Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class

Come along and learn the basics of pottery making with this London pottery class!

3 hours Class size 1 to 6     label £60

Perfect for those looking for fun things to do in London, this all-rounder pottery class is a great way to kick back, relax and have a play with clay!

You'll gain practical skills as you're introduced to simple yet rewarding pottery making techniques from pinching and coiling to wheel throwing — so, there's no need to bring along bags of experience, just come as you are and eager to learn.

During this fun London pottery workshop, you'll have the opportunity to play and experiment as much as you like, all whilst making a beautiful ceramic keepsake.

As you craft and create in a relaxing pottery studio based alongside the grand union canal, take the opportunity to slow down and sink your hands into the present moment.

At the end of the class, you'll have a beautifully finished piece to call your own. If you love your clay creation and want to keep it forever then there is also the option to have the pottery glazed and fired (£5 per piece).

Knowledge required
Completely beginner-friendly!
What you'll get
Their own clay creation to keep!

Alperton 243 Ealing Road Hatton Road, Venice House, Artist Studio Company, Alperton HA0 1QL London

This venue is a short walk from Alperton tube station (200m).

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class location
Your teacher
The Slightly Curious Studio
The Slightly Curious Studio

4.9 (81)
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Hi, I'm Sampada, from the Slightly Curious Studio! I'm an illustrator and a maker of all sorts.

Let me share my passion for pottery, candle making and more with you at my relaxing studio in Wembley.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Gemma Morris Oct 2023

Excellent class. Sampada was a great teacher. We had the opportunity to make two pots on the wheel and hand build one. Sampada was very attentive and gave everyone confidence. Really relaxing experience in a beautiful studio.

Kirat Virdi Sep 2023

Really great experiance. My friend and i tried this as i had an interest in making ceramics. This class was reallly helpful. And Sampada is a lovely teacher and attentive to you throughout the whole duration of the class.

Suay Vargas Sep 2023

Fun fun fun, recommend for anyone. Good for couples and singles and children too, 5 stars

Francesca Bellis-Jones Aug 2023

Sampada was a lovely teacher, very patient and cheerful and encouraging. The three hour session went past in a flash - we couldn’t believe when she said time was up!
Her studio is lovely and bright but a bit tricky to find - more detailed instructions would be useful as I think everyone got a bit lost.
I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to try pottery to give this class a go as a taster, it was nice to be able to learn how to use the wheel as well as slab building.

Anonymised ClassBento student Aug 2023

Absolutely loved it.
It was a great experience.

We had so much fun and Sampada was very thorough and great.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Harrow

Kyri Vas Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was lovely and explained everything thoroughly before we started with the clay.
She was very helpful and supportive!
The venue was easy to find and accessible location. Right next to Alperton station (Piccadilly) and walking distance from Hanger Lane (Central).
The whole experience was very fun (if a little messy!). The pottery wheel can actually be quite relaxing :)
Loved it!

Bhavjeet Badesha Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was really enjoyable and relaxing, so relaxing that I didn't notice time going by! The teacher was helpful and I wish the class could have been longer. I would definitely recommend it!

Sara Moustahib Aug 2023

I had an amazing afternoon learning different techniques at the class. It felt very casual and comfortable. Whenever I felt unsure she came to give me hands on help. Will definitely come again.

Tandeep Badesha Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was extremely helpful, the class was a relaxing environment and I enjoyed my time. I have recommended this class and teacher to friends.

Linda Lovat Jul 2023

Great teacher. Provided all the materials and tools and gave clear instructions. A beautiful studio too with a view over the canal.

Julie Jackson-Hales Jun 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Excellent class. Covered wheel throwing and had building. The studio was beautiful, light and airy. I would definitely recommend.

Pottery class review by Julie Jackson-Hales - Harrow

Archana Nathan Jun 2023

Was a great experience, Sampada and Beth were lovely. Really patient, gave us lots of useful tips. Great intro to pottery!

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Archana Nathan - Harrow

Marvin Brown Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a really relaxing enjoyable session where we learned a lot. Our teacher was super friendly and very knowledgeable, we would recommend others attend. Thanks to Sampada, she really made the experience special

Pottery class review by Marvin Brown - Harrow

Millie May 2023

Had a great time at the pottery class on Saturday. Sampada is a good teacher and is easy to follow. The session was fun and interesting as it was split into two type of pottery making. Would definitely recommend the class to anyone who is looking to explore into pottery for the first time.

Fareed Hurree May 2023

Teacher was great, was such a fun experience for someone who has never done anything with clay! So I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new and different.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Fareed Hurree - Harrow

Adam O’Brien May 2023

Sampada is a wonderful teacher and host. Her venue is airy and bright, overlooking the canal. The chill playlist was a nice bonus. Very zen. 10/10

Amore Teresa May 2023

Felt like expirience for kids, I would look for something different if you have curiosity to grasp some knowledge out of class.

Juliette Denny May 2023

A really great class the teachers were lovely, it was a great way to relax and chill out.

Pottery class review by Juliette Denny - Harrow

Miya Jarvis Apr 2023

One of the best experiences I’ve had. Sampada Made me feel welcome and Provided a safe and judgement free environment! I gained some new knowledge on clay and techniques for pottery. The building and room itself was clean and aesthetically pleasing, I loved all the plants, pottery pieces, Polaroids and wood. It was bright and a lovely place to let my creativity run. 10/10 experience ! Something I would definitely recommend and do again.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Miya Jarvis - Harrow

Gwen Richards Apr 2023

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I had such a great time and will definitely be back. Thank you all!

Jasvir Seahra Mar 2023

This was my first attempt at pottery. I booked in with a friend for my birthday. The teacher was excellent, really good and gave an overview of pottery and demonstrated with examples of each approach before the class got stuck in.
It was pretty relaxed and fun but I would need a lot more practice to get the hang of the throwing approach.
I would recommend the class if you are new to pottery for a taster. I liked that it was 3 hrs and didn’t feel rushed.

Kemishia Francis Mar 2023

Such an amazing and informative class. It wasn’t the easiest venue to find using Apple Maps but Sampada was great at giving directions and getting us to the venue. We went for the Mother’s Day session and the smaller class of 6 allowed us to have more time getting help as ultra beginners. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to give it a go.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Kemishia Francis - Harrow

Sahra Mar 2023

The experience was amazing, learnt so much in the session and made great pottery! So fun and a great idea to bond with family and friends, the studio itself is also beautiful and the teachers are patient and attentive! Loved it and would highly recommend!

Pottery class review by Sahra  - Harrow

Dominique Coverley Mar 2023

Teacher was lovely and she brought us flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day. So sweet!

The actual class was really informative and we learnt a lot and managed to throw a reasonable looking bowl

Anastasia Mar 2023

Sampada wish a lovely teacher- very friendly and relax .She provided structured and easy to follow explanation, demonstration and guidance .
Her studio is very airy and bright and the entire space put you at ease.
3 hours went by very quickly and all of us created at least 2 nice pieces of ceramic .

I have posted the correct doorbell as it took me a few moments to figure which one to press . The rest of the experience was absolutely fantastic and smooth.I have decided to take on a pottery course .

Pottery class review by Anastasia  - Harrow

Lada Krylova Mar 2023

I really loved the class - this session was well structured, our teacher explained the theory in detail before we started the practice. She managed to fit a lot of information in an hour, yet I did not feel rushed. The studio was excellent - quite spacious and well lit. There was a wide range of materials. I have learnt some basics of the hand building technique and wheel throwing, which is certainly what I would like to continue to learn.
Highly recommend.

Pottery class review by Lada Krylova - Harrow

Jenifer Hoy Mar 2023

Truly enjoyed my class with Sampada and her assistant today. They were both very friendly and patient as they showed us how to use the pottery wheel and build by hand. The location is lovely with a view of the river as well. We were very lucky to get nearby parking.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Jenifer Hoy - Harrow

Zainab U Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a lovely pottery session today! The studio is very pretty and well resourced. I came away learning new skills, as well as having a wonderful time creating. Sampada was a very clear teacher. Thank you xx

Yasser Rachid Mar 2023

Really nice experience! We were in a small class and everyone received clear and detailed guidance throughout the process from the instructors. At the same time had space to create our own pieces however we wanted, so I think we struck a pretty good balance!

As an added bonus, we were offered the option to bring home our creations for an extra cost, which I think was really nice, I’m happy to keep my piece of pottery to brag about. :)

Pottery class review by Yasser Rachid - Harrow

Funmi Daniel Mar 2023

The class was fun and enjoyable. Our teacher was knowledgeable and patient and made sure that of us understood the core principles of using the pottery wheel. I'd definitely recommmend the class to friends!

Caroline Dickins Feb 2023

A great chance to just enjoy a peaceful few hours learning something new. Great teacher thank you

Viola Lastrucci Feb 2023

Great and insightful starter course! Can't wait to see the glased final products in 4 weeks.

George Slade Feb 2023

Sampada was such a wonderful teacher! She took the time to explain every aspect of the session, what we would be doing, some techniques to employ and then was on hand to provide any help needed. On top of that, she was very affable and fostered a very inclusive and welcoming atmosphere within the group. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have some fun with clay!

Levi Callender Feb 2023

The teacher was amazing, very knowledgable, down to earth and friendly. The class itself was super fun and engaging. Learnt so much during the session especially not coming from a creative background whatsoever and this being the first time attending experiencing pottery.

Would definitely go back and recommend to all.

Thanks again

Fan Sun Feb 2023

Really great session, and the instructor is super helpful and talented. Would recommend it to anyone.

Dora Ferrari Feb 2023

The teacher was amazing, the location very well decorated. The atmosphere was very cozy and nice definitely to do it again

Sanjayan Ravi Jan 2023

It was a fantastic experience. The teacher was patience and explained it very well. Really happy with this.

David Moed Jan 2023

Had a great time today.
Great location and it was both
Fun and instructional!

Pottery class review by David Moed - Harrow

Loretta Okpokiri Jan 2023

The teacher was great, really helpful and the class was very relaxed and a lot of fun.

Christopher Webber Jan 2023

Great venue. Lots of useful information. Very different and enjoyable.
Teacher was great and very friendly

Sneha Babu Dec 2022

Very enjoyable class with an informative and friendly teacher! We had a great experience and would highly recommend!

Ling Wang Nov 2022

Good experience and very relaxing for weekends. The teacher has great knowledge of pottery making and very friendly too. For me it is the best gift for my friend’s birthday. Had great fun and definitely recommended.

Maja Marszalek Nov 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing experience- highly recommend for those who want to try something new whilst having fun!

Wing Tsang Nov 2022

Great class for beginners. I had an enjoyable time throwing pottery. Instructors were kind and helpful too.

Simone Rourke Nov 2022

Had a super day! Teacher was great and class was amazing! Highly recommended.
Go for it!

Maria Qureshi Oct 2022

The beautiful studio is located near the canal and provides a picturesque space for the workshop. Sampada was knowledgeable and showed us a variety of hand-building clay techniques. She was supportive on the wheel throwing and patient throughout the workshop. There were plenty of pieces on display throughout the studio to provide inspiration.

Shahad Ismail Oct 2022

Sampada and her studio were amazing and very well equipped! Really enjoyed the workshop and also met some great people :) the pottery throwing was my fav!

Bethany Winwood Sep 2022

Amazing pottery class! Sampada was a brilliant teacher. We learnt so much but still had plenty of hands on time with the hand building and on the wheel! A really fun class - would definitely recommend

Ines Ahn Sep 2022

It was super great experience. The view of studio was also amazing and working well with "pottery". She is a really good teacher as well. I always felt that wheel throwing is just difficult, but today with her, I could success. I will visit again definetely

Pottery class review by Ines Ahn - Harrow

Soraya Zahid Sep 2022

great class- really enjoyed it! The teacher was fantastic and we had a great time.

Burcu Dur Sep 2022

Great class! With some learning to take away. It was relaxing and creative. What else do we need!

Pottery class review by Burcu Dur - Harrow

Jessie Cruz Aug 2022

Sampada was so welcoming and you can tell she was so passionate about her craft in pottery. It was cool to know she started as a Illustrator then took interest in ceramics. Her studio reflected so much of that! The studio space was very nice that looked over a canal and enough room for a group of 10 people.

My husband surprised & gifted me this class and we did it together for our 9th year wedding anniversary. We throughly enjoyed experimenting, creating and just getting messy with the clay. At the end of the class we left with the knowledge of two methods of making pottery. Hand building and wheel throwing, both had different but unique outcomes. It was also sweet that we could end up bringing the creations we made home with us after the drying process, kiln then glazing as keepsakes (this is after 4 weeks!) Both me and my husband would love to do this again and learn more about it in depth!

Thank you Sampada for a lovely afternoon & being so patient with us

Pottery class review by Jessie Cruz - Harrow

Fran Funke Jul 2022

Thank you, Sampada, for a really enjoyable pottery class! We've come away feeling invigorated after such a relaxing and interesting introduction to pottery. The class is well structured and Sampada gives attention and help to everyone while she gently guides you through the process at the wheel and at the table for handbuilding. Her studio is beautiful and easy to locate. Sampada has a knack for making pottery approachable and fun, really enjoyed her teaching style!

Miren Patel Jun 2022

Very welcoming and helpful teacher. Nice atmosphere and clean workspace. A great class for beginners!

Michael Charles Jun 2022

An excellent tutor. Explained what to do very clearly. Demonstrated well and then gave plenty of help and encouragement. Altogether a very pleasant experience!

Karen Phillips May 2022

Lovely first class and teaching was clear, friendly and encouraging. I would take further classes.

Hamza Merzic May 2022

It was such a great family activity - all three of us enjoyed it so much! Cannot recommend The Slightly Curious Studio enough! :)

Hannah Kania-Haughton May 2022

Such a brilliant class, we are all going to book on for a second session of just using the pottery wheel next time. Teacher, location and materials all excellent!

I’ve already been asked by 6 people about the lesson and sent them Sampadas way ☺️

Ian Taylor May 2022

Very friendly. Makes you feel completely from the very start. Clear and helpful and professional

Dharsicka Nadarajah Apr 2022

Had a lovely class with Sampatha with me and my 3 other friends. She's patient attentive, good class size. When booking pottery it's important to understand whether throwing (the wheel thing is included) is included which was in the class (rather than some classes we looked at online was just moulding clay). We also got to mould clay too which was a diff technique entirely. We were allowed to bring our own drinks and snacks, and the pottery class studio was gorgeous! Highly recommend

Pottery class review by Dharsicka Nadarajah - Harrow

Elisabeth Dessouroux Apr 2022

Teacher and her assistant were both very professional ,welcoming patient and knowledgeable.
Venue was nice , bright , and near tube . Great choice and amount of Materials.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Elisabeth Dessouroux - Harrow

Eddie Jones Apr 2022

We both really enjoyed the pottery day especially using the wheel. Thank you so much.

Darya Mar 2022

The class was really fun and informative. The teacher explained concepts clearly and demonstrated the techniques along the way. The studio was a little hard to find but we managed! Would definitely recommend!

Michal Stachowicz Mar 2022

The class was amazing and so relaxed. The venue was beautiful and encouraged creativity and fun. Will definitely be coming back :)

Getting to keep your pieces is the perfect souvenir.

Charlotte Land Mar 2022

Both Sabanar and Samanthi were great tutors. The glass was very relaxed and fun. We were given total freedom to make whatever we wanted to and we’re guided as much or little as we asked for or needed (if the clay or our faces looked like it needed urgent help!). I’d really like to book another course and go with friends and family again! Thank you!

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Charlotte Land - Harrow

Yeshtha Crustna Feb 2022

Really good class for intro to pottery, every part was explained very well and made it so easy to understand the process and different techniques during both hand building as well as wheel throwing.
She was very thorough and helpful throughout, guiding us to make the best out of our clay. Very happy with the class and will hopefully be back for a wheel throwing class. :D

Pottery class review by Yeshtha Crustna - Harrow

Ms Stanton Feb 2022

Excellent tuition. Great studio, spacious and light. I really enjoyed using the pottery wheel and had fun being creative with clay. Thank you x

Aaron Infante Feb 2022

Teacher was very kind and accommodating, which was especially needed as we had zero experience on pottery. the studio was clean, all materials were provided and overall it was a great experience learning from there as she was very friendly and created a comfortable atmosphere.

Alessia Caramello Feb 2022

The class was really great and we managed to produce quite a few nice pieces. The teacher provided lot of background on how to work with clay, all the necessary tools and plenty of clay to play with. She also prepared a little snack and wine for us to munch on during the class. The studio had a really nice atmosphere, great view on the canal with lot of natural light coming in which helps relaxing. We had plenty of time to model the clay by hand, but I would have maybe spent more on the throwing wheel.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Alessia Caramello - Harrow

Leo Tony Feb 2022

Good class really enjoyed . Recommend for all to enjoy a good time to play with clay

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Leo Tony - Harrow

Alia Sheikh Nov 2021

A great introduction to pottery where you get stuck in quickly. Sampada was super friendly and always on hand to assist. Lovely light filled studio with all the equipment you need. Note - I thought I was booking a private class for 2 as the class capacity (when booking) stated 1-2 people but there were 5 others when we turned up, so just double check if wanting private classes. Was great anyway and would definitely recommend.

Jordan Renaud Oct 2021

I really enjoyed the class, the teacher took us through everything and explained things very well. I had so much fun!

Salma Qannas Oct 2021

The teacher was so nice and help us a lot. I had a lot of fun by doing it especially with the wheel.

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