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Katerina is an award-winning international fine art (traditional) painter and a qualified art teacher who works from her studio which is located in the middle of charming Earlsfield inside Wimbledon Art Studios.

The creative atmosphere of Katerina's studio will help you to immerse yourself into the artistic atmosphere, far removed from the city bustle. Katerina’s classes are for anyone who would like to spend a fun and exciting afternoon or evening creating with like-minded souls. Her studio is just the space to get you motivated, and you will have access to all the materials you need to get started.

Katerina will talk you through the process of colour mixing, mark-making and texture, guiding you skilfully through the process until you have created your own masterpiece.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or you want to experiment with new techniques you will find Katerina easy and empathetic, and by the way, forget the competition – there isn’t any. The classes are kept small for a reason, you are there to paint, not to panic.




Maria Jasik Apr 2024

Katerina was a great teacher. She explained the basics of starting the painting well and helped out when it was needed. We had lots of fun.

Paint and Sip Class review by Maria Jasik - London

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Fantastic experience! Very friendly and knowledgeable teacher, amazing atmosphere during the class, I have received a lot of help, encouragement and support with my artwork. Thoroughly recommend for beginners and experienced artists.

Anonymised ClassBento student Mar 2024

Was expecting more of an art studio vibe, however was more industrial inside the studio. Didn’t realise it was oil painting either, which none of us were expecting. Description said wine and nibbles provided but none were offered. The canvas’ were a very cheap flat canvas, around the size of an A4 paper.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Anonymized, for your feedback. I apologize for not meeting your expectations regarding the studio ambiance and art medium. Few points I would like to mention to meet future customer’s expectations:
1. Classes which are small in size (6 people or less) are taught in my private studio. Bigger groups of 7 to 50 are taught in the artists’ teaching room. This a lovely room with sofas, tables, coffee making machine, chairs, paintings, etc). I can’t agree it’s an industrial facility.
2. On several occasions the organiser got in touch with me requesting to bring their own drinks and I kindly agreed. Although there was a considerable amount of alcohol brought on the premises I did put out 4 bottles of wine in an unlikely event more alcohol would be needed. It was left on the table untouched, understandably.
4. During the art class as we progressed to the topic of painting there were some remarks from attendees that they were surprised that we will be painting and as some of your group members correctly stated it was indeed a “ paint and sip ‘ class, so the painting was included. There was no mentioning at all about preference of a medium. I would be able to provide pastels, acrylics or watercolours if requested. Usually I suggest trying oil paints as these are the most beginner friendly
3. A 4 canvas is a reasonable size for a beginner to finish in 2 hour time. The canvases are of a high quality and brought directly from Jackson’s art supplies. This is a great canvas and size for a beginner to work with.
Your comments have been noted. I appreciate your valuable input and hope to welcome you back soon.

Many thanks

Abdi Timer Mar 2024

Katrina was fantastic! Even though I can’t draw, I managed to make something I can hang up at home

Ildiko Feb 2024

I attended the course with my colleagues, on a welcome break from the corporate environment, ready to recharge and eager to try something creative. And we had an absolute blast!
Katya was brilliant – she struck the right balance of providing introduction / guidance / helpful tips and giving us space to try and put that guidance to good use! We selected our own themes and were guided through sketching out our design, mixing paint, and continued to receive lots of helpful advice as we started to paint. Katya also helped us with the finishing touches, which was really appreciated as we had to rush a bit towards the end.
In terms of location & food: the studio wasn’t hard to find, and it was very atmospheric – I wasn’t the only one inspired by the complete / still in progress paintings on the walls, all around us. I would say however that given the cold and the rain, the spare heater Katya put in was definitely welcome. The room was just the right size for 6 people, though the occasional splashes of pain ended up on coats / jeans. Fortunately, it all washed out easily. Re lunch, kudos to Katya for catering to multiple dietary preferences.
What would I highlight for others? The course isn’t about having one specific design and being guided to replicate it – there’s a lot of freedom in coming up an idea and getting it onto the canvas. Personally, I see it as both challenge (in a good way) and reward, and like I said we had a lot of fun! Can only recommend it!

Iain Walker Feb 2024

Katerina Kovalova is a great teacher, I learnt a lot and we had a very fun time!

Tyler Jan 2024

Good class, great teacher who helped at any stage, she was very accomodating and we had a great time.

Anonymised ClassBento student Jan 2024

I absolutely love this class - Katerina gives as much or as little guidance as you want, so that you can come out of each class with a painting that you’re proud of. I’m a complete beginner, but I really like how Katerina encourages you to explore your style rather than just ‘paint by the numbers’, and shows you the basics without telling you what to do. A great class for beginner and advanced painters alike!

Note that all materials are provided - it’s great value in my opinion, and you can complete a painting in a session :)

Sebastian Fagan Jan 2024

This is a really lovely class that enables you to come away with your own painting in just a few hours! Katerina is very patient and gives you as much (or as little!) help as you need to set you up for success. I learnt a lot in just the space of a few hours - I last painted in primary school, but after this class I want to keep it up as a hobby!

Madeleine Chivers Jan 2024

She was lovely, super helpful with the painyimg, really nice woman! Great experience overall, yay

Oliver Webster Dec 2023

Amazing and informative class, such a good time for all the team, and Katya as so accommodating, thoroughly recommend

Adam Atkinson Dec 2023

The class was great fun. Katerina was really insightful and made the class fun at the same time. Would definitely recommend.

Antonio Caflisch Nov 2023

Calm and relaxing environment with good wine and good music. Patient and helpful teacher. Highly recommended!

Noah Crew-Gee Nov 2023

This was wonderful! This was our first time here - and we hope to come back in the new year! It was really the perfect mix between a class and fun. Katerina was very patient and so encouraging with us, talking us through the basics of composition, intervening where we needed help, all the while giving us the freedom to have fun with the canvas (and a glass of wine). What a great experience! Met some lovely people there too - the class sizes are small enough to feel supported by Katerina, but just large enough for there to be a warm atmosphere :) (5 people when we went)

Angus Maclachlan Nov 2023

Katerina was a fantastic teacher, we absolutely loved her class! Genuinely useful painting lesson mixed with a relaxed atmosphere is such a winning combo, I can’t wait to collect my painting (that flatters my ability massively thanks to Katerina!)

Yung Nov 2023

A great teacher working in a creative environment help me and my partner visualise how to get started and produce paintings to be proud off. The wine was great as well!

Paint and Sip Class review by Yung - London

Ida Sep 2023

Katerina was very nice and helpful. Paint was provided for us. She showed us how to sketch the painting, choose our colour palette, mix the paints, and techniques for painting. Beginner friendly and a good way to spend an evening.

Preeya Varsani Sep 2023

Katerina was a great teacher, imparting the basics of painting and encouraging artistic licence. She helped finesse the painting and guiding us in everything from mixing the palette, how to compose the painting and blending colour for a harmonious look. Super happy with our final result!

Fiona Atkins Sep 2023

Friendly, knowledgeable tutor and great art materials. The venue was very easy to get to and close to the tube station.

Lauren Deas Jul 2023

This was a great experience.

The instructor was so lovely, helpful and chatty and as a family of 5 we had an incredible time.

We would have given 5 stars but:
1. The instructor arrived 30 mins late due to tube strikes
2. There was only 2 glasses of wine each, although coffee was offered - but lunch was lovely.
3. More chairs were probably needed as there were only 2 between 5.
4. We could have done with a little bit more assistance.

All in all, a lovely weekend activity and fun for all types of people and we would definitely recommend but with some tiny improvements.

Painting class review by Lauren Deas - London

Teacher's response

Thank you, Lauren, for your lovely review! I am delighted to hear that you and your family had a great experience. Some things I would like to comment on : We would have given 5 stars but:
1. The instructor arrived 30 mins late due to tube strikes - Although I did arrive late , I did get in touch an hour before the start of the lesson to let you know beforehand and the class was finished 30 min later to ensure you have received the correct amount of painting time . I am extremely lenient with time and no one felt rushed to leave .
2. There was only 2 glasses of wine each, although coffee was offered - but lunch was lovely. I would have been happy to provide extras if requested.
3. More chairs were probably needed as there were only 2 between 5. Thank you for letting me know, I will ensure more chairs are available.
4. We could have done with a little bit more assistance. I was always in the studio giving a detailed instruction, correcting and improving paintings as requested… I am not sure how much more I could have done without stopping the paintings being ‘ your ‘ creation. The paintings have to be ‘ yours ‘ ! Good or bad and the perfection will only come with practice.

Katie Stirrup Jul 2023

Katerina was really friendly and had some great tips on how to start painting and what to think about when you are contemplating a painting. There were only 2 of us in the class which was great but I could have done with her checking in on us and giving us tips throughout the painting process, I think then we could have incorporated improvements into our paintings rather than reflecting on what could have been different at the end. Also, the picnic isn't much so I wouldn't turn up hungry.
Overall good session and has helped me build confidence to paint more in the future.

Clarisse Perdido Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Recently went for a hen do and absolutely loved it! Originally we were set to have the class outdoors but due to bad weather conditions our teacher offered us to paint at her studio. She was very accommodating and provided all the materials we needed. Loved the class and can’t wait to do it again!

Deeqa Ali Jun 2023

I had such an amazing time. It really has made me love painting again. I've learnt so much!

Ursula Sandy Jun 2023

Katerina was lovely, she was so helpful and very friendly. She is very skilled and her advice helped us create our very own masterpiece. The studio was easy to find and well equipped. There was a lot of choice about style and materials and the wine was delicious - no cheap plonk. We had our choice of music adding to the experience. Whether you’re a budding artist or a novice like us, I promise you will enjoy this experience!

Paint and Sip Class review by Ursula Sandy - London

Mannat Chopra May 2023

Had a great time painting at hyde park. Kat provided all the tools needed for a fun painting session. Great activity to do with friends.

Caroline Router May 2023

katya was lovely and a great teacher. It was nice each being able to paint something different and being given guidance on techniques. The studio is quite a tight squeeze and was a little difficult to find, but very good value for a 2 hour session :)

Muyiwa Oki May 2023

It’s was chaotic to organise and settle on a date.
The lunch provided was not as expected (Sainsbury’s meal deal)
There was no choice in the size of painting.
She is a good teacher and would like to do it again at a different price range.
The end result was worth the experience - see attached.

Painting class review by Muyiwa Oki - London

Angus Reid May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Bought as a gift for my Girlfriends birthday, Katya was lovely and arranged a really special session. I am an absolute painting novice, and my girlfriend has done some painting before, and Katya was brilliant with both of us - I'd highly recommend this class. Thank you again for the birthday treats!

Nawal Mohamed May 2023

Me and my friend went there yesterday for beginners class and Katerina was super helpful and taught us the basics and guided us throughout the session. The vibe was so fun and relaxing and we really enjoyed everything about it. Highly recommend!

Kate Donnellan Apr 2023

Booked the art & wine class for a Mother’s Day gift. We all really enjoyed ourselves & learnt a lot. Thanks Katerina!

Stephanie Francois Feb 2023

Misleading description. There we 6 of us in a tiny old studio that was freezing. No refreshments were offered throughout the class. Lunch was a Tesco wrap and fruit plus the option of a glass of wine in a plastic tumbler. I learnt a couple of tips but it wasn't worth the money.

Benjamin Inemugha Nov 2022

I really learnt and enjoyed it. I hope to get better at painting with time.

Rachel Corrigan Nov 2022

The teacher was lovely and has a lot of talent and knowledge. The experience itself was not what we expected in terms of arrival. With a lot of studios in the industrial estate, we were not sure where to go and we tried calling but there was no answer. The class itself was fine and then leaving, it was exist down what seemed like a fire escape. Overall it was good but not what we were expecting.

Tyler Jefferies Oct 2022

very good very nice. super friendly and helpful teacher, would recommend and would do again.

Beverley Day Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was very informative and we enjoyed the session. First time using oil paint. Thanks

Metian Parsanka Oct 2022

Really good session, got plenty of time to work on the art. Enjoyed mixing colours

Savannah Danso Sep 2022

It was a Very informative class , with a a good environment with an amazing teacher .

Amelia Banerjee Sep 2022

Teacher was fantastic. However venue was a little too small for everybody to fit. But still very fun!

Fiona McClenaghan Jul 2022

Excellent introduction to painting - my husband and I really enjoyed the class. I would highly recommend for a fun evening!

Kate Bullock Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was lovely but not around much. The wine offered wasn’t nice and we could only have one glass. There was no atmosphere and it felt like a serious art class rather than a fun thing to do with the girls on a Saturday night. When we got painting it was better but that didn’t start until one hour into the class. If you want to learn to paint this is the class for you but if you want to get a bit tiddly and have a laugh with mates then there I wouldn’t recommend this one.

James Howlett Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, teacher was very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and got a lot of good advice.

Linda Williams Jul 2022

Katerina was very helpful and patient with us. She provided lots of advice and support to make the experience enjoyable. We were pleased to leave with a painting each.

Lauren Williams Jul 2022

Really helpful. Provided great advice and guidance whilst allowing lots of freedom to paint at the pace and style you wanted :)

Veronika Senior May 2022

Katya was amazing, gave a lot of options on what to paint and the team loved the session. It was a great team building activity and I cannot recommend Katya enough - she was quick to respond to all my queries before and after the booking and accommodated our time/location requirements with ease.

Francis Cruiziat May 2022

Teacher was really nice and patient, the venue is great and drinks and nibbles were provided, which was nice

Alison Cowpe May 2022

Katia came to our house to do a painting class for 11 of us - brought all the equipment and paints and arrived in good time to set up. A great artist and very helpful but also a really interesting and talented lady to talk to. Thanks for a great event for us all. Alison

Lesley Rolle May 2022

We went to this class for a friend’s birthday and had a great time. Katerina was a great host and was extremely knowledgable. She took the time to guide us through the task and centred the session around learning as opposed to just copying a photo. We had a bit of trouble locating the studio, but after giving Katerina a call she came down to collect us. The room for the class was a bit small and chairs/stools were limited but to my surprise I actually found it nicer to stand and paint.

It was nice and relaxing and we also had a good laugh as the majority of us were not skilled painters to say the least. Would say if you are not doing this at your own venue, smaller groups would be better given the space limitations (although I believe there was also a bigger space that could have been used if we had arrived on time at the start of the class).

Chloe Godsoe May 2022

We loved our class with Katerina! We learnt so much and really enjoyed ourselves, would definitely reccommend.

Adam Wallace May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Whilst the class was fun and Katerina was an informative teacher I was expecting a more polished service.
When starting the class Katerina didn't address the whole group together and it wasn't clearly organised to know what to do.
During the class the offer of a glass of wine was actually only a small plastic cup and there was no choice, only 1 red wine available, no white wine, which was disappointing.
As we were painting Katerina offered individuals some tips when asked but spent most of the time sat at the back on her phone.
Also, there was no music playing which meant it was a slightly strange silent atmosphere most of the time.
When the class was finishing no time warning was given throughout so some people didn't finish their painting and just had to leave it as it was.
Finally, it ended as it began, a bit disorganised and not very clear. There were no clear instructions to the class from Katerina about what to do with your paints, brushes etc or whether you could take your painting or needed to leave it to dry and collect at a later date.

Overall a fun class with good materials but less polished/professional than expected for the price paid.

Evie Ngozi May 2022

This is a great experience for those wanting to start their creative journey and get back into painting. The teacher is very knowledgeable and beginner friendly. It’s more of a private class, so for a more fun vibe it would be good to have a group of 6. But overall the experience was good.

Painting class review by Evie Ngozi - London

Lorena Navarro Apr 2022

Teacher was very knowledgeable and showed us the whole creative process step by step ( we are complete beginners). We enjoyed the experience and would like to come back again

Bianca Boysen-Bond Apr 2022

Katerina was very patient, considering we were a pretty loud group! She had a clear structure to the class and I really enjoyed learning some techniques to create something I was actually really proud to take home! Considering I'm not a painter, the class was really well planned so that I had the time to learn a bit and try something out. The venue is a bit out of the way so a cab was the best option for us.

Maria Palmer-Clarke Apr 2022

The image sown is not a real reflection, I was expecting something different.
we where able to create our own vibe but had they been people that where on a different vibe this could have been a solemn experience.

Kara Abrams Mar 2022

The experience was great learnt a lot, was provided with s canvas, paints , some alcohol and cake. Had s great time ☺️

Catherine O'Riordan Mar 2022

What a brilliant evening! We had so much fun and really learned a lot. Katerina was so much fun and really engaging. Would definitely come again Thanks Katerina ❤️

Sophie Matthews Jan 2022

really good fun / great laugh and a very enjoyable experience. Initially felt strange going into the location where it was but otherwise it was a lot of fun

Max Muirhead Nov 2021

Great experience for beginners and experienced painters alike. Katerina’s guidance and advice was brilliant and informative, would highly recommend!

Amanda Areias Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was great and the teacher was extremely helpful, she gave me a lot of attention and all the right tips and recommendations but still making sure it was my work. Make sure you arrive to the class with a few inspirations/references for what you want to paint.

Lara Stanley Sep 2021

The class was okay. A couple of things we were not really pleased about.
1. No seats were available for the attendees. It's difficult when you have to stand for 4+ hours to paint, not very comfortable and the room was really small.
2. The class felt rushed. Although its advertised as 4hrs, Katja had said the time could be extended as I informed her it was for a bridal shower and we had agreed an hr extra but we felt rushed out of the studio by 5.30 even though the session didn't start until after 2pm because the room was not ready by the time everyone arrived.
3. The lunch provided could be better and better presented. Some hot food options would have been appreciated.
4. The easels provided were not adjustable which meant some of the taller people had no option but to bend or hold the board in hand while standing for 4hrs.
5. It would have been nice to have paper bags or something for each person to take the painting home.
Overall, we tried to make the most of the day but perhaps this class is not ideal if you are organising a group event. Katja was helpful in helping the ladies with their sketches but she needs to put a bit more thought into the organisation of the class particularly when it's an event. People are paying for an experience.

Catherine O'Malley Aug 2021

The host was very hospitable, knowledgeable about her subject and put us at ease even though none of our small group could paint. We liked the fact that the host assisted us with our painting from start to finish which ensured we had a memorable painting to take home. The whole event was enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you.

Rajvinder Uppal Aug 2021

I did not learn anything and not well organised. The teacher was on the phone. I should of just took paints to the park myself. Waste of money

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