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Cedar Apothecary is dedicated to exploring natural skincare, candle making and home fragrances. Through practical, personalised workshops we’ll explore the therapeutic properties of essential oils and botanic ingredients, creating our own organic beauty and scented products.

Lizzy's love for candles and their therapeutic benefits became the foundation of Cedar. In 2018, she decided to share moments of calm with others and hasn't looked back since. With its own dedicated studio space, an evolving range of handmade products, and over 5 years of hosting candle making workshops, Cedar has become a symbol of tranquility and self-care.

In 2023 after completing a diploma in product formulation, Lizzy launched Cedar Apothecary as a sister offering to Cedar, expanding her workshop repertoire. This dedicated space is where we delve into the realm of natural skincare and home fragrances. Through our workshops, we explore the therapeutic properties of essential oils and botanical ingredients, empowering you to create your own organic beauty and scented products.





Coline Geffrault Feb 2024

Lizzie was super knowledgeable and helpful in creating beautiful scents and teaching us how to make our own candles, highly recommend!

Jane Butcher Feb 2024

Loved the class so much and so happy with my products. Would definitely come again!

Harriet Davies Feb 2024

I loved it! I’ve been interested in candle making for a while but I was worried about how technical it was going to be. We got a really good idea of essential oils that work well together, and the balance/flash points. It was a chilled/ friendly environment and walked away with a lovely candle. Thank you

Teacher's response

Hi Harriet, Thanks so much for your lovely review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. If you had any candle making questions in future then you know where I am! Warmest wishes, Lizzy

Bethany Mitchell Feb 2024

The class was just fabulous, absolutely loved it I would highly recommend to anyone who loves candles

Teacher's response

Hi Bethany, Thanks so much for writing such a lovely review. It was a pleasure to have you and hopefully I will see you at one of my other workshops in the future. Warmest wishes, Lizzy

Alice Torr Jan 2024

Really enjoyed our workshop that I bought for my mother in law for Christmas, Lizzy was amazing, very informative and I loved the focus on using natural products. Thank you!

Angela Jan 2024

Had a wonderful time at the workshop, Lizzie was fantastic. Learned all about essential oils and how to create a unique scent which we then used to make our own candles. Thank you so much - the workshop was brilliant!

Teacher's response

Hi Angela, Thanks so much of taking the time to write a review. I'm glad you're happy with your scent. Warmest wishes, Lizzy

Antonia Fusaro Jan 2024

We had such a gorgeous morning making the most beautiful bathing products with Lizzy. The venue was lovely and the class was super informative yet really relaxed and I’m so pleased with the products I got to take home. Can’t wait to join another class soon!

Teacher's response

Hi Antonia, Thanks so much for your lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to having you back for the face product workshop! Warmest wishes, Lizzy

Emma Jan 2024

The class was so much fun. Set withing a beautiful shop, Lizzie looked after us from beginning to end. She provided us with a real wealth of knowledge on how to recreate the products we made at home.
Thanks so much- I'd definitely book a class with Lizzie again.

Teacher's response

Hi Emma, Thanks so much for your lovely review! Hopefully I will see you again soon. Warmest wishes, Lizzy

Sam Fairbrother Jan 2024

Absolutely brilliant experience, the venue was perfect, teacher Lizzy knowledgeable and couldn’t do enough for us.
I left feeling satisfied and excited to try the products, which I now find incredibly beneficial
Recommend this course to anyone who wishes to know about botanicals
Thank you Lizzy for a great experience
I will come again

Teacher's response

Hi Sam

Thank you so much for coming along and leaving such a nice review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and hopefully it's a valuable starting point for you to go off and explore the world of natural beauty recipes. Good luck with any future experiments and if you had any questions then just send me an email! Lizzy

Frida Cooper Jan 2024

I have been to 3 of Lizzie’s classes now and they are wonderful! So easy to follow and learn new skills to take home and build the practice into your everyday life!

I’d really recommend her new botanical face product class. I now can’t live without the wonderful lip barm you make! Also makes such a beautiful present for people, to go along to one of Lizzie’s classes and experience a lovely afternoon with a loved one!

Botanical Face Product Crafting Workshop review by Frida Cooper - Manchester

Teacher's response

Hi Frida, Thank you so much for your lovely review. It's always such a joy to have you!

Tina Jan 2024

Absolutely beautiful quaint venue, which had such a warm vibe. On arrival, we were warmly greeted also and offered a selection of drinks and biscuits.
The class consisted of 10 people in total, and involved everyone at all stages, enabling interaction as a group.
The process of making natural candles was very well explained and extremely interesting.
We were then able to create our own candles to take away with us on the day.
Such a lovely experience and would highly recommend this.

Teacher's response

Hi Tina, thanks so much for your lovely review, I'm glad you both found it interesting. I'd love to welcome you back in the future and I'll make sure the radiator is cranked up so it's nice and cosy. Lizzy x

Amanda Jan 2024

Loved All the material provided. Explained very well the meaning of each step of making your own product. The space is amazing, very cozy and comfortable. She also gave tips and instructions for those interested in natural skin care.

Botanical Face Product Crafting Workshop review by Amanda - Manchester

Teacher's response

Hi Amanda, thanks so much for your lovely review, it was a pleasure to have you! If you have any follow up questions, you know where to find you but hopefully I will see you at another workshop in future.

Lucy Robinson Jan 2024

Absolutely loved this workshop, Lizzie was lovely and welcoming and a great teacher! So informative, would definitely recommend. I’ve loved Lizzie’s candles for year so was amazing to mow create my own under her guidance. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!

Teacher's response

Hi Lucy, Thank you so much coming along. It was so lovely to finally meet you. Also thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

Sarbjit Dhillon Dec 2023

It was good and how you can mix oil together Ferguson I think it was good it good value for money

Dani Molyneux Dec 2023

Fab workshop, Lizzy was warm, knowledgeable and helpful. Really enjoyed and would come again. Looking forward to lighting my new candle.

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Dani Molyneux - Manchester

Isaac Allison Dec 2023

We had a fantastic experience at the workshop. The venue was perfectly sized for our small group, everything was catered for from food and drinks and everything we needed to make our candles. Lizzie was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable, guiding us through the theory and practical parts of the class and she was happy to answer any questions. We finished with a pair of individual candles that look and smell great and think ing about making some at home now with our new knowledge. I would highly recommend and was well worth the money. Thank you!

Tori Blakeman Dec 2023

Lizzy was so knowledgeable and friendly! We had a brilliant time learning about essential oils and the process of candle making.

Lindsay Johnstone Nov 2023

I absolutely loved the workshop! Lizzy was an amazing teacher, she was very informative and also so lovely! I really loved the fact that we were encouraged to follow our nose and create our candle scent thats personal to us. I have tried candle making in the past at home and always had issues and couldn’t get them quite right, but I now feel after the class that I have a good understanding and I will be able to make great candles at home which is amazing! I took my friend for her birthday present and she absolutely loved it too, I’d highly recommend this workshop!

Aden Nov 2023

This was a gift to my wife, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She said the time flew by and wants to do it again. She has loved Cedar candles for years and years and we've just purchased more candles as Christmas gifts to family.

Sarah Hay Nov 2023

Fabulous class on candle-making - informative, practical and enjoyable. Teacher was really knowledgeable and approachable. Setting worked really well. Although aimed at adults, I brought my 10 year old along and he got a lot from it too - we are both very proud of the candles we made.

Abi Nov 2023

Lizzy was so welcoming and knowledgable. Made the experience very enjoyable.

The location is incredible and so aesthetically pleasing! Everything felt very luxurious and expensive.

Very fun and different morning for myself and my friends.

We will be back for your other classes

Noor Mehmood Nov 2023

Such a lovely class, learnt so much about candle making and Lizzy was great. The location was beautiful also! Can’t wait to come back for another workshop.

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Noor Mehmood - Manchester

Deborah Oct 2023

A great workshop and lovely venue, everything provided, very enjoyable, fun and interesting, highly recommend.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Deborah, for your kind words!I'm pleased to hear that you had such a wonderful experience at the workshop. It brings me great joy to know that you found it enjoyable, fun, and interesting. Thanks for the recommendation and I hope to welcome you back again soon!

Gemma Oct 2023

This was such a great class! The teacher was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable, and the venue was very cosy.
I enjoyed learning about different essential oils and absolutely love my finished candle!

Jodie Bibby Oct 2023

Teacher was lovely and the full experience was very fun and informative. Our candles smell amazing thanks to the teachers guidance! Would 100% recommend this class to anyone looking for a unique candle making experience.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Jodie, for your kind words! I'm so pleased youre happy with your candle scent. I hppe to welcome you back again in the future.

Shenice Oct 2023

Really enjoyed this class! Lizzy was super friendly and informative and you get to learn a lot about the different notes and scents that are used to create the beautiful candles!

The venue for the workshop is also beautiful and is such a nice way to spend a couple hours creating something new with a group of friends, would highly recommend trying this workshop!

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Shenice - Manchester

Robbie Oct 2023

This was the second time I've done this class and it was even better then the first time! It's fun, informative and relaxing all at the same time. Lizzy is a fantastic teacher and a joy to be around. My candle turned out great, I can't wait to try another of her classes! Bonus points for such a beautiful venue too!

Betty Oct 2023

This class was so much fun! I loved learning about different scents, elements of candle making and some really interesting information on wax! Lizzy was so passionate which made the whole experience super inspiring and memorable. I loved smelling each essential/fragrance oil and picking out my perfect blend with plenty of expert advice from lovely Lizzy. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Betty - Manchester

Phoebe Oct 2023

Absolutely loved this class! Lizzy was super informative and friendly and I learned a lot about notes and scents. I especially loved thinking about what kind of fragrance I wanted for my candle and getting creative with mixing all the essential oils. The workshop was also in a lovely space with beautiful scandi decor and the prosecco was flowing! I love my finished candle, it's super high quality and smells just like my favourite Aesop hand cream! Perfect for a team building/work do which is what I did but also can see it being a super relaxing activity to do with a partner or some friends!

Candle Making class review by Phoebe - Manchester

Charlie Oct 2023

Had such a great time at this class. Lizzy was really accommodating, helpful, fun and knowledgable. Her workshop was really cozy and inviting. There was a great array of essential oils to try and Lizzy helped me hone in on my perfect scent! We learnt everything from scent stories, top, middle and base note mixing to how pour your perfect candle and the finished product was amazing quality. Would definitely recommend!

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Charlie - Manchester

Niall Palmer Oct 2023

Our group had a wonderful time! Lizzy's great at explaining how you build a scent in a candle and then gives you plenty of time to have a smell around all the different essential oils to create the scent you like. There's enough knowledge nuggets to take away to make the class worth it if you're looking to get into candle making as a hobby, but is also just good fun and a lovely way to spend a couple of hours being creative around others.

Candle Making class review by Niall Palmer - Manchester

Helen Graham Oct 2023

Lizzie is the dogs bollox… we had such an amazing little class, relaxed and learn so much about the craft of candle making. X

Erika Dennis Sep 2023

We knew we were in the right place when we arrived as the scent was incredible. Lizzy made us feel so welcome - the Prosecco certainly fuelled our confidence which resulted in so many questions and yet Lizzy didn’t make us feel rushed and gave her time to each person. The workshop was very informative and fun Lizzy certainly knows essential oils and has a great knowledge of the industry. Cannot rate this enough! We will be returning for more sessions in the future! X

Candle Making class review by Erika Dennis - Manchester

Andy Dews Sep 2023

Lizzy was so welcoming and knowledgeable about her craft and oil blends. Feel like I was able to learn so much which I can take away and apply to my own business (very early days) along with a lovely candle from the workshop.

Candle Making class review by Andy Dews - Manchester

Izzy Turnock Sep 2023

Amazing experience, such a lovely day. Thanks so much to Lizzie. Would definitely recommend and learnt a lot. Thanku :)

Janine Gilroy Aug 2023

We had a brilliant day, the tutor was very knowledgeable, friendly and great fun.
The candle we came home with was lovely.
Thank you so much.

Jemima Horn Jul 2023

Really fun workshop in an amazing little store!

You get a lot out of the course and the candle you go away with is trendy and a good size, there’s lots of scents to choose from as well.

I did the course with a friend but could easily do it on my own!

Holly Kelly Jul 2023

This was my first candle making class which I attended with my partner. The class was fantastic and Lizzy was a great teacher. She had a wide range of essential oils and took care in explaining how to blend. This was a really enjoyable experience and something I would highly recommend to others. We will be back!

Candle Making class review by Holly Kelly - Manchester

Izaskun Olarreaga May 2023

Great workshop! Super informative and fun at the same time. I would recommend, 10/10!

Michelle Archer May 2023

Our teacher was great and the venue in Chorlton was perfect for the class. It was well structured and informative as well as good fun.
We made a candle, with essential oils of our choice with just the right amount of guidance.

Pam Jones Apr 2023

My husband and I had a really fun and informative candle making experience. We would absolutely recommend and are now hooked on scent notes

Thanks so much. Highly recommended

Pam and Dave

Candle Making class review by Pam Jones - Manchester

Robbie Troth Apr 2023

We had a great time creating candles with Lizzy. She was a fantastic teacher, knowledgeable but approachable, kind and chatty. She spoke about how a memory or story can help you develop a scent for your candle and helped me to create one that reminded me of a recent trip to Thailand. The group dynamic was brilliant and the space is beautiful and relaxing! I would recommend this class to anyone and it would make a lovely gift!

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Robbie Troth - Manchester

Hannah Emery Apr 2023

Absolutely fantastic workshop with a knowledgeable and lovely tutor. I enjoyed every second, learnt loads and had brilliant fun. Being able to experiment with mixtures of essential oils and talk about their properties was so interesting and I have come away with the most beautiful candle that smells incredible. I’d love to do this workshop again to try another scent and would 100% recommend it. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with my friends. Thank you so much.

Catherine Jackman Feb 2023

Really supportive teacher friendly atmosphere, learnt so much with a great quality product as a result!

Amanda Sheppard Feb 2023

I really loved this class. The teacher was really knowledgeable but also funny and engaging. I learned loads but also had lots of fun! Would definitely recommend. I also love my candle and can’t wait to burn it!

Phoebe Elliott Nov 2022

I booked this class for myself and a friend as part of a birthday gift and we were so impressed by the whole experience. Lizzie was so welcoming and kind and the setting was really beautiful. The class was the perfect mix of technical skill and just having a fun. You will walk away not only with a candle you love but also feeling like you’ve learned/achieved something.

I would 100% recommend this class (and have done) since attending. It was a really special way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thank you so much Lizzie!

Candle Making class review by Phoebe Elliott - Manchester

Fatimah Hamed Nov 2022

The teacher was very lovely and kind, I learn briefly about essential oils and aroma, really enjoyed the experience and will do my own candles

Niall Palmer May 2022

Had a fantastic time at Lizzy's class. Lizzy guided us through combining and layering our own scents so we came out with our own candle that was completely unique to us. The venue was tucked away in a beautiful little homeware store and as soon as we arrived we were given a glass of prosecco to get us settled and in the mood. Would definitely recommend and do it again!

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop review by Niall Palmer - Manchester

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