Self-guided Wheel Throwing Practice Class

Extend your knowledge of wheel throwing in this freestyle London pottery class.

3 hours Class size 1 to 2     label £45

As people say practice makes perfect! So if you love pottery making on the wheel then this is the craft class for you. Enjoy three hours on the wheel where you'll have complete creative freedom to experiment with different techniques.

This class is self-guided, which means there will be no teaching or demonstrations. You won't be totally alone, however, as there is talented pottery on hand to give you some advice and to show you where things are.

If you've been on the hunt for some unique London activities that get your imagination fired up, then this is the place to come. We recommend that you already have some experience using a pottery wheel that you want to improve on. It's the perfect next step after you've taken one of the other wheel throwing classes at Sak Beh Pottery.

You can book your own private spot, join us at the pottery studio and get settled in at the wheel for three hours of non-stop clay fun. The handmade pottery you craft can then be trimmed and glazed by your teachers at no extra cost, or you can book a second session to trim and glaze it yourself.

Trimming is the process by which you remove excess clay, especially from the base of the pot. You can then add a foot ring and give an aesthetic shape to your pot. If left for too long, the clay will dry out and you will no longer be able to trim it. So please remember, if you intend to trim your own work, pre-book two sessions, one for throwing and the second for trimming.

All the materials you need are provided from the tools and the pottery wheel to the two kilograms of clay provided for you. You will then keep your two best pots for trimming and firing.

Please note:

  • Your teacher will hold onto your piece for up to one month. Unfortunately, due to limited storage space, work that remains uncollected after this month will be disposed of.
  • Please talk to your teacher about possible collection times.

Add-on available for this class
  • Extra pot (£8)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
These classes are intermediate and are specifically for individuals who have some throwing experience. If you have never thrown before, please try one of our beginner-friendly classes instead.
What you'll get
  • All the materials you need.
  • You will get to keep their best two pots which will be trimmed, fired and glazed in the studio for you. Alternatively, you can book another session and trim the work yourself.
What to bring

Sak Beh Studio Pottery is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines. They won't run this class if they've had a continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of or change in their normal sense of taste or smell, in the last 14 days.

See additional precautions taken   

All our teachers have been double vaccinated. The pottery is sanitised before and after a class. Throwing Wheels are spaced 5+ feet apart. Sanitiser is available as well as antibacterial soap. Before every class the studio is ventilated by opening doors and windows. We keep a window open throughout the class.

Sak Beh Studio Pottery - 3 Garnham Street, London, N16 7JA, England

Your teacher
Sak Beh Studio Pottery
Sak Beh Studio Pottery

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Sak Beh Studio Pottery was founded by Tessa Robinson, who lives and works in London. Her idea was to create a comfortable, homey place to work and be creative. Situated in a very busy and central location, just off Stoke Newington High Street, the studio is a drop of calm in a very fast moving world.

Tessa trained in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture (modelling in clay). On completion of a three year Post Graduate Course at the Royal Academy of Arts, Tessa set up a studio in Hackney. The transition from sculptor to potter came many years later whilst doing doctoral research in Maya archaeology at UCL. Inspired by Maya ceramic art, and in particular the pots which combined sculpted and painted imagery, Tessa moved from research back to making. After attending courses in pottery and taking up a membership at a London pottery studio, she set up Sak Beh Pottery and is now a full-time potter and maker.

Tessa's works are informed by both her Fine Art training and her research into Ancient Maya ceramic art. The phrase 'Sak Beh' can be found on Ancient Maya monuments where it refers to the Milky Way as an ancestral path or road as well as the physical roads which connect people to places. In keeping with its namesake, Sak Beh Pottery is envisaged as a place for community interaction within the context of a creative journey.

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