it was obvious why everyone’s final products looked amazing. The at no point did I feel that the steps were difficult, even though Sioux pastry is notoriously tricky. Would definitely recommend for beginners like me

French Patisserie Baking Class review by Ben Scott - London

Helena Exley Apr 2023

Really fun class that we all loved! Very tasty food, relaxed environment and educational for people of a range of baking experience. A perfect afternoon!

Meghna Chhetri Apr 2023

The teacher was so kind, humble and compassionate. So easy to approach and I really felt comfortable with her, since it was my first time baking. She communicated well, offered water and biscuits, which was scrumptious, shared the recipes, I really enjoyed and made friends and took some nice selfies and lovely tart to take along home.
I really want to thank Valeria for her hard work and effort. Much appreciated.

Merryl Roberson Apr 2023

Excellent teacher who was extremely well organised. The setting was good and all equipment was ready. Valeria was a lovely teacher who made us all feel most welcome.I learnt a great deal about patisserie and came away with lots of practical tips to help me do choux and shortcrust pastry dishes at home. It was the best class I have taken part in- Grazie mille Valeria.

Tina Philp Jan 2023

Thank you so much Valeria, this course was super informative but also very fun. We felt very comfortable and we took home a variety of delicious pastries and sweet things we made during the class.
We would definitely attend another course provided by valeria. Valeria clearly had lots of knowledge of baking from many different countries which was very intriguing for us to listen too. We travelled from
Cornwall, the address was very easy to get to. We look forward to seeing you again Valeria xxx

Deena El-Shirbiny Jan 2023

I did this class with my 9 year old daughter who is a keen baker. The setting is intimate and we really felt we learned lots of good general baking tips. It was easy to ask questions and get some one-to-one help with techniques. Valeria was friendly and the class was very well-organised. We had lots of goodies to take away!

Anne Oshin Nov 2022

Had a lovely time baking. It was really fun and interactive. The teacher was really informative, she had lots of helpful little tips and tricks. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a fun baking class/wants to improve their baking skills

Natalia Barker Nov 2022

I had such a great time at the Patisserie class and learnt so much. Valeria is a fantastic teacher! The class was run in a lovely and cosy environment.
The class was very organised, informative and fun! I would definitely recommend Valeria’s classes to anyone looking to learn a new skill whilst also looking to have a good time.

Lydia Luff Oct 2022

I really enjoyed the French Patisserie class run by Valeria. Valeria is very skilled and she is a great teacher. I learnt a lot in the class and was able to ask any questions I had throughout. The class was a small group which meant everyone got to know each other over the few hours we were baking together and Valeria made us very comfortable in her home - we even sat and had tea/coffee while taste testing our bakes! I would definitely recommend this class!

French Patisserie Baking Class review by Lydia Luff - London

Shahab Salarfard Oct 2022

Brilliant class and brilliant teacher. Everything well explained and Valeria answered all our questions. Would highly recommend!

Jennifer Marrero Jun 2022

I had such a wonderful experience making with Valeria! She was so kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable!

I took the afternoon tea baking as a one on one class when I was looking to do something memorable during my visit to London. I can't say enough good things about my experience!

All of the ingredients we needed were ready to go and very well organized especially since we made 3 different recipes !

The timing of the class was also perfect. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to learn new or improve current baking skills. I can see this being super fun for small friend groups as well

Thank you Valeria

Baking and Desserts class review by Jennifer Marrero - London

Karen Young Jun 2022

My family with teenage children enjoyed our class with Valeria tremendously. Valeria is very warm and so accommodating. She imparted her knowledge through very clear demonstrations and hands-on instructions. Not only did the hours fly by as we were having fun and completely involved with our tasks, we came away super excited with our new skills. Valeria happily answered our many questions and gave us simple but great tips that we felt gave us confidence to make pasta successfully at home. Plus point-we also came away with a variety of pasta enough to feed us for 2 generous, delicious meals!

Make Filled Pasta and Lasagna from Scratch review by Karen Young - London

Jeremy Kneebone May 2022

Such a lovely class We both had a great time, learned new skills and went home with some delicious baked things! Would highly recommend!

Polly Hodgkin Dec 2021

Really great class, thoroughly enjoyed making the beautiful and delicious Yule Log and fantastic teacher :) thank you!

Minheelee Dec 2021

It was great class i ever had !
Everything was perfect
She is very kind, professional !
I highly recommend

Baking and Desserts class review by Minheelee  - London

Sue Hardinges Dec 2021

Class was great, teacher very knowledgeable and helpful, venue very clean and inviting. Great to have a cooking course in such an intimate manner. Would definitely recommend.

Patriani Mulia Dec 2021

We had wonderful baking class with Valerie. We learnt a lot. She also very patience in teaching us as we are newbie in baking class . Hope that we will meet again in the future. Thank You Valeriee

Christmas Baking Class review by Patriani Mulia - London

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