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Our team of bartenders have been mixing cocktails professionally since 2003, initially mixing drinks in people's homes and gardens, entertaining on a small and entertaining scale. Everything exploded with our launch in 2005 and since then we've been shaking our stuff and teaching cocktail enthusiasts how to make cocktails, from small groups of hen parties, all the way through to entertaining corporate away-days of over 200 delegates.

Since 2020, we've taken our offering online, which, paired with our penchant for tech and our love of teaching, we created The Bar From Afar, a place for groups to get together and have fun with drinks as a group again, whether it be for a work's Christmas party, or a birthday of close friends desperate to see each other and have a bit of a boogie at the same time.

With us, you won't just be taught how to make some drinks, and we won't drone on about the intricacies of gin variants or the differences between Russian and Polish vodkas. Instead, we want to have fun with you - we miss making drinks face to face! We want to bring the fun of visiting a bar direct to you at home.





Naomi Wallis-Ryder Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great service and experience all round! Lewis was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed the class.

Paula Giles Oct 2022

Our experience with Lewis has been great! Lewis jumped in last minute to support with a corporate event. We were really impressed with the set up of the scene, camera angles gave viewers an ease to watch and copy his direction. Lewis kept everyone engaged and involved.
I will be making mine this weekend!

Caitlin Upton Apr 2022

Amazing class! Great way to get staff together as the world moves towards hybrid working. We had staff joining the call from all over the UK. Everyone absolutely loved it!

Andres Iza Jan 2022

I had a great time and I enjoyed a lot!

Andy Myers Jan 2022

really good fun, engaging host and the kit was well thought out

Dawn Broadbent Jan 2022

Great teacher! Very knowledable and fun.
Great range of cocktails and good quality ingrediants.
Thank you

Bruce Martin Jan 2022

Very engaging presenter and a fantastic event. Thank you.

Sean Capes Jan 2022

It was fantastic. Very well prepared and packaged. The bartender was excellent, really knowledgeable, friendly and very engaging. Highly recommended.

Seriously Classic Cocktails at Home review by Sean Capes

Alban Alimerko Jan 2022

It was absolutely fantastic! I did enjoy every minute of it.

Rob Bassil May 2021

Nice mix of chat and useful info. Really good knowledge of spirits and mixers. Great to be able to ask for tips and advice, as well as suggestions for other good cocktail ideas.
A real love and enthusiasm for the subject came through. Very relaxed and great fun - though the alcohol helps with that of course. people were still on line 2 hours after our session ended!

Ciara Seymour May 2021

We all really enjoyed the class, our best work 'night out' in ages! Cocktails were tasty and we learnt some fun facts along the way. Thanks for a great night!

Emma Ely-Johnston May 2021

Great fun and a brilliant virtual party option - everyone enjoyed it and loved the cocktails. Great that there is a mocktail option too

Alex Sullivan Apr 2021

Brilliant class and really enjoyed the experience ! Lewis our bartender was excellent, would highly recommend to anyone

Catia Esperanca Apr 2021

I really enjoyed it. Lewis was funny, friendly and very patient. I learned a lot. I thought it was going to be a 'get in, here are the cocktails and get out' kind of session but it was very engaging. I especially enjoyed the tour around where it was being filmed and the dance at the end!

Catherine Harrison Apr 2021

We had an excellent night, great host and amazing cocktails - I'm going to recommend to everyone

Cocktail class review by Catherine Harrison

Helen Sanders Apr 2021

This is the third online company event we've done and by far the best. Tosh was engaging, funny, not at all egotistical (unlike another bartender who hosted us for another team-building 'do' earlier in Lockdown. Tosh knew his stuff, shared his knowledge, guided our group with ease and confidence, making it fun all the while. And it wasn't just Tosh, on the night, who was brilliant. The communication and customer service ahead of our event was awesome and I'd happily recommend the team from The Bartender and ClassBento every day of the week. Thanks for making our event both fun and memorable.

Mix These Modern Cocktails at Home review by Helen Sanders

Margarita Bravo Apr 2021

We have had such an amazing cocktail experience The bartender was really funny and did make our experience one to remember. Will definitely recommend it for a company social night!

Claire Little Mar 2021

Really personable, was able to connect with the group and “read the room” really well - must be very difficult to do virtually! Good tech and cocktails were delicious too. Thank you.

Cocktail class review by Claire Little

Viola Levy Mar 2021

Had so much fun - the bartender was a great laugh and entertained everyone despite the awkwardness of it being over zoom! The cocktails tasted delicious too. Good value for money given you’d probably pay £45 for three cocktails in a bar! (And you don’t get a free cocktail shaker & mixology skills thrown in!)

Cocktail class review by Viola Levy

Jacky Corvin-Czarnodolski Mar 2021

Fabulous, fun and informative, great atmosphere and so much more than just the cocktails in the box. Thank you Tom @classbento

Cocktail class review by Jacky Corvin-Czarnodolski

Holly Adams Mar 2021

Really great session, lots of engagement and good knowledge and tips! Thanks so much, really enjoyed it!

Brian Lowe Mar 2021

Tom was great really informative, helped us to understand the principles behind cocktails and how to create different styles. Well done Tom will probably come back for some different cocktails when our livers have recovered

Jack Woodcock Mar 2021

Definitely worth a shot.
No boo's from me.
If you're sat there absinthe=mindedly wondering whether you should book this class, do it!
It will definitely cure what ales you.
Lewis is a great spirit.
I wish I had more to say but I have quite a limited vodkabulary.
10/10. A+

Alicia Hindhaugh Mar 2021

Really enjoyed cocktail making & Lewis was a great host!

Luke Daykin Mar 2021

Just a great experience, Lewis really knows his stuff, has the all knowledge, history and advice you could want from a bartender. Was really impressed by his presenting skills and how he handled a large group of people. This was my first online experience (outside of friends) and I was a little sceptical of how it’d work smoothly, but I was proven wrong! Cheers Lewis!

Hillary Wright Mar 2021

Lewis did a great job, fun informative and delicious cocktails - I would highly recommend! Perfect for a Friday night.

Kirsty Austin Mar 2021

What a fun evening , & cocktails were delicious. Box presentation was lovely , we all had fun thanks

Kate Farrington Mar 2021

Good engaging presentation, fun, tasty cocktails & great box of ingredients making it easy to follow.

Jackie Bines Mar 2021

Really good, thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Lewis was very knowledgeable and fun. Highly recommend this experiment

Sophie Marshall Mar 2021

Really good, knowledgeable barman, friendly atmosphere and some great cocktails. Great time had by all

Jude Spencer Mar 2021

A fantastic night had by all. Tom was great. He was friendly, knowledgable and kept us all entertained. We made some fantastic cocktails and learned some important tricks of the trade. Thanks Tom!

Amelia Goodwin Mar 2021

Highly recommend! Everything about it was fantastic - communication around booking, arranging for delivery of the kits, the kits themselves and of course, the cocktails. I arranged this for a team of 30 and Lewis was great at trying to involve everyone/get a discussion going (which can be difficult when everyone is worried of talking over each other). The feedback from the team has been brilliant. Would definitely book again.

Cocktail class review by Amelia Goodwin

Alex Mar 2021

What a cracking start to an evening. Delicious cocktails and plenty of entertaining company. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Mix These Modern Cocktails at Home review by Alex

Joolia Dove Mar 2021

Fun and educational Host (Lewis) was fantastic.
Would recommend and might even sign up again, if different drinks are being made.

Jake Jones Mar 2021

Amazing! So well organised, really fun and informative, plus the cocktails were delicious. And I now have my own cocktail shaker for future cocktail nights! Our bartender Lewis was also fantastic. Highly recommend!

Mix These Modern Cocktails at Home review by Jake Jones

Wayne Johnson Mar 2021

This is not the cheapest night in

But it really was great fun

Awesome Thanks.

Christopher Watkins Mar 2021

Just excellent. Drinks were terrific! I’d make them all again. Thank you so much for the experience

Charlotte Parker Mar 2021

Super friendly host, and great atmosphere! made three really good drinks and he taught us loads about other cocktails as well would definitely recommend to anyone contemplating joining

Kieren O'Connor Mar 2021

Good all round experience.

Thank you very much Lewis let’s do it again .


Jan Rutter Feb 2021

Amazing class. Super interactive and lots of fun. Highly recommend for anyone wanting fun party

Cocktail class review by Jan Rutter

Sophie Carr Feb 2021

Really fabulous event thanks so much, everyone had a great time; definitely would book again! :)

Louise Saukila Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic evening with Lewis! Good birthday treat during lockdownWill be back again with friends

Kelly Burgess Feb 2021

Really enjoyed the class and the cocktails were delicious!
It was nice to do something that felt like going out while in Lockdown too.
The cocktails were easy enough that we can re make at home which was a bonus.
Loved the box and presentation, thought this was a lovely touch.
Would really recommend.

Doug Turner Feb 2021

Tom was brilliant and all the participants were great, we will do it againThanks

Jeremy Findlay Feb 2021

Lewis was a great entertainer as well as a master cocktail teacher. Combined with his magic tricks it made for a very entertaining evening.

Anthony Hamilton Feb 2021

Entertaining evening in lockdown. Could work in future with distant family or relative's. Good luck z

Laura Offin Feb 2021

The class was fantastic. Tom was brilliant. This was a present for my partners birthday, it was so much fun. I highly recommend!

Naomi Rahman Feb 2021

Excellent host, all essentials provided, instructions were superb, Tom glided through teaching cocktail making in a fun way covering the history and basics. Great music background which was clearly selected to match the cocktail theme. Highly recommend bar from afar and if I am ever in Bristol, will definitely visit them for their awesome cocktails - they taste amazing!

Cocktail class review by Naomi Rahman

Sarah Taylor Feb 2021

Virtual cocktail making class was fab!
Really made my birthday evening fun!
The cocktail box you receive is lovely and good quality.
Lewis was a great bartender - Thank You Lewis
I would definitely recommend for an enjoyable lockdown evening!

Mix These Modern Cocktails at Home review by Sarah Taylor

Lauren King Feb 2021

Lewis was fantastic. Great personality and loads of energy. The bar set up was very cool, camera placement made it really easy to follow and the cocktails were delicious. Can’t wait to do it again.

Roberto Castella Feb 2021

We had a great time.
Leis was very engaging and knowledgeable. He managed to keep everyone upbeat and the team (22 people) had a fantastic time.
Perfect for corporate teams

Zoe Knight Feb 2021

Lewis was a really great teacher - he really managed to engage us all over zoom! It was great fun would recommend

Cocktail class review by Zoe Knight

Kelly Wallace Feb 2021

Really enjoyed the interaction with the barman and others that took part. The box of goodies was well presented. This was a 60th birthday present and I will definitely booking another one. Well done

Cocktails at Home: Who's for a Pornstar Martini review by Kelly Wallace

Emily Close Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This class was amazing! We learned some classic and new cocktails and had a great time meeting people all over the U.K. What a fun event!

Matthew Woolmer Feb 2021

Brilliant evening. Managed to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the evening. Would certainly recommend.

Niamh Foster Feb 2021

Great level of knowledge and fun. Great selection of drinks made in the class also

Cocktails at Home: Who's for a Pornstar Martini review by Niamh Foster

Jayne Nethersole Feb 2021

Our bartender Lewis was very knowledgeable on the cocktails we made and any others we asked about - history, trivia, how to make them. Great evening with friends and strangers, almost as good as a night in the pub!

Sarah Atkinson Feb 2021

Lewis was great! Knowledgeable, fun and engaging. A good evening and nice to see other people!

Cocktails at Home: Who's for a Pornstar Martini review by Sarah Atkinson

Jemma Phillips Feb 2021

Really enjoyed the class. The whole pub experience was very clever and Liam was really inclusive. I thought the box of items was perfect no need to buy anything additional (except maybe a martini glass!). I would definitely book this again and will look into doing a private class as well. Really enjoyed it!

Cocktails at Home: Who's for a Pornstar Martini review by Jemma Phillips

Jude Neill Feb 2021

Lewis was awesome - sociable and really helpful! We had been looking forward to this class so much and it really was worth the dollar. We enjoyed ourselves so much and got the wee buzz we have missed!
Thanks so so much, Lewis!

Jude and Kevin x

Cocktail class review by Jude Neill

Beth Hadden Feb 2021

So much fun and the bartender was great! Thank you so much for a fun evening

Louise Acus Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Tom the bartender was great and the drinks he taught us were delicious! So much fun!

In all I would give 4.7 stars if I could. We had items missing in two kits and a big issue with UPS (but that was the bartenders or ClassBento’s fault). Lewis the manager was very helpful and fixed everything he could, plus was very prompt with replying to emails.

Mix These Modern Cocktails at Home review by Louise Acus

Louise Acus Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Tom the bartender was great and the drinks he taught us were delicious! So much fun! In all though if could give 4.7 stars I would, we had a few items missing from two of the kits and there was a huge mess with UPS (but that’s not the bartenders or Class Bentos fault). Lewis the manager was very helpful fixing why he could though and was very prompt with answering emails.

Clare Wiseman Feb 2021

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Fab evening! Tosh was great and managed to control us well . Interaction with the bar from afar was seamless. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The cocktails were delicious. The girls all thought it was the best night in ever and a great way to celebrate a lockdown birthday. 5 stars ⭐️

Cocktail class review by Clare Wiseman

Abi Carr Jan 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super lovely and knowledge (and easy on the eye) host and amazing night! Thank you! 100% recommend!

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