5 Baking Classes in London That'll Turn You Into a Star-Baker

5 Baking Classes in London That'll Turn You Into a Star-Baker

5 Baking Classes in London That'll Turn You Into a Star-Baker

‘Tis the season for the nation’s favourite show, The Great British Bake Off, and what batter way to celebrate it’s return than with some show-stopping baking classes in London?

If you love all things fluffy, doughy and delicious, then a baking class or baking course is just the place for you! And good news – getting your bake on has never been easier. With our range of cooking and baking classes in London, you’re truly spoilt for choice – even if you’re more of a savoury baker! 

New to whisks, aprons and stiff peaks? Don’t worry, we’ve picked out some fuss-free and friendly beginner baking courses below that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

From fondant-filled cake decorating classes to luxurious macaron making workshops, tempt your taste buds with our top five favourite London baking classes… 

1. Go plant-based with this vegan baking class!

Green macarons with pink filling with pink fairy lights in the background

Whether you’re a veteran vegan or not, let this delicious baking class in Lewisham show you how you can whip up truly show-stopping sweet-treats without the need for dairy or eggs! Although that might seem like a tall order, this fun vegan baking class is sure to let you in on all the top tips, tricks and techniques for making perfect plant-based bakes everytime. 

From drool-worthy lemon drizzle cake to comfort classic, sticky toffee pudding, your taste buds will be in vegan-friendly heaven here. Walk away with the skills to turn your bakes into planet-friendly treats and of course, you’ll also be heading home with a full belly of scrumptious puddings, cakes and more!

2. Learn how to bake scrumptious sourdough at this bread baking class

Chocolate chip muffins with eggs and a jar of flour in the background

Supermarket sourdough simply cannot compare to the comforting and crust-tacular taste of home-baked sourdough – and that’s a fact. So don’t miss out on this one! 

At this bread baking class, you will learn step-by-step how to create your own starter which you’ll then turn into a beautiful sourdough loaf. Once you’ve got sourdough down, the world of bread baking will be your oyster, so it’s a great place to start. Use the skills you’ve learned from this class to fill your abode with the delicious and homely smell of freshly baked bread!

Whether you’re looking for a place to level up your baking skills or just some fun things to do in London, you’re sure to love this class. Or, if you’re looking for gifts for bakers, this sourdough making class could be the perfect gift experience for your baking bestie! 

3. Take a trip to Japan with this dessert class

Hands holding cookie dough over mixing bowl

Looking for the best dessert places in London? Why not take your quest for sweet treats to Japan? At this unique dessert baking class, you will learn how to rustle up typical Japanese dessert recipes from ever-popular mochi to fluffy dorayaki. 

After a bite of these flavourful oriental treats, your taste buds will be transported to the streets of Tokyo and will be yearning for more. And good news – after this class, you’ll have the skills needed to make more! 

Enjoy this dessert class in London with friends, family or alone and don’t forget to soak up the culinary expertise from your friendly host and teacher, Simon. At the end of the class, you’ll walk away with the treats you made (if you haven’t already eaten them, of course) and a smile on your face from enjoying a foodie cultural experience, right here in central London!

 Perfect for those looking for baking classes in London with a twist. 

4. Bring your mini-bakers along for some fun at this cupcake decorating class

Person using whisk to stir cake mixture whilst at a baking class

If you’re hunting down child-friendly London activities, stop your search because this cake decorating class is a real winner! 

Cake decorating is a fun and mentally stimulating activity that (dare we say it?) will keep your little ones quiet and happy – well, for an hour or so. So, take this decorating-only baking class as an opportunity to enjoy some fun and relaxing bonding time with your lil’ beginner baker. 

Perfect for those looking for fun things to do in London with kids, you’ll love unleashing your creativity together and learning top tips from a truly talented cake decorator. During this cupcake decorating class, you could make anything from mystical animal cupcakes to festive Christmas cakes. At the end of the class, you’ll be welcome to take your artfully decorated creations home, eat them there and then, or gobble them up on the tube home (we won’t blame you!). 

5. Treat yourself to a French delicacy with macaron masterclass

Like life with a slice of luxury? This baking class is the seriously indulgent and seriously fun treat for all, making it ideal for special occasions. So whether you’re looking for a place to level up your baking skills, birthday party ideas or even hen party activities in London, this macaron masterclass is the place to be! 

With the help of an expert patisserie professional, you will bake-along at your own station and learn top tips and tricks for making marvellous macarons. Even if it’s your first time stepping foot in a kitchen, your friendly teacher will have you knocking up macarons that could rival any found in the trendy Parisien patisserie! 

When it comes to baking classes in London, we think this is the real show-stopper. Once you’ve got the knack for macarons, there’s nothing you can’t do – in fact, you could even apply for the next year’s Great British Bake Off!



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